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  1. Suda - The Painting Elephant

    The fastest way to train an elephant is to beat it in with a bull hook; therefore, I refuse to watch any elephants performing tricks.
  2. The Mainland Chinese economy has been expanding a minimum of 8% per year since the 1980 economic reform. 3MB = 100,000USD is small money for the 3% Chinese population who is lucky enough to have the money. The wealthier ones do not buy in third world countries such as Thailand, they buy in other more developed countries.
  3. Due to the economic expansion, the price of paid sex with 20 year old girls have gone up 10 times. The price is 50% off in Thailand.
  4. Stay in Northern Europe, Thailand is for Joe Blow like me.
  5. Hong Kong is very westernized compare to mainland China; have been having a very successful birth control program since the early 1970s. Average less than 2 children per couple. Hong Kong's population growth came from legal and illegal immigration from mainland China and other Asian countries.
  6. Even today, once you travel out of the four major cities, China is third world everywhere. People in Third world countries can't afford the luxury of individualism, they have no choice but to follow the crowd.
  7. Check the prices at Chiangmai locator, under male entertainments.
  8. I also hug those girls, as if I was a little girl and they were my favorite dolls.
  9. I sniff soiled panties, I lick young legal age girl toes too.
  10. In the USA, I will have to substitute the word "police" with lawyer.
  11. Typical " third world " male behavior. Understandable.
  12. Used underwear is cheaper than pot, they smell about the same. I do them both all the time.
  13. I don't rob and I don't steal; I paid for sex with young lady of legal age. I always give a 10% tip. Am I still nasty ? What about those women who marry to make use of western countries' divorce laws ? Are those woman nasty ?
  14. Usually 2 or 3 days before the 16th.
  15. Rogue elephant heads towards Cambodia

    The Cambodian farmers will shout him on site. RIP no-tusk Plai Sidor Daeng