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  1. Visa run to Malaysia

    If flying back, I hope you do not have a "longer stay history" in Thailand. The IOs at the airport are known to make up all sorts of non-existent rules, and have denied entry more frequently to those attempting"visa exempt" entries, than those arriving with Tourist Visas. They are likely to notice your quick-return. You might want to fly to Hat Yai domestic, take the train across and back, using the Pedang Besar crossing. That is what I would do, since I will never fly international into Thailand, due to inconsistent IO-policies in Thai airports (scary). If you plan to stay more than a month after returning, better to take the train from Pedang Besar to Penang, and get a Tourist Visa there.
  2. This policy, and other aspects of the requirements, varies wildly by office.
  3. As long as you have the required docs, the guys across the street can handle any copying for you.
  4. If it was accepted, I would not be surprised if you still had to go to the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok to get them to put a signature on it stating it was valid (or, that you told them it was valid - depending on embassy-policy). Then you'd take that to the MFA, and they would validate that the signature from the officer at the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok was really their signature.
  5. This used to be the case, but they would not even do "quick service" for money the last time I was there. Savannakhet with all the docs would be my first try. They gave me a TR visa without issue to spite a warning-stamp on a previous TR-Visa (from Phnom Penh) - but, I supplied everything on their list.
  6. The front desk will give you one. The little shop on the left before you go in the front door sometimes has forms also.
  7. It could also be a case of the agent not being the best / not providing the necessary docs (not as if they would admit this). For this run, I would re-enter by land and use up one of her 2 land-border visa-exempt entries per calendar year. Bummer to have that in her passport - hopefully will not stop her from being able to get Tourist Visas from more "friendly to PI" consulates in the future.
  8. Yes, they have - reported here. Rare, but it has happened - both Don Muang and BKK. Almost all cases were "Didn't have 20K Baht worth of cash to show." In a couple cases, they had the cash, and were denied anyway. But, no such reports, yet at least, from Chaing Mai airport. If you must fly in, I would go through customs there, then fly domestic to where ever you need to go next.
  9. My proof of income was foreign-transfers (clearly marked) to my Thai account. Vientiane was definitely not interested in looking at any paperwork, to spite the wording on the stamp. Maybe when they first created that "red stamp" wording they did - but nowadays, they just say, "If you have a stamp with this remark, we cannot issue a Tourist Visa." So, it would not make sense to ask for this in order to issue additional TR Visas ... but, they don't accept docs for this case, anyway - just tell you to go to your embassy and get a new passport before applying there again.
  10. If getting a new passport anyway, the red-stamp won't hurt, so might as well go to Vientiane a 4th time - might even get lucky, and could get a 5th. Only if planning to use other consulates for more TR visas, avoid the Red-Stamp - then use Savannakhet (with the extra paperwork), or Hong Kong, or HCMC (also extra paperwork).
  11. Numbers - front desk - after showing you filled out a TM-30 form. The number-system was independent of the electronic-number-system, when I was last there - little pieces of paper or plastic-tags with numbers on them. Before, you didn't have to re-fill a TM-30 - now you do. But when you get to the TM-30 officer's desk, explain that you are returning to the Same Residence As Before, and should not have to show the full-stack of paperwork - just copies and original of the last TM-30 slip and copies of your most-recent passport-stamp-in and TM-6. I bring the full-stack of paperwork (rental-contract, etc - or whatever you used the 1st time), just in case that changes.
  12. This only happens at airports, and only rarely even there. If using land-borders (other than Poipet), TR Visas are always accepted, as long as you can show 20K Baht worth of cash, if asked.
  13. Retirement extension question

    Your past extensions will not affect anything if you do not renew before your current extension expires. You will need to re-start the process. Having the money already in the bank is one less thing to do. If your local immigration office on Ko Phangan will do a "conversion" of a tourist-type entry (Visa or Exempt) to a Non-O entry, then that could get you back on track to annual extensions. But even better/easier if you can get a single-entry Non-O before coming from a Thai Consulate, and enter with that. Another option (sometimes the only one, at some consulates) is the Non-OA, which involves more paperwork to your Thai Consulate. Once you have a Non-O entry, you can then apply for a "1-year extension based on retirement" just as you did before, starting at 30-days before the "permitted stay" date of your Non-O. I outlined all options to "re-start" the process in my earlier post here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1013854-retirement-extension-question/?do=findComment&comment=12498400
  14. It all depends on whom you hit at the Immigration checkpoint - assuming you are entering by air. If coming in by land (except the Poipet crossing) - no problem at all. But one month "out" for every 6 "in" is going to irk the subset of airport-IOs, who have a problem with longer-stayers, and can target those on Tourist type entries. If you can get a Non-OA visa, I would get one. If that is too much trouble, a trip to the Savannakhet, Laos consulate for a single-entry Non-O would also set you up for a 1-year extension in-country. Another option would be conversion to a Non-O from a tourist-entry - but best if you can do that while "living in" Bangkok, since some offices will not do them - or not without great trouble or agent-cost. If you let us know which office you would be using, perhaps reports exist indicating their cooperation-level on conversions.
  15. Stopped at Don Muang

    Because ... "The lack of ATMs before immigration is to prevent people from accessing cash demanded by IOs at checkpoints". If they could, the "show 20K Baht in cash routine would not work - people would just withdraw it to show. Never said "all" - but some, clearly so. Ask those who were put through the ringer for no sane reason, and I'm sure they will agree.