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  1. First, Cracker, you don't understand franchising. Learn yourself. Second, observe the ratio of Thai to Farang customers. Do the few Ethiopian customers also complain, "No signs in Amharic!"? You're not God, you're a foreign tourist. Third, learn Thai, since you're in Thailand. These are not business failures, but features of business here and elsewhere. Do Thais complain about No SIgns in Thai when they shop in Paris? Do French staff learn Thai?? No. Thais learn English or French. Your neo-colonial attitude will make your stay here continually uncomfortable. Go home.
  2. Has the Tourism boss seen this? Something about "glass houses..."? https://indianajo.com/lets-talk-about-sex-female-sex-tourism-in-the-gambia.html
  3. They told me I was the Final Buddha. Certificate cost me Bt 50.
  4. This is getting tiresome. The so-called Krack is an attack on WPS, which used to be buggy, and which only a bloody fool would activate. As for the rest of my post it was general info. I work on this stuff and see staggeringly stupid actions. Apologies.
  5. Obviously, you came out the coma. Then be polite. Must I explain everything?.
  6. Windows diagnostics are crap. There should be an HP Diagnostics sector on the HD. Hit F2 (?) on start up, go through the menu and run diagnostic tools. That will check RAM, HD, and motherboard.
  7. Entire body hurting.

    Sounds like dengue. I've had two types (of the possible four). Knocked me flat, literally, on the bathroom floor. Dengue's nasty. Blood pressure drops, I was 50/30 when the ambulance arrived. Internal bleeding. Aches all over. Oh , no cure. Just a week or so of agony,.Drink lots of salty fluids. Really bad news, the mosquito vector has mutated from diurnal to nocturnal. Dengue 24/7.
  8. Would agree that farang are given more leeway - if they are very polite. Speaking Thai is even better, not to prove you're in the right but to sympathize with the officer for his tough job. Get it, bozos?
  9. Any Decent Bookstores in Chinatown?

    Kinokuniya's best in Thailand. Most languages. Good store at Siam Paragon. Chinatwon does food, gold & special "tea shops" but you have to speak Thai or Chinese to get the "sugar. There used to a s/h book shop on KhaoSan Rd. HTH
  10. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    The law books aren't thrown away. Nor are they final arbiters. A very smart Thai told me long ago that farang come from legal societies, whereas Thais come from a civil society. He's was right. I've broken quite a few "laws" but never been jailed, because I understood & respected the others' feelings and position. While ever farang still believe they're in some tropical England or US, they'll be unhappy, because their expectations will not match reality. I tire of dealing with these people, who refused to admit reality.
  11. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    Yep. She can hole up at her other apartment in Monaco...
  12. I covered this in a previous post. It's nonsense. WPA2-PSK wifi has not been cracked. They can't steal anything. Use a strong , 32 character, passphrase not in a dictionary, and you're safe.
  13. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    All the farang are acting like ...farang. Insurance, law, etc are not as important as feelings. In any collision, both parties are considered at fault. The question is the "proportion" of blame. The kid is dead, she's not. He wins. She has a car, he had a bike. He wins. So attend the funeral, wai the parents and commiserate. Then get a third party to arrange compensation. Maybe Bt 100K. It's a life, remember. All forgiven, no police record.
  14. You believe the kid actually got his hands on the 300K? Dumb farang will fall for anything.