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  1. Different day, different issue, same approach. What is it about Thai politics that attracts the worst of the country's elite to run for office while the many qualified leaders choose to sit on the sidelines?
  2. Yes, what are these teachers thinking? Not suppressing these youngsters ability to think for themselves and question issues that seem to be wrong or statements that may be untrue? Better to allow peaceful solutions that allow the politicians to line their pockets rather than paying for crime suppression agains those who are only asking for the truth.
  3. Let's hope there is an election soon. Let's hope that a true leader with good intent emerges and the Thai people see through the clouds of BS that inevitably will be spewed and get the right person in the right position. And the clouds will open and Baht will rain down on us all, we will live forever in harmony and joy...yes, I know, but I just have to dream once in a while because this mess is so depressing.
  4. Yes, the Puppet Master can, but he won't because it would uncover his plans to form his dictatorship whilst the sheepole sleep. But pressure mounts, the sheepole are awaking and the people are starting to find their voices. Have the election and this becomes a non-story. Not ready? Its been over four years with constantly slipping dates. Anything the junta wants badly enough they have gotten done, sometimes with article 44 (heavy hand?) so they can get the pre-election requirements completed with the proper attention to detail if desired. It's time to move on.
  5. But if they look at the way things have gone in the past...are they wrong? So I guess that just bolsters your point. What system of justice?
  6. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    Let's hope that it just sets the stage for the election to be held...not the return of the Shinawatra Clan who were doing their own part to undermine the success of the country for personal gain.
  7. Nope, they aren't kidding....another example of "Thai-ness" at work. This is nothing a fat envelope can't solve and publicizing the incident would damage this poor official's ability to execute future plans.
  8. So far all indications are ,with a few well publicized exceptions, that the Thai police are above the law. They count on it and exploit the fact on a regular basis.
  9. Seems like this works to the junta's advantage. If no one is paying attention, showing up for votes, and otherwise doing the jobs they were elected to perform it is much easier to continue to form the dictatorship.
  10. The entire dialogue was based on his proposal to trust him and his government. And we all know how hard they had worked to earn that trust. Prudent spending on military toys, adherence to policies on declaring expensive wrist watches, who can speak on political issues in what size group....the list goes on. Yep...trustworthy, that's the word that should be be their mantra.
  11. No matter who it is we all know there is only one puppet master.
  12. Yep, drawing attention to the demonstrations will sure slow them down. Or maybe you could have an election and make the demonstrations go away all together. The longer it takes to hold an election the less likely those in power now will remain in power after the election that has to happen sooner or later.
  13. Forms of corruption may have mutated over the past four years, and who is able to get away with taking advantage of corrupt activities may have changed but it is still present. It may even be worse.
  14. Of course they are justified. Any self appreciating dictatorship could tell you this. And if your dumb enough to believe it then you get what you have....