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  1. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    If China were to become a democracy like the USA, Tibet and the Uighur will still be under one China. It is a nationalism thing. Do you know of any country that gives back land willingly ? Did the British killed many people before freeing their colonies ? ?
  2. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    The Han Chinese had been absorbing other ethics groups for a thousand years. The Manchurians from the Northeast ruled China for more than 260 years, but it only took the Hans 100 years to completely absorbed them.
  3. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    There are many non Uighur Muslims in China, they were Han's converted to Islam during the time of the silk roads. There is no such thing as religious freedom in any communist country. All top level religious leaders are appointed by the propagandas office. No one gets kill, as long as he Pledge Allegiance to the communist government. There are many Uighur who sold out their brothers and live better than an average Han Chinese.
  4. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    Xinjiang means "new territory" in Chinese. The Qing Emperor acquired the land with the use of Mongolian soldiers more than 200 years ago. Do you know of any country that would give back land willingly? "" China is occupying their land and evicting them to build highways, and factories. Also China is moving lot of mainland population to take over their lands and destroying the culture. "" As of now the land is still too remote to be use for factories or any commercial purpose, as it is mostly dry desert type land.. For the last twenty years, the peasants living along coastal provinces are the biggest land gripping losers, 90% of them are Han Chinese. Han make up 90% of the country's population. Due to the remoteness of the Xinjiang regent, Uighur culture is not being destroy "yet".
  5. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    All third world people work like dogs, and China has many more dogs.
  6. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    " China is spending huge amounts of its reserves to keep its population docile and to maintain the control of the Communist Party. " China works it citizens to death so there will be enough money to build infrastructures. Vietnamese and Chinese suffer the highest level of tax pain.
  7. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    China, India, Vietnam, Russia, Laos and all the stans are all equally as corrupt. They should know how to get along with each other. The Chinese Uighurs are difficult to deal with because they will not abandon their muslin faith and be absorbed by the Han Chinese. The Manchurians ruled China for 260 years, but it only took the Han Chinese 100 years to completely absorbed them.
  8. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    " And kinda points to a map somebody make up around the 40's or 50's showing China's ownership of the islands. " That was the all time low in Chinese history. Invasion by the superpower of the time Japan, civil war between the USA backed nationalist army and the all volunteer rag tag communist/peasants fighters. The capital in Beijing had to move to a mountain city near Tibet to avoid Japanese bombing. Someone in China has the time to draw oceanic maps ? Chinese first immigrated to Jakarta back in the 1700s, the Qing emperor of the time didn't have enough sense to make an oceanic map for the sole purpose of island grapping ? ? The first three emperors of the Qing dynasty were very expansion minded, they used their Mongolian Calvary for many unethical missions. When was the last time any major country abide by the international tribunal ? Let's get that fat boy in North Korea abide by the international tribunal .
  9. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    " Last time I looked, China was illegally building on pristine islands in the SCS, " The island dispute has been going on and off for many hundred years. China has been down and out for almost 200 years; what is wrong with getting back to the island dispute again. All the countries involved with the island dispute have a stack of wrinkle old maps with them. Which of those has the best map ? Many countries in the world have on going border disputes with neighbors, what is new ?
  10. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    " persecuting indigent populations in various parts of their country (Muslims included) " Wait until economic developments get to the remote areas where ethnic minorities live. Many Han peasants had lost their land due to local officials' land grapping. Han Chinese make up 90% of the population. " illegally abducting foreigners in other countries " According to Chinese law, anyone born in China is FOREVER a Chinese citizen. It is up to those host countries to put their foot down and say: " NO STOP " " (never to be seen again) " It is a common practice in most authoritarian government. " reduced free speech by all drastically, etc. " Again, it is a common practice in all authoritarian government. " Why would any country want to engage with that level of problems " What is wrong with trying to make a profit ? The authoritarian Chinese government is equally unfair to all it's citizens, that makes it fair. If you think that China is the only authoritarian government on earth, that makes you unfair to China.
  11. Can Trump reverse Thailand’s drift towards China

    Like most Chinese products, they are 30% lower quality but 50% lower price. The railways and the trains are too. Which developing country does not want a bigger transportation system ?
  12. Third world people live a miserable life; therefore, they have no safety sense.
  13. Compare the GDP from 1980 to present, I think China has the fastest growth in modern world history. It is almost like going from the stone age to the iron age in just 35 years.
  14. All dictatorships are the same, including the ruling lamas of the old Tibet and all the Emperors of China. This man name Xi has just promoted himself to become the Emperor of China. A one party dictatorship has just became a one man dictatorship.
  15. "Smooth as silk" Thailand was a Japanese ally during WW2, a unofficial ally of the USA during the Vietnam war, now Thailand is an unofficial enforcer of Chinese law in Thailand. What is wrong with that.