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  1. Hi All, I've just arrived from Australia, spending a bit of time getting to know my girl in Bangkok and Patong. I'll be living in Muak Lek, Saraburi shortly and wanting to find out where the local ex pat hangouts are, maybe meet a few nice guys and make some friends. Also any good restaurants and bars.
  2. Any expats in Saraburi area can you tell me the best places to meet other expats? Any restaurants or bars frequented by expats? I'll be in Bangkok Wednesday, short holiday, should be in Saraburi in 4 weeks, love to catch up with a few expats and hopefully make some new friends.
  3. Hi Cobbler, yes I phoned them this morning to double check, all is well, after 6 weeks they will stop paying a few supplements but continue fortnightly payments. Thanks for your concern
  4. Hi Rockjockey, I think it's in Muak Lek, my gf home is just in a small group of houses, not even a village. Hope to meet you and a few other ex pats when I get there. Probably end September .
  5. Sorry, couldnt see earlier post, thought it didnt save
  6. Hi Rockjockey, Thanks for the info, i am planning to live in saraburi when I get the Oz pension, around september. Hope we can meet, it would be nice to have a friend there.
  7. Hi Rockjockey, I am still in australia, my GF has a home in saraburi province, hope we can meet up for a beer when I get there about early October. Marty