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  1. I blame the Internet, whereas kids and teens have easy access to porn sites glorifying in simulated rape and perverted sex videos. Within seconds it is possible to find and view countless porn videos and scenes of rape. All this has a strong influence on kids and young people and then they try to re-enact what they see in porn movies.
  2. Exactly right. If a man is accused of rape or of any sexual offence or of being some kind of sexual deviant or pervert, especially if a prominent person or someone well known, it then becomes a media circus and even is found no evidence, the seeds are sown leaving doubts in people`s minds that can ruin reputations, careers and discredit an accused. Oh look it`s him, wasn`t he once accused of being a pedo. Musk is doing this out of revenge for having lost face and even if Musk losses the case and it costs him a $1 million, being a billionaire, is only small change to him.
  3. It`s not the money, Vernon is suing to protect his good name and reputation. Regarding Elephant Musk, he is just echoing the opinions of those in western countries, that middle aged and elderly western males retiring in Thailand must be of dubious characters. Vernon Unsworth performed a miracle and now we have an a/hole trying to discredit him.
  4. The video is dated 2016. This was the fast granny, and later on this year will be the sequel, killer gran rides again.
  5. cyberfarang

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Before I would consider using this service, first I want to know what security measures there are in place to ensure money cannot be stolen from my account by 7/Eleven staff. This system is wide open to theft and abuse, too risky.
  6. I doubt if that couple will win an academy award for their performance. They come across as 2 demented kids. But I do agree with the police, this sort of crap could influence the unstable to re-enact this for real, especially considering that the couple seem to be playing with real weapons in the video.
  7. Then I must be a psychopath. The driver overtook a vehicle on the outside lane, then he approached a hill and probably intended to stay on that lane until over the hill and could see clearly if there were any slower moving vehicles on the other lanes. Humans have a weakness, that is having a brain. This means when faced with a spur of the moment decision we have a delayed action having to think about it, unlike a fly that can react instantly in emergency situations.
  8. This must of been a horrible and traumatic experience for the New Zealand driver even though it`s clearly not his fault and in no ways could he have avoided the motorcyclist. Sad and tragic for all concerned.
  9. I would hardly describe hanging as death by natural causes, if if the person was a 120 years old.
  10. I intend to live in Thailand for the remainder of my life. Being a British citizen and now having settled and lived in Thailand for several years and not a resident in Britain means I`m no longer entitled to anything in my own country, although I have fully paid into the British system all my working life. I am not entitled to receive medical under the National Health Service, my State pension is frozen and considered no more status wise than a foreigner in my own country, taking into consideration that I have not emigrated from Britain I have simply become a resident in another country. Thais that live in Britain are still entitled to the 30 baht medical scheme and any other Thai government benefits provided they keep and update their Thai I.D. cards. Also, I lose out with my banking interest, because in Britain where my pensions are paid, I have to bank offshore and in Thailand there are many types of accounts not open for me because I`m a foreigner, plus having to endure all the 90 day reporting and immigration hassle. If given the opportunity I would throw my British passport along with my British citizenship down the toilet and would jump at the chance to become a Thai citizen whereas living in Thailand would benefit me greatly. I would be entitled to cheap health care and permitted to work if I so wanted to, including owning my own home and land. Don`t blame this guy at all, hope he succeeds in obtaining Thai citizenship.
  11. Not only western tourists, but also many western expats, that fail to adapt to the ways of Thailand and don`t want to. Judging by those that post on TV I guess the majority of TV members are of the same attitudes. They have re-interpreted the word, Thainess, as a derogatory term for Thais, many describing Thais as Sonchais. Here in Chiang Mai for example, in the centre of the city, I describe it as a Farang ghetto. These people rarely, if at all, interact with Thais. I have seen young western women and men in the middle of town dressed like they`re on a beach. They don`t stray far from their Farang style cafes, coffee shops and malls. I know quite a few that have stayed in Thailand for years and still can`t speak even one word of Thai. They also cannot shake off their western ways and attitudes. They believe the Thais should cross over into their worlds and not vice-versa. Like the Australian guy, I too have seen Farangs behaving in ways that are very embarrassing.
  12. You`re not taking into account that many Farang men like ladyboys, although most won`t admit it. If there was no market for them, then they wouldn`t be at tourist destinations in large numbers. Chiang Mai is also a favourite city for ladyboys.
  13. More like a penis colony, I would say. So Somying transform into a Somchai once his clothes were off. Quite dangerous actually, have all the sensitivity and bitchiness of women combined with the strength of a man. I have always been able to distinguish a ladyboy from the real deal a mile off. But I suppose if drunk, anything in a skirt may look attractive.
  14. Actually, I don`t know what is the true definition of a ladyboy? Does a young guy wearing female attire automatically transform into a ladyboy? And if one wears male attire again, does the she transform back into a he? Is there such a thing as a ladyboy? Seriously I really don`t know without prejudice. Can anyone explain?
  15. Not many realise that Thailand`s political stability is hanging on a thread. If the present Junta do stand down and put the government up for election, the old factions will be in dispute again and it will lead to civil war. No doubts about it.