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  1. Thankfully the people are ok and not seriously hurt. Steel rusts, wood rots and plastic degrades, it's never easy with construction in the tropics.
  2. I met a guy in Samui about 5 years ago, that told me his friend from Italy had a similar experience with coke. Managed to pay his way out and everything seemed fine. Continued his holiday and went home, and all's well that ends well, or so it seemed. About 12mths later he returned and at airport immigration, they said he had a black mark against his name and wasn't allowed entry, turned him around and sent him back to Italy. What can go wrong, may go wrong TIT.
  3. Go and tell them about your predicament at the immigration office you attend. And they may give you a two month visa extension to cover the two months needed to meet the 3 month requirement for the 800K to be in the bank. I was in a similar predicament with a 12 month marriage visa which is only 400K in the bank but they gave me the aforementioned two month extension and told me to come back and apply just before the visa ran out. I did and everything was fine and I was granted the 12mth visa.