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  1. Well, I am not going to join the hot debate that's going on in this thread, Ha! It is shown that the Thai pursued and shot the farang dead. That's the fact. My only wish would be that the authorities pursue this matter with the energy of the debate here...if they do then perhaps...well we'll have to wait and see. Due to a recent event involving one of my Thai friends and the local police, certainly gives me cause for doubt. I do hope I'm wrong.
  2. TKDfella

    Prayut urges people to 'vote carefully in Feb'

    Quite! I mean, how can vote 'carefully'? People vote for the party (or representative of the party) they prefer, for their own reasons. Really is a whole 'bollotics', ha!
  3. TKDfella

    Stinky laundry

    This is true but it won't kill fungus. Being a high humidity climate in Thailand fungus can grow quickly especially on workout/gym suits (which is what I have a problem with). Killing these need a high temperature which of course, might cause damage to the clothes. White cotton or cotton*artificial fibre mix may have a characteristic black spotted appearance and if so that stain won't be removed by usual techniques. I wash my workout clothes immediately after w/o but if left the fungus will take hold and produce a dank odour and bacteria will also contribute.
  4. Quote '...in this God forsaken world.' And you recon the rest of us expats should not care about what Thais think??? With a quote like that I think you must rank high on the scale of negativity about everyone and everywhere. And for your info, it does matter what Thais think of expats because the '...good Farang...' knows that the bad ones can get the rules changed...rules that affect all.
  5. Condolences to the family of the tourist. If the cop is on the run he must feel the killing was unjustified. Have to wait and see reasons etc.
  6. Well, they can spout all they like but in the end if, in reality, the tourists don't flood in then the cash in the till will dictate the situation. Not enough money coming in then...
  7. TKDfella

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    What a load of 'ballots'. I keep saying it...the junta will do want they, when they blah blah. Why don't they just say Thailand is not a democracy anymore...change the name to Thahaland (short for Thahaanland) alternatively, erasing the the 'T' might be more precise.
  8. While I send my condolences to the families my concern is that if they don't give thought to their own safety...yeah you can see where I'm leading eh?
  9. Yeah, well we all know what the decision will be? The only thing that surprises me is how short a time it has taken to come to such an thought provoking conclusion...wait...did I just say 'thought provoking'??? Probably the most thought provoking decision they made was when to have coffee, Chinese or Thai tea and who to send out to collect lunch.
  10. This Pm has no idea what a referee is let alone try to use it as an analogy. Referees at a fight don't make the rules they apply them only. In the PM case he is both chairman of the boxing board of control and a messenger of his own misguided rules.
  11. TKDfella

    Thai parliament to close forever new year's eve

    Yeah, I thought that was best and most truthful line coming from the junta since they took power, Ha!
  12. Ha, Mr. PM look on the bright side. If opposing parties boycott the meeting then from any questions you'll get all the answers you want to here. It'll be just like talking to yourself...you'll like that won't you!