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  1. Point taken shouldn't made such a rude generalization. Although I have a semi-legitimate reason for saying so the big boss in our Village that owns a bunch of stuff here including the house we live in I have been asking him for fixing water dribble in the house every time there is the same answer may bpen rai lan prung nii (tommorow). It still hasn't been fixed. Had a huge problem with getting internet too. Used to joke with my wife that this is an amazing thing this tommorow because thanks to it we don't have to do anything today. BTW Trying to fix my post but it seems I can't with my previous post,oh well. Will end up as a douchebag
  2. How about having an excuse to leave your wife or go somewhere together? Thai people are lazy wife don't like to go anywhere unless forced to so having a legitimate reason to leave the country can be a good thing. And if she doesn't want to go no matter what still having 3-4 days when you don't have to be a family guy isn't bad neither. On top of that local immigration no explaining really that there is any advantage of the other option. Not to mention that if you just search thai visa forum most searches end up with the marriage visa option so if not in the know you would assume that it is the preferable option (maybe that's stupid but several year of traveling the world teached me that if doubt follow what long term expacts in the country do instead of trying reinventing the wheel they are usually well informed about potential hickups)
  3. Yeah I apologize for everyone If I mislead them with my thread title/first post (I am not a native speaker). Yes I was threaten by the officer and they didn't wanted to let me in but the superior officer took the passport and after calling my wife and collecting the info (was also advised to take copy of my marriage certificate and photos with my wife) I was finally let in. I am sorry if I didn't make it clear in a first post. I wasn't aware about it. So basically I was just worried if after last time there is really a possibility of not being let in at airport rather than speaking from experience as of now.
  4. Yes you are right and untill your post I didn't realize that I made it unclear. So yeah I was finally let in . The title of the thread was reffering to my visit back to my home country next month and me coming back whether there is a chance I am going to be denied entry? Anyway people are right and in fact I caused the harm to myself by being totally careless with the law etc. (like Thai people being caught when the Police finally stops them for driving without helmet)I would appreciate for the mod to either change the title or even close it because I unconsciously might spread wrong information because yeah I was let in .Anyway I didn't realize that it is true I am on a wrong visa and having non immigrant doesn't allow me to stay long term and I should get the extension. I mean worst case scenario I will buy the Thai Elite visa because people write about it as a valid option. So yeah will just stay abroad at least 6 months/year from now on and get the marriage extension ASAP. Thanks for all the info/Thread closed.
  5. Sir I think you misinterpret it. You ridicule yourself by thinking about what IOs does or does not as getting even by Asians vs unfair treatment from Westerners. Firstly I am from 2nd class EU country and I am still required to get visa to many countries too. As a former lawyer I want to tell you that the problem isn't what they can or can't but that there isn't any logic in the action of IO. The share existence of Thai Visa forum proves the point. In a country were law doesn't work or there is no law basically the will of a person in power is the law. Hence thousands of foreginers following Thai Visa to stay informed about the policy shift within Thai Immigration. You might like or not like what most of here does it but you have to admit that I didn't broke the law/immgiration laws while being here and the sudden policy shift caught me off guard. As there isn't any change in the law the sole purpose of my Thread was to share and gather data whether there is a policy shift (hence I should start gathering documents so I could leave Thailand ) and avoid leaving/investing any money here or I was just unlucky and faced immigration officer that hate farangs/had a bad day/just didn't like the way I look?? It isn't like immigration ever bother to inform us about any changes we learn about it from experience ans sharing it here so we could be better informed while making decisions. Suddenly there is a huge offtop in this thread that makes no sense tbh whether it is or isn't ok for me to stay or what the appropriate action of immigration is/should be . I am not ranting or complaining here I just want to be better informed so to be prepared for whatever is going to happen. So please,please lets stop off top and lets focus on the facts.
  6. The bolded part made me curious. Care to elaborate further?? The statement made me curious.
  7. Of course you are right and thats the plan. I am planning to go take my wife to my country. The problem is the son because he speaks only Thai and again in my country (Poland) there aren't that many people that speak English too and Polish is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn overall. (not to mention I am concerned about my wife ability to Learn Polish in English) and we just didn't want to leave him behind but maybe we will have to at some point (at least infrequently he will be forced to stay with grandma while either me or me and my wife will be abroad). I mean we were taking him for private English classes with the intention to reloacting to Europe but he was consistently super rebelious about it and wasn't making any progress so we just gave up doing it against him no point in forcing him to do so. And while not working I did invested the capital succesfully so it is not I was literally retired. I was planning to create some business here in Thailand but then the legal situation seem more and more complicated so I am just concerned to do so with the junta and more and more histility towards foreginers.
