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  1. BKK entry refusal

    This depends on which businesses - but the saddest part, is it isn't an "Either / Or" proposition. There is no shortage of "Supply" of anything for foreigners in Thailand. It is not as though this guy being let-in was going to displace a Chinese tourist. Unless this fellow was a known criminal, this was a "loose-loose" move for Thailand by Immigration. This person wasn't even staying semi-continuously, so could not possibly have been taking a job illegally (which would likely have been "English teacher" - desperately needed - anyway).
  2. BKK entry refusal

    Take how much they spend. Subtract that money out of the market. Consider an average Thai salary in industries serving tourists. Some paychecks have to "go away," or profits will be lost, to make up the difference. Businesses usually opt for the former. Also, this pattern has driven out thousands, and informed the decision of many more to never come in the first place, so the effect is cumulative. I was told by people on the other side of the planet not to bother going to Thailand, other than a short visit, because their immigration was not friendly, and would arbitrarily not allow people to return, to spite having a nice place to live, etc. This was years ago, before it got even worse. This stupid policy has cost untold numbers of Thais a good living from foreign-sourced capital spent by people who are not reliant on a brick/mortar job for their incomes.
  3. BKK entry refusal

    The math is pretty simple - we know the avg Thai salary. At the very least, people will be "let go" from jobs as a result.
  4. If you arrive with a Thai Tourist Visa, and are stamped in successfully, you will always get 60-days of stay. The itinerary, etc is just for the consulate, which isn't even under the same authority as immigration.
  5. BKK entry refusal

    This is an improvement over the treatment of others. Sad story, though. Given what the OP probably spent here - multiples of an annual Thai salary - Immigration just forced another Thai business to close, and forced the family out of the middle-class and back to subsistence-farming. What a way to "help" their fellow Thais, eh?
  6. SETV from Savannakhet report

    Glad to hear they are only asking for actually-relevant information, now. "Got Money? Welcome!"
  7. Best way to cycle visa runs?

    Yes - this is a massive problem, which combined with far too many work-visas and "legal" immigration policies, is systematically destroying our former middle-class populations. Let us hope these mistakes, some of which (work-visas) are being repeated in Thailand, are soon reversed, for the betterment of Thai citizens.
  8. Best way to cycle visa runs?

    If unfamiliar with how millions earn a living in the modern world, I can see how that conclusion would be arrived at. But then, they would look at the passport - see "Germany" for example, and say to themselves, "But he could earn 10x more in his home-country as a brick-layer than here with most degreed-jobs. Hmmmm, they must have an independent income, or he would not be here. Worst-case, they are teaching English, and we desperately need more of that," and stamp them in. The PE pricing is crazy, relative to other options in the area. Someone can be very able to support living in Thailand without taking a poor-paying Thai job, but not be willing/able to blow 500K Baht or more on a temporary-visa. If "illegal working long-stay Westerners" was a serious concern, they could merely ask for income-proof or savings for annual extensions, as they currently do for people over 50, and the problem would have been solved. But instead of removing that age-barrier, to reflect the fact that incomes are no longer tied to "going to a building" to work, they turned to greed, and invented and legalized the fattest brown-envelope ever conceived.
  9. Best way to cycle visa runs?

    Yes - due to the lack of enforcement on employers, many see no reason to comply with the law and obtain proper visas for their English teachers. Many qualified English teachers have reported that unless one is willing to work illegally, no one will hire them (when I have argued that they should refuse). This is a sad situation, as Thailand desperately needs more English instruction, in order to catch up with the others in ASEAN, and for its students to be more competitive in the workplace. Cambodian kids are much more proficient in English, with much easier qualifications, visas and work-permits for their native-speaking English teachers. I doubt most of those being denied are English teachers or Scuba instructors, though.
  10. My Retirement Visa Expired

    Try Portland first - per UJ - which would be the easiest solution. If it comes down to a "conversion to Non-O" in Thailand, best to stay in Bangkok for awhile and get it done there. That desk in Jomtien is almost impossible, now without paying 10x or so more than the cost to an agent. Alternatively, you could make a trip to apply for a single-entry Non-O at Savannakhet or Penang - though that will require money in-the-bank plus an income-statement from your Embassy here.
  11. Best way to cycle visa runs?

