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  1. my policy of 'rent everything' includes motorbikes and i would only rent from her for 6 months a year when i retire back to thailand.
  2. so the lady i know with the motor bike rental shop has a very successful business. people rent from her mostly by the month. guys like me who now spend a month two in pattaya each year. she keeps buying more bikes and so many times she has them all rented out. not sure what is going on with the jet ski guys, have they been put out of business? water is so dirty i am surprised anyone will go in it.
  3. williamgeorgeallen

    The Future, Electric Cars

    i have put a bit of time into looking at electric cars as i would like to get one along with solar power for my house. i tried to look into hydrogen powered cars but i cant really find anything recent about them. if anything i think electric will win out just based on the fact that everyone who buys an electric car has a fueling station in their own house. petrol cars will die out in my lifetime. even the CEO of shell just announced he is getting a plug in hybrid and rolling out fast charging in his petrol stations across europe. now that is progress.
  4. the 'mai pang' motorbikes on the north end of jomtien beach gets anyone renting a bike to ride to the end of the dead end street and back. it is enough for the lady owner to see if the rider is ok to rent. when i lived in thailand i would always send my friends and customers to get a bike off her. problem was her business was so busy even in low season she often had no bikes left to rent. she was running an excellent business by doing the right thing by her customers. many of the other companies renting bikes hope you damage them and over charge to have them fixed. short term gain over long term building a strong business.
  5. williamgeorgeallen

    The Future, Electric Cars

    can only find a few clips from 2008. is there anything more recent?
  6. williamgeorgeallen

    Police wait for court decision on arrest warrants, says source

    yes like they jailed the red bull brat that killed the cop. the rich in thailand pay 'fines' they dont go to jail. she has already been found guilty and a 1 billion dollar fine imposed. i am guessing your response was a joke.
  7. williamgeorgeallen

    North Korea tests another ICBM, putting U.S. cities in range

    remember iraq when they showed a bunch of drawings of WMDs that then did not actually exist? well it seems in this case the WMDs are real. hope they are putting together a game plan with japan and south korea to sort this out. americas battle carrier groups dont look like they are even in position.
  8. williamgeorgeallen

    Police wait for court decision on arrest warrants, says source

    they are putting pressure on the reds. cant actually arrest them as it will lead to unrest before the announcement. need to keep it as calm as possible then try to hand down the biggest fine or jail time that they can that wont lead to civil unrest. it is 1145am at OK corral and there is a gunfight at high noon.
  9. williamgeorgeallen

    Police wait for court decision on arrest warrants, says source

    i hope the general is not stupid enough to jail yingluck. he must know the trouble it will cause. i might be wrong, i hope not for the good of thailand.
  10. williamgeorgeallen

    Soi Dogs

    feeding soi dogs is the wrong thing to do. feeding means they will breed more. carrying a stick is your best defence. avoid looking at them. street i was living on had soi dogs barking at night and they would wake up my baby so i would shoot them from my rooftop with a BB gun with plastic BBs. this seemed to work quite well at stopping them from doing it again.
  11. guy is an idiot for renting a bike without being competent in riding one. the motor bike shop is stupid for not testing his riding ability before renting the bike to him. lucky the cops were not involved.
  12. williamgeorgeallen

    The Future, Electric Cars

    interesting. i need to watch that top gear episode. it would seem the investment into batteries worldwide is considerably greater than into hydrogen production and distribution. batteries for cars are a problem but they can be reused in houses as products like the tesla wall when their efficiency drops. they are almost 100% recyclable. battery capacity is doubling every 3 to 4 years which means you can halve the weight over that time to have the same amount of power. what weight there is sits very low to the road giving electric cars a very low center of gravity and great handling, not that it is so important in your average family car. electric cars are taking record race times from combustion engines from many race tracks due to excellent acceleration. it is the great acceleration that makes electric cars better for start stop commutes. in fact they are more efficient in that role. look up one pedal driving. the re generative breaking with one pedal driving is very impressive. the fact electric cars have almost zero maintenance is a major selling point for me. the less combustible materials we have around the better as well.
  13. williamgeorgeallen

    The Future, Electric Cars

    seems hydrogen has lost the battle. the infrastructure needed was always going to be too much. producing , storing, shipping and selling it is a far more expensive option than electricity which is available pretty much every where. you dont even need to drive anywhere to get it. just plug in over night. electric car running costs are about 25% the cost of a petrol here in new zealand and hydrogen cant compete with that. electric car range is already over 100km which is more than double the average daily commute. range is doubling about every 3 or 4 years and the charging station network is slowly being built up. there is a lot of talk about charging stations but they seem to be hard on the batteries so most people should trickle charge over night on cheaper off peak electricity. i am hoping to get a nissan leaf. they are quite cheap and come in as used imports from japan and should get even cheaper when the new model come out next year.
  14. dont think they have smart phones 30 years ago.
  15. williamgeorgeallen

    Chinese ‘zero-dollar’ tour hotel shut down

    i owned the shop house beside this place for 5 years. for 4 of those years it was under renovation including buying the next 4 shop houses to make it a combined 10 shop houses. seemed money was just flowing into the place. it never seemed to have many customers when it opened. doubt it was even covering its running costs. what a mess.