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  1. My pitbull/bear/lion/tiger/elephant never bites etc etc animal owners in action
  2. yes, An endless amount of errors/stupidness/lies etc piled sky high Business as usual
  3. did you check the wheels ? Every force has a counter force. you think the force needed to flatten the coins comes from nowhere ?
  4. TIT 100% I couldn't order it myself without pointing it out in the broschyre. The just said Mai mee. But when showing it in broschyre they finally ordered it. A fairly big Yamaha shop with daily deliveries from central warehouse.
  5. post 109+111 in this thread
  6. New Models For The Thai Market

    I see your point. But I think the quality of the normal forks are cheap also. So in total, the USD will be a little bit better by design.
  7. What/who is Yss? Skickat från min SM-N910F via Tapatalk
  8. maybe she did set it on fire in an attempt to kill herself. quite a lot of men tries and succeeds in killing themselves in Thailand (under influence of drugs usually), why not women also ? I agree hanging demands much more of skills, so that is not normall if under influence of drugs. At least not in nature, inside a house maybe more likely , and a house where you normally live and can plan for it. A lot of people goes to Thailand to die, so it can not 100% be blamed on Thailand.
  9. New Models For The Thai Market

    Lego bionicle is the design template for all asian motocykes
  10. New Models For The Thai Market

    Fail = leaks. Result is the same in both cases. Oil makes its way down to the disc. Soaks into the pads that needs to be replaced. Disc cleaned and pads replaced. Upp side down forks. Major benefit: The thickest part (the outer tube) is at the point where the most stress is. At the head where it attaches to the rest of the bike chassis. So the flimsy part (inner tube) takes a substantial less load. Giving you a much more rock solid chassis. Given, of course that you don't make a crap fork in the first place. But used correctly, paired with a good chassis in general will give great road handling capabilities. Historic examples using USD and being rock solid : Zxr-400, 1992 Zx-6r, 95 GSX1000R - 05 (earlier models not rock solid) Models you can ride on the front wheel and they will not complain or break or missbehave. example of a motocyke with flimsy front end that will wobble like hell if you break hard from high speed. (100km+) Yamaha exciter 150cc Also the disc is not quite up to it.
  11. whatever they have, the price just went up
  12. New Models For The Thai Market

    Backward evolution. Forks upside down.... from what they should have been.
  13. did you get original dimensions for the michelin pilots ? where did you get them ? Even if Lampang is no small city I have found it hard ro get since no normal thai seems to order michelin pilots in that dimensions and for reasons unclear to mankind no dealer wants to bring home on request. So how did you manage to get your hands on a pair, or did you buy frontweel only ?
  14. Let's Learn One Word A Day.

    ไก่ Gai. Pronouncements depending on surrounding vowels.. Recommended "learning Thai from a white guy" He has good explanations / rules for pronunciation, also very detailed descriptions on how to achieve correct sound.