    Those nations have higher wage-levels, so have to worry about the use of tourist-entries for illegal-working and/or those coming in to take "free money" from social-welfare systems set up and paid for by and for citizens. Thailand, OTOH, has no social-welfare available to any foreigner, and lower pay-levels than Western nations - so no "magnet" effect. Those of us who come and stay are financial benefits - not liabilities - each of us bringing in enough foreign-capital to support multiple Thai salaries. Unfortunately, the Thai immigration rules are not written for the benefit of Thai citizens, so they make it easy for people from lower-wage nations to come in and drive down Thai wages (unlimited land-border entries and special work-visas), while making it difficult for people from higher-wage nations to stay longer and spend more money - which raises Thai wages and creates business opportunities. Yes, because they do not understand that "earning money" is no longer well-correlated to going to some building and "clocking in" to "work". In the case of those denied from higher-wage nations, most of those "denials of entry" cause a loss of Thais incomes. They seem to think it is "worth it" to play "tit for tat" with us for our nation's immigration systems, which are often arbitrary and cruel - but exist due to a real problem with "will work super cheap" people entering to destroy our citizen's wages / livelihoods / lives. Granted, the place to deal with the problem is the employer. If faced with a decade in prison for treason, they would not hire foreign-workers, and the magnet-effect would be removed. At that point, we would know that those entering our nations were coming in to spend their own money. Similarly in Thailand - strict enforcement on employers is the key.
  12. The front-desk info? Only on Monday and Thursday between 9 and 11 AM if there has been a full-moon in the last 4 days. On other Mondays and Thursdays, it is only needed if you were out of the country for more than 3 days or if fishing was good yesterday (ask the guys who fish down South Jomtien Beach). And if you haven't figured out, by now, this is just a scam to set you up to lose 2000 Baht .... But seriously: The retirement desk are rolling in agent-money, and just don't care. I'd still do it, just in case they ever decide to care (if there is ever an agent-payoff crackdown, look out - those guys will be seriously angry!!). The family desk will run you through the ringer - so better not chance it - though they may deny you the extension you qualify for, even if you do everything perfectly - unless you pay them off through an agent. The "tourist" desk are simply "by the book" polite folks, so yes, must do it. No idea for business or ED - but would guess they shaft the ED guys as much as possible, unless paying your school the "no troubles" extra-fee; CYA is advised.
  13. Visa run Ban Laem

    The cost of the Cambodian VOA is under 1000 Baht if you pay in dollars. The other stamps are all free. True, but for 200 to 300 baht they will waive that rule. They try to sell them 100-baht, last time I was there in 2017. One had to go window-to-window at Thai immi until someone gives you one (they are clearly in on the scam).
  14. Best way to cycle visa runs?

    Other questions covered the others pretty well. The following pertains to entering with a valid Tourist Visa / not exempt. By air, at first, will be no problem. After the first 2 or 3 entries, I would stick to land, to avoid the possibility of being denied entry on "suspicion" of working - even if you aren't, and have the 20K in cash, and have bank-records proving other income which they may refuse to even look at, while calling you a liar, and taking you to a detention-cell (based on other's reports). We don't have bad-stories yet from Chang Mai airport, so that would be your best option, if you must fly in. At land-borders, general policy if denied entry is an unofficial-denial, so you just cancel your exit-stamp from the country you were leaving, and travel to another Thai entry-point. This avoids any risk of detention and being forced to fly somewhere you don't want to go. Currently Poipet/Aranyaprathet is the only land-border that should always be avoided (even for those on ME-NonO visas). The 20K will likely only be asked for when coming in from Malaysia, but that's the only hurdle, there.
  15. Passport info'

    I would file a "TM-30" form when you next return to Thailand. They may be considering your old one as still active, for the duration of this stay.