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  1. Any current experience for Phnom Pehn? I have been reading this thread, people mention it takes 3-4 days to get an SETV in Phnom Penh. However, the website of the Thai Embassy clearly states 2 working days after submission ( i.e. apply on Monday morning and pick up on Wednesday afternoon) http://www.thaiembassy.org/phnompenh/en/services/7962/86336-Tourist-Visa.html Has anything changed or is 3-4 days an exagerration by agents that would claim they can do it in 2 days, which is basically what I can do as well if i walk in? Any updates appreciated, contemplating on this place. Fresh passport, so far only one SETV from home country extended.
  2. Since you revived this thread, how about you squeeze the 6th year out of your five year visa by entering just before expiry, getting another 12 month permission of stay, and getting a multi reentry permit. You'd get better value for the money. 500 divided by 5 is more than 500 divided by 6.
  3. We cannot behave like in our home countries where there actually is a rule of law. We need to adapt to local realities and understand Thai logic.
  4. I was referring to the Smart Visa. I specifically want to know if anybody has applied or is in the process of getting the Smart-S visa.
  5. Any updates from people in the process of getting this?
  6. Big Change in Penang

    You're right. My head is so full now on nonBs nonOs TR's Penang Ho Chi Min, redstamp no redstamp third one first one fourth one, that I actually forgot what this thread was about 😁
  7. Big Change in Penang

    Confirm what. That they give a tourist visa no matter how many previous visas you had? Nobody can confirm 100%. Things are changing every day. One's experience today does not reflect another one's tomorrow. Penang seems to be changing. Developing story. Personally, I would focus on Vientiane, Savannakhet, HCMC, Hanoi, Yangon, Hong Kong, Bali as being a safe bet. Would not try KL despite some good reports. Phnom Penh is a maybe with a relatively clear passport but not sure it would be my cup of tea. And it takes too long. If I forgot any, others can add.
  8. Big Change in Penang

    Too bad I'm a city guy. If I was an island guy I'd be typing from Bali already. 300 something dollars gets you a 12 month multi entry business visa with 60 days permission of stay per entry.
  9. I think some of you people that are calling what @elviajero is saying BS, do not really understand what multiple entry non immigrant visas have been designed for, and what extensions of stay with re-entry permits have been designed for, from an Immigration point of view. Meaning you have not been reading this thread carefully.
  10. Same here. I always felt endangered until now, but not anymore.
  11. Big Change in Penang

    I agree with part of what you are saying. I am still of the opinion that it's all about the money. It's just that the money made out of regular visas is peanuts in their definition, compared to TE. Thaksin had a vision of 1 million members when this was introduced initially. So he wasn't too bothered about controlling numbers. The more, the better, as long as they paid. What is the actual reason they made it easy for certain people to get an easy access visa in your opinion?
  12. And what I am saying is, multi non O's were initially designed for people that work overseas, have a wife in Thailand, and go and visit their wifes for a duration of up to 90 days per entry, extendable for a further 60 days. They were not designed for people to continuously live in Thailand and do in-out border runs every 90 days if they want to stay longer. That's what 12 month extensions of stay are for, renewable. In their view (Immigration), people who spend most of their time in Thailand and travel ocasionally overseas should be on extensions of stay with re-entry permits. In regards to Embassies and Consulates stopping issuing multi non O's for marriage, they kind of are, aren't they? You can only get them in 2 places in South East Asia, Savannakhet and Ho Chi Min. All the others will give you single and tell you to extend. Same like Penang was the only place in SE Asia where one could get these multi nonB's without residing there. More Embassies in Europe are nowadays refusing to issue multi non O's either for marriage or retirement, giving out 3 month singles and telling people to extend locally. That's why I am saying, this is the current trend.
  13. Don't give them ideas. Maybe after xyz number of years of visiting Thai wife for a maximum duration of 90 days per stay, they will conclude that husbands should me more caring and spend a longer time with their wifes (not just visit them), therefore going on an extension of stay and meeting financials. The way things have been going lately with these "changes", that sort of thing would not surprise me. I know what they want. In an ideal scenario (from their point of view), they want everybody off the multi's and onto extensions of stay.
  14. Big Change in Penang