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  1. You have to read the contract carefully. Usually there is a clause that says if you do not pay rent they can change the locks and take your stuff after 10 days! So using the deposit for rent may not work. In future, i suggest writing in the contract that rent deposit is charged 10% interest per month if not returned.
  2. Don Chance

    Why are Thai people so against thinking?

    In Zen, the mind IS the problem. Drop the mind and all will become clear. The answer is beyond words, it is not possible to put in words. Words degrade the truth.
  3. Don Chance

    Outside tiling - sand and cement or adhesive ?

    Tiles should have a water proof membrane underneath or they will fail over time.
  4. Don Chance

    Local Police Openly Selling Yaba

    In Krabi there are a few, every other place has them. It worked this way for years in Thailand. Everyone knows. I am not sure what is difficult to understand. You can not operate a drug bar in Thailand without the knowledge and blessing of the authorities.
  5. Don Chance

    Local Police Openly Selling Yaba

    You need to learn to read buddy! My message is that is the normal system in Thailand. That is what corruption is : strict laws that are easily circumvented. You want to put your head in the fire? Go ahead.
  6. Don Chance

    Local Police Openly Selling Yaba

    You guys are so naive! You should understand by now how it works in Thailand. Every town has at 2-10 reggae bars that sell drugs. Like duh! How do you think they can just do that? Who supplies them? Then poof! Some farang gets busted and you say well he should have know, too bad, for him etc. Have you been to Malaysia? You think you can just ask the reggae bar in Penang and score some buds? No way! No Farang can buy drugs in Malaysia because there are none to buy. What you see in this small town is just a close up of how it works in large towns. You can report them and the other 100,000 reggae and rock and roll bars in Thailand.. They guys will just put down the phone and laugh.
  7. Most building in Thailand have mold problems, water leaks under the patio or any ledge exposed to the outdoors and water migrates under the subfloor creating mold under the tiles. Same problem in the shower, where water migrates under the tiles. I always close all the windows and doors then come back in 10-20 minutes to check, open the door and take a big smell. Remember: if smells - it never sells! I wouldn't buy any property in Thailand for this reason, maybe new it will be ok for 5-10 years. They just don't have big enough roofs or enough exterior water proofing. They are clueless.
  8. Don Chance

    Any experience with Banggood ?

    There is another one called deal extreme, dx.com They all sell cheap stuff, i have not had great experiences with them, cheap stuff, breaks soon, missing pieces etc. Don't expect much. I think ebay might be better, check feedback, returns etc.
  9. Don Chance

    Krabi in November

    I don't think the locals are nice in town at all. They are rude and try to cheat you, yell at you in Thai.
  10. Don Chance

    Fascia/Eaves on newly constructed house

    What is that? Looks like some sort of plastic canvas carry bags. Doesn't inspire my dreams of long term water proofing but ok. Still be a good idea to have eaves trough for the water not land around the slab. Also weeping tile system. As for your porch tiles they will get wet, i would apply some sort of sealant on the grouts to keep the water from penetrating.
  11. Don Chance

    Fascia/Eaves on newly constructed house

    There real problem is your porch deck. The tiles are not water proof. There needs to be a plastic underlay that prevents water from penetrating the slab - which no doubt they did not use. It will take a few year but soon the water will penetrate under your tiles in your living room and cause mold! The other issue was a plastic vapor barrier put under the slab foundations? No doubt probably not, means wet slab and mold under the tiles.
  12. Don Chance

    Noise in the early morning hours in my condo

    Condo's suck. I would never live in one. Be lucky you don't have a heavy smoker below you, a meth head, a surround sound system,or even a moldy townhouse...
  13. Don Chance

    Thailand - Not for me

    Toronto 2.8 million, Bangkok 8 million. Yet Bangkok run much better than Toronto, no ridiculous streetcars, mindless stop signs, traffic lights, no parking yet parking on major roadways, endless bylaws. Toronto is what happens when men no longer run a place: a bunch hens pecking and implementing ideology instead of systems.
  14. Here is the truth if how men are viewed in modern society (must watch!)
  15. Don Chance

    Insulation for Teak house

    I am assume you are running the AC? You can wrap the house in plastic sheets wrap in that case. Otherwise you don't need to insulate if no cooling system.