  8. Well for some reason my long post got deleted. I did made money from early investing in cryptcurrencies in the past not to mention I think people overestimate costs of living in some remote Thailand area. I mean If I knew in advance about it I wouldn't stay for so long in Thailand and would mix it up maybe living in some other Asian countries,going back to my country for a while etc. I just thought about the marriage visa as a safe heaven so I just didn't feel the need to. Planned to buy some property in Thailand in the past and airbnb them but opted not too because all the uncertainity and given that law doesn't protect you and your ownership when you are a farang. I am going back to my Country in a couple of months anyway just wanted to visit family and come back prepare my wife a Schengen visa etc. which will take some time too. (packing and so on too). That was also the reason for my thread I mean wanted to check whether I was just unlucky or just there is a crackdown in thai imigration policy and I shouldn't make any plans about staying here any reasonable amount of time in the future. I mean I guess I could also buy the Thai Elite visa but again won't they give me a shit too for staying here and not working? If they harras me for being on marriage visa why wouldn't they do it when having Thai Elite visa?
  9. For what is worth my Thai is still better that 98% of the immigration English and they had learned the language for far longer than me. Not that it matters when they give me hard time for not speaking their beloved native language well...
  10. I am 32 for what it is worth. I still have valid non-o from Savanakhet and yeah already started with the bank account (me and my wife messed up because I didn't tell here to put our address in English letters now it is kinda an issue because my bank before wire'ing me money asked me for bank statement with proof the account belongs to me). Waiting till after Songkran to fix it with my local branch here so I could safely wire myself money. There isn't any story with my visas too. I mean first came for a extended holiday 3 years ago meet here at the end went traveling to South America and working came back, got ED visa to learn Thai because wanted to impress her (she didn't wanted to be my GF then) we stayed in Bangkok after a while we moved here (she has like 6 years old son now who BTW doesn't know any father except me). I mean I know I need some long term visa and we decided to marry kinda soon but still needed like 2 more tourist visa before we sort it all out and we could marry. After that last 10 months I stayed on the marriage visa. And again it is not like it matters for immigiration but there isn't any place here I could work even if I wanted we leave in small 500 people Village where people are still surprised to see farang on the street.
  11. So here is the thing. Almost 2 months ago I got harased by the imigration at Don Muaeng because they didn't believe me that I stay here legitimately. So I have been staying in Thailand as of now like 2 years+ like 5 months ( and one year before I have been here like 8 months for the first time). So I had like 3 tourist visa in my pasport+ED visa+ now marriage visa all from Laos except the first tourist one. The last 2 being from Laos back to back tourist visas I believe because It took me more time than anticpiated preparing all the documents and the marriage itself that I anticipated. Never expected the amount of visas could be an issue. I live with my wife and her son here for like 2 years+ no problems at all everyone sees me every day in our Village. So they stopped me at Don Muaeng from my one day visa jump and harrased me for like 30min-1hour wanted to deny my entry (I couldn't produce photos with my wife but it was because I had a new phone because my Chinesse Xiaomi Phone died). They didn't listen calling my wife or so it seems also wasn't considered a prove. Finally some lady took some pitty with me and called my wife (who was BTW waiting on me in Bangkok ). No reasoning worked with them. I don't live in Bangkok I live in a small remote Village in Uthai Thani region there is like 500 people in the Village and the only place I could possibly work would be school (where they hired a girl from USA for 3 years contract lately). Again they didn't wanted to listen. Don't think it would matter at all because they didn't talk English that much. On top of that they considered my poor Thai as a proof I am not really married (kinda not my fault my wife speaks fluent English) and can say only like basic things in Thai. (I know,I know but I am not really talented with learning language tbh). Now I am going back to my home country for my friend wedding and I am scared as shit whether they will let me back in. I plan to take money the ticked just in case+ 20 000 baht again just in case but was wondering does anyone has the problem like me?? I mean I was super careless with this expected that because I have the marriage visa I shouldn't have any issues and now is kinda too late for organizing the visa extension (I just made myself an account in Bangkok Bank to wire myself money from abroad but my wife messed it up and now I don't know when I will be able to do it) I mean assuming they will give it too me because Don Muaeng immmigration was very clear in stating I am no longer welcome here.....
  12. HI, At the end of October I should have done 90 days reporting. However on 14th I go visit my family in Europe for a week. On the imigration website I found : However, if you leave Thailand anytime during the 90-day period, then the day count will restart from upon the arrival date of your re-entry into Thailand. Does it mean I don't have to do this this time? Just want the confirmation because I would like to avoid paying fines.