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  1. Since the introduction of the 30 baht scheme, many Thais do visit hospitals even for the most minor complaints. That`s because it`s free rather than going to a drug store and paying for medications. I recently had to attend the Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, government hospital to have a cyst removed from my neck. After the op, I had a quick conversation with the middle aged male doctor. He looked tired and worn out. The doctor told me that he`s worked to the extremes, many so-called patients going to the hospital just to receive pain killers for a slight headache or medication for constipation and the elderly attending for minor aches and pains. Tragic for the boy, but the hospital cannot be blamed. Unless the child showed obvious symptoms of being seriously ill in the first instance, then he would have been just placed in the queue.
  2. Agreed it was a dump 30 years ago, but during those times the area had character, with a clutter of open bars, the night market had an old world charm about it and stacks of bustling bars. But now it has lost it`s charm, it`s like nothing to see here folks, move along please. I can only describe it as nondescript. Doubt if many would miss it if the whole lot disappeared over night. I wouldn`t anyway.
  3. The night market lost it`s allure long ago as did the LK and surrounding areas. Filthy, congested and ugly. The whole lot should be cleared away, it`s become an eyesore at the centre of the city and has well past it`s sell by date. The only time I visit there is if I am passing through on my way to somewhere else. Not flaming. Facts are facts and I`m telling it how it is.
  4. When I moved into my area, at first either stray or owned dogs roaming loose would make a charge at me while on my motorbike. On occasions some still do but most have got to recognise me around the area and no longer give me a second glance. Law number 377 allows for a year in jail and a fine of 10,000 baht for dog owners who allow their animals out to attack people. In addition owners are liable for the medical bills. - Interesting. I wonder how many so-called dog owners have actually been arrested and charged under this act? None I guess as I doubt this law is ever enforced unless someone is seriously injured or killed by a dog or pack of dogs.
  5. Those Chiang Mai karaoke bars are complete scams on par with the Jetski scams of Pattaya and should all be put out of business and closed down. He lured the girls with a promise of a job paying as high as Bt50,000 monthly. What kind of job was he offering? Because I sure don`t think the girls were expecting to earn that type of salary as waitresses in a coffee shop. Girls under the age of 18. What does that mean? How much under the age of 18 were they? Lots missing from this report and we are only receiving the tail end of it.
  6. In reality, most people are born with nothing, unless being blessed with rich loving families or inherited wealth. The majority including me that were born with nothing had to rely on the successful who had made it in life with more wealth to employ us so as we could earn money for our prosperity and become part of society that have some wealth and assets in their lives. There is no such thing as a free ride in this world, we all have to work our ways up the success ladder, that`s how it operates in a democratic society. I never resent those who have more wealth than me, especially if they have earned it honestly, by hard graft, ambitions to achieve, intelligence and skilled in their occupations. Then I say; good luck to them, they deserve it. People sitting in a gutter staring doped eyed like pet dogs expecting some treats, are not the types I can give any credibility or admire or feel sympathy for, just the opposite in fact.
  7. You mean they are legitimately working in Thailand? Running this as a company, having the correct amount of Thai partners, paying taxes on their income with work permits and non immigrant (B) visa extensions registered with immigration. And what about the kids? Even if these people are genuinely working, involving their children as workers in their schemes means these children are being exploited and used as illegal child labourers. In my country those children would be placed under the authority of the social services and placed into care. Sorry; your logic doesn`t ring true with me.
  8. Most of us have earned the right to have decent homes, to want the best education for our kids, properly feed ourselves and families, drive around in vehicles of our choosing, legitimately by working and by our my labours. Legally working hard, trying to make the best of our lives and wanting prosperity for our families is not being a parasite. Being a parasite is when certain people with no ambitions refuse to get up off their asses and help themselves, expecting handouts from others and drawing their kids into their game. Kids that have no says in the matter, with deadbeat parents who use their kids as fronts to gain sympathy as a means of making easy money, a gutter occupation, they have no shame. Clear these people off the streets, send them back to where they came from and make them to work, building themselves up so as they become self supportive for themselves and their families.
  9. Very sad for the kid. Dead beat useless no hoper mother, no loving relatives and probably just considered a burden to those who apparently care for him. There are probably thousands of couples either in Thailand and in western countries who would love to adopt a child like this, so why not place the boy up for adoption so he can become part of a real loving family.
  10. Would be a disaster in practice. Be open to all kinds of abuse. Marriages of convenience, sham marriages to be eligible for business ownerships and employments or just to be able to obtain non O visas and stay long term in the country, for the under 50s or those who don`t have 800000 baht for retirement extensions. I have no doubts this is already happening on a huge scale.
  11. Technically it could be interpreted as breaking the law, then the same could apply to changing a light bulb in the homes we live as we can`t own our properties in Thailand, except maybe condos. But as far as I know, no foreigners in Thailand have ever been arrested for doing maintenance in their abodes of residence. So it`s really not worth thinking about.
  12. Sorry don`t agree. If I am making incomes in my own country, England, then unless my incomes fall beneath my income tax personal allowance, I will be expected to pay income tax on earnings above my PA. The old saying; two certainties in life; we will pay taxes and die and the same applies in Thailand, because why should Thailand be an exception to the rule? If earning money legally, no matter from which sources, then we must pay tax according to the countries where we are resident. People who are not declaring their earnings and incomes to the tax offices are breaking the law, even if you don`t agree with it.
  13. The social media, such as YouTube, are actually giving financial incentives for inappropriate and anti social behaviour. When it comes to what is considered foreigners as working in Thailand, whether paid or voluntary, then this falls under fine law or grey areas within the laws and until this can be defined, it becomes very difficult to prosecute these people. I have no doubts this guy knows exactly what he`s doing, has done his homework, and has turned being a moron into a prosperous business. I also have no doubts that he`s enjoying and benefiting from the publicity he is receiving. The more outrageous and obscene he appears, the more likes he`ll get, all good for business backed up by the power of Google and facebook. If happened 20 or more years ago, this idiot would not have been heard of, but now with the Internet and especially the many social media outlets, morons can find international fame very quickly, whereas in today`s society acting the idiot and a clown is considered a form of rebellion and they become heroes and role models for the young generations. Sad signs of our times and we can expect to see more idiots and clowns in the near future competing against each other to be top of the idiot league, especially when they have the support of big companies to egg them along.
  14. East Europeans - Romanians, Poles, Russians, Albanians and some others, have been doing exactly this kind of thing for decades on the streets of London. Same things, usually women with a young child. I can remember during the 80s seeing a young Romanian woman with a small child begging in a subway of Kings Cross station, could hardly believe my eyes at the time, never seen anything like that in England before. Don`t know why it most often seems to be East Europeans, maybe it`s a way of life for them?