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  1. Have friends here on honeymoon, can anyone recommend the above? I only know The Crab and Claw, but looking for something more traditional.
  2. The luxury market is not doing too well right now. Many suppliers are not getting paid, it's reaching crisis point. So if Thais aren't buying luxury goods then I doubt they'll be buying cars unless totally necessary. Of course none of this is being reported, the government pretends all is well. And with all these crazy 50 m condos in central Bangkok being built, it has all the hallmarks of a pre crash
  3. Agree there shd be a help line set up. Nowadays with the free apps and most people using smartphones it cd be set up by the embassies
  4. With the reported surprising economic results in uk, let's hope the £ gets a little stronger. What's interesting about the Thai economy right now is the luxury market has pretty much crashed. Outlets are not paying their suppliers, and it's reaching crisis point - I know this from one of the biggest importers of luxury goods in Thailand
  5. Was this Islamic terrorist Palestinian in his own country when he got shot? Just a question
  6. When I first came to Thailand I loved the vibe and knew I'd live here one day. I wasn't into Thai women at all (At the time).Nearly 20 years on I've slowly made the move over and bought a condo nearly 3 yrs ago. It's not quite the same Thailand now and I do miss what I first experienced. But that's 'progress' ... also feel my age in Bangkok too, so I'll probably move to an island at some point and live the beach life, sailing etc. So for anyone thinking to move abroad, you really need to have that feeling in your gut about the country of choice. You need a long term plan and a way to pay the bills, preferably owning and renting property. If you're winging it for a better sex life, it's maybe not enough, unless your life truly revolves around sex and you have deep pockets!
  7. If he was wounded lying on the ground, how was it manslaughter
  8. I still remember when Tom Hurndall got shot by an Israeli sniper. As the evidence mounted on the marksman, his story changed so many times. I think he did 6 yrs for that murder.
  9. You do get some big waves off the coast of Norway and Sweden on that side. I live there during the summer and we take the cats out to Koster from the main land. They have a very high tunnel/deck clearance, v sturdy. Not sure what the clearance is on the Hua hin pattaya cats
  10. LOL So it's ok to kill your own I've read it all now.
  11. There are a couple of good craft beer bars in BK - Mikkeller in ekkamai and Let the boy die (youngish crowd, near Chinatown). Of course not cheap, but the brews are really good. And try Ekamai Beer House, a good choice of brews and they do a happy hour. A very popular place for groups of young ladies after work..
  12. Yes it was really going well til that rant at the end
  13. What year did it change? I seem to remember it tasting good in the late 90s.. but everything tasted good on that first trip
  14. Agree Netflix is good value. It gives you 3 tier choices, I went for the top for the free month then medium package Also good for Airbnb
  15. Really depends what type of property and area. Some of the new apartments around emporium or Lumphini park are much higher. If you go to the less enviable parts of Silom and rent an older condo, u get value. Depends what you want, like any city inc London