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  1. DickThrust

    Road closure highway 304

    Many thanks Guys
  2. DickThrust

    Road closure highway 304

    Yes thanks, that's the place shown on Google maps. Is the road passable? I will be travelling from Korat to Pattaya. Thanks again.
  3. Google maps is showing that Highway 304 is closed near Chachoengsao. Can anyone confirm or give any information? Thanks.
  4. DickThrust

    Jomtien Condo for sale

    I have a condominium for sale/long term rental, situated in the popular View Talay 1 complex. View Talay1 situated on Thappraya Road in the heart of Jomtien, is on a baht bus route and close to the beach. The complex has a large swimming pool and a restaurant/coffee shop poolside. There is also access to an ATM machine, laundry, numerous bars and ample parking. It also has 24 hour security and keycard access. The condo is of 64 square metres. This is a beautifully appointed one bedroom property with a large marble clad bathroom with bath and shower. It also has a superb European style kitchen with breakfast bar. It is fully air conditioned with ceiling fans and dimmer light switches and comes fully furnished. It is on the 12th floor and has 2 balconies with sea views. It is available in foreign name at 2 400 000 baht with transfer fees split 50/50. If you are interested or require further information please contact; Mervyn on 0828729245 (English) Jeng on 0625545425 (Thai) My Movie.wmv
  5. If you purchased MotoGP tickets from a 7 11 and are confused about where to pick up tickets. I contacted allticket by phone. They said you could pick up the tickets at the circuit. The ticket "office" at the circuit is hard to find. It is a shipping container behind the McDonald's near the main entrance to the circuit. Enjoy the racing.
  6. DickThrust

    Picking up Tickets booked by All Ticket?

    Hi , did you resolve your problem. I had the same problem. Contacted allticket by phone. They said you could pick up the tickets at the circuit. The ticket "office" at the circuit is hard to find. It is behind the McDonald's near the main entrance to the circuit. Enjoy the racing.
  7. DickThrust

    DTAC full speed unlimited package 1999 baht

    To get back on topic... I have purchased the Line mobile unlimited package (currently on offer at 749/999 bt) which apparently is the same as the DTAC package. It is fairly reliable but forget streaming movies. I live in a very rural area and perhaps speed will be better in cities - speed is usually 1.5 Mbps-7 Mbps dependent on time of day. I have a true move H SIM on my mobile phone and use the DTAC/Line SIM in a mobile wifi gadget at home. The speed on True is much faster and more reliable than Line mobile. Check coverage in your area and try each provider before you take the plunge would be my advice.
  8. DickThrust

    Home wifi hotspot

    I chose the Line mobile unlimited package - 749 + VAT. Ok for youtube etc, buffers on Kodi/cricfree. Speed depends of course on time of day. Varies from 2 Mbps to 7 Mbps. I live in the boonies so I guess speed would be better in cities.
  9. DickThrust

    Home wifi hotspot

    Hi Ubonjoe, purchased the device that you suggested from Lazada. Took some time to set it up - in the end my local mobile phone guru helped me out. It is now working very well. Thanks again for the advice.
  10. DickThrust

    Home wifi hotspot

    Many thanks kittenkong and ubonjoe, I think you have solved my problem - much appreciated. I will investigate the devices that you mentioned.
  11. DickThrust

    Home wifi hotspot

    Thanks scottiejohn, unfortunately where I live there is no home based broadband option. Using my phone as a hotspot has been excellent but I just needed an unlimited package so I can watch TV etc.
  12. DickThrust

    Home wifi hotspot

    Hi, I need some guidance regarding a wifi hotspot at home. I have a Truemove H package on my phone which I currently use as a hot spot at home. I have decided to subscribe to the Line mobile unlimited package but to keep my Truemove package on my phone. How can I use my new Line mobile sim to get a wifi hotspot at home. I know I could use a second phone but is there a cheaper/better alternative? Many thanks for any input.
  13. DickThrust

    PVR Truevisions frequent black out

    Hi fvw53, dif you solve your Pvr problem. I have exactly the same problem. 3 visits by technicians have failed to sort it. They have replaced the pvr box but problem persists.
  14. DickThrust

    Ford Ranger oil capacity

    Hi, Just took in my 2013 Ford Ranger 2.2 for its 75k service at a Ford Dealer. I was charged for 8 litres of oil. Does anyone know the oil capacity for this model. Incidentally, I was charged 7600 bt for this service. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks for any views or advice.