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  1. Yes ! No question about it. You can check if they have paid through the financials. If they haven't for more than 6 months ,you can disconnect utilities, and refuse usage of common area facilities such as the pool, parking, gym, lifts. You also do not need to remove their garbage. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.
  2. True, but how do a few incidents compare to the 100,000s Thai who travel to Asian and Western countries and never leave ?
  3. These selfsame 'beggers' who put most of Thailand on the tourist radar ? They were quite happy to screw them then.....
  4. I don't employ people like that either, its offensive and scares many, and believe that wholesome looks will always prevail.
  5. So, to encourage one and all, who aren't aleady initiated, to be slow, unpleasant, and encourage requesting incentives ?
  6. Take the wife too, then when the shark appears, split up in different directions, that throws them off a bit. Come back and keep circling the aisles again and again and again, clock and counter clock wise, not unlike a roundabout, its good exercise into the bargain as well.. Sooner or later (the latter more likely) they tend to get the point. Also, remember in places like HomePro you can negotiate the price somewhat, comes off the sharks' commissions, they don't like that, another way to get your own back....Still, always surprised how customers are totally outnumbered by enormous hordes of they clone them one wonders ?
  7. Tip of the iceberg reporting. Can we have a follow up on the 'missing' millions in park fees at PhiPhi reported on last year, and what happened to the suspects ? Comfy transfers to inactive positions at park HQs mayhaps?
  8. Oh, not a brake problem ? Stressed ? Poor thing....he should be sacked and jailed.
  9. No helmets, underage so no driving license, imbecile parents to let the kids use their bike. Sorry for the truck driver and the kids, not for the parents.
  10. that is incorrect, they need a percentage of the owners to sack the JPM.
  11. Unless the committee and/or the AGM pass resolutions that contravene the condominium act and/or affect safety.