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  1. Possibly centralised e-visa with approval from Bangkok before the Embassy issues their stickers (or no more stickers at all). Possibly discontinue the visa exempt system or limit it further, so that Western tourists can also "enjoy the advantage of applying online for a nominal fee", to secure entry into the Kingdom. As a matter of fact, they are working on this centralised e-visa. Then they can put an algorithm in the software that counts days, you just get rejected, you don't really know why, and there is no need for legislation limiting the stay at say 6 months. For example.
  2. lkv

    Returning Happiness To Thai People.

    Give it about 70 years and some of those things will happen. A few generations need to die before that, for mentalities to change, so I believe it's a fair estimate.
  3. lkv

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    I think others took it for granted so I felt like commenting
  4. lkv

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    They do. Seen quite a few of them at Outback (Australian), where a steak is in the region of 1000+ baht, or Jamie Oliver (italian), with a similar price range. Of course, the majority of Thais cannot afford to run a 1-2k baht bill for food, but some Thais do. And the ones that do have a more diversified taste, that is not limited to chicken and rice or pad thai. Even Thai people i know, less hi-so, enjoy pizza, korean barbecues, and japanese food, which have a lower price range. Many love MK, as an example. Not to mention junkier options like Bon Chon, which is full of them. Same like everywhere else on this planet.
  5. lkv

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Yeah Thais know how to smile, it's all about face and appearance in Thailand isn't it? Hopefully his health is good, not too old and mentally sane. Otherwise, they will suck him dry, up to the last cent. With those big smiles on their faces.
  6. As far as I am aware, as Jack Thompson mentioned, to dig into one's full history, it would be done in a back office. I believe the primary screen shows the last 3 entries or so. Every time they browse through a passport, they never look at the computer (while focused on the passport), so the reasons generally are: A. To find the actual current visa sticker, which can take a while if your passport is full of reentry permits, extensions and SETVs like mine, not necessarily in a chronological order. B. If they look at stamps, to see how one is stretching the permissions of stay, where they have been issued and so on. Such as: "Why do you always cross at Nong Khai". I vaguely remember old reports of people being asked this type of questions.
  7. We're both speculating, because you know no more than I do about what the top officials have decided, but here's my take on it: They have been encouraging tourism from China in the last 4 years since the coup. The governments share a similar ideology, and i think they have been sharing ideas too. See: mandatory sim registration, fingerprinting, foreigner database, Internet firewall. And so on. Furthermore, China is extremely important for Thailand now, as they make up a significant portion of tourists and it will increase, there is over 1 billion of them and more will be financially capable to afford holidays in the future as China grows. They also lobbied Hong Kong and Singapore extensively. If anybody remembers the TAT advertisment of rich Hong Kong-ers dressed up in suits stopping their limo to buy cashewnuts at the stall. Now, for long term tourists, they want them to spend 500K, 1M or 2M baht as a one time fee, and then spend a lot more locally. That's what they really want. With Thai Elite, you buy the right to be a tourist and see temples for 20 years, employment prohibited. Before the coup, god forbid they would stop a taxi in downtown Bangkok with a farang inside. Now, they stop them ALL. Should i mention X Ray Foreigner that had 14 or 15 installements so far? So yes, you were right, they do want more of "the right kind of visitor". What they should understand is, if we find their attitude insulting and we still hang around, really wealthy people will not even bother to land in Suvarnabhumi or hang around too long.
  8. lkv

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    You mean a nurse with benefits, not really "your other half".
  9. lkv

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    The OP should probably focus on countries that integrate foreigners better. Don't ask me which, I am still looking for an answer myself. It's tricky in Asia. Thailand is like a drug, it hooks you up. Land of smiles. It's when you get to see through the smiles that it becomes a bit too much for some. People that live here long have accepted to detach and ignore. Otherwise, you can't cope. So the OP can either do that, or look at more developed economies, with a stronger rule of law, higher level of overall education, freedom of speech and so on. You may have to pay a higher price for those "luxuries", however. Not sure about Panama. Maybe some countries with nicer weather in southern Europe. Spain or Portugal are supposedly good expat destinations. But I am yet to check them out. I would advise the OP to travel more and explore new places. Maybe he can find one that fits with what he is looking for. I'm sort of doing that as we speak. Thailand will always be here to return to (just in case), as others have said.
  10. It's not a life when I start avoiding airports. Like....w the f.... I have been contemplating about moving anyways in the future, should I encounter issues (I think I won't as I am not stretching these visas to the max), I'll pay them off to secure entry and I'll go do some packing. I bet it still works, despite the recent anti corruption domestic propaganda.
  11. In all fairness, Somalia's corruption index is 180, whereas in Thailand it's 96. Same as Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Panama, Peru and Zambia. https://tradingeconomics.com/country-list/corruption-rank
  12. It does not matter 12.x or 12.y Too much debate as if we were in Europe or the US where laws actually do function. You can appeal a rejection on a tourist visa, and the appeal goes to the same person that rejected you in the first place. Flashing some baht on a bank statement will probably be less effective than flashing some baht under the table.
  13. No, there is no obligation unless the overseas income is brought into Thailand in the year it has been earned. This loophole was invented by the Thai Elites to launder their overseas income and pay zero tax. Not doing the above does not create an obligation to file a tax declaration. Doing the above, as far as I am concerned, also does not create that obligation, because in my interpretation, "that's last year's money", what I am spending now. The Thai Revenue Department has no interest in pursuing this matter further, for very good reasons. And Immigration and Revenue Department are two different entities that are not connected.
  14. Again, they made it hard to get in most countries. Proof of employment and some countries want to see the 200K baht "equivalent" for 6 months, month in month out. Some others are happy with seeing a recent balance of it. This discrepancy could occur because of the local Embassy's interpretation, or segregation coming from the top. Likely the latter in my opinion. Non O-X also segregates, plus specific nationalities get dedicated Immigration desks or e-gates, so it would not surprise me. If they had a fixed rule such as 90 in 180 or 180 in 360, it would be more rigid and it would not allow this segregation, that they can freely do now as the wind blows. Today we like China, tomorrow we like Europe. Never say never about the police order limiting the stay in the future, they have pulled that stunt before and then changed their mind.
  15. A METV allows the same permission of stay, of up to 60 days per entry, just like an SETV, the only difference being, it's multiple entry. It has been designed for tourists to travel multiple times over its validity of 6 months. Yes, those tourists that travel for leisure and return back to work in their home countries to make more money there. That's why proof of employment is required in most places. Who told you that METV was invented for the purpose of staying 60 days, extending 30 days, flying in out same day to get another 60 days, further extend that, and stretch it to 9 months? Ah, the visa run agencies? That's a different matter. They have been using funny terminology when they advised people how to use an METV "correctly". Don't get me wrong, I am on SETVs myself that I am stretching sometimes, and I have spent more than 9 months this year on them, but let's not make it sound that they invented METV to give people an opportunity to spend 9 months in Thailand. It's like saying a 10 year US tourist visa was designed for tourists to spend 10 years in the US.