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  1. You guys need to check out Johny's files
  2. Just visiting. So many incidents this trip. For example today i was at the gym and ask them to turn off the loud dance music, i've been to the this place many times over the years, i recognize the staff as they do me. No respect, first they just turned it down, after 10 minutes i ask again to please turn it off, they turned it off for about 20 minutes then back on full volume again. Just rude, actually hateful. Then one women gives me the stink eye when i was leaving. Like just don't come here again. Something like this happens on average of every few days.
  3. Don Chance

    Indian man assaulted and killed in Krabi

    Wow a whole month. Well guess what: there are men dying on the streets in western countries too. As for the poor in India, do you know that there are millions of Ashrams around the country that provide free meals and accommodation to people? Can you say that about your civilized countries? Here are the stats on rape and sex assaults, USA and Sweden make the tops of the lists... India has 1.8 rapes per 100,000 people, one of the lowest rates in the world, slightly higher than Canada and Japan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics
  4. Maybe because people realize they are a farang and second class citizen?
  5. Don Chance

    unlock AIS 4G pocket wifi?

    1500 baht, the sim is in my name so you need to get your own. Are you in Bangkok?
  6. Don Chance

    Airasia.com swipe test?

    I can't seem to pass the test to book a flight, i have tried chrome and firefox?!
  7. I saw an advertisement for local hospital insurance for tourists, i think it was 6 days @ 60 baht. Maybe you can buy it at the airport when you arrive? I was only up to 400,000 baht though.
  8. Most people don't get it or get a mild case of it. People over 45 or low risk. It is mostly children as i understand it.
  9. This is why they are trying to emasculate society, so they can't rebel....
  10. Don Chance

    Indian man assaulted and killed in Krabi

    India is much safer than Thailand. You are assuming India and Thailand are the same? You people who comment on India i think have never been there and do not understand the culture.
  11. Better go to a poorer country if you are single, hard to be depressed when people have so much less than you and they are still happy. Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, at least they speak English and you will have someone to talk to. Pattaya, Hua Hin are completely soulless places. I don't understand why expats gravitate there.
  12. Don Chance

    Price of Durian?

    I inquired about the price of medium Durian, it was 2kg @130 baht. So i asked about a small one, it was 1kg for only 30 baht! So i took that one, it was very nice, good texture with a lite coffee taste. So why the difference in price? I also see 2 large pieces of Durian sold for 180 baht in the fruit market, obviously a rip off.
  13. Don Chance

    unlock AIS 4G pocket wifi?

    Any ideas how i can unlock this device? I might try to sell it. Any idea of where i can get cash for in Bangkok? It is this one.
  14. Don Chance

    Gynocentrism in Thailand?

    Gynocentrism is a pathological set of behaviours driven by instincts and emotional impulses, just like overeating and obesity is driven by the hunger instinct. It does not automatically follow that the instincts and emotional processes that are involved in gynocentrism, will invariably and always produce gynocentrism. Just like it does not always follow that the hunger instinct will lead to overeating and obesity, or that the sexual instinct will lead to rape. Gynocentrism is merely one of many manifestations of the sexual instinct, desire to pair bond, our emotional response to neoteny and our parental brain. The same general emotional response to neoteny drives millions of people daily to dog videos on YouTube. The same parental brain is active when raising children. The reason why gynocentrism is so common in society, is because unlike obesity and other addictive and pathological behaviours like smoking, we do not shame people for it or discourage it or teach people about the harms it will cause. People understand the risks of overeating, obesity and smoking and people are discouraged from doing it by wider society (with the exception of the fat acceptance people). People go to jail if they indiscriminately act on their sexual instincts.