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  1. >>> and some damage to the tracks, making them believe that it was the location where Bartling had placed the coins. What? the tracks were less resistant than the coins?
  2. Count those in Canada. Maybe by one order of magnitude
  3. You just left out Hungary and Poland! Plus Czech Republic.
  4. It's all about probabilities. When statistics of local deaths / for whatever reason / exceed an average - real or perceived -, then people start elaborating conspiracy theories. But what a destiny to choose a vacation island to put an end to one's days... And it seems many have done so.
  5. nitrogen. I am not sure you can buy liquid hydrogen which is fuel for rockets
  6. Govt rather. Very tough laws for speeding, DUI, texting, people driving or riding on the wrong side, etc. enforced. Tickets in the thousands of Bahtd, That will bend the minds of people.
  7. Thanks KhunBenq, I am good enough at Math - I even got a PhD in computational something - and know what the figures tell me - all without making it a two-hour tirade. Oh well, was last week in Dubai, no 220 Bahts there, only AED's and no fees at most ATMs.
  8. At the end of the transaction, I was prompted with th same screen PIB offered. Now, no longer. I think I got my answers here, Thanks.
  9. The object of the post is about not being offered the same screen with a choice of exchanging at my CCs bank's rate. I'll use TMB from now on as TerryLH suggested and will ask a clerk to confirm that the option is still offered.
  10. Thank for the advice. But I live here part of the year and not working. I am OK with the 220 Bahts transaction fee - although I think it's a bit too much. But not with the absence of choosing where the conversion will occur
  11. Exactly! I know the familiar screen. But recently I no longer had this option at the same ATM at my condo. Hence my question.
  12. For now a few weeks at Bank of Bangkok and KrungsriATMs, I have no longer been prompted about conversion. This means the bank decides on conversion rate and it's awful, on 10K bahts, that's 2% they rake in the dough ! For one I am not sure whether NOT letting customer decide on which end they want the conversion to be applied is legal or not, and then, anyone knows which bank may have different policies? TIA
  13. Hi, any info about how much they charge and for what coverage? TIA
  14. Right, my bad.