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  1. The Thai police are the one problem with visiting Thailand that cannot be overlooked. There are some honest hardworking police officers but there are far too many that are corrupt and looking to take advantage of people, both Thai and foreigners, although foreigners are the bigger target. Visitors are often better off dealing with the non uniformed criminals than those in uniform.
  2. Good luck! The culture is too deeply rooted. The cops will only change if you change all of the cops!
  3. Surprised this made the news. Just Thai cop doing what Thai cops do....
  4. Very shrewd. Don't under estimate this man.
  5. Its all talk until it happens....we just have to wait and see how it plays out unless we want to really be "involved" in the process.
  6. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    Thanks...I was under the impression that the article was suggesting the date was being established and by late 2019 there would be an election and a new government seated. Perhaps I was reading too much into it as there have been earlier articles suggesting a date (but only if the in fighting ended) which apparently was erroneous as well.
  7. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    How long will it take for the date to shift to 2020? 2021? And on and on and on.....
  8. This will be a huge cultural change...not sure it can be done.
  9. The pork and turkey markets may be open but if Thai wholesalers find better prices from local producers they won't buy the American products. Capitalism at its best. Meanwhile he was able to buy plenty of weaponry that the Kingdom needs desperately (?). Maybe for use in sorting out issues in the south?
  10. Are tourist coming to enjoy the natural beauty or perhaps the nightlife is the real reason and they are not the ones impacted. Thais live there...they are the ones who are really impacted.
  11. Who controls the timeline for publication of these laws? Actions speak louder than words. Let's get on with it!
  12. Beating? Nothing a baclava can't fix for the camera.
  13. Wouldn't want competition to allow for a fair price to evolve. Tourist are easy targets anyway.
  14. Pretty shrewd actually. All they need is for people to believe this long enough to make one trip to Pattaya (when reality will set in) to swell their coffers and allow them to claim that tourist just can't get enough of this beachside paradise.