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  1. No jayboy, you were pinning the words on me. Wind your anger in and come back with some reasoned and respectful arguments. You might win people over. As it is you are projecting seething anger. He wasn't pinning the words on you, but he prefaced his nonsense with "the mask has slipped" . I've always been of the belief that reasonable debate requires intellectual honesty. Never mind.
  2. Me too. And, I'm not sure why some people think an opinion piece in The Economist trumps the words 'straight from the horse's mouth'.
  3. Whilst there's no doubt that the Blairites are making hay over this, there is no evidence of them being involved in a wider conspiracy. Is anyone in the mainstream claiming that?
  4. You continue to project your nonsense onto another poster's entirely fair opinion. Astonishing!
  5. You need to slow down (a lot!). The only poster going on about Jewish conspiracies in this discussion (and in a very childish and ugly way) is yourself. Chomper merely pointed out that Corbyn would be likely to turn away from Israeli lobbying.
  6. Aside from your childish determination to turn the conversation racist and ugly, are you really suggesting that countries don't have lobbying interests, some very powerful and persuasive?
  7. https://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/22/world/africa/22libya.html?pagewanted=all
  8. The robust campaign is already under way, in an attempt to pre-empt him.
  9. So you weren't aware of the fact that Best For Britain is Gina Miller's pro-remain group? It receives funding from famous British citizen George Soros by the way.
  10. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/04/no-remorse-for-hillary/
  11. Or, one could listen to the voices of doom, who keep having to put their predictions of economic armageddon back....and back.....and back.....but it will happen, honestly .
  12. Sorry, your post doesn't make any sense as a response to the facts provided by Aright. We were told, a while back, on this forum that a weak Sterling would create stagflation. Why didn't that happen?
  13. Yeees, yeees simoh. We all drone on. Time will be the judge. Unfortunately, time has judged your side very badly so far.
  14. You quite obviously have no idea about shopping habits here in the UK. Eastern European migrants do most of their shopping for general groceries at Aldi and Lidl. So they, to a limited extent, are a dying market for said supermarket chains, and not any reason for increased investment. Us Brits shop there for all the basics, then go to the marquee chains for everything else which one can't get in Aldi and Lidl. Like I said, there will be a consumer spending boom once brexit kicks in, and that's why Lidl and Aldi are channelling money here now. Mark my words.
  15. Except that it isn't a message. History has established the forecast as a load of *******.