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  1. May be the two Chinese spitted on the floor and do other disgusting things.
  2. Johnnyngai

    Soy Milk on the street

    The Mainland Chinese love soy milk, I was in Beijing 2 years ago and found that they have many choices of Soy Bean milk machines. I am sure some of them are of high quality.
  3. Unfortunately, I too witnessed an incident like that in China about 12 years ago.
  4. Trump is the double talking businessman, and Xi is the double stabbing madman.
  5. Johnnyngai

    Foreign quota filled

    That is how corrupt official in other corrupt countries park their dirty money.
  6. Third world driving, I saw much of that in inland China.
  7. There are as many mass burners in China, as there are mass shooters in the USA. Even since the economic developments of the mid 1980s, countless thousands of farmers have become the victims of land grapping. There were cases of land grapping victims setting off gasoline inside big city buses. News is controlled by the government, I read about them in English language Taiwanese newspapers.
  8. The big city Chinese who could afford to send their only child to schools with white English teachers, would think that everybody is just as rich as them. If the average Chinese were so rich, then why do so many millions of them work 60 hours a week in factories for only 3000rmb a month ? There are rich people in any country. Even African countries have wealthy black citizens. It is all about the ratio of rich to poor.
  9. Third world people has very little safety sense. Even though the economy has expended 20 times since the 1980 economic reform, but an average mainland Chinese is still third world in and out.
  10. There are very few violent robberies in China; I saw many business people bringing brick sized stack of 100rmb bill to the bank. Crossing the street without traffic lights scares me as much as knights and guns, because I have witnessed quite a few pedestrian injuries. The city center of the big 4 cities have plenty of traffic lights, but the mid to small city have very few traffic lights. I usually cross the streets with women and children, because I use them as human shields.
  11. With a population of 1.3 billion, 10% of the population is a lot of people. With most of the Chinese products, the quality is 30% lower and the price is 50% lower. As of last year, the minimum wage in the big 4 Chinese city is about 2600rmb per month before all the deductions. The minimum wage in the million population small city is about 1800rmb per month. The young Chinese graduated from oversea universities " without good family connections, and without a degree in applied science " start at about 6000rmb per month. The ones with " good family connections and a degree in applied science " earn about 15000rmb to start.
  12. Johnnyngai

    Crocodile bites Phuket trainer during show

    Feel bad for the idiot, because he has no other skill to make a simple living. He couldn't make it into the songthaew mafia.
  13. " The individual in China is much wealthier than the individual in the USA. " An average Chinese factory worker works 60 hours a week and earns 3,000rmb (470usd)a month before all the deductions. The first time I visited China in 2000, factory workers average 700rmb a month.
  14. " get the lowest-of-lowest chinese to thailand to milk them of the little they have. " You cannot get blood from stones.