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  1. Thanks, already put around 100m French Drain in that way, was a ball-ache cutting in the slots. Got standing water, algae and Nostoc which is really weird stuff lying on the land. Got maybe 750m to do now. Thinking simple stone French drain, herringbone, without the pipe, not sure it works very well though as the ditches will probably get clogged up. Put in some open ditches round the place. Nobody in Thailand seems to bother with land drains?
  2. Apart from it comes in nice long rolls and I don't have to dick about drilling and knocking 4m pipe lengths together. Oh well, like you say, pvc and drill it is then. Cheers.
  3. I need to put in land drains around a couple of plots and am looking for a supplier of perforated drainage pipe. My local farm shop can do grey pvc pipe with slots made from a grinder but I'm looking for the proper stuff. Location North Chon Buri, any info gratefully received.
  4. Talk to Steve mate.
  5. Aw, come on mate, we come here for advice and if you disagree, ok, say so, but put some counter argument forward.
  6. I've a contact for grafted avocados, I'll send him your query.
  7. About right, the veg patch was just made-up ground from the pond dig years ago. Dug it over, chicken manure, rice husk, green manure. Took about a year to get some soil together.
  8. I have to get my soil tested soon. In the meantime I watch what grows well and what doesn't. Chilies, long bean and tomato do well in one patch whereas green leaf veg doesn't so I'm guessing soil pH is around 5-6.
  9. Thank you. So I now find out that my phone won't download any file from TVF, PDF, Docx, nothing. Time to get my crappy laptop out, get a personal hotspot going and try downloading that way. Appreciate you taking the time for me and for the info you post for everyone, don't worry about remembering the PDF link as MS Office will open docx. Thanks again.
  10. Mate, I appreciate the links you post however, as I'm on an Android phone, I can't download and open any docx files. Are there links to PDFs available?
  11. You are one sad individual.
  12. I'm totally confused as to the advice now. I've got some hydrochloric acid. Should I dilute and spray? Got poor drainage there too.
  13. Section 2.5 pruning, involves removing 2/3 of canopy all round, removing young growth leaving older leaves. Don't cut the top out of the tree otherwise you'll end up with a bush. I think you maybe left it too late as the experimental trees were pruned immediately after removing flood water but, hey, give it a go. If you are likely to have annual flooding you might be on a lost cause? Mate, I'm NO expert on this subject, I only had a look around as you looked short of advice. Good luck with them.
  14. Nick, download the PDF 2nd link will tell you all you need to know and do to aid recovery