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  1. Thankfully the people are ok and not seriously hurt. Steel rusts, wood rots and plastic degrades, it's never easy with construction in the tropics.
  2. I met a guy in Samui about 5 years ago, that told me his friend from Italy had a similar experience with coke. Managed to pay his way out and everything seemed fine. Continued his holiday and went home, and all's well that ends well, or so it seemed. About 12mths later he returned and at airport immigration, they said he had a black mark against his name and wasn't allowed entry, turned him around and sent him back to Italy. What can go wrong, may go wrong TIT.
  3. Go and tell them about your predicament at the immigration office you attend. And they may give you a two month visa extension to cover the two months needed to meet the 3 month requirement for the 800K to be in the bank. I was in a similar predicament with a 12 month marriage visa which is only 400K in the bank but they gave me the aforementioned two month extension and told me to come back and apply just before the visa ran out. I did and everything was fine and I was granted the 12mth visa.
  4. Bupa is good and you can purchase the travel insurance on-line.
  5. As a graphic designer I much prefer the colour you get from an Epson Printer, they have some good models, scanner, copier, printer all in one. They even have a wifi model that allows you to print via wifi no usb cabling required. Not sure about price comparison websites, they do sell them in Macro, Big C and the Powerbuy stores that are usually found in shopping centres. Between about 4,000 and 8,000 Baht depending on the model you choose. They cost a little more than the printers used to cost because they have changed from cheap printers and expensive ink cartridges, to more expensive printers and cheaper ink. They now have ink tanks which you now buy small ink bottles for and fill up the tanks yourself in the printer, the ink is much cheaper now and lasts much, much longer. I think Cannon has gone down the same path using ink tanks for their printers.
  6. I am also a local (foreigner) married to a Thai, but it doesn't make me a true local. I think the operative word is (foreigner). I stand by the statement, Thai people/locals get a discount at their own attractions. I don't get the fuss over a few dollars.
  7. Tourists and foreigners don't pay more. Locals get a discount. Simple as that.
  8. Another opinion piece by Channel 7. Rivetting, not!!! I want to know where this guy moved to in South East Asia. If it's Thailand, what sort of visa is he on, to move here, with his family? It won't be long before they throw him out when the Gov finds out he's making doco's here.
  9. Interesting, but how many people want the things they are comparing? I don't often wear Armani suits, while smoking Cuban cigars, driving my Mercedes SL550, to my 4,000ft prime location residential property. Here is a more accurate comparison website, you can punch in any two cities or countries, you'd like to compare. www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/comparison.jsp
  10. An interesting book on the topic of bar girls / prostitutes in Asia. Sex Slaves – the trafficking of women in Asia by Louise Brown an academic from Birmingham University in England. "The Asian sex trade is often assumed to cater predominantly to foreigners. Sex Slaves turns that belief on its head to show that while western sex tourists have played a vital part in the growth of the industry, the primary customers of Asia’s indentured sex workers and of its child prostitutes are overwhelmingly Asian men."
  11. I have unfortunately been pulled over twice in the last month at police road blocks. And in both cases they said that my Australian Driver's Licence is no longer valid in Thailand. And that I needed to have an International Drivers Permit/Licence. The first cop said the fine was 400Baht but they would let me off with a 200Baht as a warning. My wife asked where we could get an International Driver's Permit/Licence and he said in Bangkok. The second time just a few days ago, the cop didn't mention 400Baht and said it was a 200Baht fine for not having an international Driver's Permit/Licence. My wife asked again about having to go to Bangkok to get this International Permit and he said we could get it at the local Licensing Office. I intend to go and get a Thai Driver's Licence soon it will make life easier.
  12. I use TalkingThai it's an app for both phone platforms. It translates words on the fly, It also can speak the thai word for you. It's a very handy app, not cheap though it is about 800baht but it's incredibly handy. Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary By Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand