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  1. IGSCE Question

    Thanks DavisH. I would rather he go through the IGCSE system rather than the Thai. Just got to make sure we pass the damn thing! Hopefully there will be enough time to improve on the English.
  2. IGSCE Question

    My feeling is that most of the students are not passing but I'm trying to get official information on that.
  3. IGSCE Question

    Thanks MikeyIdea. At this stage our choice is between IGCSE or the Thai school system so we've gone with the former. I don't think the"international" school he's been in for the last for the last year or so (he's 11 now) is going to get him over the line at the rate their going as they seem pretty slack. I'm considering homeschooling him and sitting the exams externally. My concern though is if he doesn't pass those 5 subjects and get the M6 equivalent it will put him at a disadvantage.
  4. homeschooling

    Very interesting. The hours seem on the long side though. I would have thought 3 to 4 hours would be sufficient to exceed a full day at a regular school.
  5. IGSCE Question

    Thanks Michael. My son is an average student and still very much playing catch up on English proficiency. It will be a struggle I think to get through to the year 11 IGSCE exams and pass the core subjects which by the looks are 5 as DavidH says and that will include English. I think I did read somewhere that the MOE can ratify you as M6 diploma equivalent but I guess that will be contingent on passing those core subjects (not a given!). My focus is less on university and just having the minimum requirement (M6) that qualify him for work in Thailand
  6. I am not from the UK and I find the schooling system confusing so please bear with. If I understand correctly from reading previous threads a child receiving IGSCE education (usually finishing around year 11 aged 16 or so) will be considered by the MOE to be the equivalent of M6. My question is, does their need to be a minimum number of subjects passed to qualify for this? Also, how does this work in the UK? Is there a number of subjects that have to passed to receive the certificate? Any information appreciated. I see there are several knowledgeable commentators here.
  7. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    Have just sent PM.
  8. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    The Honda GXV160 is 14,500 baht. You can read more about it in this thread: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/997561-lawn-mower-for-under-15k/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-12218303
  9. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    Was wondering about blades actually. 350 baht sounds pretty reasonable - cheaper than my old blades. Be interesting to see how long they last.
  10. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    Here I am Weegee! Have had at least 2 big mowing sessions with my new Honda and have to say the difference between my old 10k local model and this 14.5k Honda is huge. Definitely worth shelling out the extra baht.
  11. Lawn mower for under 15k

    Yes as a matter of fact Weegee have been busy mowing this last weekend until I ran out of petrol near the end doh! (petrol tank is smaller than what I'm used to), The mower has been great, thank you Weegee and all the others who gave input in this thread. It sounds and handles great, the comparison to my old machine is pretty amazing - definitely worth shelling out the cash. The real test though will be in the durability and maintenence, it does look like a sturdy thing though. I'm hoping to get 10 years out of this one!
  12. Lawn mower for under 15k

    Just to update this it appears a regular push mower with Honda GXV160 engine goes for around 14,500 baht.
  13. Lawn mower for under 15k

    Thanks Weegee. Do you know if they ship to Samui? Maybe you can PM their number (if it's against forum rules to post it here) and I'll give them a call?
  14. Lawn mower for under 15k

    Thanks Dutchman. I doubt they would come down to below 15k plus I'm on the other side of the country. I just checked my Honda dealer and they can't bring in any mowers either
  15. Lawn mower for under 15k

    I just called and that model is now 20k+ which is unfortunately out of my price range. Shame as it looks good.