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  1. Fair post, thank you, sgtsabai. Re Hitler: Please look up what the "S" in "NSDAP" stands for. Additional hint: "AP" stands for "workers' party", a quite straight forward commie term. It is true that under the NSDAP most people could keep and run their own business as long as they had the approval of the state (license). To be fair, children then could still sell their self-made orange juice or used books in their yard or on the street without being heckled by state servants. You know, IP and public health protection hadn't yet been that much sophisticated... Anyway, an integral part of fascism is state control over any private business activity by finally deciding if at all and with whom the business is allowed to be done. Does this ring any bells about the state of the "free" West? And political correctness was already then very popular - You could easily go to prison or be fined if you said something - or were accused of having said something, even out of context - that was not state approved. Did I already mention gun control? Ok, water under the bridge. Re President Obama: I think he is going to be remembered as someone who socialised quite some aspects for the U. S. populace, even if he did this under the progressive banner. By the way, Hitler also introduced socialised health care for the German people, after all, he was a staunch progressive socialist. He was anything but a capitalist or conservative. Conclusion: Gun control makes oppression easier for any regime, no matter from which "political corner" it stems. The freedom to protect and defend oneself by any means, means not to have to ask the state for approval, as it can't protect you anyway. It only protects its own institutions and some VIPs (very important politicians)... The best you can hope for is a proper investigation after a committed crime against you. That's it, no protection by the state for you. Well stated, but I would disagree. Especially with your comment, "Gun control makes oppression easier for any regime, no matter from which 'political corner' it stems." This is one of the principal arguments consistently foisted on a gullible public by the gun humpers. No, gun ownership will not ever provide even the slightest hiccup of concern within a modern-day regime bent on oppression. And I offer one word in defense of my position..."drone". How well is an AR-15 or any other gun going to stand up to an armed drone eyeing you from 5,000 feet? I would point to the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Queda. They can go you one better...maybe two. They have fully automatic weapons, including vehicle mounted weapons, and RPG's. How well have they fared against an armed drone? Or an attack helicopter? Or an F-18? And that's in heavily mountainous terrain. How well do you think you'll do in American topography? Claiming that you need your lever action 30-30 or even an AR-15 to defend yourself against a committed force of Airborne troops is ludicrous. Why not just admit it..you want to own an AR-15, or similar assault type weapon, because it's a hell of a lot of fun to take to the firing range, squeeze off a magazine, yell "YEEHAW" while thrusting your fist in the air, and get horny at the smoke and fumes emanating from the barrel. Owners of those types of weapons impress the hell out of themselves and their buddies while guzzling Bud's and outlining exactly how they'll take down a full battalion of infantry. Fun for you? OK, I have no problem with that. That's your thing, then knock yourself out. But to offer the lame reasoning that you need weapons like that to defend against a fully outfitted army the likes of the US military is just simple bullsh*t and you know it. Nothing to do with fun. I don't particularly enjoy owning guns or firing them. (Certainly not cleaning them!) But... My grandfather and other Armenians survived in Van against the forces of the Turkish Empire because they had smuggled in and hidden guns. Armenian towns that had not done so, were deported, and most died in horrible circumstances. Guns save the innocent. Can't help against drones? BS! The guys piloting those things are made of flesh and blood, and they drive to work every day. Martial law was threatened in the US in Fall 2008... (from 9:00) ...and again in Spring 2009, and both times the military apparently refused to go along. Perhaps they didn't fancy getting shot to pieces? In Spring 2009 I was shocked to see American WOMEN posting threats on the internet using their REAL NAMES. The Pentagon/Homeland Security armchair warriors blanched, and shrank away. Here's a more recent confrontation wherein Federal shooters turned tail and skedaddled... Freedom is indeed born from the barrel of a gun!
  2. Actually, no. Muskets and militia gave us freedom from British tyranny. The Second Amendment was an afterthought to ensure that the Federal government didn't become a new tyranny.
  3. HikeFromLA

    Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up

    He TROUNCED 16 rivals But there IS no campaign Okay then... But NOW... Oh golly the POLLS are not good Oh GOLLY PS Stay tuned...
  4. HikeFromLA

    Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up

    Have I missed a thread here? My understanding, from the limited dose of US news I ingest here in Thailand, is that Trump is well respected among workingmen. No small feat for a man who has made billions, no?
  5. HikeFromLA

    Trump fires his campaign manager in dramatic shake-up

    Nope. Not at all. He simply wants to work again. Don't diss the guy what made you famous.
  6. Shameful to see US working to protect Al Qaeda, isn't it? Seems like Kerry wants Syria to be Libya all over again.
  7. Israelis won the war and conquered the land. As occupiers, you do not get to continue waging war against a conquered population. You have to stop.
  8. HikeFromLA

    NCPO grants police powers to military

    While the junta talks about fighting corruption, its actions are against anything resembling criticism or dissent. A Thai woman was arrested for posting a picture on Facebook of herself with a red bowl signed by the Shinawatra's with new year's greetings http://www.ifex.org/thailand/2016/03/31/sedition_redbowl_photo/ . She was charged with sedition and faces seven years in prison. In the same story Deputy PM Chawit defended her arrest: Thanks Bruce. Saddening but indisputable. I happened to read a copy of the Bangkok Post yesterday evening. I was shocked at the mincing around in both news stories and editorials. I texted to my family that it seems Red China has freer expression than Thailand. Saddening. (I know I said that already.)
  9. HikeFromLA

