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  1. If you watch thai news on a regular basis... there is always someone dying for some reason or another.. someone dying in another car accident is common place so its not suprising thai people developed a cavaleir attitude towards another road related fatality. Road fatality is a reality that is all to common in thailand. People bitch and complain about mass shootings in the united states... half the country wants to change the other half is ehhh its sad but dont you dare try to take my gun... soo americans would rather deal with the possibility that their children might be shot at school rather than dealing with stricter gun laws to try and prevent it from happening.. let that sink in for a bit.
  2. some people are just lazy or don't care... it is not Thai specific is human nature specific. Personally, I am more concerned about the air pollution and total disregard for breathable air by those driving around in vehicles spewing out thick black smoke and those who constantly burn things in the countryside.
  3. shouldn't this be pretty simple to figure out? contact the bank and find out who owns the account in the letter. case closed
  4. the machine wasn't the problem it was human error... people who are saying they don't trust the machine might as well be saying they don't trust themselves to be careful.
  5. First off before criticizing and judging other people for using improper English maybe you should take your own advice cause judging by what you just wrote your English isn't so great either... secondly English is obviously not the Dr's native language it's Thai so they have a pretty good excuse for not being able to use "perfect English" whats your excuse?
  6. if this happened in the united states the driver would be crucified end of story... everyone gets out of the way for emergency vehicles.. people start to pull over immediately after hearing sirens in the distance
  7. because its better than complaining in their native country.
  8. speckio

    Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    laws mean nothing if they cant be properly enforced....
  9. i experience the same thing in Bangkok everywhere I go... you pay a premium for packets of the same numbers... personally don't mind the overcharging... these vendors probably don't make a lot of money.. If you have money to throw away on lottery then giving the vendors a little extra shouldn't be an issue imo
  10. unfortunately, People lose their marbles under the right conditions... looks like the American is going to have to pay his dues for not being able to keep it together. At least there weren't any weapons around for him to use
  11. i think its a good way for children to show appreciation to their parents for raising them.. .. way better than being selfish and spending the money on a flat screen tv..... In most cases, if the kids were truly struggling the parents won't accept the money.