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  1. A will costs nothing in Thailand, just needs to be witnessed, and can optionally be filed with the Tessabaan, for a tiny fee.
  2. Lightning important action by the BIBs emboldened by holding hands with soldiers, makes catching killers or completing translations for extraditions fade in comparison.....
  3. You mean showing up at the Thai consulate, since the US consulate does not issue Thai visas. Its easy, pay an agent to go to the consulate express fee applies for next day visa, otherwise if memory serves well it takes 2 days. Georgetown is a pleasure to explore,mand great food.
  4. He means 'enriched their reputation' they never cease to amaze...but admittedly this was a new high.
  5. Lucky for the b****d that was not my child, or he would be armless for the rest of his useless life.
  6. And how do the BIbs propose to prove that what was in the glass was alcoholic ? Imbeciles....l
  7. I am in and out regularly, have a WP and one year multiple entry visa, never any questions asked.
  8. Collusion ? Perish the thought ! .square face himself had a monopoly on the mobile phone network for many years featuring sky high rates, presumably also no collusion. He then awarded a monopoly to KP, no collusion of course. In the opaque history of duty frees, mayhaps for window dressing purposes, only one foreign operator was ever awarded the concession to operate duty free stores in Thailand, but was terminated before the contract term ended (less than a year if I remember correctly) followed by the reinstatement as KP. Perhaps not enough palms were greased, who knows ?
  9. The rationale for the government to issue work permits is on the basis that the applicant has 'special' skills, to be relayed to Thais. If this moron's special skills are transferred to Thais, God help us all. This makes the whole basis for work permits a joke.
  10. Does Thailand really need to issue a visa and WP to some nonse like this,which negatively affects the good standing of the rest of us. Let him go back home and do it there, maybe its more appreciated there,
  11. Migrant garbage giving this country an even worse image than it deserves.
  12. Been here for 27 years, never got burgled. Don't overthink. There are treatments available for your Scelerophobia.
  13. After 27 years here, I never see Western tourists throwing garbage on the roads or beaches, its the local population and visitors fom the Middle Kingdom who actively do so. They throw their bottles, bags, wrappers wherever. For years they have used Int'l school kids to clean up, but that's wrong. With the enormous tax receipts, hire people to teach kids and adults to stop destroying the very environment from which they make a living, and get them to clean up their own rubbish.
  14. Phuket to promote itself as 1st snow ski resort