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  1. Nah, it was in the UK press and I'm sure other EU newspapers as well, these stories go out on AP and are picked up by jurnos worldwide.
  2. Maybe start with the Head of your Village, ask for an introduction to the local police chief. Dying in the line of duty, surely they must respect that. And DON'T offer 'tea money' it's a bit out of fashion right now.
  3. Fish stock, what do you use? I keep all the shells and prawn heads till I've a good pan full. Fry up some onion, celery, garlic in olive oil, add white wine, carrot, prawn heads & shells. Boil for 10 mins then add water, salt & pepper and simmer for 30 mins. Strain and freeze in ice cube trays. Good stuff.
  4. That's a really nice post Tutsi. Just for that I'm gonna share my Indian bread recipe. Deep fried and puffs up into a hollow ball that you can stuff with curry & rice. Crispy outside, chewy inside and tastes a little like a doughnut. Best with chicken madras.
  5. Yep, go after the witnesses, I'm sure one of them will grass once threatened with conspiracy charges.
  6. What was the given location where the PoA was signed? Can you prove you were elsewhere that day? Sounds like all you can really do is challange the validity of the PoA, witnesses, etc. Good luck anyway.
  7. Just had a look at online PoA forms. Scarily devoid of legal requirement, like you and Don Mega say, just a few signatures. Wonder why Siam Legal say what they quote on their website. Usually the acting solicitor has to confirm the grantor is competant to give permission for PoA. TIT.
  8. It does all hinge on PoA and I go back to my previous point about the issuing solicitor and notary - yes, a notary is required according to Siam Legal. ''The law requires both Principal and Agent to be legally capacitated, and able to either give or execute the powers enumerated in the POA. It must also conform with all other formal and substantial requisites of law for it be considered valid and enforceable, among which is the notarization of the instrument after it is signed by both parties.''
  9. Anyone got latest prices for cup lump? Tapping started round here and missus phoned to check prices, 29b/kg. Thats -10b/kg on last season close.
  10. Cheers, you could have just deleted the link and not the entire post, now I have to type it all in again.
  11. Don't know about sunny Thailand, but anywhere else it's a legal document and must be notorised. My missus has PoA over me when I had a rather large aneurysm repair. You can't just get one from Wollies.