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  1. from the home of CC

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    Allowing a known criminal organization to build a new clubhouse (like the bandidos in hua hin) in the country must of had the blessing of the Big Joke, no way he could not know of it.
  2. from the home of CC

    Another one gone!

    Dumped true a while back, don't miss it.
  3. from the home of CC

    China calls on Canada to free Huawei CFO or face consequences

    Canada - stuck in the middle
  4. from the home of CC

    Stinky laundry

    Throw baking powder into the powder port (for powdered soap) and vinegar in the liquid detergent port for three or four loads. Did this a few times and it cleaned up the machine (can do regular laundry load with soap simultaneously). Now I do this every two weeks or so to keep it clean. Works for me.
  5. from the home of CC

    Man found hanged after seeing partner with another man

    that's more of a western act..
  6. from the home of CC

    Welcome to the NEW NORMAL

    the new 'madmen'
  7. Meanwhile the Marlboro company just invested over a billion in a legal marijuana company.
  8. Depends on what you use and circumstances in Canada, not even close to be as cut and dried as the states.
  9. Very similar to Canada with some winning jury trials and other not.
  10. from the home of CC

    Amnesty demands junta lifts all human rights restrictions

    lol - amnesty will have about as much effect upon Thailand as the Catholic church had on Duerte.
  11. must be heart wrenching to have to protect yourself from your own child...
  12. Have anything more recent? She wan't even born when most of these movies came out lol. Seriously, just ask her about her interests, scary, funny, love story etc.
  13. brrr, can't feel my toes lol