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  1. Well that sounds easier than I thought. You visited the education department in Bangkok? Did you have any difficulty convincing a local teacher/school to fill out the form? How, for example, would they know you are achieving their standards? Don't suppose the child is eligible for any official documentation if he continues to get these forms signed off? Thanks heaps for this.
  2. A Lurker

    Teak Table Touch Up

    Lovely furniture!
  3. A Lurker

    Teak Table Touch Up

    Beauty. Thanks Crossy. We'll get onto that.
  4. A Lurker

    Teak Table Touch Up

    Thanks Crossy. I was a bit suss on the polyurethane too. Here's what the finish looks like
  5. Is this a long term plan for you? I'm considering doing the same as I know I can definitely do better than the "international" schools in my area. The only thing stopping me is the worry that my half Thai child will not have the appropriate official schooling requirements/certificates to be able to enter the workforce here or abroad. Otherwise I would do it tomorrow. It's a big conundrum. Would love to hear more about homeschoolers in Thailand.
  6. A Lurker

    Teak Table Touch Up

    Have a teak table (mai sak) which is getting a bit faded on the finish. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a product to use for a touch up. I was told by a Thai guy to use urethane? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.