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  1. Correct. Some posters want me to give examples so they can diverse and then start delving into the politics of any groups I mention My sentiments exactly. They want me to give examples which will give them certain peoples to debate about, but I won`t give them that pleasure. Racists and bigots will always reveal themselves only on this thread they are hoping someone will open the door for them to come out and provide a stage to express their views. Well, that ain`t going to be me. Let other posters start the ball rolling by choosing specific groups and show their true colours. Otherwise this is about general racism shared by a large section of expats in Thailand and if some prefer to separate this into categories, then please go ahead, the floor is open for you.
  2. Now posters have taken this thread well off track. Why can`t you keep to the subject at hand. This is about the racist and bigoted attitudes of expats living in Thailand. Or do some find staying on track too technical?
  3. Think about what she did. Yingluck nearly bankrupted and brought down the country with her rice scheme. Then she tried to amend the law so as her brother could return to Thailand. She create chaos and hope they throw the book at this woman.
  4. Questions are; how does one differentiate between, truth, facts and sanctimonious crap?
  5. Agree with most of your post, but don`t agree that all are alcoholics and married to prostitutes, with some it seems to be bred into them or maybe been subject to bad influences in their own countries. I am not a Thai wannabie or a Thai apologist, British and proud. I have embraced the rich Thai culture and appreciate I am able to live my life here without prejudice and enjoy a Thai style of living and all that it offers me. I regard the Thailand expats as an international community, there is no room for bigots that try to give one group superiority over another group, it sort of throws a spanner into the works and is bad for the country. Listening or reading the comments from these people leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  6. BTW, I also voted for UKIP at the last general election. Being anti mass immigration in my opinion doesn`t present a person as being racist. Nor does not agreeing with another countries system and politics or even not particularly liking other cultures mean being racist. Being racist is when certain people hate others for want they are and not who they are regardless of their nationalities, political beliefs, religions and status in society. For example when some posters on TV describe all Thais as Somchais, that does really upset me, especially considering it is us living in their country and I actually like and admire the Thai people as I`m sure many of us do. I believe that when some westerners and people from other Asian countries or from wherever come to this country with their extreme bias racialist prejudices and attitudes, that it`s not good for Thailand, meaning some of those western institutionalised racist attitudes, probably installed into them from an early age, that consider all people of a certain race as having the same traits, then there is a danger these doctrines may filter through to the Thai people, considering that more and more foreigners seem to be settling in Thailand year by year and believe this is a real problem that should be taken seriously.
  7. You`re accusing me of being a left winger and another poster has accused me of being a right winger. Sorry, but I`m neither, I`m not into politics. Also you are another one who is trying to divert this thread into a political debate. You don`t agree with abortions, you think the left are extremists, you don`t think immigration is a good thing, and then you throw Brexit into the mix. Personally I don`t give a toss about your political persuasions. You`re been married for 10 years to a Thai. I`m very happy for you, should you be given a medal for marrying a Thai? I`m also not going to fall into the trap of categorising certain people by race and religion that some are trying to coax me into, I`m taking about quite a few expats I have met that have accentuated some very obnoxious racist views that has sickened me and whether or not people are entitled to like or dislike whom they choose it doesn`t mean I have to accept extreme racism as only being freedoms of expression. These types of expats I find obnoxious and there seems an awful lot of these types over here and believe these issues should be addressed. Please don`t try to label me as being something just because I deplore racism and then try to make comparisons with affairs that are happening abroad.
  8. Does anyone remember the King Power tourist shop lifting scams? When innocent tourists were accused of shop lifting at their shops in Bangkok airport, held to ransom by some unscrupulous Indian guy called Tony, then exploited for thousands of pounds and threatened with jail unless they paid up. Rotten to the core, hope that company is put out of business.
