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  1. Good to know. Thanks for the update.
  2. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1395920320731833?view=permalink&id=2120647518259106
  3. Royal Thai Police you mean? Oh yes, the cream of the cream.
  4. Yes, it has changed much. More than you imagine. I could tell you my account was open in 2011 at Kasikorn on tourist visa. So? It's totally hardcore nowadays, the bad English speaking Bank staff that play Line all day long on their smart phones have a fixation with this "work permit" word. No matter what visa you have. Even if you are a pensioner. You have to take it up to the manager. Tourist visa, gotta have a good story and many branches / banks to try.
  5. Awesome! Good news for the OP that is trying to open a bank account in 2018.
  6. Pff. What law? Ok you win. It's as you say. Thailand has an excellent climate to conduct business and make investments by Western standards. Wish you the best of luck with yours, I'm out
  7. We are going in circles. You are using faulty logic to make these determinations, your logic being things in Thailand happen like in the US or UK or Australia etc. They don't. In that particular case you may be right, the troubling thing is, even if that guy had that document signed by the ministry or whatever, if they wanted to screw him, potentially, they would have made up something else. Or forge something, like it's been done before. You can say I'm bashing Thailand, I would say people should be aware of all the factors so they can stand some chance of making educated investment decisions.
  8. We are getting into logical fallacies. In the Western world A= B and B=C means A=C In Thailand, given the variables, since the rule of law is perceived differently than in Western societies, words such as "objectively" and "fairly" are inadequate by default.
  9. Blame the victim much? A great man has once said: Pretty women should not be wearing bikini in Ko Tao, that's why they get raped and murdered.
  10. You really don't understand what AirBnb is, i.e. an intermediary platform to match property owners with renters, do you?
  11. Bad comparisson. The point is this, right. Taking into account the corruption here. You asked a poster about rule of law and all that, when people are advising either not to invest in Thailand or to exercise extreme caution. Of course, some people will always think: "It will never happen to me". Until it does. My opinion is similar to other posters, the money would be better off staying somewhere else, offshore.
  12. Seriously? Are you for real? Courts.....law...hello?
  13. Tell that to that guy that lost 5 properties worth 1 million pounds in Phuket because of corrupt Courts.
  14. There is no rule of law. It's a heavily corrupt environment. Money talks, laws and rules come second. Don't believe it? Check out how UK citizens lose houses on forged signatures screwed by wifes, corrupt lawyers and corrupt courts. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34346620