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  1. Thank you for actually answering my question and keeping things relevant. Does anyone else have anything on-topic to add?
  2. Greetings, As the title suggests, I'm considering buying a home at Wararom Kaewnawaratoff located off Outer Ring Road (Google Maps link). If anyone has any experience with living in this moo baan (good or bad), I'd be interested in hearing about it before buying a home there. Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer. Thank you. -CTD
  3. Alright, I agree that price is reasonable but it still stands that we'd prefer to avoid the trip there. There's worse places to have to go, I suppose. In any case, I find it absolutely crazy that this can't be done accomplished outside of Phuket. Thanks for your response.
  4. We're buying a house. We want it to be in her proper name.
  5. Hello, My wife and I were married a few years ago in the US. She has dual US/Thai citizenship. Her American ID's have her new last name, but she's yet to change her Thai ID and Passport to her new last name. She's from Phuket and her tambien ban (ทะเบียนบ้าน) is based in (registered in?) Phuket. We're currently in Chiang Mai and were previously told at the Amphur office in CM that we must go to Phuket to change her name. The employee was very unhelpful and I'm not convinced this is accurate. This seems ridiculous we'd have to go to the other end of the country to change her name. Is there any way for us to avoid the trip to Phuket and just get her name changed here in Chiang Mai? Any advice would be appreciated. -CTD
  6. Not yet, but based on what I've heard it may be worth getting one with BK Bank. We currently only have an account with Kasikorn.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Good to hear we're on the right track. Regarding the nightmare of not being able to own land as a foreigner, we'll be avoid that by putting the property in my wife's name. Does anyone have any input regarding using Bangkok Bank rather than another bank (such as our current Kasikorn bank)? I've heard that there may be benefits to using Bangkok Bank because they have branches in the US.
  8. Greetings, I know this has been discussed plenty here, but I’m hoping I can get some guidance regarding best practice for transferring a large amount of money from the US in order to buy a home in Thailand. I’ll be transferring several million baht into Thailand from a US account, so I’d like to confirm I’m on the right track here. Also, I want to ensure I can get this money out of Thailand if we ever decide to sell the house. A couple things to note: My wife has Thai citizenship. We have an account with Kasikorn bank. We’d gladly open a new account with another bank (Bangkok Bank?) if it’s in our benefit. Here’s what I’ve read from other posts, some of them quite old. Please advise if this is no longer accurate: -Do a SWIFT transfer from my US account to our Kasikorn Bank account. -Send the money as US dollars and and convert "onshore" through Kasikorn Bank. -Get a Transfer Certificate which lists details of the property we’re buying -Also, I’ve read about “intermediary” banks, but don’t really understand what that’s all about. Am I missing anything here? Is the exchange rate negotiable when dealing with large transfers like this? Thanks. -CTD
  9. JIMHILL, where did you get that black (nylon?) case for your iMac? That seems like a good option. I've done some searching around eBay and Amazon and found this. It doesn't look like quite the same thing, as yours fits the box, which I prefer.
  10. Thanks for the replies, everyone. The original box is very well-suited for transporting this computer, so I'd like to use it. I think that's the safest option. But it seems using the original box creates the issue of it being mistaken for new. How about just bringing along my original receipt for the computer to prove I bought it a couple years ago?
  11. Greetings, I'm currently living in Chiang Mai and have been here almost a year. Long story short, I planned to be here maybe a year but will be going back to school here and anticipate being here three to four more years. I'm returning to the US for a short time to sell most of my possessions. I don't plan to bring back too much stuff from the US. No need for a shipping container, we can get most of what we need into luggage. Between my wife and I, I expect to have four large suitcases. Here's what I'm concerned about: I have a high-end 27'' iMac in the US. It's still quite new and had all the fancy upgrades at time of purchase. Roughly $2900 (USD) value. Rather than selling it in America (and invariably getting a lousy deal) and buying another one here (invariably paying way too much as these are even more expensive in Thailand), I'd like to just put it back in the original box and bring it as checked luggage. The cost for the additional "luggage item" would be far less than the loss between selling and buying new again. Can I expect to bring this thing through customs? The box is pretty big, about what you'd expect for a similar sized TV. Similarly, I have a unique type of scanner (example here) which costs me about $550 in the US. I've shopped around and a similar replacement here seems to be about $900. I'd prefer to just bring this into Thailand with me than try to buy one here. It's small enough to be a carry-on item, but I suppose it's a bit unusual and may catch the attention of the person staffing the x-ray machine. In case it's relevant, I'll be arriving with a “Non-Immigrant Type O” multiple (M) entry visa. Also, my wife is Thai. I assume the rules are different for her. Any help here would be appreciated. -CTD
  12. Yes, that's exactly what I have. Thanks for your response.
  13. Greetings, I’m currently in Thailand and have a “Non-Immigrant Type O” multiple (M) entry visa (my wife has Thai citizenship). My visa expires in early May, 2017. I’m returning to the USA for a short time and will be arriving back in Thailand in late April (only about 2 weeks before my visa expires). Can I expect to get another 90 day stamp upon arrival, even though this would extend my stay past May, 2017? When I was issued this visa, I was told by the folks at the consulate I could essentially turn my 12 month visa into a 15-ish month visa by re-entering the country just before the visa expires. I just want to confirm this is still the case before showing up at passport control. Thanks. -CTD