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  1. Links to media articles seems waste of time for me. The mass media has proven to be very unreliable. Alternatives sites have some interesting topic on the subject but how do you know what is true??? From my perspective, havng to prove that I am no pimp by bringing my thai wife into my (eu) country of origin (which could prove useful to solve the declining european citizens number), I see no other way except that the regufee import is one big setup. Merkel is some kind of puppet in someone's evil agenda. Going over the (fake) headlines in the news, all I see is putting gasoline on the fire. Muslims vs christian, white vs black, right vs left, as if the intended agenda is to create more hate and divide the people. My personal solution is to take no side. Not support anything that fuels this divide. I hope many (people in eu) will do this too.
  2. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Wife suggested this, that was 8 years ago. Works perfect. Available in all drugstores. Once or twice applied.. gone. Noticed that eating a lot of sugar makes it come back fast....
  3. Beautiful but big !!

    Voracious appetite those... lost 4 cats to those. At the fifth cat attack, i was at home and could save cat and snake. Now hopefully far away.
  4. Now not at home so have to do from memory... The flex. Hydraulic hose was only 110thb. It burst in 1.5year. Then again couple years later. After 2nd install of that hose I opted in a normal garage for a 2nd hand import piece of hydraulic hose (maybe ford, maybe a piece of motorcycle brake hose, anyway, tired of the local quality, i installed that one, and is now in use for about 8 years. The homokinetic on front wheels were replaced by Aisin ones. I think they were 2500thb/pcs. Then the ford dealer issue: I am avoiding ford dealers for a while now. I have maintained the ranger for about 6 years with them. Several times got parts changed whereby I couldn't detect any wear (as they give you the old ones when done). Reason also was that too many working hours were written. Bytheway, now remembering that also my clutch house was exchanged. Cannot remember pricing though. My repairs are done by garages which i trust. Meaning that i will first bring the car for a small thing like exchange oil and check how work is done, mechanic skills etc. They don't like you around, but that is not my problem... At the moment the ranger (2nd car, have also landcruiser vx80) smokes a lot with cold start. Want to have check and maybe renew diesel injectors etc. But since recent move to new location haven't found good garage yet.
  5. I bought my 2 door ranger in dec1999. It was the first model made here as far as i know. Not much problems. Had to change a short piece of flexible hydraulic hose TWICE from the clutch. Locally made..... This year changed both front wheel steering bearrings (homokenetic or something?). Both of them had pieces broken of and when making a circel with the car gave loud noises. Some regular things, so over almost 18yrs of use, not to bad.
  6. Have a scanned english version. Not for sale. If you need specific info i can take pictures and email you. If you want the whole book, you need to cover my costs for copy and send. Or you can collect if nearby. I am in huahin area
  7. Gall Bladder Scan Hospital?

    I did an ultrasound scan in march 2017. Paid 2500thb, that included the review and talk with a doctor afterwards. Some extra info: in nov 2016 i went to the hospital with a lot of pain in the stomach. Got a catscan: 2.5cm gall stone. Doctor advice: remove the whole bladder... Me: no! Educated myself on the subject. Got 2x an attack after this by eating the wrong foods. Both times i got the pain away by drinking "luk-tai-bai" tea (phyllanthus amarus schum & thonn). This herb is also known as the "stone-breaker" in other parts of the world. In march 2017 ultrasone scan: 3.5cm. But the ultrasone scan is not as conclusive as a catscan, so it could be more loose stones or 1 big one. It is now july 2017. Last attack was 30dec 2016. Quit eating anything deep fried. Drink this luk-tai-bai tea every day in morning and evening. Use (real) butter, coconut oil and oluve oil. While i enjoyed fried chicken wings, i now eat bbq chicken and remove skin always. Very seldom an icecream. As my research indicated drinking a lot of applejuice softens the stone, i drink regular the apple-cider from tipco. The stone might be growing, but ì have no problems. Planning on doing another scan in september. Good luck!
  8. Online Shopping

    1.5 year ago i bought a car entertainment system (7" screen) with android. Was not available in thailand and wanted full android compatibility. Via ali express. System was 9900thb. I paid 1100 import tax.free shipping. Guess around 1.5kg package... By the way. Dx.com is also chinese big site
  9. Chainsaw laws

    I bought 3 years ago. Asking local government, was told any chainsaw needs permit. I bought one under 12". This was in nakhon pathom. Went to local forest district office and applied for license. They said we would be contacted when the paperwork was done. That was 3 years ago.... still waiting.....
  10. Stallions V-Twin

    Ok, this is not about the vtwin, but stallions quality. I recently saw a ct400 parked somewhere with 6700km on the clock. I inspected the bike and saw 2 things which i didn't like (which involves quality/finishing). 1st, the last weldings on both exhaustpipes were rusting and 2nd, the front nave was ugly casted metal, very rough. Something you do not see on a pic but only on close-up. Please note that i like the classic look of the ct400 very much and considering buying one. Not yet decided though....
  11. Laser Level Receiver/detector

    Did you verify that the online 7000thb detectors here are of a good brand and not chinese import? The stuff offered in global, homepro and the like are often chinese brands as well and the prices are usually almost or more than double then when ordered online at the chinese sites, which often deliver free at your door.
  12. The Korat Mall - How do the shops survive

    This retail mystery will probably get a lot smaller once the thai figure out, in large numbers, that most items can be delivered at your doorstep for a lot lower price. Once the online business like lazada and aliexpress (growth very strong) are mainstream people will only want to go to the malls for the aircon it provides. Then only banks and phone shops will be left...
  13. I had the same problem, 10 years ago. Bought a bike in bkk, but the owner in greenbook was swiss and nowhere to be found. It took 1.5 years of repeated pushing by me to the shop to get it done.... It probably isn't easy to do this way.
  14. Recycling of electronics

    I saw a battery collection box in the serenade (or something) section of an ais shop. Don't know if they do this on a country wide level. The shop I talk about is in central salaya.