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  1. Nothing surprising after OJ's trial :-/ By statistics, I referred to ratios of criminals Vs tattoo bearers, Everybody's got one these days.
  2. Maybe you mean hardened criminals. Can you cite statistics on this ? :)
  3. 3AM ? Drove from Surin? Not sure but probably fell asleep or close to, foot on the accelerator. Asleep for ever.
  4. Yes. re Wikipedia which you quoted: ... According to Jean-Paul Gourévitch, there were 7.7 million Muslims( about 11 percent of the population) in metropolitan France in 2011. As for the rest of France (Carribean Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion, Polynesia), it is probably void of Muslims bit for some government employees. This fact should have the rate drop but we're talking statistics where they belong (that was my major). Other sources claim 8.5%, 9.2% respectively. Would be interesting to know how they obtained figures, as there are several statistical methods that can be applied. As well, how data was obtained. So actually maybe noone knows! That's the beauty of statistics, which serve their master.
  5. is wrong. WP is not the most accurate source of information. I know as I used it (wik -tionary, -species, -data) as a base for an ML project with students in Montreal. We found much noise in the data. 7.7 million Muslims( about 11 percent of the population) in metropolitan France in 2011. We're now in 2017, so you can expect the percentage to be higher due to higher birth rate. And true, this results from their past colonial policies. But apart from usual extremist rates in poor suburbs of Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, most are well-integrated in French society.
  6. Migrant don't want to go to France, for one and second, France already has close to 11% of its population who are Muslims.
  7. Or ignorance. Or carelessness. Can't agree more
  8. Not funny topic but :: 1/Thought police, is not my friend, and 2/ It's a way to stress the fact that the help was inefficient. Have you asked yourself why they were here and could not save him when he fell? There may be several reasons to this, inaccessibility to the place he fell or other. But fact.
  9. 1/ Bobcat is stationed properly, No doubt. 2/ The bike passing from right to let is a scooter. Small wheels. The rider has no helmet, or dark, hard to tell. 3/ The bike that crashed (at high speed) is a motorbike. Big wheel (see rear wheel). Helmet appears to be white. Hope he could swim back if not hurt and thanks to people rushing to help.
  10. How will she explain Thai immigration that she has no exit stamp from Thailand on her Thai passport? As suggested, talking with authorities and presenting evidence is the best approach. Good luck, keep us posted.
  11. The SanRemo conference was very clear; I don;t see a 'debacle' in regard to this. Britain knew well that Arabs would riot so they also wanted to appease them. Pseudo nation as you define it has to fight for survival even when the foster dies (are you awaiting this with drooling lips?) or when the levy was dry (pun intended)
  12. It's a common trait I found in people like him around the globe: a compulsive obsessive behavior that brings them to sift through the news and after finding 'something' that may support their obsession, they spend hours to write r a hundred lines of text to 'offer an explanation - which no one needs btw - to rationalize it. Am not sure that pharmaceutical products may help...
  13. Funny rhethorics. You want to convict convince me? Ha ha ha >>> single secular truly democratic Israel, I always knew it is that "Jewish thing" that bothers so many lol