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  1. Lego bionicle is the design template for all asian motocykes
  2. Fail = leaks. Result is the same in both cases. Oil makes its way down to the disc. Soaks into the pads that needs to be replaced. Disc cleaned and pads replaced. Upp side down forks. Major benefit: The thickest part (the outer tube) is at the point where the most stress is. At the head where it attaches to the rest of the bike chassis. So the flimsy part (inner tube) takes a substantial less load. Giving you a much more rock solid chassis. Given, of course that you don't make a crap fork in the first place. But used correctly, paired with a good chassis in general will give great road handling capabilities. Historic examples using USD and being rock solid : Zxr-400, 1992 Zx-6r, 95 GSX1000R - 05 (earlier models not rock solid) Models you can ride on the front wheel and they will not complain or break or missbehave. example of a motocyke with flimsy front end that will wobble like hell if you break hard from high speed. (100km+) Yamaha exciter 150cc Also the disc is not quite up to it.
  3. Backward evolution. Forks upside down.... from what they should have been.
  4. did you get original dimensions for the michelin pilots ? where did you get them ? Even if Lampang is no small city I have found it hard ro get since no normal thai seems to order michelin pilots in that dimensions and for reasons unclear to mankind no dealer wants to bring home on request. So how did you manage to get your hands on a pair, or did you buy frontweel only ?
  5. ไก่ Gai. Pronouncements depending on surrounding vowels.. Recommended "learning Thai from a white guy" He has good explanations / rules for pronunciation, also very detailed descriptions on how to achieve correct sound.
  6. front tyre very slippery recommended replacement suggestions wanted.
  7. it was not an easy decision
  8. i looked closer into the 2 words. หลุม = (lum) Cavity, ditch, pothole, hollow อากาศ = (agat) weather , sky, gas, air (outside) climate
  10. You can analyze the density at home to find out which is the best deal. จั๊ว = intensely, glaringly (white มะลิ​ jasmine :-) Skickat från min SM-N910F via Tapatalk
  11. Can buy rice Homm Mali, but here just says Mali Homm means smell good btw A variant called jaow Meaning Jasmin rice (before boiled) Kaow suaj (same but boiled ready to eat) Puzzling as you would think they misspelled kaow (rice) But it should be kaow tjaow Mali (dry before boiled) Can be bought by liter or kilo. Kilo is obviously to complicated to spell out so just says LO โล Skickat från min SM-N910F via Tapatalk
  12. 2017 yzf-r3. 42 hp, 2 cylinders 321 cc 1989 zxr-400 62 hp. 4 cylinders, 398cc (68cc more on double the cylinders) Absolutely insanely good road handling, rock solid chassis. Somehow time is moving backwards, almost 30 years down the drain and counting.
  13. Don't know how. If any kits are available. Maybe someone else knows. Skickat från min SM-N910F via Tapatalk
  14. i bought the rack-holder agree the tyres are crap and front forks also crap tyres i recommend to all and everyone to replace asap security