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  1. Why buy a book, when u can stay in the library...A lot cheaper..
  2. tagalong

    Prenup not accepted at Laksi

    Talk about "Ding Bats" in this country. Why! Pray tell! Does the embassy av to sign it... With all the never ending hassles married farang face here, I realized it was a waste of time buying a book, years ago, when one can join the library..
  3. it's just discrimination of the black, same what they do with farangs, for sure we are next, so don't go to church What a load of rubbish...U mean because they r black or white, they should not be singled out for visa checks.... The Thai Imm av every right to single out anyone, n any color....they want..in their country....If u av been following lately the blacks av a record which speaks for itself...
  4. Good on the police...Lovely to see, the yaba man getting what he deserves........
  5. tagalong


    I cured mine with honey n lemon juice....Slurp honey into mouth some lemon/lime juice as many times a day u like....gone in 8 days....
  6. This type of fire happens quite often....I wonder why?
  7. One thing about these drivers in Thailand, they do not muck around with low speed...They go like a "bat out of hell"...
  8. Do u hate N Z'S? Fancy trying to pass blame to the innocent N Z...Your statement is idiotic n u must be a "Flat Earth" believer...to say it the way u did... Why did u not say; Why did the idiot Thai not move over......Could u react to your stupid statement at 100 klm? NO!
  9. tagalong

    Builder Faces Charges Over Silom Crane Collapse

    Of course..The usual Thai way in doing everything....
  10. Safety First?...In Thailand?...Never has been n never will be....
  11. 15 yrs ago, I sent 20 xmas cards...I got returned 20 back....but, but, but, only received 1...I was told by Thai friend that P O thieves open looking for money..... Needless to say, I never sent any more after that thieving exercise ....One gets the odd prob in OZ but, never, never, on the grand style the Thais take pride in....
  12. Can someone forward his add to ISIS..They will make sure it never happens again...Hooo Hummmm
  13. arithai12 You are undoubtedly an idiot "flat Earth believer" with that statement.....
  14. Only a fool would consider buying a condo in Thailand...I av always rented n whenever had to move...absolutely no hassles...