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  1. Until Prayut gets this figured out his run for elected office will have a serious flaw. Hopefully the Thai public will be able to get the information needed to make an informed decision when going to the polls but the junta may use their ability to control the media to stop the information from getting out. Hopefully not, and if they win the election after a free flow of information then the people will have what they decided was best for them.
  2. Ironic that a story of tragedy shares the headlines with one of great success. Both have lessons to share. Wonder what the media will focus on the longest?
  3. chama

    ‘Wild Boars’ likely to be discharged on Thursday

    Hopefully the Wild Boars are able to return to some degree as normalcy as soon as possible. In the long run it will allow them to enjoy their lives without this event being the centerpiece.
  4. chama

    ‘Wild Boars’ likely to be discharged on Thursday

    That coach should be recognized as the person who was primary for keeping those boys alive. I'm not sure if he had access to an accurate weather forecast but once in that cave he did everything right to keep the kids as healthy as possible, keep the moral up, conserve scarce resources, etc.
  5. Good to see that everyone wants to contribute and have found a way to do so productively....despite the traffic issues.
  6. chama

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    Exactly right. Along with monitoring any "fake news" they will be looking for any accurate news that may portray them in a negative light.Honesty may come with a price!
  7. chama

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    Just goes to show there were many unsung heroes. Amp will probably never be recognized by the masses but she, and many others, did her part to contribute to this rescue. Without the total effort of all of these people there is a good chance the rescue would have been delayed with tragic results.
  8. Wooing opposition into the fold is not new in the game of politics but admitting to it can be political suicide. If Prayut does not win his election it will be interesting, assuming anyone follows up, if anybody says they were approached and what offers were made.
  9. Excellent point! It is like cramming for an exam when in school, in the end you just have to go with what you have since you have not been diligent throughout you tenure. But it will be interesting to see what the minions come up with for results and then the spin the prospective PM puts on it as he tries to convince his detractors that although he has been strong arming the opposition, squandering state funds, moving cronyism from the old players to his preferred players, and his deputy has become a laughing stock, that he is the man for the job.
  10. chama

    Wild Boars cheered on by football elite

    While the Trumps and Zuckerbergs of the world feel obligated to comment the Wild Boars will probably appreciate the comments from football stars the most. They probably won't make the world cup finals this year but maybe an offer can be extended in the future?
  11. A master manipulator hoping to work his way into an elected office by claiming self sacrifice. Credit goes to anyone who gets into such a person of power although ethically there may be some condemnation for not returning his country to democracy sooner. If he was not without political skills he could not have risen to a prominent position in the military (same can be said for anyone in any military) and he has leveraged these to his benefit, others wish they have been so skilled, but has the country benefited?
  12. Well stated! Thank you for pointing out there were many heroes involved in this operation from Thailand and all around the world. Those wild boars deserve a lot of credit for staying strong at such a young age and never giving up. A great wrap up for events so far, but this story is not over until they are home with their families and well integrated back into their communities.
  13. The only way this can viewed in a positive way will be if money is put into the pockets of those families who had loved ones stuck in that cave, perhaps as scholarship funds. Some payment to the operations who actually got the team out also since there is no way this effort came cheap. The viewing audience will be entertained and help fund some f the operation. Unfortunately the blood suckers will also get theirs. They will get more of an audience if the event is still fresh in the worlds mind. It is unfortunate that the intent is to benefit by virtue of others suffering but if they go forward hopefully a way will be found to benefit those who have suffered.
  14. Musk is not a fool. If he decides to invest in Thailand you can bet he will be benefiting as well. But this does not mean Thailand can't benefit as well with more jobs and technologies. I will find it amusing to see how Prayut tries to spin it to show how he brought these benefits to Thailand. Credit goes to the worlds reaction to what could have been a tragedy and Musk's desire to be involved for the benefit of his own reputation, not a politically driven man seeks election into a position he has strong armed his way into.
  15. Who would you believe? Those that are involved in increasing sales or those who have made the purchase with poor results? It is difficult to pain all of those involved in the Thai tourist industry with the same brush but there are many that are just there to fleece visitors to the Kingdom and they are tainting the image of Thailand to a degree that will eventually impact the number of people that come to visit.