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  1. Case of hard on, but hands off ? Go and see examples of culture in Nana etc.
  2. Exemptions only for Chinese ? No open bids called for ? This violates WTO rules, and could/should lead to Thailand losing WTO and MFN status.
  3. Good idea. Will never happen. Meanwhile, those already here pay through their nose for the 'privilege' of doing business here.
  4. As one who travels to/from Suvarnabhumi, I can confirm its a nightmare airport. Incredibly inefficient, rude security, constant delays. Almost every TG or PG flight arrival means you have to climb down the portable stairs, stand in a crowded bus, and then have a long walk and wait for your luggage. All in all, its a marathon to complete. Staff are sitting around, or even sleeping on mats in full view. What a joke.
  5. The SRT can't even manage to keep their tired, old, super slow trains on the rails, many derailings each year....would you risk your life on a Thai operated high speed railway ?
  6. Shameful, yes...But if a Thai did this in Europe, and they deported him/her there would be outrage.
  7. Download the app 'speed cameras' by Sygic. It works great.
  8. The MEA or PEA, depending on whether you are in BKK or elsewhere, have a range of tariffs for different businesses, and businesses with certain peak hours. Talk to them.
  9. Did you register the lease with the land dept ? If you have then you have the exclusive right to enjoy the lease without interference for the durarion of the lease. Period.
  10. Who would you trust your money with ? Certainly not with that lying sub human megalomaniac, with his admirable record of 4 bankruptcies, resulting in many small contractors being duped, 3 wrecked marriages, the fiscal irregularities at Trump tower Panama which led to the dismissal of the Trump management, and more, much more.....He is a conman,,plain and clear, he'd do well as a travelling salesman selling used underwear.
  11. I have lived in Phuket for 20 years, and a few in Chiang Mai. Phuket has everything, mountains, blue seas, is always green, and you can choose the area you stay in. Very expensive ? Nope, if you choose to got West coast beach restaurants yes, for the rest you can eat for THB 30-120 Bht. You can drive off the island, go to Phang Nga, take boats to outlying islands, and not too many beer guzzling kow-it-alls, , good and cheap flight connections. I would never live anywhere else, especially not in Isarn, which is truly the sticks, dry, dusty, hot, and Chiang Mai with its droughts, pollution from forest and rice field burning.
  12. Their airspace is extensive, point is what action could they take if violated ? Thry have no airforce.
  13. Yawn.........this is the 'normal' driving norm here in Phuket,mwhat's all the excitement about ? Anyway, salaeng are classified as illegally modified vehicles, but the police condones them, eventhough they take up as much space as a car, only pay the motorbike tax rate, and contribute hugely to traffic jams. Happy Sunday !
  14. For Phuket for instance, go to the land transport office,they issue Int'l drivers licenses. Don't go for those scammers who offer int'l driver's licenses, because they have no authority to issue them, they are just a translation of yr license. Same as the erstwhile UN licenses issuer, who went to stay at the g'ment guest house.
  15. Symptomatic: a month ago the airport roof was leaking, so buckets everywhere, the place looks a shambles, how shameful for tourists coming through........this past week in BKK they found an unprofessionaly assembled dangerous elevated road part, and now this. Its endless. Potholes everywhere, if and when fixed, 3 months later the same problem. Dangerously designed road curves, traffic jams caused by totally unnecessary traffic lights for tiny 'sois' Soending in building a centre median in frint of Banbon school knowing full well it ll need to be dismantled when the electric tram eventually arrives and uses the median,,,,,,Constant electricity outings in Southern Phuket all in the name of upgrading the system...its an endless journey. Billions of wires knotted, hanging loose within touch.....There is no such thing as honorable craftmanship or preventative maintenance in the LOS.