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  1. I agree it is about the quality of the person not whether you are related on not. I always think it is so crazy that when a couple in UK get married and that can only afford to invite 30 or so to the after wedding dinner that they are expected to invited relatives they haven't seen for 10 years over and above their good friends whom they see on a daily or weekly basis. So in direct answer to the OP i believe it depends on what your family have done for you and the quality of that relationship.
  2. I have had this happen with Air Asa and probably other arlines a few times as well. I personally think it is genuine. What is happening i suspect is that the airline only has a certain number of seats at a certain price. Others could be trying to book the same flight as you at the same time and beat you to the last flight at that price.
  3. Strange comment i am not trying to impose rules atall, i am suggesting it would be inconsiderate for a parent to allow their sub 6 age child to take up their own seat on a crowded train. Read your first sentence again you are the one telling what to do !
  4. Agreed i suppose a semi solution that does not really address the problem though.
  5. Sure, as long as child is on the parents lap
  6. Chris 455 you are absolutely wrong on this, the dearest prices from from UK to Europe will be the school holidays, July / August.
  7. Was on the Metro in Dubai, amazed to see female only carriages, in one half of an open carriage females were sitting comfortable, a few metres away guys were cramped lke sardines trying to keep their feet on the right side of the line. A couple of Western girls were sardines with their male partners, good on them !
  8. Very sadly i think the good old days have gone in Chiang Mai, so i have moved on.
  9. And why should they ???
  10. Probably because not many female posters The attempts at silencing or marginalising on this forum certainly are not restricted to gender issues. There will be attempts to silence you if you are negative about Thailand, if you are here for other reasons than to visit temples and beaches, if you are living on a low budget (CC) etc, etc.
  11. As a generalisation i thnk there are some anti Western female postings on here and that is hardly surprising as a lot of guys i have met here (rightly or wrongly) feel they have been fleeced of either their money or their offspring, or both by ex Western partners.
  12. After reading your Post i recall reading many years ago that a child was not competent to cross a busy road until teenage. Taking a quick look at the Internet it states 14 as the age when awareness skills are fully developed but that 12 year olds usually adjust successfully by waiting for bigger gaps in traffic.
  13. Just don't bother opening this thread again instead of trying to Police it ! The title is 'hardcore price hikes.
  14. i agree with CNXBKKMAN i simply dont think what you say is correct. Prices in the UK for flights and holidays (wherever you go) are hiked up in the school summer holidays. That is our punishment for having kids !
  15. I guess you will be constantly looking for the next reply from your adversary / opponent and constructing your retort. If you can't let go i can see that it could become addictive and overly time consuming.