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  1. IMO rejections are based on racial profiling for some Asian nationalities or African, and looks/clothes/behaviour/the way you respond, when it comes to Westerners. Did anybody here ever bump into people that you had a feeling are "up to no good"? That's how they make the determination. It's all about the vibe. Again, IMO.
  2. I told the Immigration officer, should she make the slightest mistake in positioning the stamps on the page, I will report her to the call center. ........ ........ ........ No man sorry, I am on SETVs, that's taken from Google Images.
  3. I hope you are not trolling. The story does not get better and better for me, it gets worse. Until you attach pictures of your so called "visa" I'm out.
  4. Just avoid Poipet to be safe, it had too many reported surprises (on various types of visas). Use Ban Laem.
  5. Well. Some people will get caught in the crossfire what can you do. I would not fault the visa run companies much. One day the boss at Poipet wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and then surprises begin. Let's not forget the stunts they pulled at Sadao a few years back, when all of the sudden they were not letting anybody back to Thailand on a multi non B, that story actually made it to the newspapers at the time.
  6. I think we are talking Chinese now as far as the OP is concerned. "On my return, the officer could see my visa was indeed non imm B (from its extension stamp), but it said nowhere that it was multiple entry." So on his return, the IO saw a non B extension transferred from the old passport to the new passport, but did not see a re-entry permit. And he did not have his old passport with him as he said. That's how I would read it. I think it would best for the OP to clarify further or attach some pictures here.
  7. I read the all the posts once again. OP, it's clear to me so far that when you were exiting Thailand, you had an extension of stay. What is still not clear is, did you or did you not have a single or a multiple re-entry permit in your old passport? If you had, you should have transferred that before departure to the new passport or present the old passport upon return. To the best of my understanding, re-entry permits can be transferred as long as their are issued by the same place. I.e. At Don Muang you can transfer a re-entry permit from one passport to another before departure as long as it has been issued by Don Muang and not say Chaenwatthana or some other place. But before I go into those technicalities, I do need to know, did you or did you not have a single or multiple entry permit in your old passport, and if you did, why did you not transfer that along with your extension of stay? Below is an example of what an extension of stay looks like (upper part), and a re-entry permit (in this example single), at the bottom.
  8. I will let @ubonjoe have the pleasure explaining the difference between a single entry non B visa, multiple entry non B visa, extension of stay, re-entry permit. All I will say is, you did not have a visa when you departed Thailand, you were on an extension of stay, and you forgot to get a re-entry permit.
  9. The two more known visa run companies in Bangkok, Bangkok Buddy and ThaiVisaService, have both switched to Ban Laem a while ago (2017). ".... due to recent additional requirements imposed to foreigners at the Poi Pet, Cambodia border, we are now doing our visa run border crossing at Ban Laem, Cambodia." (From the website of the first one). Translation: "Our customers don't get hassled at Ban Laem".
  10. lkv

    renewing O-A visa?

    Well yeah, but not Sweden. That was exactly the point I was making. Decisions are being made upon the overall wealth of a country, not that some pensioneers actually earn less. The best counter argument here is, in other countries on par with Sweden income wise (pension also), -or even not on par, with less income- there is no such differentiation between nett and gross. Therefore, in my opinion, it's a local thing in Sweden. PS: Also, let's not forget citizens of Sweden can get a non O-X also, which I think says it all about MFA's opinion on Sweden.
  11. lkv

    renewing O-A visa?

    Ok let me rephrase. Sweden is a high income country, it's not say India. I feel it's unlikely for the MFA to have specifically told them to use nett for the calculation instead of gross. I feel that the local staff in Sweden goes for nett by their own choice to avoid any future misunderstandings, since the MFA does not clearly provide information on such a thing. That's what I meant by "vague". It's just an opinion though.
  12. lkv

    renewing O-A visa?

    Could also be the local staff's way of interpreting vague regulations coming from the MFA, just to play it safe. It's unlikely for Thailand to impose that on Sweden specifically, in my opinion.
  13. But then again there is this. That's why it's confusing.
  14. I believe the OP was on an extension of stay that was transferred from the old passport to the new one and forgot to get a reentry permit. His post is very confusing, I read it a few times, if it was a multiple entry visa, the word "reentry permit" would not have come into discussion. So by that logic, I believe the OP is confusing "extension of stay" with "visa". In the scenario above, he would have lost his extension of stay. Maybe the OP could clarify with some pics so that we do not speculate further.