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  1. Dozens arrested over scams

    Can`t be bothered to explain. Do your own research and believe me it`s happening. If receiving calls from an unknown number, best not to answer it.
  2. Dozens arrested over scams

    Every single day my wife receives phone calls from persons unknown offering the get rich quick schemes of a lifetime. If she answers my wife still gets charged for the phone call. So whoever calls is in a win, win situation. Now when my wife receives calls from numbers she doesn`t recognise, she doesn`t answer, but annoying just the same. I receive bundles of scammer emails that most end up in my spam box and a few in my inbox every day. Such as from some member of African royalty offering to send me $26 million or from a beautiful 25 year old blond Russian model with a body to die for who claims to have seen me online and wants to fly over and marry me immediately. I treat these as an irritation never to be taken as genuine offers. Some people that get sucked into these scams are the greedy who think they can gain something for nothing, they probably still believe in Father Christmas. So I have no sympathies for the gullible fools that fall for these scams.
  3. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Western type protests and complaining doesn`t work in Thailand. The so-called improvements you mention would have happened anyway, but in this country it`s a mai pen rai attitude and takes time. Those who try to place pressure on them to get their fingers out only makes them drag their feet longer, it`s the saving face culture thing. Unless it begins hitting them in their pockets situations can drag on for years. But I wouldn`t get too excited about better service at immigration just yet, we don`t know what they have in-store for us when the near airport office opens that I`m not very optimistic about.
  4. Thailand is probably safe, just keep your nose clean and don`t get involved with the wrong people.
  5. Post I never thought I'd Write

    Have you really been there 22 years? I can remember when the Pun Pun was owned by John Moore, who sadly died some years ago and his wife, Dang. Sorry, but I`ve lost all track of time. If this is the final curtain for the Pun Pun, it will be the end of an era in Chiang Mai. Gonzo, could you give us a hint to what you will be doing next?
  6. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    First she began a crusade against the Promenada immigration department, then she declared war on the G4T agency while at the same time promoting to us the private agencies. I believe this done more harm then good. Speaking for myself, although I consider Chiang Mai expats have received a rough deal where immigration is concerned, I found the G4T agency fast track system very convenient and so too the new agency that has taken it`s place, whatever it calls it`s self now. It should be up to every individual which method to use without some self appointed defender claiming to act on our behalf and interfering.
  7. The victim claims she was in her Soi Bongkot apartment when Ratchanon and his two accomplices broke in and planted drugs. She said the Nongprue officer then told her she would be arrested if she did not pay him an unspecified amount of cash. So they just choose the woman at random, who was unknown and a complete stranger to them, broke into her apartment and decided to extort her? More to this story I think.
  8. Somethings don`t make sense. 150 beds in 12 rooms. That means 12 beds in each room. Guests must have been crammed in like sardines. Seems details have been misconstrued in translation. If she was renting out 150 beds per night, that`s 37500 baht per day, a very lucrative business. My guess is that this woman must have been involved with more than one hostel.
  9. A foreign manager of a begpacker house who had A WORK PERMIT! This has to be a first.
  10. I would not feel comfortable with my wife working in a massage parlour no matter how much she was earning an hour or where the shop was located and especially if she were servicing male customers. No, I wouldn`t like that at all.
  11. The OP cannot own a 50% share in a Thai business. Unless he forms a proper company and is conducted in a legal way according to Thai law, then in-fact he is giving whatever he invests into the massage parlour to his wife and her brother as a gift. My wife`s brother tried to convince me into becoming a sleeping partner for an Internet cafe. Not interested, but if the OP likes to gamble where the odds are with other people, then go ahead. I mean; what could possible go wrong?
  12. Just another farce of going through the motions. I guarantee this guy won`t serve even one day in prison, conclusion, lack of evidence. I`m willing to place 1000 to one odds on it.
  13. Absolutely agree. Women have always used their bodies as an advantage to achieve their goals.
  14. Most women send naked photos of themselves to people they hardly know. Sounds like a decent girl to me. Take her home and introduce her to your mother as soon as possible, because meeting gems like her may only happen once in a lifetime.