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  1. Double maxim, Sunderland's equivalent of Newcastle brown
  2. Sure he's Russian ? Very unusual for them to learn Thai, or even English .... Looks more Scandinavian to me
  3. It has everything to do with the hour, whatever the cause of death, if you expect assistance or protection from staff then use the facilities within the permitted times, ignore the rules at you peril
  4. There are rules about using pools late at night. Russians typically ignore "other peoples" rules, They can't realistically expect staff to be on hand to help if they choose to do this
  5. Why can't they just leave well alone ? If they must interfere how about imposing a price cap on the girls and the beer (tongue in cheek guys)
  6. I haven't seen any letters in the newspapers from Muslims condemning these atrocities, or perhaps this fascist "religion" doesn't allow them to read infidel propaganda ?
  7. So why don't we hear your Muslim "friends" come out and condemn this kind of atrocity ? The silence is deafening
  8. Yes his compatriots do seem to admire him, I must admit the current climate in PP has made me nervous about visiting.
  9. So you've already declared yourself independent ? Well that's a start...I'm English and wouldn't call myself a Brit, but I am ! I don't suppose the average paki would call themselves Indian but they are !
  10. Would that be the Indians or the Russians .....both equally bad mannered
  11. He said she said ! I don't know what to believe in this case, but I do know there are a lot of innocent men in UK prisons because of "regret sex"
  12. They didn't do exactly the same thing, the numbers weren't comparable and they didn't pass them round from "brother to brother"