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  1. Another one was called super prick (Or something similar) although somehow I doubt it
  2. Quite, and for that reason I doubt he is Russian
  3. It's something that "Austrians" call a can of beer 555. BTW check the date .....
  4. They are an aggressive race, but my personal experience has been with ones that barge into me on Jomtien beach road ....
  5. Confirms what I always thought, Russian women are more arrogant and aggressive than the men
  6. In UK disabled spots are reserved for Indians driving beemers and mercs ...
  7. Normally I would agree, except that Boris don't go in bars
  8. If there are not enough females maybe you should stop murdering them at birth ???
  9. Kevbo

    Soi Bukaw

    Agree, something else to consider is making it one way would increase the speed of traffic, making it more dangerous to cross, as in 2nd road......
  10. Kevbo

    Soi Bukaw

    I've seen Buakhao spelt various ways but never Bukaw. The op is correct about it being dangerous for pedestrians especially at the Lengkee junction, but I personally don't want it made one way, it is convenient for me to go both ways on the baht bus ....