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  1. When was that? Seems that nowadays 5K Bahts is no longer enough. I wonder how much if the requirement has changed, I may need the current amount.
  2. Expect it to become affordable as there is a worldwide dire need for fixing genetic defects, degeneration.
  3. There have been discussions in the past In this case, it rather seems to be - as a forum member stated - obtaining independence of three provinces. I doubt this works with Thai army :-/
  4. Not everywhere. In some places in Thailand, France and in Canada they don't require to roll up sleeves.
  5. Generalizing, uh? I know plenty of Thais who do care for their children.....
  6. Many countries practice excision, especially Mauritania and other African countries. I have it hard understanding how this is permitted.
  7. Malaysian woman killed in taxi crash on tollway

    I deleted this post, seems there's no option to delete a post once saved
  8. Malaysian woman killed in taxi crash on tollway

    I have used Uber in Bangkok and Chiang Mai several times. Service usually perfect.
  9. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    If for Chiang Mai, I know places where the air is clean: Mae Rim for instance. It makes one suffer less during the dreaded "burning weeds" season. I chose Bangkok because I could meet people through meeting people with similar interests - IT in my case (meetup.com) But all-in-all, in Europe, I'll be closer to family. Yes, everything is a few hours flight away but ... 14 hours in an aircraft is far from my definition of comfort.
  10. Malaysian woman killed in taxi crash on tollway

    An opinion, not a verdict!
  11. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    London is a bit of an extreme
  12. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    BKK but close to the river. Acceptable. But when I travel to other cities, just a few minutes at Mochit II are like hell. Or Mukdahan, Nakhon Sawan, etc. Of course if I take a taxi to and from the airport ...
  13. Malaysian woman killed in taxi crash on tollway

    Ludicrous I am past 75 and in perfect shape, vision, abilities. And I drive and never had an accident in my entire life.