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  1. This video is disturbing . He drives a nice car , has a good job , well dressed and groomed but he is not civilized . He is an animal with nice clothes and things. Reminds me that I need to be careful here , surface looks civil but inside there is much to be desired ....
  2. Hi Konini or anyone , Where is the pickup at suthep road to arcade so I can get to festival ? Thanks everyone
  3. Hi northernjohn, The free shuttle you mentioned for cf mall changed to only for hotel guests only but thanks for the information . I just wanted to find another alternatives since this change today . Thanks everyone
  4. Hi MESmith, Thanks for your response . I will try getting the red car from kad Suan keaw . Thanks
  5. To my surprise, the free shuttle to Central Festival has a new notice that states ONLY for hotel guest. I have been using these free shuttle from Nimman to the central mall, can anyone suggest the least cost way to get there since I am not a hotel guest. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your responses . You are all great help.
  7. Great so I do NOT need to apply for the extension o-a 1 year till April 14 2017 ,is that correct? (I need the multiple re entry as I travel in and out of Thailand a lot)
  8. Can i please have a follow up question to this thread. Many thanks I just arrived with O-A visa 1 year retirement visa (with multiple entries) My enter before date is April 15 th 2016. If I leave Thailand next year in March 15 2016 and return April 14, 2016 , I know my admitted until date will be updated to April 13, 2017 on my passport stamp. I have been traveling lately and I noticed my admitted date has been pushed a year whenever I return back to Thailand . Do I then just apply for the re- entry visit multiple (3800 baht ) when I return April 14th 2016? My goal is to continue staying in Thailand after my first retirement visa o-a 1 year visa expires April 15, 2016. Thanks for your response
  9. A month ago, I applied for the residency certificate . I think the guy was not happy that I did not pay the 500 baht since I did not need it urgently . When I pick it up last week, he said that the next time I need a cert , I cannot apply here and to go the consulate . Perhaps I misunderstand or I got schooled for not paying . Btw, how does one know to confirm the 3 months validity of the certificate instead of precious 1 month .