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  1. Only if she hears of your demise before the authorities. Otherwise the account is frozen until probate.
  2. Already proved that the death penalty is no deterrent, since most murders are committed in anger, ie no thinking. Furthermore, no justice system is perfect, mistakes are made, new evidence appears, which is useless if you've killed the convict. Imprisonment always leaves a way to save an innocent person. Strange that "Buddhist" Thailand, "all life is precious", yada yada, wants the death penalty. I'll stick to atheist humanism. We don't kill people.
  3. Problem: Judicial killing is basically revenge, which does nothing for the victim. Jailing for life is expensive and useless. I prefer the old Sumerian custom: The murderer must work for the victim's survivors as a servant for life, getting only food and a place to sleep. He remembers his crime, pays back and spares the state expense. The Sumerians were very civilized.
  4. jgarbo

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    Pattaya went from fishing village to R&R hangout during the Vietnam war, since it was close to U-Tapao air base from where the US B 52s bombed Vietnam and later Laos. With that genesis, it could go only one way. It is now a cesspool and so is very popular with stressed-out loons and wannabe crazies. I edited a tourist magazine there in the 1980s and drove down every week to pick up material. What a relief to get back to "un-Thai" Bangkok, a pretty good town if you speak the language and know the right spots. As to the question - there's is no "Real Thailand" because it's so diverse.
  5. Agree, I'm shocked. Aren't Mods supposed to be holy virgins of impeccable morality - and F1 driving skills - sent to Earth for the benefit of us lesser beings. Booked for bad lane change! My world is destroyed.
  6. How about a charge of insurance fraud, filing a false police report with intent to defraud and wasting police resources? A few months in clink, deportation and blacklist.
  7. jgarbo

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    What exactly is the sin? Not stupidity or ignorance.
  8. jgarbo

    Sharing my story - Advice please

    How does one spell stupid in Thai? Ah Yes. โง่.
  9. jgarbo

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    Staff can't "pocket the difference" if the payment goes through the cash register and you get a receipt, and no real business does " no receipt for cash" sales. Better explanation is a special is over but staff weren't told. I speak Thai, am polite and never get cheated, though I do get mistakes. Remember, Thai staff have to make up shortages by themselves, or it's taken from their employment bond.
  10. Dreadful. Just like America.
  11. Obviously, you haven't lived here long enough, since you don't understand the situation.
  12. Sorry, no Past, no Future, which are only concepts. There is only Now. Oops, you missed it.
  13. An accurate spirit level would show the earth's not flat, but the level would need to be about 50kms long, then the ends couldn't touch the ground.
  14. No break on a 14 hour bus ride? Come on. A six hour bus ride has toilet and food breaks. And what is the "hole in the heart"? This girl already had medical problems before the bus ride.
  15. Updating doesn't always show all previous withdrawals. After a certain number it aggregates them. Had this problem (I rarely update) when renewing retirement extension. Quick trip downstairs to BBL at Imm, asked for a printout of previous year. Ten mintues, cost Bt 100. Simple.