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  1. I think this standard practice for Antarctic stays. Reduces the risk of complications, leading to death. What's the big deal? Full dental, too. Next.
  2. Thankfully, a man who knows the rules. Why can no other person find this information? Lazy? Stupid? Both?
  3. Grow up. "Man's best friend" kill hundreds with rabies. Buy a gold fish.
  4. Was on the menu Sumatra when I was there . Ati Anjing (Dog Heart). Tasty with a peanut curry and salad greens. Of course the Snowflakes squeal like stuck pigs, yet they eat Babe, Bambi, Daffee and other barnyard animals. Get over it, squeamers, or chew on a carrot..
  5. So, the moral: Beware Christians matrons bearing gifts. Beware all those who believe in a sky god. Mentally disturbed.
  6. Murder here is a capital crime, ie punishable by death. Not that it brings back the deceased. We just get two corpses.
  7. Right. I've owned four bikes in Thailand, used to race them in Oz. Thailand is far more dangerous. Watch out for elephants and buffaloes. They don't obey the rules.
  8. It's not the "Thai way" it's the business way. You think your credit card is free? You pay for it AND the vendor pays ~5% fee for POS equipment and the joy of your business, so he ups prices by about 5%. I pay cash and get a 5% discount. Get it? The difference is foreigners are so dumb so pay the CC price for cash.
  9. jgarbo

    Farang friendly hifi stores in Bangkok?

    Act like a pig, you'll be treated like a pig. Next...
  10. Right. BTW, if you can't knock that 2000 off with a polite smile, and pay 50000 even, you're dumb. No-one pays 52000.
  11. Not an excuse, just a business expense.
  12. Normally 3-5%, since POS machines and fees must be paid. I get 5% discount a Tokyu paying cash, so their punters are paying 5% too much.
  13. Incipient diabetes, later infection, or normal British stupidity - stubbed her toe in a dirty pub. Should have given her the Piranha Skin Nibble, Bt 50 extra.