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  1. Comparing Brexit to Trumpmania is an insult to Brits.
  2. Lack of ability in foreign languages is the least of Thailand's problems. They are concentrating on minutiae and ignoring the real problems.
  3. Sounds like the quickest way to end up paying bribes to half the precinct. There is no way I would fall for this trap.
  4. Your definition of "bigot" is anyone who does not acknowledge the supremacy of the almighty homosexual. Gay sex has been mainstreamed as something normal, thanks to hordes of gay psychiatrists who pressured the American Psychological Association into dropping its designation of homosexuality as a "perversion". Simply because medical professionals decided to sell out their profession, does not make homosexuality normal. Such an idea is just as wacky as the born-again Christian lunatics who think they should be stoned to death for their genetic predisposition. Some are born with six fingers or toes. Nature is full of freakish creatures, most of whom do not care whether they are "normal" or not. Wishing to be normal and insisting that you are normal is not the same as actually BEING normal. It is quite common for perverts to scream "bigot" at those who refuse to grant acceptance to buggery and knob-gobbling.The pretense is made that homosexuality is just like being . black or Asian, therefore, those who insist upon heterosexuality are the same as racists. Such stupidity is puzzling. It is none of my business if you eat feces.....just don't try to pass it off as a t-bone steak.
  5. Jesus is another mythical person. I have no interest in "gods", prophets, preachers or other charlatans. I am interested in humanity. I DO recognize that some acts are unnatural and homosexuality is among them. I'm not saying they should be crucified or persecuted, I simply do not want to associate with them. Normal men cohabit with women, not ladyboys or other perverts.
  6. I always enjoy it when homosexuals "out" themselves by rushing bravely to the barricades when someone dares to challenge their perverted lifestyle. Any cannibals out there who would like to mainstream eating human flesh??
  7. The term homophobe suggests that somehow I am "afraid" of homosexuals. In fact, they are the least scary of any humans I know. Their predilection for anal sex and fellatio is not a problem for me, but it might be for them if they contract HIV. Not all of us can be normal. Some like to be tied up and others like to have sex with animals. Still others like to smear their feces all over the wall. It's just a matter of time before there are "support groups" and "liberation" movements for those individuals.
  8. Those who want to mainstream perverted behavior will always try to make you feel ashamed of your stand in favor of heterosexuality. I don't wish homosexuals, transexuals or cross-dressers any harm, I simply refuse to consider this behavior as normal. If that makes me "bitter", then I wonder if you know the meaning of the word.
  9. How charming. Fellatio-loving soldier boy marries feminine man who has just the equipment needed to be fellated.
  10. The drive toward self-preservation is basic to human nature. Only a fool could think that a man's efforts to save his own life constituted "cowardice". Governments invent these kinds of artificial constructs as a means of controlling the population. "Do as we say, even to a fatal outcome, or we will make sure that you will suffer until you die." I see no difference between this mindset and the practices of Communism or Facism.
  11. Military logic has always mystified me. "Either consent to being murdered by foreign strangers or WE will murder you with a court marshall. Never forget that you are cannon-fodder and your life belongs to the state."
  12. I'm 67 and I've always been a bit of a prick, so not much has changed. I'm still functioning sexually with my 45 year old girlfriend (often to her amusement). She seems to think I must be a novelty, but I'm just a horny old goat. Three times a week would suit me just fine. I have aches and pains and my sleep patterns have been disturbed since I was young, so I can't blame them on being a geezer. My chronic back pain is alleviated by Tramadol and I managed to get in a lot of walking with my GF. She seems anxious about losing me, though I can't understand why. She would benefit from my demise. Could it be that she actually cares???
  13. I became acquainted with a Thai/American brother and sister at a university where I worked. They are fluent in both Thai and English, having an American mother and a Thai father. They both tell me that a large percentage of Thais do not even speak their own language correctly, which leads to any number of misunderstandings. Comments?
  14. I did not have that option because there was less than 21 days left on my tourist visa. It takes IO that long to use a rubber stamp. Staggering incompetence. The trip to Vientiane was educational, so it was a win.