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  1. This is a total shame, all these international school businesses are booming. What's going to happen to our next generation ? Lived with this situation in the hands of these kind of teachings ?
  2. Omg what a disappointment. These schools are too commercial. Level of standards at Anglo and SISB are low, only impressive on the front. Many parents are left with not much choices. FAQ - Where is good ?
  3. Many expatriates like myself and Thais are experiencing this exorbitant school fees being paid to Int. Schools in Thailand. So is it worth it ? Some parents have brought up this issue about the entire cost of school fees being paid up can be as high as 10million baht for each child. So do we see our kids able to make that much money back from reality when they are back to the real working world ? My child is studying in one of those so called Singapore curriculum school in mid Sukhumvit. It's a kind of disappointment to see what you receive for that kind of fees. I would not want to elaborate in details. Are elsewhere the same ?
  4. Khun Tae

    Samsen school director admits being in video

    It's been a tradition, contribute to make things easier. I can understand how much frustation among parents. It's not a defamation. Take it or leave it. Which organisation aren't aware of it and everyone knows among Thais ?