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  1. so yea im a 21 y/o guy and been here about a week now. I've met quite a few university girls (it seems every girl who is 24> is in school here). First encounter was some girl I met at a local club (not a bar girl) and I went out with her twice after that and even though she was very cute she seemed like a good studious girl and was sort of acting friendly/not-flirty so I assumed that she just wanted a friend or something so I made no moves on her then after she seemed untinterested and hasnt really messaged me since. Then a very similar situation the other night with some girl I met then she called me out the next day to hang with her and her friends, she was really hot but seemed like very passive and didnt act flirty at all so I thought it was the same as the last girl, but after her friends went home we stayed for drinks, and since she stayed out alone with me im like what the hell so I made a move and then she actually came back to my place and was a full on pro in bed. so this got me thinking, are all chiang mai chicks like this, like all shy and stuff but actually dtf? Before chiang mai i was in phuket and bkk and all the local girls I met there were either bargirls/gold diggers and they seemed like really westernized when it came to flirting and stuff. So yea im jw if this is some sort of cultural thing, like are girls here just really shy and dont know how to flirt cause I cant really tell which girl is interested or just wants a friend. im gonna be here awhile so Im trying to gather some info on this