  9. I`m not going to be drawn into discussing and getting into religious and racial debates, as again I prefer this thread not to go off track. Usually when certain people are racist, have bigoted and superior views, they cover a whole range of people who they consider are inferior to them and this includes Asians I have met as well as whites. Over the years I`ve discarded some expat friends and acquaintances who have such obnoxious views including their views on Thai people that truly sickened me. This happened to me during an encounter I had with an American 2 days ago and why I feel so strongly about it enough to publish a thread on the subject. Otherwise in which other ways would you like me to explain? I`m sure some posters have their own examples they can tell.
  10. Why does this require specific examples? Racist is racist, full stop. And you are taking this thread off track. I am talking about extreme racist and bigoted expats living in Thailand, not elsewhere and not swaying this thread towards politics abroad. I have met several expats here who appear to be extreme right wingers. Yet, as one poster has mentioned, I`ve met several expat men who are in relationships or married to Thais in Thailand, some with children, that for reasons I don`t understand seem to have made Thais exempt from their superioristic points of view. Maybe it`s because it suits them to do so? But these people do hold a type of arrogance bringing their old prejudices over to Thailand that I don`t like.
  11. Having lived in Thailand for quite a while I have established many expat acquaintances of different races and groups that I socialise with at times. During my associations with these people I have become shocked and astounded by the high rates of racist and bigoted attitudes among them, some are really into the extremes, not only those of European descents, but also some from other Asian countries as well. A lot of it I can compare to the Nazi rhetoric of WW2, it really is that bad. I am not sure if some have certain political agendas they are trying to peddle in Thailand, or whether they have been brainwashed by opinions from those they knew in their own countries or whether they are just losers who blame everyone else and the system for their own failures? Whatever it is, I think it’s dangerous and scary, as when having discussions with these people, nothing will sway their opinions. I’ve been wondering how many Thailand expats hold these extreme views, people that we never know how they really think behind their unbiased appearances and the smiles? Just think this is a subject that should be address, because it`s among us, here and now. I am referring to Expats, not Thai people, that is another subject.
  12. I believe it`s exactly the opposite, but with the rest, you are right on the head. Many of these young people are only trying to claim their day of fame and having no natural talents, they can now do this by committing outrageous acts that are actively encouraged by the social media, especially YouTube and facebook, where they can acquire followers like for example; my mate nate and the Russian couple in Bangkok having sex in an open taxi a few months ago. These people really consider this to be cool and the more publicity they create, whether positive or negative, the more they`ll glorify in all the media attention that will only become as encourages for others to follow suit and do the same. This is why too many western influences in Thailand is a very bad thing.
  13. Disagree and it depends on the circumstances. I have known several young Thai women that had no money, whereas their new found loves of their lives (British boyfriends) have tried to sponsor their trips to the UK. Everyone of them, without exceptions, had to be interviewed at the British embassy in Bangkok and most failed. There are no ways that a Thai person without already having some kind of US or UK visas can book a flight, just jump on a plane and travel to those countries. Others who booked trips to the UK by official tours with reputable travel agents and companies were not required to be interviewed and had no problems. This is why I cannot understand if the OP`s story is fact and his GF is part of a successful multi million baht family company, why his GF did not book with a tour operator? As I said; something is amiss here.
  14. It`s a similar process with the UK. It is a fact that many young Thai women want to visit the west with intentions not to return to Thailand, either to work or to arrange marriages of convenience once there. If the OP`s GF would have booked her US visit with an organised tour, whereas the tour operator completes most of the paperwork for them, the she would have had a better chance of succeeding with her application. I have known of prominent Thai families in Thailand, that have showed details of incomes and bank balance sheets for a last 6 months period and had no problems in obtaining tourist visas to travel abroad. So in the OP`s case, something s amiss somewhere.
  15. My guess is; the bank discretely compensated the customer, the cashier and any others who may have been involved in the plot discretely told to resign and therefore no one publicly loses face, case put to bed, all forgotten within the next few weeks. Glad the customer stuck by his guns and received justice.