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  1. Actions still speak louder than words and excuses are still too easy to come up with...will there ever be elections? Will the foresight be employed to set up a device to prevent the corruption the PM claims to champion the fight against? Or will there not be an election and the corruption (think wrist watch) from within be to enticing to release?
  2. Not enough to express how ludicrous this claim is. All smoke and mirrors....if the public hears it enough they'll surely believe it?
  3. Credit is due for cleaning this up....and then placing a severe enough penalty to prevent others from setting up operations after all of the current scum bags are packed up. Sending them out of country is not severe enough. They really need to suffer to realize this type of activity won't be tolerated.
  4. So The Toad has an escape plan! This is not a surprise. There is a thin veil covering his corrupt activities to begin with so why would things change now? How long is it going to take for the NACC to tell us it is none of our business so the Toad can hop down the road to do more damage? After all there is a desperate need for another submarine.
  5. The Toad will hop away again, just a matter of what excuse is easiest to make stand up. Yingluck had wealth prior to entering office, kind of a poor comparison.
  6. So far this sounds more like Hells Angels wanna bees....real Angels may arrive to follow up. At which point this action will have backfired before the RTP get the upper hand.
  7. The Toad has a set of balls. He has no problem telling the public, "Hell yes I corrupt, what are you going to do about it"?
  8. Shows what they think of the Thai people's maturity and ability to make decisions. I believe they may have misinterpreted the apathy that has evolved after all of the foolishness that has taken place.
  9. Please understand...you are no longer allowed to think or speak. After all...its for your own good!
  10. Feeling the pressure? Has the BS level exceeded the tolerance level causing the normal smoke and mirror technique to start to crumble?
  11. Ah...someone is paying attention. You're right, there are dark clouds on the horizon that should be considered by all Thais right now.
  12. So the idea is not to have respondents say whatever they would like to say? So they should only say what they are told to say? And if they don't we won't release the results? Seems fair. Another win!
  13. Or maybe by 2030 or 2045 or 2050.... Nothing builds confidence in leadership like a statement telling everyone they can't have an opinion. Yep, this government is doing a wonderful job. We should all sleep well at night knowing they are doing all of our thinking for us.
  14. This is only one example of the wonderful heart and spirit that most Thais possess. Too often we hear of the unsavory elements of the Thai society and it is easy to forget that the good far out number the bad.