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  1. dennis123

    On days or hours that alcohol can't be sold

    Okay got to hide it better next time when I walk outside, don't want that to happen, as the next day I still use the same 7/11 for daily stuff.
  2. dennis123

    On days or hours that alcohol can't be sold

    I thought about that, them not being able to bill as they always make quite an issue out of it, one almost wanted to chase me lol so i learned to walk away quickly and not look back So yeah, a decent tip for the effort to bill it later, not that I would have it in exact change anyway.
  3. Had that twice now in the 7/11, and twice I put enough money on the counter with a nice tip included and just walked away with the alcohol. I mean, what's the worst that can happen, TiT
  4. dennis123

    Same scams, same corrupt police, same Phuket

    I don't like tattoos so good for him.
  5. The face of fear for overstayers, think I'm gonna challenge him by overstaying for the next 10 years.
  6. Oh yeah after the bombing I was also asked to identify myself when parking there.
  7. Isn't the 2 week stamp printed on the customs document that the Thais provide? So if you extend it in Luang Prabang they don't touch that document and then the Thais can still fine me 1000 baht/day (max 10k) for overstay car right?
  8. Also in Laos the car is only allowed for 14 days right, isn't it possible to get an extension for that? I want to spend a month in Vang Vieng because I have friends coming end Jan / start Feb, so with my 60 day exempt I might just make it if I stay a little longer in Laos. We always love to drink a lot and can't imagine I have to do a visa trip then
  9. For me it's been 1.5 years ago that I went to Cambodia by car but at Had Lek / Koh Kong they want to keep my blue car book so that would make it impossible to go out at any other border, they also say you can't leave Koh Kong province, lmao, I always drive to PP or where ever I want. No asking for the blue registration book or did you refuse to give it?
  10. I had an ED visa when we transferred the car to my name. I think it's not even possible to sell the car on a tourist visa.
  11. Yeah you'd think the blue car book would suffice, but even that is odd, especially on the boat to, now if it's the boat from Samui to shore it would be different in case it's a rental, eg to prevent theft.
  12. Authorities have never asked me for my passport in the 6 or so years I've been here, except for this one time at the boat to Samui with car. When applying for a new internet connection they might've asked for it, same when booking a hotel or signing a rental contract. But government/police, literally never, while I've been arrested twice, and fined dozens of times paying at the police station, and even in those cases they didn't ask me for my passport.
  13. I'm not so sure in Thailand, I know that one of the founders of Boys Town started this about 20-25 years ago so I guess there aren't that many over-aged gigolos (yet). I do know that some people died of HIV, some people committed suicide, and I suppose most just go back to where they came from. Going 10 years forward, I'm not sure what to think, I don't see a lot of young Thai folks enter the scene, but there has been an influx from Cambodia, so much that Jomtien Complex has many dozens of them. Some bars have gone under due to that as the police came knocking on the door, illegal workers, fines that ran into the hundreds of thousands of bahts that they couldn't afford, sometimes even making arrangements with the local police to pay it in terms. The real cuties always manage to find someone but according to a Thai mamasan friend of mine most start to look unhappier by the day, which I can imagine if you have to live with a boring 55+-year-old expat. Fun life's over but a fat check for mom & dad. And some get lucky, do manage to find a farang that isn't 20-30 years older but more like 5-10 years that invite them to their country. I was surprised to hear that someone I knew from the bar scene, that I always considered a little crazy was on a flight to France. Anyhow cruel or not, if I have to pay I can choose, so why would I pay for a 40-year-old when I can have a 20-year-old for the same price Those sweet little bottoms, can't get enough of them lol.
  14. Now, this might sound like a strange question to many as you're not leaving Thailand, but when I took my car on the boat to Samui they did ask for my passport, not on the way back though. So if you travel by foot, did they ask you to show your passport?
  15. Sad but true in many cases. I'm not into ladies but as there are no bars for me here on the darkside I decided to go to a lady bar for a drink. Young and handsome as I am I immediately attract an almost equally young pretty lady of only 45 years old No offense but the oldest gay guy I ever spotted working in a bar was 41 I think and even that's rather desperate as we're not interested in those oldies, we want < 30 at least.