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  1. Hi Rockjockey, I think it's in Muak Lek, my gf home is just in a small group of houses, not even a village. Hope to meet you and a few other ex pats when I get there. Probably end September .
  2. Sorry, couldnt see earlier post, thought it didnt save
  3. Hi Rockjockey, Thanks for the info, i am planning to live in saraburi when I get the Oz pension, around september. Hope we can meet, it would be nice to have a friend there.
  4. Hi Rockjockey, I am still in australia, my GF has a home in saraburi province, hope we can meet up for a beer when I get there about early October. Marty
  5. Is there an Immi office in Saraburi, if no where is closest??
  6. Thanks for all the info and opinions, The overall concensus appears to be that it would be stupid to register the marriage with Thai govt. Think I will just have a buddhist wedding and not tell.
  7. https://www.industrysuper.com/retirement-info/age-pension/ single $808 /fortnight married $609 each / fortnight thanks all for the replies, i am still not sure it is worth the risk, merlin i will talk to you on line soon
  8. Yes if married you get half married pension for sure if they know
  9. This is the way I hope it works, better for me to get marriage visa! But it is likely we will need a tourist visa for her to visit Oz at some stage. Do we need to declare marriage to get visa? What if she doesnt change her name on passport?
  10. If I marry my girlfriend and register the marriage in Thailand will Australian centrelink find out? I will be on Oz age pension and there is a big reduction in payments if they find out I am married, but if I am officially married in Los I can get marriage visa and only need income and savings of 400k rather than 800k for retirement visa. If I marry and my wife is not eligible for oz pension I lose single pension and get half married pension so it is aboutt $A200 a fortnight less. Any Oz expats out there tried this?
  11. Fatone

    21 Amazing Things To Do In Bangkok

    I really enjoyed both of these videos. I am stuck back in Australia and both brought back great memories of fun times in Bangkok. Thankyou for going to the effort.
  12. Fatone

    Why young Isaan ladies marry old farangs?

    I have been married to a beautiful Isaan girl for 5 years who is 37, I am 62. We are living in Australia but will retire to Thailand. In my experience there are a lot of guys who marry Thai and other Asian girls expecting them to be compliant and wait on them hand and foot. These marriages do not last as their wives sooner or later work out that there is another, freer way of living in Oz. I know of a number of girls, many with young children, who are living in Oz after divorcing there partner. I believe it comes down to respect for each other. Surely my wife married me for status and a much better life for her family and herself. We have a great relationship and enjoy doing things together, but I wouldn't say it is love. More friendship and respect.She,of course, says it is love!!
  13. Fatone

    Pressures of living in an Isaan village

    Hi Kenny, I have built a home in Isaan, in a little village my wife grew up in, similar to you. We are not yet living there full time, waiting until I am old enough to get the Oz pension. My wife has mentioned to me many times how people in the village who would not have spoken to her before she married me now want to be her friend. This status thing is very interesting, she comes from a poor family but the whole family's status has jumped up just because she married a Farang. This, of course makes her happy.