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  1. Where to Get Oversized Cardboard Boxes in Chiang Mai?

    I thought I'd report back here in case anyone finds this thread helpful in the future... Lanna InterPack will custom make boxes in whatever dimensions you request. We were able to order a box to the specific size we needed and it was ready in a few days. Cost was 200 baht for a giant box. Just what I needed!
  2. Where to Get Oversized Cardboard Boxes in Chiang Mai?

    This looks promising! I'll check it out. Thanks.
  3. Greetings, I need to find a large cardboard box for shipping some bulky stuff, but I'm having no luck. I went to the Baan Tawai area today to check with the various shipping companies. No luck. Largest box at Thai Post isn't quite big enough either. Box must be no less than 70cm x 50cm x 50cm. Any suggestions would be appreciated. -CTD
  4. If I'm shipping back stuff that totals over $2,500, can I expect to get them back in without taxes if I include US receipts for the more valuable items?
  5. Dog-Friendly Hotel Near Suvarnabhumi Airport?

    Yeah, I already went ahead and booked a place using Agoda. I initially missed their "pet friendly" search criteria option. We found a reasonably priced placed right next to the airport. Thanks for your response.
  6. That's the plan. If I do ship the photography gear, I'll probably opt for the extra expense of DHL. If I need to deal with an insurance claim, I'd rather do it with DHL than Thai Post.
  7. Thanks for the info. I'd guess I could expect similar results shipping from Thailand.
  8. Greetings, I'll soon be flying back to the US with my small dog. Our circumstances will require us to stop in Bangkok for a day or two before taking the flight back to the US. Can anyone recommend a dog-friendly hotel close to Suvarnabhumi Airport? The closer to the airport, the better. Thanks! -CTD
  9. That's great. I'll include this with any shipments. It can't hurt to try. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    Thanks for the info. I previously found that article, but it seems to focus mostly on food and not just general personal property. I've started a new topic in the "Home Country" forum, specifically seeking advice for advice on US import duty/taxes.
  11. Greetings, I’m returning to the US indefinitely and have made the decision to send some of my property back by either Thai Post or DHL. At this point, best guess is around 75KG of property, distributed over 3-4 boxes. I’ve never shipped anything to the US from Thailand and I’m hoping to minimize any duty fees or taxes. I have no idea what fees to expect on the US side and am hoping to get some guidance. The property that we’ll be shipping is overwhelmingly stuff purchased in America (stuff we brought with us from the US when we moved to Thailand). The stuff will mostly consist of small personal items, such as clothing, shoes and electronics. I also have a lot of high-value photography equipment. I’m very particular about keeping receipts for expensive purchases and have receipts for all of my photography gear, to prove it’s originally from the US. I’d normally prefer my expensive photography gear to fly with me, but I thought it may be better to send it by mail since I can provide proof of purchase for these items in the US (and thus maybe dodge taxes/fees?). Some relevant info here: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/348/related/1 What documentation should I include in the packages to minimize any customs or import fees? It was previously suggested that I include a “pro forma invoice” with the package. I’ve confirmed DHL provides these. If I ship with Thai Post, do they provide some sort of "pro forma invoice"or will I need to provide one myself? Does this need to be a specific form or can I just write up my own inventory list? Does it matter if I address the packages to myself versus a friend or family member? Is there any benefit to having the sender and recipient name match? Any advice would be appreciate. -CTD
  12. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    Thanks for the info. Thai Post does seem like the cheapest option at this point. I visited DHL yesterday found their 25kg boxes were quite large. Their 25KG box is just a bit smaller than a large suitcase. Cost is 7,400 baht per box, so quite a bit more than Thai post but shipping time was 4-5 business days. Local shipping company quoted me the following for "LCL" cubic meter shipments to Portland, Oregon: 1st CBM 13,814 Baht. Every additional CBM 8,931 Baht. I still need a bit help demystifying how the possible import taxes/duty fees will play out. I know when I've shipped a few electronics items into Thailand, I was charged a lot in taxes and it wasn't worth it. I need to make sure the same thing won't happen the other way around.
  13. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    Thanks for the info. We're waiting for a quote from a local shipping company. We're looking into a "LCL" (less than container load) shipping option. I've been told it'll be less than DHL, but don't have the quote yet. I'll post it here after I hear back.
  14. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    I contacted DHL in Chiang Mai yesterday and was told they have a flat rate box with a max weight of 25kg. I'm told the box measures 54cm x 44cm x 40cm. The price was 7,437 baht. This is apparently an "express shipping" option and takes 3 days to get to the US. I'd prefer a cheaper, slower shipping option. Nothing we'd be sending is time-sensitive. Regarldess, this still seems like a possible option. An extra 50 pound luggage bag with most airlines is around $200, so comparable in price and weight. Now to figure out much I can expect to pay in duty taxes once my stuff arrives in the US... I've always scanned receipts for expensive purchases, so I think I'll try to prioritize shipping stuff that I have receipts for to prove they were purchased in the US.
  15. Shipping my Stuff Back to America from Thailand

    Did you use Thai Post?