    NCPO grants police powers to military

    I was wondering that. (If you are being serious here.) In Mexico, where I last lived, the military are indeed used to step in when police are compromised. I certainly don't like the sound of it, and agree with the poster above that opponents may become targets of warrantless intrusions etc. Since government is military, perhaps they have less control over police in some areas... Hence this new law But is there a shred of a possibility that this could actually BE an anti-corruption measure? I am thinking of the time under Thaksin, when drug pushers were dying, and we all cheered. Maybe not all kosher, but objectively a good thing. And of Baja California where I lived. It made us proud to see the military there, they were doing a great job in that state, had ended drug violence. A shred, or no?
  10. HikeFromLA

    12-year-old British Girl Missing in Thailand Found

    Prayers with heroic Trevor Miles, beautiful Zara Miles, and the free and independent Kingdom of Thailand.
  11. You guys are too cynical too evil too funny LOL +1
  12. Faz, Thanks much for your input here. Noone told me this before. Jesus Christ Almighty, I have been weighing marriage O visa as a visa option for long stay here in Thailand. Great God Almighty! Give half my future private jet plane to the leggy sweetheart that cooks and cleans for me? Jesus. I have dodged a bullet here. Guess I will do retirement visa or just stay a nomad on tourist visas. Dont mean to derail the thread, but JESUS I cant believe noone told me that shit before. I thought I had LEFT Hotel California! WOW. You can check out, but you can never leave... Faz, come to Old Town Chiang Mai, your drinks are on me.
  13. That's exactly the reason why I don't post often on this forum because there is always - at least - one guy, oops sorry, I meant one moron, who is going to judge you when you ask a question. The question was pretty simple: is it possible to do it or not? And the question wasn't: do you think it is good to do it or not? Bark, I don't care about what you think. WE are decided to do it and WE have our reasons to do it in this way. By they way, if it is your vision of the wedding (that means wedding = paying the father every month), I seriously suggest to find another wife. The family of my girlfriend and my girlfriend herself NEVER asked me any kind of money. The fact that you mention 500,000 baht instead of 100,000 to 300,000 just confirms that you actually found the wrong wife. You see, I can also judge you, is it nice? I hope you post OFTEN on this forum, mon amie. Tres amusante!
  14. The article got it right despite its huffy, angry tone. Expat always refers to a White person or to anyone coming from a White-majority country. Kind of like how an "exotic beauty" will always be Asian or brown-skinned, even if she has never traveled, and is called that in her very own hometown newspaper.
  15. HikeFromLA

    World considers a Trump presidency, and many shudder

    To be honest you come across as more than a little bit condescending and dismissive of anyone that disagree ls with youWhile I truly believe Bernie is the best candidate it does not mean that I can not prefer Trump as a second choice of Bernie doesn't end up with the Democratic nod Yes their politics may be very different but on the problems of corporate interference in Politics , the problem of US factory jobs being outsourced to Overseas and the need to take on drug companies to allow for reduction of costs they agree I feel the above items to be some of the most important In addition, I do think a Trump election would cause the Republican Party to have a bit of a melt down, which is not a bad thing Also if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination and looses, I think that would be good for the Democratic Party in the long run as well. As in all the polls Bernie beats Trump soundly by far more support than Hillary but Hillary controls the DNC and the corporate donors so it is her turn regardless of what is best for the country So if a Hillary loss forces the DNC to review what they are doing that is also a good thing Especially if it lets them realize that Bernie or a Bernie like candidate would be better for then Democratic Party in the next election As I think if Trump is elected, 4 years from no there is a very good chance for a Democrat to be elected.... But I hope it would not not not be Hillary again. Maybe we need someone like Trump to be elected to make it possible for some one like Bernie to get the Democratic nomination so they can be elected So please stop dismissing people or labeling them as 'secret closest racist right wing nutjons' just because you don't agree with them That is offensive Thank you for your comments and remarks. Donald Trump is not only offensive. Trump is a uniquely American fascist. Fortunately and predictably however, Trump and his unprecedented and unique brand of fascism is of a pronounced limited appeal in the United States. Americans haven't ever jumped off the political precipice because the vast and centrist political middle absorbs the fringes of society and politics. When as in the instance of Trump however, as he is so wild and so radical, the moderate and measured American electorate must instead simply reject the whole of the lunatic fringe outright and decisively. Trump is exploitative and cynically so. Consequently, nothing he says or stands for is credible or has any merit. It is the case that as the moderate American body politic and the electorate witness the effect of Bernie Sanders on Hillary Clinton, that is what it will accept and she is whom it shall install in the office of President of the United States. That is how American issues, politics, elections have always gone. The Civil War settled the one great exception and the settlement was accomplished by the good guyz in that one too. The present irony is that Abe Lincoln was a Republican and Donald Trump who has seized what used to be the Party of Lincoln is not --nor has it been the Party of Lincoln for the past couple of generations of the Lee Atwaters and the Karl Roves et al. The present civil war in the Republican party is being fought with electoral ballots which is how it should be. This too will pass. it will nonetheless be painful en route to November. However, after that the uniquely new American fascist and his uniquely new and transitory American fascism will be wholly and foreseeably demolished. Thanks again for the post. It seems we must agree to disagreeAs I do not think Trump would be the end of the world or is anywhere as bad as you do And even though more than a bit extreme on immigration still more trust worthy than Hillary Although perhaps Bernie's momentum will continue to grow and the super delegates will come to their senses.. As if the super delegates voted for Bernie instead of Hillary, he'd now be far in the lead in the delegate count If so, guessing we will then be on the same side As actual delegates: Clinton- 766 Bernie- 551 Number of super delegates so Far= 490 So let me get this straight... Sanders is leading Clinton 2 to 1 in terms of popularly selected delegates?