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  1. Ok, this is not about the vtwin, but stallions quality. I recently saw a ct400 parked somewhere with 6700km on the clock. I inspected the bike and saw 2 things which i didn't like (which involves quality/finishing). 1st, the last weldings on both exhaustpipes were rusting and 2nd, the front nave was ugly casted metal, very rough. Something you do not see on a pic but only on close-up. Please note that i like the classic look of the ct400 very much and considering buying one. Not yet decided though....
  2. Did you verify that the online 7000thb detectors here are of a good brand and not chinese import? The stuff offered in global, homepro and the like are often chinese brands as well and the prices are usually almost or more than double then when ordered online at the chinese sites, which often deliver free at your door.
  3. This retail mystery will probably get a lot smaller once the thai figure out, in large numbers, that most items can be delivered at your doorstep for a lot lower price. Once the online business like lazada and aliexpress (growth very strong) are mainstream people will only want to go to the malls for the aircon it provides. Then only banks and phone shops will be left...
  4. I had the same problem, 10 years ago. Bought a bike in bkk, but the owner in greenbook was swiss and nowhere to be found. It took 1.5 years of repeated pushing by me to the shop to get it done.... It probably isn't easy to do this way.
  5. I saw a battery collection box in the serenade (or something) section of an ais shop. Don't know if they do this on a country wide level. The shop I talk about is in central salaya.
  6. Ok, my bad. Probably the site i checked did not mention it.
  7. I will insert a picture or 2 about the panel. I don't know any name of the panels. I bought them at the sanamluang2 market (between phutthamonthon sai 3 and 4), in the pet-section. I think it was 150 or 160thb/panel. Black. Other colours are more. 180thb or something. The seller told us he was manufacturing them himself, so i guess pricewise it couldn't be lower... The dog poop is removed by hand and is also recycled at the same compost place. I do this already (only poop here) at my current location (the new kennel is at a location where I'll be moving soon) for about 10 years. With kitchenscraps etc. It gives me 1m3 of compost a year, which goes in my garden. Warning here, the compost has to age a year when full for full breakdown and safe use so in this system i have 2 heaps. 1 in use, 1 aging. As written before, the night cages keep the dogs off the floor. See pics
  8. Hi. I am in the process of doing this too. Made 2 cages alrready. Used metal roof but quite high and have some mango trees around. Wind can freely go through the cage. The fencing material is galvanized. To be honest, didn't look into the health aspect for the dogs.... The floor was recently covered with 2 layers of epoxy so nothing would be absorped in the concrete floor. The floor is slightly tilted and gets a perforated pipe on the highest length. It will spray waterflush every hour or so. Have to figure this out later. The waste water is going to exit holes on the lower side and is catched in a container. This is diluted urine, so i add that to my compost every 2 days or so. Think tank size gonna be appr 75ltr. If you do not want to collect the urine i guess you have to find another way (diluted urine can go directly to water plants). The dogs will be not in the water since i will lay these interlocking sturdy plastic panels (30x100cm) on top of floor. These panels are perforated. Additional another waterconnection will be made for connecting a hose so i can clean the top of the plastic floor. Later in will add nightcages which are off floor, removable, which will be rain protected in case of rainstorms. Probably work more on water and waste system next week. Good luck!
  9. Xiaomi mi max has no gps according to specs....
  10. The dirty laundry of governments come to light. We find out they don't play honest. They hide behind laws and regulations, which they invent themselves as they go. Who is going to check the governments? We know they are not honest. So how do we see "the facts" of the rape cases against assange? Who knowns the women were paid or forced to make statements against him. I can't and will not accept facts relayed by media and government which existence is threatened by the whistleblowers.
  11. Law versus moral compass.... it will go on and on... It's a shame i do not have a country, both assange and snowden would be welcome.
  12. All people with balls to stand up for what they think is right. Amen
  13. Live here for 17 years. And happy It's a mind-set. You can integrate and make yourself happy. If you do not want to set your mind in that mode, you won't be happy. You will see more negative aspects from here. Maybe start listing the negative aspects from "back home" can bring the change. It is all in will to change your mind.
  14. The link "news" if on weather page does not work
  15. I have a 1996 yamaha tdm850. Last year the fueltank tap started leaking, attacking the paint on the engine. Since then i have swapped the o-rings from the taps (tdm have 2 fuel taps) and all the o rings in the carbs. A company in khon kaen has o rings sets for several old jap models. indeed, when replacing these o rings, they were all dried out and even the sieve on the fueltap was so brittle (due to gasohol?) It broke in pieces when i touched it. The gasohol resist o rings and seals are green color while the old ones are black. I assume the new ones are neoprene or viton. Not so much informed on this. Bike is nearly restored (added new paint on engine) but still looking for replacement of fueltank sieve. Maybe a simple inline fuelfilter will do the job fine.