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  1. the 5.7 were either wealthy or influential duh!
  2. it is unlikely that she would have been able to fill every single bed consistently. I would say she would be lucky if she got a quarter of the beds filled. I sure as hell wouldn't want to stay at a place like that.. it's probably infested with bed bugs.. I can only imagine what type of person would stay at a place like that...(No money and poor hygiene is probably the normal type of customers she attracts)
  3. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    Very first thing i would do is get rid of and replace all the ancient buses and trucks that are spewing out thick black smoke
  4. A boneheaded rule for a boneheaded issue. IF anything people need to choose who they consider and call a friend more carefully! I would much rather have a few friends that I can trust than a bunch of would-be friends who will betray me when our friendship becomes inconvenient! I know several people who think they have lots of friends only to learn they were never truly friends.
  5. I can't help but be amused It doesn't surprise me that Donald Trump would want a military parade... -It's flashy -It's expensive -It is pointless -It's tacky - It's a way to brag and inflate one's self-worth without any actual substance. Haha this pretty much is definition of Donald Trump!
  6. people with wealth and power are treated differently.... law enforcement will usually tread lightly when dealing with high profile personalities that have wealth... IF they take a wrong step and prematurely accuse someone who has power and wealth of a crime they will most certainly lose their job and career. IE if you are going to accuse someone with power of a crime you, sure as hell better be right or it's going to cost you bigtime.
  7. If this is true then that means Jose straight up attacked and murdered someone without providing any type of warning...(there goes his claim of self-defense) IF he had stopped for a split second and maybe said something along the lines of "Hey stop that you are hurting her" its very possible none of this might have occurred. Another extremely tragic and heartbreaking story that could have easily been avoided.. .. Jose needs to go to jail he is obviously a danger to society and hopefully, he can get some help with the mental issues he has.
  8. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    Am I the only one who thinks this is insane? this like the solution to stop a child from crying is by giving the child what they want. Yes, the child has stopped crying but is this really helping anyone? Hey, give me drugs or I will steal!.... and will be your fault I stole because you didn't give me drugs!
  9. if you really have a problem with it you can threaten to report them to law enforcement... The government has stated on several occasions tickets must be sold at 80 baht. Vendors are asking for 100 Baht due to barely making any money selling at 80 baht. Also vendors will try to charge you more for a set or packet of duplicate numbers... IE 5 tickets with identical numbers will usually ask for 550 baht. I paid 1700 for a packet of 15 one time.
  10. More money

    you said, Girlfriend correct not wife? Why would she think she should be entitled to your house especially after breaking your heart???? I would have immediately said no without a second thought ... Anyone with a once of common sense would never consider giving their house to an ex-girlfriend! Absolutely Astounding that you are even thinking about giving your home to someone that will more than likely no longer be in your life within the next year!!!! tell her if she wants your house you should get married see how she reacts to that.
  11. Divorce before visa application

    What is up with all these stories of farang getting duped by thai women? this is quickly becoming a cliche like the "African prince scam"
  12. Divorce before visa application

    Yeah... Sounds like Your friend doesn't have much common sense.... She probably could have passed herself off as royalty and the only way to gain access to her fortune is to Marry. Goodluck, ignoring her might not be the best action if your friend ever wants to marry in the future... Better to clear things up now rather than later and having to explain why you can't get married. Plus it will probably cost you a whole lot more if the thai wife finds out she has you over a barrel.
  13. yeah, good luck with that... It's easy for anyone to say "Ohh I would have done this" or "someone should have stopped it" but human nature has proven that's not the case. soo many social experiments where people would rather just look the other way or not get involved. Very few people will do the right thing by putting themselves in danger. I used to think like you until I encountered a group people assaulting 1 man... I chose to keep walking instead of trying to intervene by rationalizing it'ts none of my business but the plain and simple truth is... I was afraid the group of men would hurt me also if tried to stop it.
  14. First question is are you white? second question what country is your passport from? If you are a US citizen trying to get home I am curious as to why would you be asked if you had any convictions for assault. Regarding your Mexico experience that's just mind-boggling unless they gave you a pass because of being white and a US license plate on the car?
  15. think you kind of missed my point chief, but whatever sure Not sure how what you said really relates to or corrects the fact that I am trying to point out "the extremely negative view some people have of Thailand" In any case "Some People are trying to shift the blame of what happened to thai government for allowing these two people into the country, rather than blaming the actual 2 people involved in the incident" is that better? (thai people at fault for what happened not the farang that were actually involved)