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  1. PhDEducation

    Beware of Bangkok Bank

    I was playing golf with the ATM card in my wallet. My tee times was at 1:00 pm and returned home at 8:00 pm. When checking my I banking, 14,000 was transferred through my ATM. The transaction was at 1432 and retrieved at 1630. Hmmm I was playing golf during that time. Sorry but not suffering from dementia! Teaching at a private university, so my mental faculties are in order. Sorry to disappoint some on the sight, perhaps that's why I don't reply or voice an experience here. Thank you to many of the people who were giving some sound and logical advice, very much appreciated!
  2. PhDEducation

    Beware of Bangkok Bank

    StevyMac There is nothing you can do to retrieve your lost monies! I no longer have an ATM nor I banking and my monies have been secured. I too have police reports, and they tracked my monies to a woman in BKK but she changed her name and closed the account. Gone forever!
  3. PhDEducation

    Beware of Bangkok Bank

    I no longer have an ATM or I banking and have no further problems. thank you
  4. PhDEducation

    Beware of Bangkok Bank

    Since 2014, to present day, but not every month, my account has been hacked. I've taken so many precautions it's to the point of becoming ridiculous. Closed all accounts and reopened at a different branch, cancelled all ATM cards and issued new ones on many occasions. Now, recently move to another branch and yes, hacked! This is becoming costly and very inconvenient when doing my banking. Police reports, arguing slightly to try to make them understand the situation but somehow and some way, it becomes my fault! Today was just another glorious day at the bank, the manager insisted that according to their SYSTEM, I withdrew monies from the ATM at an really early morning time. Knowingly that my money was not safe I removed my Thai baht and left a balance of 126 baht. When I checked my bank book, 4000 was withdrawn and put me at an negative balance. My question was, how do I withdraw 4000 with a balance of 126? Reply: " the system was offline and it did not know your balance!" I am not exaggerating this was my reply! Now they are suppose to check the CCTV but not all ATM's have these cameras. If they are somewhat telling the truth, go and use your ATM cards at 3:00 am and withdraw monies that you don't have! The police were actually very helpful and rather honest, saying that the bank will try to keep your money but they are responsible for money being taken from your account. Now the question arises, why are you still doing business at that bank? Answer, I need a Thai bank located in the USA! Does anyone know of a way to receive monies from the US that does not include the Bangkok Bank? I'm becoming rather frustrated with the skimming of my ATM Card, Foreign Currency Deposit Account, and a regular account all,of which is being hacked! Thank you
  5. PhDEducation

    Protesters tell US ambassador to "go home"

    Nickymaster Once again you show your ignorance. Great work! Did the U.S. Create turmoil in your country? What has the U.S. Done for Thailand? People actually agree with you, wow! Amazing how ignorance spreads.
  6. PhDEducation

    Protesters tell US ambassador to "go home"

