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  1. Wikipedia Tubeless "Traditional designs of pneumatic tires required a separate inner tube which could fail for a number of reasons, such as incorrect tire fit, friction between the tire wall and inner tube generating excess heat, or a puncture. Tubeless tire technology does away with the need for an inner tube thereby increasing safety." Stubbornness is not knowledge. Doing as I always have done is not progressing. It's plain ignorance.
  2. Yes. Very few people blow a tire in their lifetime. So your statistical mileage is still low. Check this specific truck for example. Tubeless or not? In the the western world tubes in car tires is history. No such thing anymore. Exception can always be found. Less than 1% for sure.
  3. If you have leaky rims, can't blame on the tires. Tubeless on motorcycles at least is always leaking less. Given you have a proper rim. Cars in the modern world is always tubeless. Only in thailand i have seen people put tubes into car tires, probably because the rim is gone. You could possibly also live on cheaper tires. But it causes a lot of problems. Heat build up in the tube and explosions.
  4. 1: A quick change into the left lane ignoring any traffic in that lane. (happens all the time) 2: Truck on its way to overtake at a speed where he is incapable of dealing with object doing lane change (happens all the time) 2 bad drivers at the same place = crash. <Thai language removed as this is the English language side of the forum> Som-nam-hna
  5. Huge. I know first hand. My exciter 135 tubes My exciter 150 tubeless. This asume thai market tubes.
  6. yes, they have tubes inside, and they deflate quickly compared to tubeless versions.
  7. always choosing the cheapest is not the same thing as not being able to upgrade if needed. not always about ability, its the culture, cheapest is always first choice regardless other options.
  8. Not if you shout at them. Then they submit comply and conform.
  9. Today yes. But Chinese people will evolve like the rest of us did before them. Next generation Chinese people will travel as we do today. Tomorrow is another day.
  10. so they dont <deleted> over the neighbors, which goes to prove ...... that they probably dont want to move to much Criminals on one scene, happy dudes on another. they fouled you obviously.
  11. thank you BIB not harder than that to stop the masquerading clowns
  12. he is speeding like a maniac sees the bus to late has to avoid it at to high speed and starts oscillating , then trying to recover control of the car. its just the breaking distance from the high speed until it comes at a stop. He is just speeding like crazy, that is not unusual. can be seen om thousands of compilations on youtube. same same
  13. I see advertising now here in Thailand for the cars with sensors that will automatically break the car when you are about to run something over. I assume it will not sell to the male Thai population here. They will not break for anything, ever never. Such a system is just unacceptable and utterly confusing for them. A system that will automatically flash your headlight moments before you run something over will become a success tough.
  14. Let's Learn One Word A Day.

    ตกหลุมรัก ตก-หลุม-รัก Tok hlum rak Fall hole love. (fall into the love hole I guess) Fall in love (tok as in fall, Nam tok, waterfall) Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk