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  1. thailand was on japans team during the second world war and is now cosying up to china. but thats another conversation.
  2. doubt many farmers will allow their land to be flooded for 7 months of the year. to mitigate flooding/drought thailand needs to build large scale dams like china has already done. friend of mine is in the business of building dams in thailand but he says he spends more time in court dealing with problems with why dam projects failed to get built and where project funding went. the general needs to use his magic powers to get things moving.
  3. what was the point of the referendum if the general is not going to allow elections? thanks to the referendum he can run them and still retain overall control. is he that scared there will be civil unrest if elections are held? are they going to keep delaying until yingluck flees the country or is in jail? would be interesting to really know what the general is thinking. asking those 4 questions certainly made it look like he was gauging public opinion on not running elections at all.
  4. think she had to list her assets when she ran for office. wonder if they looked at that.
  5. the solution is for taxis to stop harassing uber drivers. they can instead try to improve their service to win business. there i solved it in less than 4 minutes.
  6. do you ask your troops to do things mr general? no, you must order them.
  7. thats the thing when people get away with a crime, they tend to do it again and again. the island is controlled by one family who control the few cops there. how long till the next one?
  8. i agree but the major mistake he made was going to north korea in the first place. regardless of weather or not he stole anything he still made that decision. has made me reflect on some of the bad decisions i made in my younger day such as drink driving and the effects it would have had on my family has something happened.
  9. silly otto is dead because he went to north korea and decided to be a thief. i feel for his family and the grief he cause them.
  10. i have tried krung thai and SCB. SCB were far better for almost everything i did. just a tip if you try something at one branch and it does not work go to another branch. the banks and even the branches all use different rules, or used the same rules but interpret them differently. banks can be very frustrating and part of the reason i keep almost no money in thailand any more.
  11. the cops need daily reminders when the rules are changed. last time the good general banned them from parading the suspects the cops only stopped for 2 days. seems the cops who are typically reds used this occasion to make the army look bad.
  12. same could be said for many who have moved to thailand and lost it all or ended up in jail or dead. the military dictator is a it worse in north korea of course.
  13. yes 'seem to be' is future tense.
  14. with 20 coups over the last 80 years i doubt there would have been much chance she would be in power now no matter how smart she is. smart or dumb i think we can agree she was simply a puppet controlled from dubai.
  15. think bill was pudding his (deleted) where he should not have been.