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  1. This post makes no sense without context. Why would the picture be taken down? There is normally a reason given.
  2. The French Revolution is looking REALLY good right now.
  3. Thainess responds to the threat of social media. Great smokescreen for accomplishing the same thing as the "single gateway". A masterstroke for enemies of free expression. Create linkage and rule the roost.
  4. Because criticism of the "sacred Thai" is always equivalent to thugs who actually draw blood and inflict pain. The TVF apologencia can always find a peanut in a ball of feces.
  5. EXACTLY the kind of lock-step, mindless sycophancy that the "Thai Way" set is famous for. No one denies being a "guest", no one expects "fawning" or applause. No one is REALLY concerned about beer prices. We DO expect our concerns to be taken seriously, rather than greeted with a "go home" chorus every time a grievance is aired. Expats with a larger than average income, pump a considerable sum of money into the economy and expecting it to be as easy as possible to do that, is NOT an unreasonable expectation. Blind protectionism and xenophobia is the root of the problem.
  6. What's WRONG with it is THIS: a "poor man's" income in countries like America is a very good living here. As a retiree, my income is many times that of most full-time workers. The reverse is NOT true for most western countries. The poor people who come to America and the UK are TRULY poor. If more people were retiring wealthy, there would be no need to retire to countries where the cost of living is lower. This should be obvious to anyone, but the "Thai way or the highway" crew of Thai-o-philes, keeps propagating the mythology that we are taking something out of Thailand, rather than giving it a good cash infusion. Mexico and many Latin American retirement destinations understand this simple fact and have programs in place to ATTRACT retirees with first world pensions.
  7. This animal should be drawn and quartered.
  8. Thainess in all its glory.
  9. The latest word is that this woman was jailed and it cost her about 6000 baht to get out of the slammer. Som nam na.
  10. Thailand.....where you're guaranteed to lose.
  11. Bringing misery back to the people. That's our Junta.
  12. Thank you and come again.
  13. My Thai GF, who has studied Buddhism extensively, tells me that Thai Buddhism is not really Buddhism. I am just beginning to understand what she means.
  14. One of the best things about Bangkok and the BMA takes dead aim. Typical. In another ten years, Bangkok will be Singapore.