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  1. I tried telling my wife the other day that she's the "least ugliest woman in the Moo Baan". I don't think she gets Thai humour.
  2. News of next day: TAT promotes Thailand as "hub of free speech & nice clean walls". Quality tourism rises 9000%.
  3. A great summary of the events of May 22nd, 2014.
  4. Just raise the limit to 300 km/h and have everybody kill themselves - problem solved. TAT can even spin it as "the most exhilarating road experience in the world"! I'm living in a circus.
  5. Change "J" to "Ploy" and the word "boy" to "girl" and it's no different to what most straight male expats have to deal with here. My advice is not to confuse occasional tourism with permanent relocation and know which category a place (or your partner) falls into. Wish I would have taken that advice years ago.
  6. Genmai

    Royal symbols of friendship

    Brilliant! Just goes to show that there is nothing that the Thai's won't try and make a buck from, even if it is historically significant gifts from other nations.
  7. I would add that even the wild dog (and cat) populations will be better off once rabies is eradicated/under control.
  8. Gosh mate, if I start looking after the birds who's going to look after the worms! But that's why I called myself a "selective animal lover" Birds are chirping away as always. The rodent population however has definitely decreased, we don't hear them up in the roof at night anymore.
  9. I think there may be confusion on your part as to what actually constitutes an animal lover. I can tell you that wantonly throwing out scraps of food to packs of rabid animals with total disregard for whatever consequences might befall other members of society is NOT what an animal lover does. The overwhelming majority of Thais subscribe to a responsibility-free sanuk happy-happy-fun-time culture that has no place in the 21st century. The out-of-control rabies and soi dog epidemic is just one of the many MANY symptoms of that cultural quirk. The level of mental maturity generally improves as you go higher up the socio-economic ladder (and in my experience improves drastically as soon as Chinese ancestry is a factor). I'm a selective animal lover. I hate dogs but I love most cats. In my area there are a few stray cats and we have been caring for the friendlier ones whom we like (the not so nice ones get told to piss off with a bucket of water). The friendlier ones used to look like mangy bones in rags. Now they are clean, silky smooth and look like they can win awards. We regularly take them to the vet to get vaccines, de-worming, check ups, etc. They eat high quality nutritionally balanced cat food, not the fake fish pellet crap from China (that smells like Doritos) mixed with stale rice that the Thais insist on feeding them here. We also train them into socializing properly with the human residents - if the cats do something out of line they get a smack on the ass and eventually turn into well-behaved animals that are a pleasure to have around the house. Are they still considered to be stray cats? Yes. Are their lives immeasurably improved by responsible animal ownership on our part? Yes. Are they a dangerous nuisance to anyone? No. Every time I go to the nearby 7/11 I am horrified at the sight of the stray dog that the Thai locals 'care' for. The thing looks like something out of The Walking Dead, rotting from the inside out and with most of its fur gone. For the last 2 years it has been wasting away, leaking various fluids onto the steps outside the 7/11 door. I don't know how it has survived this long but it is a sorry sight to see. I highly doubt that animal has ever seen the inside of a vet's office. I have yet to meet a Thai whom I can consider to be a real animal lover. To be an animal lover one has to assume full responsibility for the animal which they care for. That involves fixing them up medically, getting all the vaccinations, reinforcing positive behaviours while punishing negative behaviours and (most importantly) making sure that the animal is not a dangerous nuisance to society. If someone isn't ready to make that level of commitment then they have no business taking care of strays or any animal whatsoever. I don't care how much the Thais go on and on about how wonderful and compassionate and caring and friendly their bullshit culture is - I'm sorry but if today you feed a rabid dog (out of so-called "compassion") and tomorrow that dog bites a child then there absolutely is a degree of blame which you have to face. At the very very least if those same so-called "animal lovers" can afford to spend money on all the frivolous crap in their lives (iphones, makeup, fancy bikes, smokes, alcohol, hookers, etc) they can cough up a few hundred baht for vaccinations. There is no excuse.
  10. Genmai

    EDITORIAL: Once bitten, twice shy

    It is responsible for the government to provide vaccines that actually work
  11. When you actually eat more farang food than Thai food because you've realised that no matter how good the Som Tum is it's not worth spending an hour on the toilet crapping out your insides every time.
  12. But I thought Thailand was constantly promoted as the most Buddhist nation on the planet, filled to the brim with smiling friendly people?
  13. Anyone wanna start placing bets on how long they think it will be before a feel-good story about a Samaritan taxi driver is up in the news? I'm guessing no more than 24 hours.