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  1. But the people behind the the NCPO were the ones sponsoring the last round of conflict! Of course it's quite peaceful now, how couldn't it be? The NCPO backers' goons have been put back in their box, and their opponents' goons are being heavily suppressed, along with most of the rest of the population.
  2. I remember John Major remarking that Blair was pushing through right wing policies which his (Major's) government would never have got away with.
  3. But the main cause of current inflation is the previous low value of Sterling. Once it's current higher value filters through, there will be a lowering of inflation.
  4. Oh well, you can't use your preferred toy the exchange rate graphs at the mo, so you've found another one .
  5. The issue is not that the Scots aren't capable of running their own country, it's what their starting base would be. And the SNP policy of trying to get an independant Scotland into the EU is a pandora's box. Scotland is entitled to it's independence if it wants it. But it should be under no illusions. Brexit will be a bumpy road for the UK, but it will be worth it. An independant Scotland throwing it's lot in with the German-dominated EU under the SNP's guidance could be a disaster.
  6. What happened to your regular updates on Sterling's performance against the US Dollar? ()
  7. That must be why she routed the Old Boys Network in her first cabinet reshuffle .
  8. You voted for him??? I hope it was only the first time. I saw through his revolting charade soon after he became leader of the party. I went from being a lifelong Labour supporter to a non-voter overnight. His skin-crawling speech about Princess Diana's tragic death just about summed him up for me: a total fake.
  9. There is no doubt that Corbyn is principled. But his obsessions are of the purple-haired nose-ring variety. He sweats the small stuff all day long, and he has shown not one iota of being capable of being a national leader with a vision of the country's future. And brexit has exposed him. That's one of the big reasons why traditional, mainstream Labour voters are deserting him in droves. What realistic proposals does he have to regenerate heavy industry (the loss of which is why we're in this daft boom-and-bust economy, as opposed to your beloved Germany)? This kind of policy would give him a huge edge over the Tories, but he offers nothing of substance. He would make a great secretary of state for renewable energy, or something similar. And that's the limit of his capabilities.
  10. alows a bit more room for the sixteen ones that are missing. Or do you only get a star when you've made your first credit payment?
  11. Marine Le Pen has doubled the vote that her father got when he was in a run-off. Doesn't that shock you? We're not talking about a local election anomaly here, we're talking about over five million votes. Globalism works to keep working class-to-lower-middle-class wages down by facilitating the flow of migrants from the poorest nations to the richest ones. How didn't you notice this? The neo liberalists are hand-in-glove with the globalists because it has been their route to power, having previously been marginalised.
  12. Like I have said, this is a wake up call to Europe: A far right candidate getting to the run-off and getting about 11 million votes is just plain wrong. But it's happened for a reason, the reason being that the centre ground has hoisted it's petard to the uncaring globalist mast which treats the masses of the world as 'product', with no local sensitivities. The centre ground and their globalist financiers will almost certainly ignore this wake up call, as is their wont, and Le Pen will be elected the next time around. It will be as big a disaster for France (and a lesser extent for Europe) as Trump is for the world. But the globalists will have got what they deserved.
  13. The UK was in a sorry state by the mid-1970s because of a combination of antiquated (sp antequated?) and inefficient industry dominating our economic output, and trades union militancy which had gone ballistic. The (rather bouncy) recovery from these malaises was nothing to do with Europe, and everything to do with the Thatcher governments. And we would have been in much the same situation (IMO a better one) if we'd chosen to trade independently in the world. Putting most of our eggs in the European basket was the easy, lazy option. And we'd be in an even better position (pretty-much on a par with Germany) if the Thatcher governments had got our heavy industries up to speed, instead of trashing most of them.
  14. But millions of ordinary people with genuine concerns are not rats. They are being ridden roughshod by mainstream politicians who are being bought and sold by globalists. That's why politicians with an alternative voice are on the rise. When will the globalists and the middle ground politicians wake up to reality? Ordinary people woke up a while ago. Do the Big Boys really want to end up being executed by firing squad like Ceausescu? That's where this will all end up if the masses are ignored for long enough.