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  1. Unfortunately this is true. The western perspectives of Thailand is rather quite shocking. But the reality is, it simply is not true and has been blown well out of proportion. The Thai sex industry is only here for those who go seeking it, just like any other country. Central and Eastern Europe, Britain, America and Australia have a flourishing sex industry that rarely gets a mention and in fact, in many of these countries prostitution is actually legal.
  2. My question is: was he worth more dead than alive to his ex Thai wife? Hope the police will investigate motives.
  3. No countries like beg packers. When the Berlin wall came down and the Eastern block was opened up, Italy became flooded with Polish and Eastern European cheap bag packers. They would bring their own food instead of using restaurants and picnic in fields and besides river banks rather then visit Italy`s tourist attractions. Eventually the Italian Tourist Board banned these people and insisted that tourists booked up their visits using tour operators. There are also westerners visiting or staying in Thailand on shoestring budgets, begging or working jobs illegally that are certainly or no benefits to the country that overstay their welcome. I agree with most of the Thais in the video.
  4. This is the problem, because he is not officially a murdering bastard. All he`s wanted for is a driving offence. One ploy is that if driving over the alcohol limit or on drugs and causes an accident, is to leave the scene pronto until the affects of the drink or drugs have worn off, then there is no proof of being over the limit, so all they can get him for is a death caused by dangerous driving and not murder. And unlike as in Taksin`s case, this is not political and does not affect the power of the government, so bringing this creep to justice will be a low priority, plus the family probably having the best lawyers available and many corrupt police and officials eating out their hands, who will pull out all stops and whistles and bring in every loophole to ensure this case drags on until it eventually fizzles out. This guy will never serve even one day in prison.
  5. And so it should happen. Many of these cheap stay guest houses are potential death traps. Upstairs rooms with no windows, no fire escapes and only way out the building is via a staircase leading to the main entrance. If in the event of a fire there could be no escape.
  6. Police believe he fell asleep at the wheel before coming round and losing control of his vehicle as he was too close to the car in front. How about, he was tailgating the vehicle in front, as taxis always do, travelling too fast and when the car in front slowed down or braked, failed to stop in time and rammed into the back. The falling asleep excused maybe a lesser charge then admitting to dangerous driving.
  7. Right, and just think, as passengers our lives are in the hands of these idiots.
  8. I have noticed that with most of the images and videos of UFOs, Big Foot, Ghosts and spooks, they are always fuzzy or out of focus or way yonder in the distance. Not yet have I seen any videos or photos that give convincing evidence these things exist.
  9. Good post and agreed. My Australian friend and his Thai wife, as I mention in my previous post, went into the real estate markets or as us English say; they became estate agents. Customers buying new developments and they earned big time from commissions. I can remember my friend saying to me; going into the property buying and selling business, he wouldn`t touch with a bargepole. I read that the Thai property resale market is one of the worse in the world.
  10. Glad you might consider the idea, that I think is the most viable method. Some years ago I knew an Australian guy who`s Thai wife lived with him in Ozzie land and they had 2 children together. His Thai wife and children had both Australian and Thai nationality. when he first married his Thai wife, the couple settled in Melbourne. He already had a house there and later changed the land title deeds into joint names with his wife. Several years later he and his wife began a real estate business in Bangkok. The company was all placed into his Thai wife`s name and already having an Australian property in her name claiming it as an asset plus joint bank accounts in Australia with her husband, she could claim that all the business interests in Thailand were bought with her money. Hubby stayed in the background on paper. The couple turned their Bangkok project into a huge thriving business, dealing in properties both in Thailand and Australia. Profits were going here, there and everywhere with no problems. Definitely an option well worth considering.
  11. Your answer is a complete contradiction. So it`s OK for the humiliation or abuse of others to be filmed and uploaded onto the social media as long as it`s not personal to you. Sorry, your argument bears no logic. You say; This time it was something horrible which should not be published nor watched by others. So in that case, who should be held accountable for it? Those that provide the tools for these horrific videos to be shared with the public or those who upload them? My answer to this, is that all videos and photos uploaded onto facebook should have to be approved and moderated. If not viable, then place facebook on hold until they come up with a means to do so.
  12. Does that mean photos and videos of people being murdered, raped, beaten up or tortured is perfectly acceptable? For example if your daughter was gang raped and the footage posted all over the media, would you think; that`s OK it`s everyone`s right to have freedom to publish? Thought not. How far do you think the boundaries of social media freedom should be pushed?
  13. The owners take the money, so it becomes their responsibility for the service they provide. Do you think facebook is a voluntary organisation run on a charitable basis solely for the benefits of the idiots that fuel the social media with all the crap they upload onto there? What would happen here on TV, if they gave all posters a free hand to post anything they like and then deny all responsibility and only take certain posts down if reported. On TV, the owners are responsible for what is published on the forums under the law. So why not the same with facebook? If not viable, then take it out of action. Not possible to have their cake and eat it.
  14. It wouldn`t be feasible to have, say, 50 000 FB moderators constantly watching what people are posting and deleting content. Of course not, that would be bad for business and slice into the billions of $$$$$$$$$ this company is ranking in every year. Facebook provides the gun, so why should it be responsible for those who provide the ammunition? That again would be bad for business. I consider facebook as public enemy number one and would love to see it hacked and taken off line. But that I guess is wishful thinking.