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  1. BUT being out of UK for a period of six months would mean no yearly increase in pension along with other things RULES tightened up and made to fleece the expats..
  2. I dident know India was so advanced and it seems way in front of Thailand in this sector. A lot of men dont like it known that they have a problem and it was by chance i saw your post although i have been searching for quite a while. It seems Thailand caters more for those who want a sex change or plastic surgery false boobs and and nose jobs and mens problems.are ignored . I hope this is something i can afford as it would make such a difference to my life here in Thailand and i think my wife would also appreciate the difference it would make .
  3. I have been searching for information on implants for some time with no luck (sex change ) plenty of info so i emailed your recommended surgeon in india today for an estimates on the cost of implants . hopefully not too expensive.
  4. TM 30

    The idea is that hotels who dont inform immigration of your stay will be caught and investigated as has been happening .Lots of hotels without a licence caught and closed. Plus lots of house owners (wifes) fined for not reporting the return of husband to home address ,500bht i believe, So on my return i will head to immigration within the 24 hour deadline with my tm30 and find out for sure. best to be safe than sorry and we are only here as long as an immigration officer allows us to be regardless of the rules and laws.
  5. I have a holiday booked on Ko Chang for six days and so went to Jomtien immigration to find out about TM 30 as its a new one on me. They are serious about this and have an office dedicated to reporting you are back home. They were very busy so i dident find out if i can report or if my wife as house owner has to do it. I have had the same address for twelve years but do like to take my family to the islands two or three times a year when my sons school is closed. But the traffic and road works in pattaya makes this a nightmare and it seems never ending. I live on the dark side by choice but i used to get to immigration in thirty minuets but now it can take well over an hour both ways and more at peak times. What comes next i wonder ?????
  6. I thought bikes were not allowed on the 7 motorway although i see lots every day.RIP to the lady.
  7. Hi, I have to do a border run when my extension of stay for retirement runs out 22nd september as i miscalculated money in bank and need an axtra 30 days, i have never done before so any info would be appreciated . agents ,cost , ect and what is needed. thanks for any reply.
  8. hello, I have to get retirement extension on 22 september but slipped up with money in bank for 60 not 90 days . i have had 9 extensions at Jomtien and this is my first cock up . So what are my alternatives to deal with this. I had 130.000 in the a/c and tranfered 700.000 on 18th july (should have done June ) I have a uk pension but only round 30.000 per month. What would be the easiest less costly alternative to sort this. Thanks for any info from those in the know pete....
  9. Join the club. I too am pissed off with DELETED ford. I have an ecosport and the wife scratched the rear bumper. Nothing major but I like to keep everything as new . I priced the bumper and ordered it ,the girl said she would ring on dilivery and fix a repair date. After a week I got in touch with ford help centre as the 24 hour dilivery date or free was long gone. She said would check and ring back .she rang next day with a repair date sat 25th June 2.30. This was 10 days after I ordered the parts.I could have done the job myself quicker he kept disappearing and finally finished about 6 o'clock .final cost 5.300 bht . Now the reversing sencors don't work .I will be checking out ChonBuri and others for any repairs and services in the hope of finding a place I can trust to do a good job . Plus don't believe the 24 hour or free jargon as it is just a dream of PR man.
  10. TM30 Pattaya

    I believe this to be a new regulation started this year and i have done the same as you in previous years. So still not sure if it is required now at Jomtien. I will report my return to be on the safe side and Jomtien is is one of the best Imigration offices to deal with .Pete
  11. TM30 Pattaya

    That is how you interpret the immigration act and not everybody would agree with you and that includes some immigration officers. You are welcome to your opinion/interpretation too. Note that my advice includes asking the Immigration Office concerned for the answer because neither you nor I can definitively answer his question. My question was for anyone who has experience of this at Jomtien as each officer seems to have his or her own interpenetration of the Thai law .i will get the said form fill it in and deliver it to Jomtien as no one appears to have experienced this first hand. Thanks anyway.
  12. I have been in Thailand over 11 years and in pattaya 8 years . I am on extension of stay ,retirement, i am going with my son to UK in April and May. When i return do i have to fill in the TM30 for Jomtien Imigration ? been living in the same house we bought when we moved here. It seems different offices have varied rules on this so anyone know the rule at Jomtien please. pete...
  13. power plug

    I have had a honda city a audi a4 a nissan march and a suzuki swift in the eleven years i have been in Thailand. I now have a ford ecosport and before anybody knocks it the car is perfect for me. I have had it 13 months and i love the size the economy and the extras you get with the top model. there is one thing that i would like to change and that is the power plug is not disconnected when you switch the ignition off . I keep forgetting and leave the dash cam on or the phone charging when i leave the car, my memory is not what it was. I wonder if i get it wired to the ignition will this affect the warranty .every car i have owned and thats a lot has the plug disabled when turning off the ignition and thats the way i like it. anyone have an idea on this ,replys appreciated. pete
  14. Red Plates

    Funny, but this was always the rule. I am afraid this reminder was just another campaign ending in nowhere land. And this from @james6 supports what I have understood: As long as the cars are not registered (no plate) or have red plate the money is still with the dealer and has not flown to the manufacturer. So the dealers are not in a hurry to do the proper registration. A barefaced practice. As i said the dealer says he did not get the money as his manager did a runner with my cash and in total 5mill bht so i have a three year old car i cant register cant sell and can only use locally as its on red plates. It is used for school runs by my wife and i had to buy a new one for longer trips. It seems the dealer cant be held responsible for his staff actions and after 2 years of court case i am no nearer getting anything sorted .i was assured by a lawyer before i sued the dealer that this was an open and shut case in my favor . So may be back handers are involved. TIT..
  15. Red Plates

    I have a swift with red plates which is three years old .Long story but i am suing the dealer who must be paying someone as the court case has been going for two years and i am no nearer getting it registered.The dealer in Bangkok not a small dealership . I have been told the manager sold my car to two people plus other cars and did a runner with 5 mill bht DONT PAY CASH Get a bank transfer . or on credit....