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  1. Going from Sawang to Udon 6 months I saw 8 dead dogs along the way....Might have been the mating season..
  2. In a tilled bathroom! Far from a fire hazed!
  3. Those learned above surmising about a snake bite...As I know very well, snakes have 2 teeth to inject venom... Did they find 2 snake teeth marks on the body? NO!...So why say it without proof first...
  4. Moral: never buy anything in Thailand if you can possibly avoid it. No truer words were ever spoken ........How they export from this country amazes me with the throw - outs I've had over 6 years ..yes! TV too...
  5. tagalong

    NLA apologises after lawmakers caught napping

    Could not lie straight in bed...
  6. They are targeting Africans .............SANEMAX... Your not very sane are you....Regardless of color they have broken the law....Are you inferring they should not target blacks for any reason...
  7. tagalong

    All TV members are not equally served!

    There are only the QUICK n the DEAD in this world...
  8. After a week u will know...unless u av a fat wallet....
  9. tagalong

    Worker dies in fall at Rangsit shopping mall

    Thais do not know the meaning of "work safety"....Let alone care about it...
  10. 300sd....GREED! Greed has nothing to do with it.,..You 300sd, do not invest in the best return when u can! The unfortunate investors saw an opportunity n it turned out to be a bad one..
  11. tagalong

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    Rubbish...Yes! Rubbish....Everywhere...Thrown out of cars, buses, cycles...It is a bloody disgrace their attitude to the rubbish problem...
  12. how could she swallow all that, she's lucky she didn't die ... Who cares?
  13. tagalong

    Agency threat 45.k fine

    Only a fool lends anything to a Thai, let alone a car....I've seen their attitude to borrowing n they do not give a damn... Been teaching here 20 yrs seen it all so I never loan anything...When I first came here I loaned money on the promise, I'll give it back..... A loan asked for, from a Thai, means...You will never get it back full stop...
  14. tagalong

    Where’s the bloody Vegemite in CM?

    Scottiejohn....Your taste buds are in your rear....That is why you love Marmite.....
  15. Brown envelope may not be thick enough... If u r legit, claim, n let them look at the books..They will get tired of it in the long run...