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  1. Those who have the courage to speak out will face much more then just libel suits. I need not go into details. Police ‘need time’ for probe into Phuket officers - Like about 120 years would be a convenient period.
  2. Immigration Office Construction Update

    I dread to think what immigration have in store for us once the new building is in operation? More staff, better facilities, reasonable wait service and no need to use an agency, don`t believe it. I wager that one way or another it will cost us more with more hurdles to jump over. Think about it; this project must cost a lot of money and who`s going to pay, it won`t be the Thai tax payer that`s for sure.
  3. Decent full body massage place open till midnight?

    I don`t recommend going to any massage parlours the last thing at night. Tried it several times and by that time the staff are pretty much tired and worn out. On one occasion stopped off for a massage in the town at 10.00pm. Shop closed at 12.00 midnight. Within 15 minutes the lady was rubbing my arm with her eyes closed, struggling to keep awake. I told her to forget it, paid the money and called it a day. On another occasion the lady literally fell asleep sitting up next to me. The best times to go are during the afternoons, when the staff are still fresh and haven`t dealt with too many customers. As regarding couples massage, the Chiang Mai massage parlours are not geared up for it, unlike in Bangkok and Pattaya, you`ll end up being disappointed.
  4. This is a morbid subject but me too being in my mid 60s have to face facts and has to be addressed. My main concern as a Brit living in Thailand is that I am in medical limbo. No longer entitled to receive the UK national health service and not entitled to any medical schemes available to Thais in Thailand and most medical insurance companies won`t take me on or charge unrealistic amounts. So it would mean if I do became struck down, being at the tender mercies of the private hospitals where as medical fees are concerned the sky`s the limit. It would probably drain all my funds leaving wife and family with nothing. Dying does not scare me it`s how I die and how long it takes to die I have concerns about.
  5. Is SCB in trouble?

    This seems to be the way these companies are going lately. They already have your money, fob you off and leave the customer high and dry. Unfortunately the OP is going to have to keep on their backs otherwise this could drag on forever.
  6. why do they want to burn everything

    The simple answer is; they don`t give a toss. Unless the government and the police start enforcing the laws, then this practice will continue.
  7. British man, 80, missing in Phuket

    He`s only been missing for 36 hours.
  8. Sadly the man`s family will not receive any conclusive results as to the cause of Andrew Apperley`s death as has been the case of so many other westerner deaths in Thailand. Probably three reasons; the Thailand authorities are concerned about their tourist trade and the police simply won`t put much effort and resources into these investigations. They also don`t have the training or expertise to conduct forensic examinations. The same applies to Thais if they become victims of crime, that are a lot less publicised.
  9. Yes, that`s more likely the case, only I describe it as dysfunctional families. Probably no father on the scene, mother struggling financially and unable to cope so the girl gets sent away while the mother tries to get her life together. The problem here is that once these girls become introduced into prostitution it maybe a path she will follow later on in life. All very sad really.
  10. Times are a charging in Chiang Mai, unfortunately for the worse. Since the tightening up of rules by immigration regarding Farlangs renting whereas landlords are now required to fill in TM30 forms and report Farlang tenants to immigration, including where Farlangs have had to leave the city and cut their tenancies short plus other complications with renting to Farlangs, landlords are becoming reluctant to rent out to them. Many are targeting the Chinese because their immigration procedures are less complicated and it`s believed Chinese tenants create less problems and are more reliable. This was told to me by a landlord who owns a block of flats in Hang Dong and I have read reports on this, can`t remember where now. I think the OP has done the right thing by making inquires here on TV just in case someone knows of any condos up for rent.
  11. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    They said that about the Promenada. Who knows what`s going to be in store for us there. Have a long way to go before I reach 75 so being eligible for priority service won`t benefit me in the foreseeable future.
  12. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Really E/S, no need to explain, it`s none of her business. Looked at the CEC website and her club is sponsored by one of those agents. So what does Nancy think the difference is between the agency she endorses and this new one or old one with a new name at the Promenada? How much do they charge and who runs it? What benefits are there to choosing her sponsor over the Tain? In the past was able to book an appointment online with the old near airport branch, walked in 15 minutes before appointment time, was in and out of there within an hour. 90 day no problem, walked over to what was then a separate building for 90 day reports, no numbers required, in and out within 10 minutes. Then they took the 90 day reports over to the main building, had to get a number from a machine, that`s when the rot started to set in. Only so many numbers allocated for visa extensions and 90 days reports, but on average still not too much hassle. Then when immigration moved to Promenada everyone first thought it was going to be an efficient service, no one could had imagined it would turn out like this. So I`m not happy with any of it, either having to pay almost 4 times the price to an agency for convenience or having to waste hours of endurance lining up at immigration with the rest of the sheep. As I said it`s become a matter of having the option to choose the best of the worst.
  13. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Right. It`s being caught between a rock and a hard place. We all know what immigration are doing, no need to explain. No one loves it, it`s a choice between what is considered the best of the worse. Correct, the choice is up to us. You`re done with this topic, so go and have a coffee or something and forgot all about it.
  14. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    I agree with E/S. I also don`t give a toss what it`s called now, what it was called before or what it maybe called in the future or who is running the show. If your meddling does throw any spanners into the works, it won`t be appreciated by me and many others. I am more then willing to pay that amounts to 19 baht a day for an easier life that involves less stress once every 90 days and once a year. Please just get on with your own affairs and let us decide what is in our best interests without a busy body poking their nose in.
  15. New Visa Agency at Promenada Mall

    Can`t thank you enough for your report. Very helpful indeed. The retirement extension is 6,900 baht, which is a 2,000 baht increase over what G4T charged. The fee also includes 4 90-day reports as well. If the 6900 baht fee also includes 4, 90 day reports, then overall that`s only an 800 baht annual increase from the precious G4T agency fees. Suits me, it won`t break the bank and I can handle that.