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  1. I don't see the problem, there are loads of russians working in Thailand and like all of us they have to follow the laws.
  2. This door is opened properly, if they do it fast it's the passengers' fault but in this case it's the motocy's fault.
  3. During many weddings the money shown is not really given to the parents of the bride, it's just for show. The groom's family will get it back.
  4. I haven't been in Chinatown for some months now but it was changing every day because the police enforcing regulations. Streetvendors are removed from several streets in chinatown and also parkingpolice is strict now. It's much better to walk around on empty sidewalks. Chinese streetfood i haven't seen there much, that was more in the sidealleys who were very crowded and shopowners driving scooters through the crowd.
  5. Well so far this shop looks like all other big sportbrands. They rent the biggest A1-location shop in the mall to fill it with 50 tshirts. I bet those shirts are not cheap although i have never ever heard of this brand. As long as no soccerplayers wear this brand i don't see a future for it in Thailand.
  6. I saw windowwashing robots for sale in Central, 20k really worked. So i guess soon those high buildings will have a robot cleaning the cladding/windows.
  7. Also Germany is planning roadtolls for it's neighbours only and they are in the EU where they fight for open borders and open trade. So Thailand can do the same to it's neighbours, why not? Maybe many Myanmar citizens drive over the Thai roads when they want to drive south? I assume Thai roads will be better than the ones in Myanmar but i might be wrong, never been there.
  8. Maybe that's why the army is closing the sexclubs in Pattaya, they don't use enough rubber there.
  9. One day i changed a pack of singaporean $ at swampy airport, it was at one of the big bank booths. When i counted my money it was missing one billiet of 1000 baht so i told the clerk that one thousand baht was missing. Without counting it again he put the missing 1000 on the counter and with a sheepish smile he said solly sir.
  10. I see, well it's wise to test a lot but they still dont have the 300 firetrucks which are rotting on a field. And for the rest of BKK i wonder how fast the firetrucks (the big one with the superlong ladder) can reach a destination if even ambulances with wailing lights cant get through. Dubai has had a lot of skyscrapers on fire the last years and they are not even old. Well i'm happy to not live in a condo.
  11. After the London-inferno from last week i think many people will be hesitant to buy a highrise condo from now on. I think it's not wise to buy a high-end condo right now in the heart of Siam-area. The ones at the new skytrainlines have more potential for making profit.
  12. There will be a shuffle in condo-values i guess...the capital will flow from the subs without skytrain/malls to the condo's directly at the new skytrainlines. Also i guess the new condo's with a (river) view will be more popular than the ones downtown in the smog. Mostly the newly built condo's are sold to investors who'll sell them after some years for double prices. They buy of the buildingplans and get a discount if they take several of them.
  13. It's time to buy an SUV with huge wheels.
  14. I don't like to wait for people paying with creditcards, it's a very slow process. But try paying cash at IKEA, out of the 20 cashiers there's maybe 1 or 2 that accepts cash. Thai cash is very filthy, they grab raw meat/fish/frogs with the same hand they give cash...And looking at the huge qeueu's at the atm's around the end of the month the Thai also love cash. Rabbitcard is great but more shops should accept it.
  15. So these 5000 new shops will sell consumer products..something like a Tesco? And the reason why they open them is to make living cheaper for the locals....they must be cheap shops in that case, cheaper than Tesco and the lot. Why not let Aldi or Lidl or Walmart do this? Thailand needs more competition to get lower prices but i don't see it work if the government starts doing it. But even local Thai products are far to expensive compared to worldmarket prices. Things like coffee, peanuts, banana's, peppercorns cost more than in W-Europe in a supermarket.