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  1. Yup and after the flooding they are all over the country eating swimming kids. They should be illegal to import cause i think they will breed fast in the Thai rivers.
  2. Local food suggestions

    I agree, i can't stand that face if he likes something...
  3. Can piranha's also survive in Thailand? I hope not.
  4. Well nobody will stop them doing it so why not? He had a puncture or break failure i guess...or just his moment of thainess. Did anybody horn to him? Or were they too scared for that as well?
  5. Those filthy crappy smokingrooms should be on more pictures, how can you put quality tourists in dirty stinkholes like that?
  6. It was 500 baht for a girl who was smuggled over the border in the farang visarun bus from bkk. Paid to the driver of the bus.
  7. So now the Chinese or Chino/Thai again took the business...they already have almost all the bigger Thai companies. Well Chinese are better businesspeople than Thai so in that way this is no surprise. Now they can sell them bags of rice by lazada in china.
  8. Well if this is an important road to the school of the rural area they better make a good road to it...this isn't the first wet season with rain. Also that director should have bought a real 4wd if he's the one to transport everything to that school. In BKK half of the SUV's has 4wd to drive in the city, why this man doesn't have it?
  9. THAI aims to be world's No 1 MRO center

    Europe to BKK for 200$ ....well i wouldn't even think about it unless they also fly new A380 and have a stopover. Emirates let's me bring 40kg so they are still better even if Thai had the same price. Reading all this about the worlds no1 mro makes laugh about Thai...we all know the standards of Thai technicians so of course they will be the new hub for technicians.
  10. THAI aims to be world's No 1 MRO center

    If Thai costed the same as Emirates i still would fly Emirates. They give better and more food, speak real english, are not arrogant and do it all perfect.
  11. THAI aims to be world's No 1 MRO center

    Manila has Phillipines airlines who sacked ALL their pilots when was flying with them. Those rude pilots had asked for more wages before the big boss decided to sack them ALL on the spot. That caused my trip a lot of trouble but finally they paid me a ticket back home...they didn't pay the Sydney hotel i had to stay in for a week.
  12. Home made Barbecue suggestions needed

    Gadenshops sell lavarock from Srilava. the biggest size stones cost 350 for a big bag.
  13. Tssss and all that because he wasn't allowed to smoke in a fuelstation...
  14. Vietnamese lychees hit Thai supermarket shelves

    We eat litchi's from nakhon pranom, the smaller ones aka linchi Kom...i also grow those myself. That's a different litchi which doesn't need a cold period. I don't see buying from Makro and selling with profit as a ripoff though, it's just business and we live far from the touristic areas.. I see it as good if vendors buy fruit from the Makro, i only wished they didn't pick all the big ones. If they buy from Makro the Makro can buy bigger quantities and get a better price. But also in Malaysia/Singapore i've seen a lot of Thai fruit for sale. It costed more than in Thailand but not 10 times more like they do with these litchi's from their neighbour. I wished they also imported milkfruit from Cambodia, i grow those as well but have never seen the fruit. Or persimmons from South Vietnam.