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  1. Have done this many times , the french are the only airport (GDG) to ask me about traveling with no visa , much the same criteria as yourself 6 week trip ,return ticket from manchester - CDG - bangkok . Explained the trip to them AF check in desk, 1month on entry then after 3 weeks road trip to cambodia. When returning to Thailand from Cambodia 1 month on entry so I am covered . After a long pause supervisor was called over , the trip explained again as well saying Thailand has no issue ,they let me check in . What a pointless exercise it was. So basicly just explain your planes and they will let you continue on your way.
  2. Are the "happy zones" going to replace the "tourist zones" or the "Safe Zones" and what happened to our boys on bikes in their orange shirts to make the tourists feel safe, how many more times are they going try selling use the same old line. time for a yawn , then start laughing !! what a bunch of self serving ego driven idiots the thai police force are.
  3. I always ask for discount , because I have a small cock , but they just laugh at me and spank me more , love Thailand