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  1. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Khai the Egg Cafe. Nimmanhaemin Soi 9 Breakfast and Brunch only.
  2. He should already will be in possession of a British passport (that will contain an Australian permanent residence sticker /stamp - now revoked) that enabled him to travel to Thailand hence Thaivisa interviewed a British man. He will still have the right of abode in the U.K. and in all likelihood will be his next destination. I feel sorry for the innocents it adversely affects in these situations (partners, children, parents) since Australia took their hardline. 1023 have been sent back to NZ since 2015 with a vast number having no ties whatsoever here.
  3. Running away back home or elsewhere overseas will not give you your Thai dream life (whatever that might entail). If part of the dream is dependant on being Bangkok based for personal reason, move a little further away (if you can) from the district of the city that is causing you grief, and relocate elsewhere that is realistically commutable for you by public and private transport at hours to suit. If life doesn't need to revolve around the metropolis, there are the local forums on this website that give sometimes contentious insight to the good, the bad and the ugly of provincial living. Field trips may be your best option. Hope all works out well for you.
  4. Not being an English teacher with Phd blah, blah but being a blue collar worker, I apologize. I felt a verb even employed in a past tense most appropriate than a noun. Should I have failed in grammar expectations.maybe I not send my drafts to Microsoft and Google for their search engine inclusion. As an aside, "Jingthinger" to me sounds nothing Germanic rather perhaps an Oriiental playing billiards without a table. Latin neither counts. Kind Regards this time,
  5. "Jingthinger" verb. A one-off, unique experience that was pleasurable but will never be exercised again through personal choice. I have made enquiries for submittal to the Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam Webster & Funk & Wagnall for possible inclusion in their 2018/2019 editions. JT, I believe that the question you posed requires context to answer thus a singular word cannot provide. Possibly Japanese has a word that fits the bill. The English language is rich in its depth of vocabulary so why would you try and settle for one word when a score would be explicit. If all situations could be reduced to singular words, lawyers would starve as billing for post-it note communication couldn't attract the billing hours. The Harry Potter Series would be leaflets. 50 Shades of Grey trilogy possibly 3 postcards. I believe putting a hashtag in front of the context of your question without spacing and having it reflect on oneself would be one word, language evolution. You did post in the Pub and I've had a couple. Regards.
  6. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    There will always be three different responses on this forum to your question based upon an individuals members lifestyle and their personal expenditure. 1. Not enough money. 2. Enough to scrape by and have a better day to day expierence than in their land of origin. 3. More than sufficient especially if variables plan out then you can live life like a lord with future savings on top. Like yourself, I am contemplating an early retirement to Thailand in the mid-term future. Make the comparison based on you taking early retirement in your home country with your pot of superannuation, accompanied by a freehold rental property as income to how finances would entail whilst residing with a girlfriend. Then factor in the similar required to duplicate it to Thailand with careful consideration of financing for any and all anonymities that could occur as previous posters have provided. I would be of the opinion that you have enough collateral to advance with your planning exercising due diligence.
  7. Recommended Thai BBQs (Moogata)

    As I was locating the Moo Kata on Google, another one just down road caught my eye กินพุงกาง This Link also working for me
  8. Recommended Thai BBQs (Moogata)

    Click on the Bold Text which is a link and Google will take you there with a red pin point Moo Kata near Payap university Link is working for me,
  9. Recommended Thai BBQs (Moogata)

    Moo Kata near Payap university Not on the size or scale of Sokontha, neither is the selection as vast. Bonus, not on the chinese coach circuit.
  10. Double against what comparison?
  11. I'm Impressed - The 'new' Sukantha Buffet!

    There is another Moo Kata that Opals historic University friends of past have taken us to. Will do a Google Map search and update. Venue doesn't sell alcohol but there is a mom/pop shop a block or so away and more than happy to provide for your byo.
  12. All subjective as to what or whom classes the establishment as 4*. Our choice has been The Chorus for KLCC directly under the Petronis towers when flat on your back with a beer at hand in the pool.
  13. I'm Impressed - The 'new' Sukantha Buffet!

    Have been to Sokontha twice with extended family, within the last four years. Enjoyed both experiences. There are numerous gripes and complaints that could be exercised if one was pedantic and ingrained to a Western concept of dining.focussing on comparison to a Meridean type dining experience. Prices have increased slightly from last visit. Thank you FolkGuitar for the update and accompanying photographic examples.