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  1. In the UK you still have to show 18600 pounds annual income before you can apply for your Thai wife to join you . Strange thing is the UK government expect their pensioners to exist on 8300 pounds per annum or 8936 pounds for a married couple . Defies logic ? Only 636 Pounds extra/yr for the wife? That is harsh. Are you expected not to need 2x more food? Not to mention a bit more living-space than if single? But if you have Zero Ties to the UK, and arrive by hijacking a truck from France, no annual-income required at all, right?
  2. I do not mean to imply that "playing" the system is the same as "cheating" the system. You can jump through hoops as legally ordered, but you are still skipping and jumping.
  3. I would say, it would be in the best interest of the country to be forthright, as it would attract honest people who appreciate transparency. The whole "play the odds" and/or "agent" system, which exists in many visa-areas, appeals to the least-desirable types - "risk takers," "criminals," and such.
  4. I think his point is, if Immigration really wanted to stop people like him - or thought he was "playing the system" (in a bad way) - they could have refused his extension. He was right in the heart of the machine at CW. In actuality, anyone on ANY legal-visa here is "playing the system" by the rules made and enforced by Thai authorities.
  5. This is a very good angle for ThaiElite sales. Savy investors can make up the difference over the new proposed retirement-scheme and the investment-scheme. The only fly in the ointment with the Elite and S&P Stock plan, is you must be "in it for the long haul." Sometimes markets are down - not a good time to sell stock (even in a well-balanced stock-portfolio). There are other investments that can be used to offset market ups/downs, but those generally do not offer yields as high as the stock. If you "need your money in a hurry," it's not so great. OTOH, if someone has plenty of capital, and the amounts being considered for this plan/ analysis are only a small part of their overall capital-wealth, AND - especially if they are a savy investor who regularly gets above-average yields - it does make sense.
  6. Or travelers checks, yes. People have been thrown out of the country (technically "rejected entry") for not having the cash at airports, though they were mere feet away from an ATM where they could have pulled the cash and shown it - AND to spite the airline-rules (IATA) which state plastic is OK. But, they were allowed to use their plastic to purchase their overpriced, last-minute ticket out of the country. Only if you have permanent-residence there - this particular rule is being enforced across-the-board world-wide, with the possible (at one time, anyway) exception of Austrailia, whose rules state having a valid Aussie-visa is enough. But since those very early reports from Australian-visitors (just after METV launch), I haven't seen new info of this being done - and now only the "official" (not honorary) consulates can issue ANY kind of ME-Visa, so choices are limited further.
  7. My comment was made facetiously considering that poster's apparent skill set. ... In any event, I'm pretty sure those farang volunteer assistants who work at some immigrations offices are "exempted" from the usual requirements regarding work permits. My comment was also facetious - though you are probably right about special arrangements.
  8. That is for a single-entry - see the Fee is only 2,000 Baht and the "3 months". A multi-entry 1-year visa is 5,000 Baht.
  9. If this turns out to be policy (not surprising, really), I look forward to news that the income stat-dec from an Embassy of over 40K/mo will also be accepted.
  10. Many go there or other nearby consulates to get a "Non-O" 90-day, which saves trying to do a conversion at an immigration office in Thailand (sometimes difficult). Yes, the 1-year extension would be applied for at one's local immigration-office. You can also get a 1-year Non-O Multiple-Entry based on retirement in Penang (if I remember correctly from UJ's last post on this question), but not in Vientiane or Savanahket. To apply at any, one needs to show proof-of funds, though the funds do not have to be in Thailand, when applying at consulates abroad. Vientiane also now requires a medical and police clearance certificate, but not Savanahket.
  11. I would suggest this be allowed for anyone earning more than 3x the average Thai salary (transferred into Thailand and taxes paid on it). It's all "free money" pouring into the Thai economy and no Thai jobs are lost - so why not? Note that if American, you have to pay there, anyway - though you can deduct what you pay in Thailand from some parts of your US-taxes (but not the 'from the first dollar' 15% 'self-employment' tax). It is in "talk" - but not in action. I do not see any actual policy-changes which limit people entering and competing with Americans for jobs - yet. And in Europe, with the exceptions of some former Eastern-Bloc countries (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Poland), and a bit of effort in Britain (mostly held-off until Brexit), they are being flooded with foreigners, and their leaders (even recently-elected) are encouraging it. Italy is even allowing boats to go out for pre-planned / radio-coordinated 'rescue' operations of economic-migrants just off the coast of Africa, and bring them across the Mediterranean. The new-arrivals take over blocks of cities, and demand the locals adhere to their (sharia) customs, under threat of violence. There is NO parallel with what is happening in the West vs Thailand. Those coming to Thailand bring their own money, so their presence actually benefits the Thai people - while those entering the USA and Europe immediately begin drawing public-assistance, and make those nations' citizens poorer. I cannot even imagine an "undocumented" (read: "illegal") immigrant ever having any "rights" in Thailand - nor should they. And can you imagine if we Farang started 'demanding' Thai culture be altered to suit us? I mean, the nerve of these people, spraying water on us holy-Westerners during Songkran - they should cow-tow to our customs (for the dense, that statement is a joke/irony). Let us hope that never happens, as I stay here FOR Thai Culture, generally - not in spite of it.
  12. Getting the work-permit to do so, required even if "volunteered" as free, might not be worth the effort. But the guy they hired already knows Bower, so ....
  13. Check with your Amphoe for what their rules are in advance - they each make up their own rules. Do not rely on info found online (much of which is outdated). Some Amphoes are now asking for your passport 'details page' translated and certified by the MFA (Banglamung, Ban Rak). Some want your passport-page copy certified as a 'true copy' by your Embassy (which the USA will not do) prior to translation and MFA Certification. Others will not accept the affirmation of "freedom to marry" if your Embassy states, "cannot guarantee this information..." in their wording (USA #9 on their form) whether translated and certified by the MFA or not.
  14. If entering Visa-Exempt, first-time visitors, with return-tickets - they should have no problem. Likely, they will not be questioned at all. BUT, they should each be carrying 10K Baht in Cash or Travelers Checks, absence of which which is a reason for denial of entry. That money, plus showing the return-tickets, should overcome any problem upon entry.
  15. "Lifetime" has been reported to begin when they started this system in 2015. I have not heard of cases where airport-personnel have extorted money for entry as part of the recent crackdown. I am not saying it has never happened - only that denial of entry to those who "stay here too much," seems to be the primary goal, not extortion. IOs have, however, denied entry to those who followed the airline-rules (IATA), and had their needed funds for their visit on "plastic" instead of "cash or travelers checks." Therefore, have 10K Baht in cash or travelers checks and show (for an exempt-entry), outgoing-flight, hotel-bookings, and show these "helpfully" while answering their first question. Better yet, get a TR Visa first, and enter with that and 20K Baht.