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  1. puffy

    Which fast family car?

    Go to one2car.com, you will find Evoques starting from around 2 mil.
  2. As someone else said, Nonthaburi way, particularly around the Rama V roundabout where Nakhon Inn crosses Rachapreuk. ladalom on Nakhon Inn is high end, with the lowest rental around 50k per month and increasing. Bangkok Boulevard also is very good with prices starting at 35k a month. Ladawan on Rachapreuk is one of the best, but you are looking at closer to 150k starting price. There are also a number of others around that area, it is easy to just turn up speak to the management at the Clubhouse and look around straight away or make a future appointment. All of these are less than an hour to central Bangkok, traffic permitting.
  3. puffy

    Im getting very bored

    Spend your time looking at threads, replying to them and creating them. This is a great opportunity to gain respect within the Thai Visa community. The number of posts you have is very important in establishing credibility. Anyone with as small a number as posts as you is often labeled a troll whose opinion isn't important. Remember your opinion is more valid the higher your post count. There are some people who are obviously posting many times every day, these people must have the best opinions in the world, just wish I had an opportunity like you to increase my count.
  4. Bangkok traffic will be far better in 3 months, because the good General said he wanted it better in 3 months.
  5. This is fantastic news, I am so happy that the traffic in Bangkok is going to improve in Bangkok. The General is amazing, he just says let it be fixed, and so shall it be done. I am looking forward to driving around Bangkok in three months, well done oh messiah.
  6. The post states the reason why she is worrying about it now, try to read a post properly before commenting. To the OP, yes it is quite possible to get a work permit without a degree. International schools or private schools are businesses and they can easily help you obtain a work permit as long as they don't call you a teacher. Also if you need a work permit just for a mortgage, there are companies who will obtain one for you.
  7. puffy

    Is Nonthaburi a good place to live?

    You will get much better value for money in Nonthaburi. I think it is a very good option for families as you can get a big house in a nice village for around 4 million baht, and renting would be about 15k a month. The only thing missing is a dedicated foreign nightlife scene, but it really doesn't take long to get into Bangkok. I can be in Silom in 30 minutes. Big shopping centers, some good schools, good choice of restaurants with some western options.
  8. puffy

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    I have been in a couple of small accidents, normally just call insurance company and it is taken care of, not a police issue. As he did not call insurance there and then he was probably not that bothered. I doubt the cost would be any more than 2000 baht, so just pay it, unless he goes to the Honda garage, which is always expensive. It was 17000 there for a small dent, but insurance was paying.
  9. puffy

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    You have also been conned by her into being scared about her calling the police. This is just a minor domestic issue to them and they will not care. Worst result for you 500 baht fine. I know what most people on here think of Thai men, but if a Thai man heard this story they would just laugh their head off at it, and say how weak all falang men must be.
  10. Nobody is applying any western law in this case, this is against Thai law. Also if you look carefully!! you should be able to see someone on the bike who is clearly not an adult. I have no problem her killing herself through such stupidity ( as she is in adult in legal terms only), but not taking a child with her.
  11. puffy

    Sunday Roast

    I have had other suggestions which I have thanked them for, thank you for your contribution, I am sorry my post was not detailed enough for you be able to recommend something. I have decided to go to Sunny's as per somebody else's suggestion. There are only 2 types of people in this world those that can extrapolate from incomplete data.
  12. puffy

    Sunday Roast

    Sunny's looks perfect, will give it a try, thanks.
  13. puffy

    Sunday Roast

    Ok, Thank you.
  14. puffy

    Sunday Roast

    Hi, I am just coming down to Pattaya for the weekend with the family, I have 2 young daughters 3 and 4. I would like to go for a good Sunday lunch roast, not hotel prices. Somewhere family friendly, I am driving so can travel a bit if worth it. I went to the Pig and whistle a few years back, which I thought was good, but now I would prefer to avoid this specific area. We are staying at the Centara Grand Mirage so loads of kids' activities, but if anyone can suggest anywhere else for fun young children's activities I would appreciate that.