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  1. It was my post that you criticised suggesting the English were worried about grammar, thus insinuating that I was English. You are just spouting gobbledegook , perhaps you should have a singha and put the dictionary away
  2. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    It is about paedophiles not Africans, Asians, Indians, or Arabs. This is a forum and by definition invites peoples opinions whether you like them or not ...
  3. Same in the Indian culture, females are second class citizens
  4. No not worried ! Just don't like to see ignorance, especially when it's arrogant ignorance ..... When did I say I was English ?
  5. Yes, moronic indeed, but he's not the only one on this forum that thinks, should of, would of, could of, is English......you know who you are mate ! Can't say any more
  6. Jan 2016 compulsory fingerprinting entering Siem Reap
  7. Art Street next to Mikes gone where?

    Yes still there in June, will be sad if these talented folk are gone for good
  8. And it should be more widely used
  9. That coupled with a dose of arrogance
  10. Yes, some people are naive, too trusting, perhaps even child-like in their judgement of others, but the law exists to protect such people from predatory scum like this
  11. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Not UK, unless you mean restaurants
  12. I'm pleased to hear that one or two have stayed behind to fight for their country, rather than leading cushy lives in Europe as refugees
  13. Well done my friend keep it up, cold turkey is the only way. Chewing gum can be your best friend for a while because you will be tempted to snack, but you can lose those extra pounds slowly unlike the evil nicotine ...