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  1. Where to buy good pizzas in Pattaya?

    Agree, I really like Hops, nice atmosphere, good service, salad bar, nice place to take your lady ..
  2. Care home sets up old-style pub for residents to have a drink

    Great idea, I wonder if there's some Beatles and Stones on the juke box, that'll keep them young ...
  3. I suppose India has to do something right !
  4. My guess would be that they export the concentrate and water is added locally, and possibly sweetener to cater for local tastes
  5. What would you know about how intelligent people think, I am not just talking about black people in my country, black people and the authorities all over the world describe them as such, do you really believe they don't know they are black ? And do you really believe you are subtle ? do you really believe you are not angry ?
  6. You are an angry little man aren't you ? I don't need to know them personally to know that black people refer to themselves as black ! They don't all come from the same country you see .... Whereas Chinese and Thais do thus they are described as such .
  7. Disrespectful words by gf

    With good reason !
  8. No but we can choose how we behave...
  9. It's not an insult, they refer to themselves as black, it's people like you that perpetuate political correctness, we've had enough stop it
  10. Well those of us who are absolutely sick of political correctness might find this refreshing, Think of it as the backlash ....
  11. I doubt if Mr Grouse fears multiculturalism but rather sees it as a failed social experiment as I do, apologies to Mr G if I'm wrong
  12. You are calling me dishonest because you were stupid enough to assume it was anything but Islamist terrorism ?
  13. Great idea by the American cops to shoot the <deleted> in the abdomen, keep him alive but in pain. They get to interrogate him and no martyrdom. Take note UK plod ....
  14. Yes, the clue is deep seated hatred for everything Western
  15. Rubbish, there is no rape going on, the initial violence came from the insurgents, the citizens of Myanmar are actually nice people, who could blame them for not wanting Pakis in their country