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  1. Son of Isaan

    The world would be an even worse place were it not for brave young men like your son. We can never repay the debt we owe to them.
  2. Wow that looks nice. I think I will go there. Is there anything for a single man to do when he gets there?
  3. Buying apartment in Udon Thani

    I suggest you rent rather than buy. I have recently given up the condo I rented at Lumpini because I had to move back to Nong Khai. The condo itself was quite small but well laid out and the complex itself was immaculately clean and the facilities excellent. If you message me I can give you the contact number of the lady who owns it.
  4. Pattaya has a reputation which is known worldwide. It would be near impossible to change it. Can you imagine some lady at the Womens Institute or the Conservative club announcing she was off for a holiday to Pattaya? Why would she want to mix with the "low end males" which are the vast bulk of tourists in Pattaya? These guys arrive with fat wallets and TAT would do well to show them a bit of respect. Most of them will spend more than Hyacinth Bucket ever will. TAT would be better picking a different resort and trying to sell that to these "high end ladies". It will take investment and time to get it going but it would be possible.
  5. I know 3 Americans in Udon. Not a single one of them is like this guy. Perhaps we should all refrain from trying to stereotype.