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  1. hatred against the west was nothing back then compared to what it is now. no matter how better prepared the U.S. is now the situation is now far worse. things have not improved mr clarke.
  2. yea it is. australia just upped the number of refugees per year to 30 000. mate in melbourne was just saying the sudanese ones are making problems.
  3. until they set up a refuse station to collect and dispose of this trash it is all a waste of time. even when they clean up one area the trash from there just gets dumped in another area. as foreigners we are just going to accept the disgusting state of most built up areas as thainess.
  4. another case of do as i say dont do as i do.
  5. you need to consult a good lawyer, preferably one who deals with land issues. of course this will cost money but if you want to get something done you have to spend money. realestate agents generally just want to flip easy sales and i doubt they will take a sale like this one on.
  6. suspect she now has the house hence he is back onto western woman. few of the boys have been through the same cycle. they generally end up back on thai girls.
  7. ah the who dares wins roundabout. thought it was better than the lights but you really had to approach it like you were not stopping, but at the same time be prepared to stop. i am a big fan of roundabouts but they dont really work thailand, a bit like democracy really.
  8. yes, was just an attempt at a joke. i lived 10 years in pattaya and foreign criminals made no difference to my life. only reason they can operate is by paying off the cops so i guess some of them have been trying to save on brown envelopes. i met one guy making porno movies and he had several bargirls make a complaint against him. they they found out sex movies showing them in were being distributed in thailand after they were told the movies would not be seen in thailand.. fees paid business as usual. the girls got very upset when he walked out of the police station a free man the same day.
  9. well i suppose the army still stands to benefit by staying in power longer but surely it would be a stretch that they bombed their own hospital.
  10. i suspect the army did not do this one.
  11. beat me too it. actually without the canal the subs cant reach to other side of thailand as they cant carry enough diesel. hope the can get every third shovel for free when they buy them from china.
  12. we should all just be happy prostitution is legal in thailand.
  13. great they way he plays the road map off as being the boss and that he is following it while he is actually making the road map up as he goes along.
  14. yes pattaya would be a paradise without these criminals.
  15. well i am not a rocket scientist but isnt this proof of weapons of mas destruction america. seems like far more proof than you had in iraq. finally here is a dictator that should actually be removed and you are sitting on your hands. whats the hold up?