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  1. What can they do when loads of them are on inactive posts but still need a salary. They won't sack them, not gonna happen.
  2. Well the Disney ocean park in tokyo didn't look very spectacular, it looks more like a mix of european cities. And i even have been in Tokyo but never heard about that park. Thailand has the perfect climate plus warm sea to build a great oceanpark where guests could also swim. But safety in Thailand is as low as the education of their technicians and sure Disney doesn't want to ruin the name of their safe parks so they will have to guarantee safety themselves. Thailand has no high standard parks so they should be very very happy if Disney wants to come.
  3. The guards will be up to world standard so i guess they have the same rescue-swim certifications as Aussie or Italien beachguards? And can speak some languages of course.
  4. 6000 baht is too much? After that they buy a new car for at least 500.000, all BKK girls have one. so 1% of the cost for drivinglessons is already too much? The insurances will make more profit than 1% if the Thai learn to drive better.
  5. My potted tree's do well but if one suddenly gets sick or dies there might be white grubs in the soil who eat roots. They become small brown beatles who eat leaves as well and look like cockroaches. 6 months isn't much but i grew a tahiti lime like you and it bloomed after potting it. You can feed it some urea 46-0-0 which is pure nitrogen and can immediatly be used by the plant. Just dissolve some pellets 25 or so in water and give it to the tree. You can do this weekly.. It will make the tree grow fast and also bloom. Later you might give more urea but it will make the plant sweet and attracting pests. Mor hours of sun is also good.
  6. nahm sadao aka neem-oil might repel them.
  7. I was told that there are government laboratories where anybody can let their soil getting tested for a small fee. Every province has them. Don't think they speak english there so best bring a Thai with you.
  8. red/purple ones you can buy in almost ANY supermarket in bkk.
  9. I had never heard of Disney sea before but there's one in Tokyo..
  10. Your mango's might split...also the jackfruits do that from rain.
  11. This would be awesome for Thailand! The government should pay disney to come, or would you rather see big buddha on the mountain?
  12. This is the extra catch you get from free visa's. But how hard is it to kick them off the streets? Selling pictures on the elevated walkingbridges is done for a year or so now..i've seen that russian boy many months ago doing it. If the Police just let them do there will be more of them every week. Why does it have to be in the news anyway? Just kick them off the streets like they did with the streetvendors.
  13. But buying online from hongkong means also importing it, no?