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  1. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    Become involved with losers and they will take you down to their levels. That`s exactly what this woman did, this women who had everything going for her but it wasn`t enough. She has no one else to blame but herself. Everyone should know, especially Thais, that Thailand has a no tolerance policy towards illegal drugs. Whether some people believe these laws are too harsh or not, that`s the way it is. In several S.E. Asian countries she would has received a death penalty. What about the lives of the people that get destroyed when they get addicted to the drugs that her loser boyfriend sells?
  2. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    A question for you worldly guys out there. Why is it that so many of these types of women who it could be said have anything going for them; looks, talent, great career opportunities, fall for these thugish, deadbeat no hoper loser guys? Is it some kind of animal magnetism? Is it because they are attracted to brutes that treat them like crap? I sure don`t understand it.
  3. Paid Visa Queue

    Go up to top floor. G4T agency. Fee, 3000 baht. Get their about 10.00am.
  4. Thailands low IQ score in schools

    Western parents who decide to bring their kids to Thailand and school them at regular Thai schools are irresponsible in the fact they are placing their kids at a great disadvantage. The International schools in Thailand probably have better education systems than those schools in the home countries, but they`re not cheap. Unless westerners with children can afford to give their children an International school education in Thailand, including sending to a western standard University after they graduate from school, then they should not bring their children to Thailand.
  5. I wonder how many more cases get filed in the; when I feel like it Cabernet, by the police? Don`t have to be religious, but praying is maybe all we have in the hope of receiving justice if unfortunate enough to become a victim of crime in Thailand.
  6. Meet The Thai Medical Student Suing Donald Trump

    These were not technically immigrants, but were rather economic refugees. The guy even admits to working illegally in the US for several years and then expects to benefit from all that the US has to offer hoping the authorities will make an exception to him not having the correct documentation. As regarding Thailand, don`t meet the Thai immigration criteria and decide to sue the prime minister, then see how far you will get. Why should America be any different?
  7. I don`t think so. Once a shop sells a product (whatever it is) to a customer, then that product becomes the responsibility of that customer. It was the duty of the pick up driver to ensure the pipe was tied securely to the vehicle. The video shows clearly that the pipe was protruding dangerously out from the side of the vehicle, that would have been clearly visible in her wing mirror. Legally she the driver is 100% at fault in this case. Sadly a person has lost their life due to her negligence.
  8. Everyone knows or should know the high risks when using the services of sex workers, that applies worldwide. Sex workers can act as intermediaries for the passing on of diseases from previous customers, from a common cold, TB, STDs, Herpes, HIV and AIDs. These days there is no such thing as a safe bet when having sex with strangers not matter what their walks of life, but obviously sex workers are the greatest risks.
  9. Right, but this dad is living abroad and appears to be one of those deadbeat father`s who has let his daughter make her own way in life. How long does he intend to remain in Thailand to support his daughter? If she does go to jail will he still remain in Thailand or only visit her if he has time to come over and visit?
  10. Warning! Extortion EMail being circulated.

    Go into this website: http://report.thaihotline.org/en Send details of the ads, contents of the emails and report that someone is using the monarch`s name in an extortion scam. You can report this anonymously. Under Thai law the police have to investigate. If you prefer not to take this further, then delete the emails and block them in your email filter systems.
  11. Warning! Extortion EMail being circulated.

    Has the OP pasted some of the email text into Google or facebook to see if anyone else has received similar from this person? If the OP is sure he has not done anything wrong, then ignore the emails and delete them, end of problem.
  12. Christmas Dinner

    What are you expecting, dining out with the aristocracy? 2 main western restaurants that do a Christmas dinner in Chiang Mai. The Pub (opposite Maya mall) and the Red Lion seen in the picture. The Pub is designed like a typical English pub, it`s old, it smells of mildew and the social atmosphere is practically non-existent. The Red Lion is so, so, but it`s very touristy. You`ll will be hard pushed to find a restaurant in Chiang Mai that`s provides a Christmas fair just like the ones you used to know, where the treetops glisten and children listen. Here`s an idea. Buy a microwave roast dinner meal for 149 baht in the Rimping, buy a Christmas tree from Tesco Lotus and have a nice Christmas at home with the family. That`s what I do every year.
  13. It seems to always be like this. Read in the news the pound has jumped, exchange rate goes up 1 or 2 bahts, rush to bring some money over, then by the time my sterling is transferred into my Thai account the pound has already dropped again. It can all happen within a period of a couple of days. The powers that be are keeping their hands firmly on the red stop buttons.
  14. Brilliant. Just downloaded this onto my computer before the mods delete it.