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  1. Don Chance

    Living on a sail boat

    I found this, https://www.hg.org/article.asp?id=20594 There is zero tax on sail boats but 7% vat Then here is say over 100% http://en.customs.go.th/content.php?ini_content=individuals_151007_01&lang=en&left_menu=menu_individuals_151007_01 Any idea which is correct? ---------------- Looks like it is just 7% http://igtf.customs.go.th/igtf/en/main_frame.jsp 000 : Notification of the Ministry of Finance Section 12 of the Customs Tariff Decree B.E. 2530 (General Rate) Heading Subheading Description Duty Rate Notification Start Date End Date Electronic Permit ad valorem rate % specific rate Unit Baht 89.03 8903.910000 - - Sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor Exempted ม.12 ฉ.01 (พ.ย.-2560) 13/11/2017 thereafter -
  2. Don Chance

    Living on a sail boat

    How much would that be? What if you stay 7 months instead of 6, You automatically have to pay or what?
  3. Don Chance

    Renting in Thailand

    So what does a tenant do when they give 30 days notice and the LL does not return the security deposit?
  4. Don Chance

    Living on a sail boat

    How can it be 6 months in Phuket and 2 months in Pattaya? What about Krabi or Tarutao?
  5. Say you buy a boat in Malaysia and bring into Thailand and live on it. What about 60 day visa runs, would you have take the boat out again? I assume the boat goes on your passport?
  6. I guess they would present a lease in Thai and i would have to get it translate. Do you have to pay 6 months in advance? What if you break the lease after 6 months? Would they do it for 3 months?
  7. I understand farangs can own a condo in Thailand but what about townhouse's (a building attached on one or two sides?)
  8. Don Chance


    Seems the problem is mostly in Chiang mai. I am having doubts about the first map. Seems the data conflicts with this airpollution index. http://aqicn.org/map/thailand/#@g/11.7008/99.4702/6z
  9. Don Chance

    Still crowded?

    I don't think so. I believe just bob. I checked on agoda!
  10. Don Chance


    That map shows differently today, looks much better. isn't there are fair bit of rain now?
  11. Don Chance

    When will the smog go away?

    So much smog over Asia. https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/particulates/surface/level/overlay=pm10/orthographic=110.23,4.66,1106/loc=99.035,8.305 Surprisingly in Indonesia. Thailand and Vietnam have plenty, looks like not even worth going there.Philippines and maybe Bali seem to be clean. India is bad, and even Sri Lanka is one blob of smog. Seems like this is worst time of year for smog. Is it from burning?
  12. Mold is not dangerous. In fact many building in Thailand are heavily infected with mold in the walls. Toxic mold is when you get sewage mixed with mold, like how you have the septic tanks under the main floor in many thai buildings, the mold floating up from their is not good. Mold is not easy to kill with vinegar or bleach. They best way is physically remove it, wipe it clean. You should worry more about venting your ceilings. If you have mold in the AC it is probably coming from some other place.
  13. Don Chance

    Still crowded?

    I was really crowded 2 months ago in Krabi town and Ao nang. Is it still the same? I get the feeling Krabi is going to always be more and more popular...
  14. I am quickly losing pages in passport. Stickers from Cambodia and Nepal can easily be removed, they are lightly glued stickers, some have stamps over the edges. Do you think i can remove these stickers? It would be odd because the chronology would be off and some ink on the page.
  15. Some little biker dude in Krabi who runs a bar took a bad shine to me. He kept on touting me to come to his bar and just ignored him, said hello, nothing rude (i don't drink often.) Then one day he start yelling at me '<deleted>, <deleted>, <deleted>..." and almost every time he sees me he gives me some threatening look or says something rude in broken English. It is basically criminal harassment. Again i did nothing to provoke this guy and continue to just ignore and avoid him. He is probably on meth and unhappy that his bar is not turning a profit. I wish Thailand would really enforce their drug laws and start with these skid bars that all sell drugs. Farangs would not get their supply and not get busted.