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  1. Where to go 1 time China

    The inferstrute in major Chinese City is world class, but many of the citizens are still third world.
  2. Volunteering in an elephant rescue camp is about the same, but I don't care because I like elephants. When I see happy elephants, I feel happy.
  3. Phuket Governor orders crackdown on low-cost tours

    Maya Bay must be the few exceptions.
  4. Phuket Governor orders crackdown on low-cost tours

    Low cost tours do not go to national parks. They only go to sites that offer kick backs to the tour guides. I was on one 13 years ago. It was a waste of my time.
  5. Mainland Chinese hiring Thai Chinese to sell expensive stuffs to Chinese tourist.
  6. The same used to be a big problem in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  7. Chinese girl, 11, dies after snorkelling off Phuket

    People with third world background know and care about safety ? ?
  8. Price, price and price; Japan, South Korea and HongKong are expensive when compared to Thailand. That is the also the reason I spend much time in Chiangmai.
  9. Zero dollar tours were a big problem in Taiwan and Hong kong.
  10. I like Chiang mai because I can't afford any other place.
  11. Slight dislocation of the spinal cord because the tank is too small for the fish to swim properly.
  12. "2,200-yuan-per-head package." it could be one of those all inclusive ones. Super cheap package always causes trouble because the guide has to sell extra items to be able to make a living.
  13. I always consider travel insurance as a necessary cost of a vacation.
  14. Water quality problems impact Chiang Mai and Surin

    Typical third world country.
  15. Siem Reap's tourist hub to be cleaned up

    I will wait a year or two before I visit.