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  1. Hi all, my mate has a cambodian girlfriend. She has lived in thailand along time on work permits etc. He would like to take her to the uk for a holiday. Has anybody any experience of doing this in thailand, where to apply for visa to uk etc
  2. Hi everybody, i have just found out my landlady never submits the tm30. Is this a problem for her or could it make Trouble for me at immigration later.
  3. Hi everybody i have just found out my landlady has never submitted a tm30 for me. I have lived here 2 years have a retirement extension and do my 90 days with this address. Is this a problem for my landlady or me. Cheers
  4. My mate just rang me from a visa agents. The agent told him today is last day you can do a 12 month extention., in future only the new 5 year visa. Sounds dodgy
  5. Hi everybody just had a strange experience at bangkok bank. They said oh you have new passport sorry can not give you money. You opened account with old passport. New passport has different number.funny i have been using same " new" passport for 4years to withdraw money. Anybody had similar problem. Thanks
  6. Sounds like i will be ok this will be my 10th extension same address. Another thing do they say when they are coming because maybe you have gone on holiday for a few days or something.
  7. What is the chance of having a home visit during under consideration? I live 60k from office and am the only farang in village.
  8. toots

    late uk oap

    For over 2 years i have received my uk old age pension every 4th friday no problem( my 65th birthday was a friday) then in september i did not receive it till the following tuesday and it has since shown up in bangkok bank account on tuesdays. I received a letter from pension people in october saying i would get pension every 4th friday as before but still it comes following tuesday. What has changed?
  9. How early can you go to immigration to extend retirement visa for 1 more year. Seems to me the earlier the better. Cheers
  10. I received a letter from the international pension service(uk) stating that my oap would be delayed by up to 6 days because of changes in swift numbers etc by thai banks. Anybody got info about this? Cheers