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  1. I av to quit now that I am in front...I will not buy anymore as the 2% plus the thieving vendors charging 1 to 2%...
  2. All you knockers...The police man DID NOT put any lives at risk. It was the lowlife he was chasing who did.. Police man has done his job very well and I wish him all the best.
  3. Simoh1490..Undoubtedly, you are utterly jealous of the person you stupidly wrote about in your comment..
  4. YouTube star slams rip-off taxi driver

    Terryp...Undoubtedly with the rubbish you wrote you are a flat Earth believer.
  5. Amazing! 5000.00 fine but, 500.00 to stop an ambulance from getting to hospital in emergency...
  6. Are all these government officials working out of an asylum somewhere? ....or....Do they only go back to the asylum at night after a day in the office....sitting on their brains... Heaven forbid...What's next...
  7. Dmaxdan... Your wallet is undoubtedly too small....
  8. Stupid teens...They are going to come out of jail with big donuts...
  9. Urgent coach safety warning

    Kneejerk reaction with no substance. As Per Usual ! My God talk is cheap in this country .. ...and so are human lives....
  10. I would never buy a condo..WHY? Thai neighbors make noise ALL the time anywhere...I av always rented because of this n when "I do not care neighbors" come along I av moved easily...Also, with buying u r at the mercy of the condo controllers at all times.. Renting allows u to move whenever with no worry of money....I av done this for 20 years...Cheers..
  11. When I lived there 15 years ago a 1.5 mt cobra came into my living room as I was watching TV... In the door and behind the bookcase...No trouble except, closest I came to s...t..g in a seat watching it...
  12. Who's at fault in this scenario?

    Half u lot would not pass a written road test here or where ever...B is cutting into A...so B is the idiot..
  13. Just changed over to LED lighting

    Thanks for the safety reminder.....
  14. Just changed over to LED lighting

    Thanks Maijo....I saw one of these last week but, could not work out what or how etc... U av shown me ....I can now buy n put into my place.... Cheers...Mudguard..
  15. You are correct but all was too easy....The doc cert list only 4 requirements...Elephantiasis etc... The police cert within 14 days...