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  1. A realist goes to a "lumber yard" complete with tape measure to assess true specification as required and ability to ascertain lateral conformity and finally defect free, nothing worse than knotty wood being warped and under spec for load. "Actual" would be the term for "dressed timber" as opposed to "rough sawn" which is described as "Nominal". Milling / Dressing must be abysmal in Thailand to have such a waste disparity between nominal and actual dimension. 50mm x 50mm rough sawn should equate to 45mm x 45mm after dressing per processing. To bring it back into a realm of 38.1mm extruded from 50mm at the mill, might explain why there is an abundance of wooden disposable chopsticks.
  2. As an oasis in a desert for a watering hole, more than fits the.bill. I did not see a "Martini stirred not shaken" on the drinks menu, as to boring, would depend upon the individuality of the farang, Yes?
  3. Mine did, hope all is well with you and hope for another meet in future as roo860 is a bonafide great guy and pleasure to be in his company.
  4. Correction Left hand side heading South, I noticed it on the right heading North.
  5. CMKiwi will have never forgiven the underarm bowl and knowing him, probably enjoys giving Ockers a good ribbing without malice.
  6. Almost predominantly all clientele Thai, like most of Phitsanulok but I'm sure you wont be eaten alive Woodstock Bar Phitsanulok
  7. Heading South along Highway 108, about 250mtrs past the outer ring road on right hand side is a timber yard.
  8. New signage depicts pregnant women from 3 to 4 in the pecking order.. As an aside, I was initially flattered by a young Japanese woman wishing to vacate her seat on a crowded train in Tokyo for me, especially with Opal standing right next to me. Of course I declined, and then subsequently my ego deflated when I saw the pictogram of an "aged person with cane" in signage as priority seating behind me. Neither in reality could really apply (or so I tell myself).
  9. Alas no, looks like too many martinis, now suffering with gout and needing a crutch. Could also be a TV member
  10. Newer signage for MRT Older signage for MRT. Apparently the "blessed little angels !" have shifted downards in the pecking order. Would appear plenty of ThaiVisa members now rank just behind monkhood
  11. Should you require natural oil for other applications may be able to advise if they have distributors in Chiang Mai. Far too expensive to top up a sump .
  12. Presuming you require it for chafing or similar application rather than an an engine additive.
  13. Incorrect, you are not back at "home", you are back at your previous place of residence within Thailand, specifically for the purpose being continuation of education under your own financing whilst being there. I believe the days of "Wherever I leave my hat, I call home" are way way gone. What perturbs me most about this post is the inflexibility of the "competent officers" and any veracity for truth of financial status. Folding notes (taxation by pickpockets is 100%) are no longer the preferred choice of legitimate travellers. I can exit Thailands border utilise most ATM's on a foreign issued "eftpos"card which shows actual balance in a current account of funds irrespective of any funds available by a credit card. A maelstrom of opinion that is far ranging has eventuated from this topic. Best of Luck.
  14. My pied-à-terre would be a 49% foreign owned condo/studio bolt hole in the "City" and there are many up for grabs at throwaway prices. Would probably benefit Opal more than me if truth be known except for the travel in for CEC breakfast.
  15. Not a hedonistic bar in sight nor Rimping, how do you survive?