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  1. cyberfarang

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    After some years of staying in Thailand, many Farangs suddenly begin to realise that Thailand is not so cheap as they first thought, their lives did not change dramatically by experiencing wonderful new adventures and did not meet exciting new people and all the dreams they had of making great new friendships did not materialise. The Thai women are not so free and easy as they had been led to believe, (no money, no honey) and they find it difficult or impossible to fit in and adapt to the Thai attitudes and way of life. Thailand is a country that for westerners, they either love it or hate it, there is no in-between.
  2. Guaranteed, this thread will be the last we`ll hear about this case. Apologises and a few brown envelopes handed over, an open and shut case.
  3. You really are naive.
  4. When my wife`s niece was attending University in Chiang Mai, both the female and male students had the University logo cloth badges stitched onto their uniforms. She told my wife that some of the girls wore their badges upside down. This was not down to error, it was an indicator that these were the girls willing to sell sexual favours, either to teachers or other male students to help pay for their tuition fees. It is a fact that many female students do sell sexual services as sideline girls online and social media sites, such as Tinder, Hi5, Badoo and probably will work in the fishbowls and massage parlours, as you mentioned. Educational institutions know exactly what`s going on, and most turn a blind eye to it. Providing students pay their tuition fees, the schools, colleges and Universities don`t care from where or how they obtain the money. I suspect this is why the OP teacher has not been threatened with jail time, because this is something the school would rather not bring to attention.
  5. No I`m not. The condo board still sets the rules. I would never purchase a condo without first reading the terms of the lease, if there is a lease or the rules laid down by the condo board. One way or another the cat will either have to go or the owner will need to fight this out in a civil court.
  6. Yes, I was assuming the OP condo is a leasehold with a lease. So I`m not sure which relates to the OP condo.
  7. Sorry, but that`s not possible. The management company must give consent for exchange of contracts and before contracts can be exchanged, the seller must be up to date with maintenance fees and free from any disputes. I`ve not known anyone who has purchased a condo without first reading the lease and what`s involved in the maintenance fees. Agreeing to the terms of the lease in part of the contract, you must have signed something agreeing to this. If not there has to be something seriously wrong with the deal.
  8. Having run 2 management companies for several years, as for keeping pets it depends on the clauses of the lease. If the lease states no pets, then it`s up to the management company to enforce that rule. If not mentioned in the lease then there is nothing the management company can legally do about it, unless the animal becomes a nuisance, such as a dog barking for long periods, attacking people or cats and dogs crapping in the communal areas or the condo in question become a health risk to other residents. If legally imposing a fine there has to be a time limit for the fine to be paid. If the resident ignores the warnings and fails to pay the fine, the management company can push for an eviction via the courts that can take up to 4 years using the system in Thailand. Cutting off essential services or denying a resident access to common facilities without first getting the approval of a court, could be classified as harassment and taking the law into their own hands. Whatever, a condo is not a suitable environment to keep dogs or cats.
  9. Spot on. Elephant Musk had only decided to give a half hearted apology when he realised this is going to hit him in his pocket and hard, plus knowing he would lose any legal action taken against him, his so-called apology would make things go smoother for him in court. Musk has probably been advised by his lawyers to say this. A total and complete moron. If it were me I would take him to court anyway and make him put his money where his mouth is.
  10. Sounds well over the top, but nothing would surprise me any more. Friends in Chiang Mai have told me that in some bars, the owners are asking 600 baht bar fine and the girls are demanding 6000 baht so-called all night, that usually amounts to about 3 hours and most of these women are no Park Lane models either, average ages late 30s/early 40s and even older. Also, the girls won`t go out with customers until a certain amount of drinks have been bought. It may cost thousands of bahts for what basically amounts to virtually nothing, just an anti climatic evening. They may have squeezed the golden goose, but now it seems they are killing it off completely. At one time I used to enjoy the bar scene, going out with mates, having a few laughs and some great times. But these days I fear to venture into the bars, concerned about being ripped-off and treated like a mug. Haven`t been to any bars for a very long time.
  11. And you really believe the girls won`t soon get bored befriending an old ugly Farang who only buys her one drink? You obviously have not experienced the bar scene. Not only will a girl expect more than one drink in 30 minutes, she`ll expect the guy to buy several drinks for himself and also push the guy to buy her workmates drinks too. These days having a night out in the bars can prove very expensive, bills can run up to thousands of bahts very easily. They`ve got greedy, total rip-offs and why I stopped going to these places long ago
  12. cyberfarang

    Expats who want to leave, if they could

    Actually, you`ve nailed it on the head. Don`t need to be rich, just having enough savings put by for a rainy day and a lifetime secured sufficient income to live a comfortable stress free lifestyle in Thailand, certainly makes the whole experience much more pleasant, but of course this applies anywhere. Coming from Britain that has changed beyond all recognition, is no longer the land that represents me, so cannot see myself ever leaving Thailand, because there are no greener pastures elsewhere. It`s far from perfect but I make the most of my life here. Those who continually moan and complain and rarely content, will never find happiness. If I had more more money, perhaps I would consider living elsewhere, but like the majority of us, have to make the most of what I have and in my own way, feel privileged and grateful that I am here.
  13. You are full of it. The media is a powerful medium, idiots believe anything they see and read on the media and published in the public domain. Even those that don`t take it literally, this still places, could be, maybe not, in peoples minds. This has been a deliberate ploy to place the diver on the defence. Not only that, this is psychologically not good for the rescued boys who believe those who rescued them are heroes, and suddenly find themselves being used as pawns in a game of bickering and media sensationalised crap. Who gives a rat`s turd that elephant Musk`s feelings are hurt, and he can shove his submarine where the sun don`t shine. All that matters is the welfare of the boys and their future well being.
  14. Vern Unsworth, was a major part of the rescue team, placing his life on the line, expecting nothing in return, and now he has to deal with this shit. Absolutely disgusting. The Elon Musk comment reflects what a large minority of westerners that have never visited Thailand views about white, male, middle aged, Thailand expats, that we`re either weird, sexual perverts, dodgy or losers that have run away from our own countries for whatever reasons. Although I`m sorry this has occurred, I hope this matter does go to court, because these type of allegations reflects on the reputations of all Thailand expats.
  15. It`s the same old story, Farangs buying houses and land in their Thai wives names. To fight their case, it has to be the Thai wives that take legal action and then the wives have to prove the land and property was bought with their money. The foreign husbands have no rights or jurisdiction over the property, whatsoever. They don`t stand any chance at all of bringing this to court to claim compensation. Mugs, they never learn.