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  1. Lets try and put this in perspective and annualise why Chiang Mai is no longer a tourist attraction: 1. Virtually no nightlife. I`ve been in the town on occasions when everything seems to be packing up at 10.00pm. 2. Whether some like the girly beerbars or not they still brought in the western tourists. The LK Road has become dilapidated dump, and if guys fancy a late night drink with some female company, there is virtually nothing. 3. Duel Farang and Thai pricing for the usual tourist attractions that can all be covered in about 3 days. 4. Dirty, filthy massage parlours mostly staffed by old grannies that most have transformed into happy ending parlours for desperate old men. 5. The choking season, usually from February to the end of April. A period when there is a mass exodus of expats from the city. 6. The strong baht Vs weak western currencies. Nothing seems to knock the baht off it`s perch. 7. The Thai mentality that during the so-called high season that`s not happening, when short of customers is to increase their prices rather than decrease their prices to attract more customers in. 8. An abundance of over priced Spas, that can charge several thousand bahts for a couple of hour Sure I can think of a lot more if I put my mind to it. The city has lost it`s zest, it has simply become bland and boring. 3 or 4 days is enough for any visiting tourists and if seen it once, no point in returning. There`s been nothing new here for years.
  2. Trust me when I tell you, the last laughs going to be on you and others that buck the system. I predict major changes happening and being enforced next year. I also estimate a massive dwindling of the expat populations that cannot apply for their annual extensions by legitimate means at the end of next year as all loopholes and get arounds of the system become closed to them.
  3. So the guy paid money to a corrupt agency, using corrupt officials and corrupt services in order to obtain something he was not entitled to, whereas us mugs that go through the correct channels playing by the rules have to jump over all the hurdles to obtain our yearly extensions that will probably mean having to go through more processes is perfectly legit, is it? This really makes me angry and the sooner the antics of these people are curtailed, the better for us.
  4. I`ve already been asked by some expats I know if I could lend them 800000 baht. No way. If from the goodness of one`s heart or a person is dumb enough to lend that amount of money, if immigration ask for proof of sources of that money and the friend drops the lender in it by disclosing who lent the money, the lenders could be in trouble themselves. There are soon going to be those desperate to borrow money for their yearly extensions and there will be loan sharks taking advantage of the situation. Many agencies are going to be under scuteney and the pull strings for 20000 baht option will also soon be gone.
  5. The Chiang Mai tourist numbers have been in decline for years and the so-called high season is not happening. And now it seems the Chinese have learned that Chiang Mai is boring and has nothing much to offer. Bring back the nightlife, no more early closing for bars, allow licences for more adult entertainments in the city.
  6. I think we have met half way on this and formed the same conclusion, that the doctor is a fool and the situation is certainly not going in his favour.
  7. Agreed, he should have been suspended until an investigation has been completed. But this still does not mean the doctor is guilty until proven innocent, and that`s the problem with these cases, that they are assumed guilty by the media and in the public eye before being convicted of any wrong doing.
  8. You`re spot on. Kids are normally told by parents to be aware and not talk to strangers, the same should apply on the social media. Young children should not be given access to the social media without being under the supervision of parents.
  9. Correct, these cases are not always black and white or clear cut and why rape allegations by women should not be taken literally on face value and be thoroughly investigated. The obvious is not always the fact. Celebrities in Britain and America have been tried and found guilty of rape on cases not reported for decades after the alleged offences have assumed to have taken place, found guilty of what a jury believes without any physical evidence. This doctor was a fool, by conducting internal examinations on female patients without having female assistants in the surgery with him. It is a fact as has been the cases in the US and the UK that when one female makes a rape allegation against a prominent male when compensations are involved, soon afterwards others start jumping on the bandwagon. So how can we know if these allegations are clearly defined or whether this is just a set up.
  10. There are problems with most of these rape allegations cases. As what`s happened in America and Britain with the METOO brigades, these alleged rapes are rarely reported immediately after they take place and therefore it is very difficult for these women to prove they were raped, it becomes one word against another and without physical evidence, witnesses and the time lapses between the allege sexual assaults and when they are reported, it becomes a matter of which parties to believe rather than supporting these claims with evidence and the women`s rape allegations become even more suspect when they are laid against more prominent men with financial compensations involved. Also considering that 1 woman after claiming was sexually molested on her first visit to the gynaecologist then went back for a second visit. My point being, how is it possible to determine the truth in these cases?
  11. If you are married to a Thai, bung 1.6 million in the account and put it in joint names.
  12. My thoughts on this too. They must have had something on the Chinaman to try and extort money from him. Some pieces of the puzzle missing here.
  13. Would that include requiring 3 x the 800000 baht or 400000 baht money in a Thai option to obtain a 3 year visa? Or are you expecting an extra 2 years extension all for free?
  14. It`s a shame these types of totally dysfunctional people that can hardly support themselves let alone children have to breed. Poor kid, I dread to think what kind of future awaits him.
  15. cyberfarang

    New Smart Visa qualifications, criteria approved

    What this tells us is, Thai immigration prefers expats that either have high technical skills or reasonable amounts of money in Thai banks. Those they consider are of benefit to the country. Also what they`re telling us is that Thailand is not interested in having expats stay here that are struggling to raise $12000 per year to extend their annual visas or paying agencies to pull strings for them. But it seems that many just can`t seem to get the message.