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  1. Yes. Passing a truck that is basically at a stand still at full/over speed is just for morons. License revoked for both of them. But mostly her.
  2. maybe but this specific one was an easy one, not a problem to avoid you are not obliged to run full speed into other stupid drivers/objects, this lady has no capacity left at all to deal with the situation, so she was driving way to fast for her capacity.
  3. after some traffic experience you also start to act correctly, even in panic (at least i did) miles and experience under the belt. your mileage may vary.
  4. I think we identified her strong points. Driving was not one of those.
  5. assuming I would have been in that situation. I guess i would have taken it on the left side as the lowest risk. Its a risk yes, but statistically its the lowest IMHO. Slamming the breaks you could get someone from behind. Normally i am aware bout what is behind me but not always, and other morons could easily come slamming into me when i am at a dead stop unable to get away quick enough. so yep that would be my choice.
  6. agree 100% she could have stopped way before the truck, if she just stepped on it. best option would have been a fairly hard break and go on his left side, IMHO lacking the skills of both options I would recommend the lady not to speed above capability.
  7. Drives at the speed of a race car specialist. No skills to go with the speed.
  8. put the damn chip on the card, and be done with it. cheap banks.
  9. speeding and running int to an accident with her eyes open is the problem. truck driver wrong yes, but that is no reason for her to cold-blooded run into him. Plenty of time to see what was happening and to understand that the traffic situation was becoming way to complex for the speed she was running at. basically the first thing you notice of the bat, is that this is quite fast for a "lady" , next when you see the truck you know this will not end well, no sign of breaking from this lady, no no.
  10. Lacking the brain-capacity to see the accident coming her way. "Normal" people would have slowed down, problem solved.
  11. speeding risk-management = zero Both at fault truck driver is crazy and the woman is driving completely without consequence analysis. again and again.
  12. An attempt. But the police turns a blind eye to almost anything, so unclear who will uphold it. Only hope is to the automatic cameras that are not lazy, can't be bribed and works after 16 o clock
  13. Lampang2

    Old Brit Accused Of Driving Drunk, Killing Rayong Girl

    I think it's normal for them to be alcoholics. Priorities are accordingly. Other people's life's is at the bottom of the list.