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  1. But buying online from hongkong means also importing it, no?
  2. So a taxidriver with a criminal record is NOT allowed to pickup tourists from the airport taxirank? I also won't use the taxirank if there are very long qeueu's.
  3. Yup together, Germany will pay and Thailand will be watching.
  4. So it's not legal to buy one online from
  5. The deal was buy 2 get 3 of them right? So how can they speak about buying only 1 now then? Did i miss something? To get the free one they will have to buy 2 first i would think.
  6. The Thai LOVE fried eggs where the eggwhite is still raw. What's this guys problem?
  7. Don't forget the policebooth which belongs in the BKK parks. I was at the river near kaosanroad in a park and there were 6 !! police/securityofficers in a booth in the park. Safety first!
  8. So you didn't have to pay the 50? for the card?
  9. Because the Thai have no knowledge about water and electricity....mai pen lai.
  10. Well i assumed the Thai airports were covered in camera's even if i don't see them. How can he pickup a tourist from the airport without getting filmed?
  11. Central Chidlom has loads of them and they are 9000 a piece from Passaya. I guess that's the brand. They even have a large department for quilts.
  12. This is very good news for Thailand but I hope they won't burn the old carbatteries.
  13. My congratulations to the BiB, they got what they wanted. Now others will do their job and they even get paid for it.
  14. It's the same when you google for weather websites , they are predicting between 35 and 38 for bangkok tomorrow. And even at 38 like today this guy still wears a black long jeans and warm poloshirt.