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  1. We have the standard water cooler and it needed minor repairs. Took it to the local guy and my partner said he was considering buying one of the stand alone air cons for his mother. The response from the Thai repair guy was to save his money, they have a limited shelf life, break down a lot and then are useless. Words from a guy who you would think would be quite happy to take your money.
  2. And for drunk drivers during Songkran?
  3. I feel so sorry for this poor lady, it is so common. One of the big problems is that Thais love walking with the flow of the traffic. I just cannot get my partner to walk on the side of oncoming traffic despite my explanations etc. Thais are never wrong.
  4. In Western Australia this was the main form of transport for the Indigenous people especially in the communities, probably due to poverty and there was always a large number of deaths when there was a rollover. So the government initially made the traybacks have a cage put on the back to reduce the issue of the passengers being flung out and providing a form of protection. This did not work probably because it was not policed properly and the cages were not attached properly and they were not made materials of the necessary strength. Now passengers are banned. Ultimately, my belief is, based on seeing what has occurred, a total ban is the only solution. Whilst it does cause problems for the poorest, it is outweighed by the number of deaths. One death is too great vs the inconvenience.
  5. The issue could be your Immigration Office which may see the date too distant. I tried once a month out and was told to return one week before leaving and I must say my Immigration Office is one of the good ones that never tries to put blocks in my way with any process.
  6. Not long ago I visited a school so close to Nakhon Phanom on Students' Day to give some gifts. It was staggering that the students were being taught by police, not one teacher. What a shame for the students and what a shame for the Dept that teachers would not travel the short distance. As a retired Principal, I could see nothing wrong with the school or the location. In Perth, Australia, I had return travel of 100 kms a day, albeit great roads, but the sois to this school were all sealed except for maybe a couple of kms. These students are so disadvantaged and have little chance of success if those in charge do not find qualified staff to teach this generation. I am sure this is repeated right across rural Thailand and programmes as mentioned in this article are required, but implementation is another issue. The children need the energy and pragmatism of an educational leader to make it work.
  7. Who has the right to tell another person that their religious beliefs ie clothing are outlawed? If this is the case, then outlaw foods, buildings etc and so the list can and should go on. If this is to occur and then ultimately we ban religions, which many would like.
  8. Honestly, I could not believe how easy it was. Was aiming for last mid Dec, tried July, too early, so went back within the three months with all the paperwork completed. In the office no more than ten minutes, simply to hand over all the forms and our evidence of being together and the biometric and received a positive reply within two weeks via mail. Did everything ourselves. Included photos and letters of reference. Had to include bank statement. Need to say we are same sex couple but that does not make an issue I assume to Australia but my partner was not working at the time, so a negative, but all went well. When we reached Perth airport, I went with him through Border Control due to language, all done within one minute. ps took the form off the Dept website and did it all, it is easy, if you are a legitimate couple, and you can prove you are covering costs and your partner is a legit Tourist Visa, then you can complete the pages yourself, no need to waste money on an agent. It is not a difficult set of forms to complete. I had questions and emailed the relevant section and the were helpful and quick with their replies. pss you do not get a visa in the passport anymore, it is all electronic, you do not submit your partner's passport, you will be sent a letter with all the necessary numbers and positives and you show at border control in Oz.
  9. I am retired and 57, I have a policy and already the cost is excessive and is restrictive, (I take a very small BP tablet and for this I have all these outs for the policy). It keeps going up 10% each year and I have not made a claim. I dread to think what it will be like in five years. And of course, the premium is in USD so the exchange back to AUD for my credit card kills me. I have to look at alternatives very soon if this continues.
  10. Car accidents, people run, gun shootings, people run, gang violence, people run, violence in general, people run. No one takes responsibility until the camera footage comes out and it is put on social media and then the opposite story comes out ie the lies begin. As a Buddhist, I was never taught to act this way and I cannot believe the level of deceit. And of course, in Thailand, the answer to the problems when caught, MONEY. This is the root of the problems in the country.
  11. So hot in Nakhon Phanom yesterday, cool with a little rain today-very nice indeed.
  12. Have had a house in Songkhla (City) for a number of years, and when I needed to cross the border, travelled up to Satun. There are only three provinces I will not visit and on the advice of locals, and they are to the south of Songkhla. Even parts of Songkhla I will not visit. If they will not go to these provinces, then certainly a farang should not either. I do not have a death wish.
  13. I just cannot believe how much time and accountability I have to give to drivers BEHIND me in this country. Ultimately you can be dead due to them or you can injure or kill them due to their stupidity even though you are doing the right thing. I am a driver who was taught to use my mirrors regularly, here, I am even more vigilant. This, I believe is a weakness in Thai driving. Car manufacturers could save a few baht by designing a Thai car without a rear view mirror, wing mirrors or indicators as are they are redundant on so many Thai cars based on the driving patterns of so many Thai and LAO (where I live) drivers.
  14. Yes, several years ago, bought a couple for my ex and they were wonderful little dogs. Never any health problems, very social dogs, happy, would have loved to have kept them myself. But, we did do a lot of work before deciding on the vendor before buying, was not impulse buying.