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  1. Watched the video and at the beginning the Thai man was trying to stop the American from proceeding forward. Don`t know how this started, but there is more to this story than meets the eye.
  2. It`s obvious to see the guy is out of his head. Probably scared those kids half to death. Send him back to where he came from and let them deal with him over there.
  3. Document Notarized / certified

    I bet you`ve received one of those Key Information Forms. Recently had the same thing. Nightmare, was told to send in and update my information or else they`re going to close my accounts. This is after being with the bank for over 40 years. Received their form and letter only 3 weeks before their time limit. Made lots of phone calls, pleaded with the bank to extend the date explaining my situation that I live in Thailand, but they wouldn`t budge. Went to several Thai lawyers, 1000 baht per signature, but they would not sign, claiming not knowing what the form is about. Eventually I contacted the Assist Thai Visa Services in Chiang Mai Land. There they have a lawyer who is also an official notary. At first he was reluctant to sign, but I convinced him after he spent 15 minutes reading the form that all is legit. As he has already been through the process with me, he`ll now know what the form and photo IDs are about. Same price, 1000 baht a signature. Need to phone the agency first and make an appointment. Website: https://assistthaivisa.com/
  4. I was told by the Thai police, that if an intruder breaks into my house, always shoot him in the front of his body and not in his back. Shooting someone from the front, the shooter can claim self defence. Guns in Thailand are has easy to obtain as candy bars. One of my neighbours actually makes guns, he offered me one for 2000 baht, no questions asked. I`ve learned never get involved in disputes with my neighbours, likely to get shot.
  5. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    You`re the one that mentioned bitter, and how do you know the guy was drunk. OK then, we`ll erase bitter and call it anger.
  6. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Correct, they are bitter people. If the guy didn`t feel bitter, he wouldn`t have killed his wife, would he? Well done for working this one out.
  7. MY uncle used to own a green grocer shop. He mainly sold fruit. His motto was; don`t squeeze the goods until you`ve paid for them.
  8. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Not arguing your point, yes, in most instances these cases end up in the divorce courts, but crimes of passion that involve murders are still common and are by no means rare happenings. Being cheated on, especially if made a 100% commitment to a spouse, have children and have established property, assets and a life together, is probably one of the most traumatic experiences that can happen to a spouse. It literally feels like being stabbed in the heart. Extreme violence and murder can never be justified under any circumstances, but I can understand why some guys can lose it. In order to understand how it feels, one would had to been in that situation.
  9. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Not accusing this woman of cheating, but hypothetically, if she was cheating and her husband discovered she was cheating, these guys can become emotionally enraged whereas anger overpowers any logical thought. This is why many countries used to regard these as; crimes of passion. A crime of passion (French: crime passionnel), in popular usage, refers to a violent crime, especially homicide, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone because of sudden strong impulse such as sudden rage rather than as a premeditated crime. Having been a victim of a cheating wife myself, I can understand how emotions in such cases can run high, although whereas I could master self control, many cannot and lose it in such circumstances.
  10. Thaivisa problem with internet?

    This is exactly what I`ve been experiencing from about the last 4 months. This happens to me once or twice every couple of days, can happen at any time. Usually have to wait abt 15 minutes before it`s back to normal again. Remember making a post about this problem ages ago and did not received any replies.
  11. If you saw my sister in law`s breasts, you`d change your opinion.
  12. I have online bank accounts both in the UK and in Thailand. Each time I login 1`m holding my breath that my accounts have not be cleaned out. In theory all banks are meant to cover any accounts that have been hacked or accessed fraudulently, but the burden lies on customers that need to prove, it was not them that withdrew the funds. The banks also say that monies will be refunded if taken by online theft providing proper security is installed on their computers or any other devices for receiving Internet. That includes antivirus software, but they fail to explain what they mean by security software and which anti virus software is acceptable to the banks. In other words customers may never be able to prove their case. Don`t trust any of it, we are all vulnerable.
  13. In the video, the County Court of Victoria heard how the 16 year could be seen screaming after being whipped, while here wrists were bound and she was wearing a dog collar, News.com.au reported. Whipped, bound and tied by whom? And the grandmother responded by telling the guy, a two year old is too young to be penetrated. None of this sounds right to me, why didn`t the grandmother curse the guy and then immediately inform the authorities? Some odd goings on in this case.
  14. Nothing wrong with having sex for free, providing it`s mutually enjoyed for what it actually is by both parties, meaning the gal and the guy. But the reality is; once us guys get older, over 50, 60s and 70s, we are no longer physically attractive to young women and it is fact that the majority of older men do not sexually fancy women of their own age groups or older either. It`s like having a choice between roast lamb and a piece of old mutton. Back in my younger days, pre-Internet, the places to go were discos and wine bars, I had no problems in scoring sexual encounters with girls, in-fact I used to score several times a month, even got chatted up by a female cashier at Tesco in London and the back seat of my car had a lot of wear and tear. I used to go to work the following days and us young lads would boast about our sexual conquests from the night before. Would never had imagined ever using a dating agency or going with hookers. Now in my 60s, it`s a completely different situation, I am sure that I`m just one of the millions of sexually deprived old men, or as society sees it, dirty old men for even thinking about sex, regarded as should be telling tales to young children about what I done during the war and feeding ducks pieces of bread in a park. So quite often dirty old men like me if still fit and sexually active have to use other means to attract women, and money plays a major part, because that`s all we have going for us. Otherwise it could mean complete celibacy for the short time left in our lives and that`s not going to be much fun. Approve or disapprove, those are the facts of life.