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  1. Thank you for your help. Unfortunately these education visas from private schools compared to official ED visas (e.g. university) can only be obtained in Laos. I know that it should be possible in our home country but my experience from how it really works has been like that and the schools say there is no guarantee that you get the visa if you go anywhere else than to that specific embassy. Ive been thinking about buying the 5-year Elite card for for a long time. Maybe thats another option before I return to finally avoid all this trouble with the education visas. I imagine there to be no questions asked if I bought their membership. Does anybody know if the 1year stamps of the Elite card qualify for residence certificates? Because I need that next year to extend my driving licenses. I heard it is like a tourist visa so Im not sure about that. Your advice with the cash is very useful - thank you. That means I should leave Thailand with 20k Cash, because Im not sure whether there is an ATM before immigration. I would also prepare bank account statements, preferable from the Thai bank account.
  2. Many thanks for your help ubonjoe. I heard from many people of my school that the visa should always be cancelled before leaving to avoid a bad "visa history" for the next time. Last time the school specified the study date accordingly so there were a few days to leave the country. You already confirmed my thinking of doing a new visa when I come back.
  3. Hello guys, I would like to ask for your opinion in my situation. Firstly Im going to talk to my language school about this issue next week, but I would also like to know the opinion of others who maybe were in that situation before. I use a language studying visa / education visa. My current stamp is valid until the beginning of February, after that I can extend one more time until about May. Because of an unexpected urgent event (close relative died in my home country) I need to go home. I have the intention to come back to Thailand in about 3-4 months time. In other words I will not use the visa much (maximum validity until May) and I also would need to travel back to Thailand from my home country to extend my Thai Visa in the end of January (current stamp until Feb). This all seems to make no sense and just produces costs of extra traveling and time effort. My intention would be to cancel my current visa next week (with a letter from the school). Has anybody done anything similar before? What Im afraid about is when I come back in May/June, applying for a new education visa, they might deny it because the last visa was not fully used and it kind of makes the visa history look bad (5 months of the visa un-used of in total 12 months). Maybe Im over concerned about that, but I did not find any way to simply "pause" my current visa because of an emergency. Thank you for your advice :)
  4. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Thank you, I also just asked someone here who is from Pattaya and she confirmed there were no issues. Back to topic / Chiang Mai I looked in my calendar I noted it down for 2017 when the air became not so good for me, it was February 10 - May 09. Just a guideline / opinion, I know everybody feels it differently and every year is different :)
  5. I'd be curious if it's easy to disconnect the car horn by ourselves. I read it's illegal to do that because it's considered a safety device, but I'm not sure whether that law applies in Thailand too. If it's easy to disconnect/connect by myself it would be easier when selling the car again and it's guranteed one does not inadvertently hoot the horn.
  6. Cost per meal from market

    As many said before the portions for 30-40 THB are quiet small but it varies from person to person. Some eat more like me, some are less hungry, or depending on age etc. etc. For me to be full I need 1 1/2 of those dishes or four per day at least. But this is only to be full, I also buy lots of fruit which I eat at home. On average if I go for cheap food I can get by with four meals which is about 150 THB daily to round it up, but considering you will buy snacks, fruit, water, drinks etc. I see the minimum at 300 THB like other guys said here before. If you're on a very tight budget you should also think about funds for health care, unexpected things etc. So planning all that you might find that you are better off in your country compared to Thailand.
  7. Hello guys, I'd like to say that the issue has been resolved with Lazada. They are cancelling the order and refund my money. The telephone support is quiet good, but I'm disappointed with their e-mail supported. It's just very different. The seller has not answered so although it is the sellers and not Lazada's fault, I would appreciate a better e-mail support from them in the future, so with better communication like on the phone. Thanks for all the help and information here :)
  8. Hi ukrules, that's interesting, but could you please explain that further? They stated a price on their website so it's basically a contract. Whether they import the product or not, should not be my problem. Please correct me, if I misunderstand something about that in Thailand :)
  9. Hi shady86, the status was "in stock" when I ordered but now it is not available from the same seller anymore. So it seems Lazada communicates with the seller. I asked them to just cancel the order because the notebook seems to be available from other sellers but they did not respond and communicate with the seller from the order. I think it's a good lesson: only COD next time and for notebooks it seems to be better to buy them "offline" :)
  10. Hello guys, many thanks for all your replies and so quickly :) It is very helpful. You are all right about the COD, I learned my lesson now. Interesting is the post that the item is most probably not in stock here and has to be ordered abroad. Which is actually fine, I don't mind waiting a few weeks, but I would appreciate some estimations about their delivery (even if one month in the future) so I can plan better. I'll try to call them on Thursday if I don't get a better answer until then, they wrote me an e-mail a few hours ago telling me the same as last time. The reason I don't pay COD is convenience, COD requires me to be at home many days in a row because I do not know when they deliver and last time the delivery guy called very short notice before being at my condo. So paying in advance worked out well in the past and they can just deliver it to the reception. But thanks for all your feedback, I learned my lesson :) For now the best course of action seems waiting and "friendly asking / reminding" before an escalation about that Consumer Protection board. How long should I wait? 1 month from the order date?
  11. Hello guys, I hope somebody can help me with my legal questions in Thailand. On the 15th of April I ordered a notebook for about 45k THB from Lazada. They were supposed to send it out on the 17th/18th (Monday/Tuesday) and the estimated arrival time on their customer website was dated for Wednesday. On Thursday, after I saw the item is still in the "processing" queue and there is no hint on when they are going to send it, I tried to cancel it, which is not possible and I was told to contact the customer service. My e-mail to the customer service on Thursday was answered one day later with "we will escalate and give you feedback". Yesterday (Sunday) I wrote them again asking about a status, so after one working day (Monday) I find their responses very slow and I would be happy about some information . I also told them they should cancel the order if they do not have it in stock and transfer my money back. I have already paid by bank wire. My questions are: - Legally how long am I supposed to wait? After that how do I have to warn them ( letter etc.? how to send via post?) - Have I any chances to get my money back? - how should I proceed? It is really a frustrating experience, mostly because of their "no-communiation". I understand there might be a mistake in the system so the item might not be in stock even if they said so, but it should not be an issue to come back to me and refund the money. I want to point out that this is my first negative experience, I ordered a few times from them before and I always got my stuff in two days. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Eric, many thanks for that topic. It's really a great summary and I hope it helps more people crossing the road safely :) In my humble opinion I would not "shout at the Chinese tourists" as you said. We are a guest in this country and your shouting could be misunderstood and lead to more problems.
  13. Really nice story, I wish you all the best. When I go to the food courts in shopping malls cute guys are often smiling/winking at me/everybody. I just want to say that you shouldn't think too much of it. I asked about these guys before and more often than not they were not even gay, although they looked gay to me lol but the Thai's are not that easy to distinguish. They are just being friendly. Don't think too much of it or *Thai script edited out* as the Thai's would say.
  14. There is no article linked and it was just written by ThaiVisa. Seems to be an April joke. Haven't read all the pages but I can imagine all the speculation :)
  15. Maids in Chiang Mai - suggestions needed

    There is only one thing I want to say and maybe it makes you think. These people cleaning your condo's or houses - it makes a big difference for them if you pay 500 or 300 THB. So why not give them 500, it is still very little compared to other countries. Live and let live :)