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  1. Visa overstayer alleges extortion of Bt600,000

    Yes the West should stay out of ME, and Muslims should stay out of the West. Like oil and water the 2 cultures don't mix, however our politicians have a different agenda, so apart from getting a vote every 5years there is not much we can do to change things
  2. Visa overstayer alleges extortion of Bt600,000

    So he should stay there and fight for his beloved country instead of running away
  3. Ever heard of irony mate ?
  4. Two dead, six wounded in knife attack in Finland

    The Irish were definitely made unwelcome in England during early 20th century, mainly because of terrorism .... I don't know a single Muslim person fully integrated into UK society.
  5. Quite agree, multiculturalism is a grotesque social experiment that has failed spectacularly and with dire consequences....
  6. You didn't write Falangistan, you wrote Falagistan, maybe you should read your own posts "slowly"
  7. It gives them a false sense of superiority, this statement indicates to me that you regard your views as superior. By the way where is Falagistan ?
  8. On the contrary it's people like you that think you are superior, you think playing the race card gives you the moral high ground, politicians used to try to brainwash us with the term colour prejudice until they worked out that some nationalities of colour are actually quite likeable, unlike anyone from the subcontinent.
  9. First thing, Indians are not farangs, and if you believe that Thais regard them in the same way as farangs you are naive
  10. Waking in the middle of traffic? Why?

    Walking along beach road with my lady, 3 Indians arms round shoulders, 1 staring so hard at my lady barged into me ! I shouted in his face but of course no apology....ignorant race .
  11. Last fight took too much out of him at his age, AJ is an awesome fighter and would win again
  12. Very interesting and enlightening post mate. It's also refreshing to read that someone has the intelligence to know the difference between should have and should "of"
  13. I think you should realise many of the people branded racist by sanctimonious people like you didn't used to be racist !! It is relatively recent that previously decent and tolerant citizens have had their lives and cultures threatened by an invasion of an alien culture who refuse to integrate into the western world and governments are too cowardly to take the side of it's indigenous population because of political correctness, you are not superior to the free thinkers who want the best for their country, children and grandchildren, so maybe it's you that's got nothin' certainly unblinkered vision !!!