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  1. Don't worry, tourist still come to Pattaya for it's nature rather than it's "night life" so it can't be that bad.
  2. If a foreigner did this in Thailand they would have paid a monster bribe or gone to jail. But worse....what if they had been injured or killed? Gee the sign was to small so I disregarded it and now I'm dead. Great plan.
  3. Everyone gets robbed by the Thai police. That's what they do. Put in on your list when you visit Thailand because its gonna happen.
  4. A Korean made frigate...now we know why the submarine is needed. To find the frigate after it sinks when the bottom blows out from launching the U.S. made Harpoons.
  5. Can taxi drivers set rules for passengers?

    So taxi drivers who post signs saying they put customers first and don't have silly rules will increase their business while those that make riding in their taxi a prison sentence will see a reduction in use. Sheepole need to stand up and use their rights to spend their money to support businesses that treat them right.
  6. Govt sends unclear signal on US missiles

    Need to save some money to get another submarine!
  7. One has to wonder if some of the investigators are anxious to bring this spoiled brat back and others and not (and likely have financial incentives not to be) as missing paper work, long delays, and other investigative blunders seem to be consistent occurrences.
  8. Extortion racket busted

    Just trusted officials doing what trusted officials do.......
  9. If tourism truly is important to Thailand's economy this is one area that should be improved so visitors are impressed from the start rather than jaded on how the Kingdom treats them. For all the other efforts in place to increase tourism this seems like an easy fix that would probably go unnoticed once in place but sure is an irritant for travelers in its current state. Also seems to set the tone for tourist to be treated as second class which can be felt in several forms (like pricing differences at several sites, cab experiences when cabbies won't pick them up etc) which people will discuss with friends and contacts upon their return home. Thailand has many things to offer tourist but there are many things that are simple fixes that would improve their visit and would in turn increase tourism revenues.