    Perhaps you should keep your mouth shut! How many countries rely on the U.S. For assistance? Perhaps yours! Normally, I'm not so aggressive with my words or postings but this nonsense is "crossing the line." You apparently feel free here, post a negativity remark about an entity in Thailand. Show that you have more than a mouth.
  7. I'm an American and nothing could be further from the truth. only around 10% of Americans have passports, considering we usually go State to State. We aren't from Europe where it's easily traveled. I made so many mistakes living in Thailand and am constantly learning! Don't be so harsh on Americans! I'm not ashamed to say, I've made so many mistakes due to being native. This is a different world in which we are use to dealing. We are for the most part, not experienced travelers. Make a trip to the USA!
  8. To be perfectly fair about my situation, I found a decent and knowledgeable banker from BKK Bank who helped me. It was up to me to find him, not the bank! I received 4,000 for the October 13th skimmed monies and next month I will receive 6,000 for the October 14th skimmed monies. Naturally, it is not free but I can live with the agreed terms. Thank you! Currently dealing with the hacked accounts but that's in the hands of the Thai police. They have all the necessary information, now time will tell! This hacking of one's account and skimming must be stopped! Foreigner', please careful of you hard earned monies that we worked so hard to obtain throughout our lives. Our monies were not obtained easily, came from many years of working and stressful positions in which no one gave us our money, we earned it!
  9. Hello, Two years ago I posted a message indicating that it's not the students who are at fault but it is was the proficiency of the Thai teachers. The Ministry wanted 1.5 million students to be English proficient by the year 2015! We all know how that worked out. In regards to the person who taught English and tried to educated Thai teachers is absolutely correct! They have no interest what so ever. We all are aware of the problem, now what is the solution? From my experience as a university lecturer, hire more Foreigners! I don't refer to myself as a farlang, I'm a foreigner. I've been an Administrator, English teacher, and university lecturer. I refused the position of a Thesis Advisor. I taught Chinese teachers as well as Korean teachers. They had a desire to learn! My children are Thai and the school they attend is a travesty due to their curriculum. I'm not criticizing the students but the total Automony of the owners of the school and the Ministry of Education. Solution for the USA should slash all Asians who teach the different languages. That would improve the linguistics of a foreign language. I'm sorry for being so sarcastic but this is totally absurd! This is a perfect way to hinder the education of the students! Footnote, a teacher asked my daughter to help him with his English! End of story! I apologize if offending anyone but this article has offended me.
  10. Star Member, I don't disagree but I'm referring to a foreign deposit account where as my money comes in an USD. I transfer my USD at will depending on the exchange rate.
  11. Hello Bangmai, you are so correct! I am a solider Of extremely bad luck. Answer is coming from Bangkok and the minimal fee is 11.63 from New York. The policy started October 1, 2015. Yes, must maintain. $250 USD in the Foreign Deposit Account. Please look onto the sight, topic stating FDA and it's mentioned. The call center will misinform you. The reason for me being on this sight is not to criticize but to inform. I do not wish to have this topic disappear. I want every foreigner in Thailand to be aware of problematic areas with Thailand banks. I am an American!
  12. PhDEducation

    Banks living in the stone age

    Perhaps my problem is unusual. I have made three police reports of hacking and skimming my accounts. I'm not complaining about the processes of BKK banks, but they assume no responsibility for monies lost. I've lost a considerable amount of money through hacking and skimming my accounts. My other problem is not the problem of speaking English at the Bangkok bank but the training of employees at the Bangkok Bank. It appears there is no consistency from one bank to another bank even though they are all under Bangkok Banks systems. The call center is also not informing people correctly. For 10 years I have never had a problem until recently. My monthly income has depleted quickly through transactions that are being hacked and one time at an ATM machine of being skimmed. I am now on my third police report! Siam bank, forget that bank. I could tell you of a real horror story pertaining to that particular bank. 80,000 plus, gone!
  13. Just maintain a $250 minimum balance or you will be charged $89 for your transaction fee plus the $11.83 for transferring.
  14. PhDEducation

    Banks living in the stone age

    I truly believe the employees are not properly trained. Example: I was charged 3100 baht plus 11.83 for a transfer fee! I've been doing this for years and never had been charged this amount. Naturally the branch couldn't answer the problem, answer, call the call center! Ok, called them and she indicated a new rule or law was being implemented October 1st. Must maintain a $100.00 minimum balance in my foreign deposit account. I was never informed of this change but okay. I later went to the main branch and it was stated, must maintain a $250.00 minimum balance. I don't mean to be critical of the bank but the employees must be better trained to deal with the foreigners! I have lost money for the past 3 months, unusual fees, hacked, and skimmed once for 10,000 baht. Three police reports and a mountain of paperwork and many hours at several banks! Conclusion: no money as been entered into my account! I still concur that Thailand is not the place for ex pats to retire and live relatively a comfortable life. This topic is dealing with the banks. Many other problems a foreigner must deal with on a regular basics. I do apologize for my negativity. I have lost a considerable amount of money from the banks through corruption or negligence of the employees.
  15. PhDEducation

    Banks living in the stone age

    Mr. Mudcrab, describe your post as rather harsh! I need not address your post nor say anything negative about you or your friend! I'm here to notify others of improprieties and to beware. The police today gave me the name of the Thai who has been receiving monies from my account. The person is located in BKK and I'm in Chiang Mai. I want to keep this topic alive, since it's a serious problem for all of us. We must stand together and not criticize each other. Yes, I'm a PhD and hopefully have common sense and a sense to assist others. Considering that I do lecture students from all over the world. Conclusion is the BKK Bank has not replaced monies to my account and rely heavily on the police. FYI!