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  1. grollies

    Recycling empty glass bottles

    Or take them to your local roadside waste depot. If you put your MT bottles back in the case should get B10/case.
  2. grollies

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    So, when you said, ahem, and I quote: "I guess I am fortunate, in that I love the more natural looking Thai women, and alot of the "tribal" looking women are something I find quite stunning. But, I do not go for the classic beauty at all." That was you being disingenuous? Yes, can be found in abundance anywhere in Thailand and, apparently, on Google as well.
  3. Was this before or after all your grumpy posting last week? Didnt think you sounded your usual self.
  4. You're missing the point. He has to wait and see which party wins before joining and becoming party leader....doh!
  5. If you are using it with Windows I wouldn't bother. Windows Defender and security updates will keep you covered. Kaspersky is just inviting the Russians into your laptop. I have no issues reading TVF on Windows 10 using Defender. Someone now will tell me I'm talking complete balderdash.
  6. grollies

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    As part of the pissing contest I would like to submit the following: Something like this then mate....
  7. Kaspersky, it's his antivirus software.
  8. grollies

    Traditional Thai dress up (day or week?)

    It was Children's day last week and a lot of people would have dressed-up (but only the middle class hiso types). Don't know about teacher's day, it's Thai Army day on the 18th - one CharlieH missed off his holiday list.
  9. grollies

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    That's nothing, don't visit the topic on metric and imperial measurements, it quickly degenerated into a discussion on ladyboys 'holes'. See above.
  10. grollies

    Traditional Thai dress up (day or week?)

    Interesting blogsite, thanks.
  11. grollies

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    and then... Er, don't quite get your reasoning supperman.
  12. grollies

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Probably more like this:
  13. Box steel e.g. 4" x 2" 1.2mm thick sold in 6m lengths.
  14. grollies

    Christmas Advert

    It's for next Christmas...doh!