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  1. The young independent Chinese tend to be the better manner ones. Too bad it happened to these two.
  2. One billion Chinese working like horses 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. A fleet of high quality air craft carriers will be built in about 10 years time. I have seen plenty examples of how much can be done by driving people like horses.
  3. Taiwan is very westernized, this law is mostly aimed toward other third world Asian who travels and works in Taiwan. The same law has been on the book in Hong Kong for over 50 years. It does get used a few times a year.
  4. You better surrender, because she weighted 200 pounds.
  5. The same thing in Vietnam right now. Mainland China used to have much the same problem.
  6. I like durians and mangos, but not the 105F+ April/May temperature.
  7. I am so old that I no longer care.
  8. China has a stronger economy; therefore, Chinese monks earn more that Thai monks.
  9. Henan province is a poor province, this sorts of over filling happens all the time. Even the big 52 seat buses carry extra plastic chairs for over fills.
  10. It is very common in third world Asia.
  11. Thai people go there because they can earn more there. Hindus and Buddhist are the third class citizens in Malaysia. Non Muslim aborigines are the second class.
  12. Cathay Pacific lost money last year, the first time since 2003. China Southern, China Eastern and China Airline (Beijing) were to blame.
  13. Third world habit. In Hong Kong, people used to do that about 50 years ago. People still do that in inland China.
  14. Average Chinese citizens will have to work an extra 3 hours a day to pay for more military hardware. President Xi said that he will guide China back to the glorious days of yesteryear when China was the superpower of Asia.
  15. Usually, third world people could handle more hardship than wealthy western people. When I was a little boy, when I got sick with a high fever, my mother just let me tough it out until I am about half dead. At that time an average citizen earned about .85 usd a day, seeing a real doctor cost 1.70 usd .