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  1. Max, either sane or not, (and not being your first choice of user names) you have provided an excellent balance of reporting throughout this dubious posting under "Thailand News". Should these two perpetrators of a crime through naivety be factual, I am able, and many other could provide support on the ground. I do not hide behind anonymity, warts and all. Thread is flogging a dead horse. Respect to you Sir. Regards Paul
  2. Thread has gone well beyond its "use by date" in Thailand News and should be parked in the "Farang Pub" forum as entertainment value as it was never journalistic "news" but regurgitated rumour and speculation now commonly known catchphrased as being "fake news". I do not believe Amykat through lack of participation was banned/suspended (perhaps a moderator can provide clarification), She advised imminent departure from Chiang Mai and headed back to US of A with adopted child. Makara has always maintained being Stateside. I find sanemax has been almost spot on in his analysis (albeit at times a little pedantic, which might question use of sane to his user name) to date refuting an alleged scenario besmirching Thailand.
  3. Best place to sell gold in Chiang Mai?

    I believe your best price would be in one of the "gold trading" shops located in the Warorot Market area. Price for buying / selling is usually displayed and in most cases has no bearing upon an origination. Rule of thumb would be, whichever of these premises has the most clientele waiting to trade either up or down their holding of "gold security" would be the one to attend. Patience has to be a virtue. Any ornate jewellery that had an added significant cost involved through goldsmith craftsmanship when purchasing would revert back to weight base value. Opal I am sure, would love to be adorned like "Mr T", so am keeping well away from Thai "gold shops" . Best of luck in conversion.
  4. Orange rental bikes: ugly or useful?

    Reduction of use from carcinogenIc emississions of ill-maintained Songtharws and Tuk-Tuks would be a step forward to the betterment of air quality in Chiang Mai espescially at ground zero. There would be social upheaval for many but able to be mitigated, This measure alone does not address the "slash and burn" practices affecting many and employed by the agriculture sector from within Thailands border or ner neighbors. I would advocate mass introduction of goats to South East Asia. Similar to Coffee and Cocoa crossing Continents. Again though, to walk any path you have to take an initial step.
  5. Please answer me this

    Will have variable control, the initial setting will just light up the appliance and gives a fire effect, and then if required heat settings to provide warmth if (ever) required. Not exactly a smart purchase for a studio condo dweller. Recreating a Northern European / Upper States American style bar in your multi-roomed abode, essential.
  6. As Lancashirelad has pointed out, The Elephant Nature Park. Elephants rescued from exploitation, no riding, no chains. Would rank my visit there as one the most memorable experiences I've ever had.
  7. CH Hotel provided value for money and should come in at the lower scale of your budget.
  8. Orange rental bikes: ugly or useful?

    "Boris Bikes - London" Again, fabulous concept with an established track record, however the "control" is with the vast number smart docking stations located strategically around the city, as opposed to smart bikes being used without conrtrol by numerous dummies.
  9. Raming Lodge Hotel, Duangtawan, and Chiang Mai Plaza fall within the budget on Agoda within the specified dates.
  10. To be fair with Amykat, it would appear she has been through quite a fair bit of crap through the last decade living in Thailand. Her resolve of provision for her adopted daughter speaks volumes that many wouldn't undertake. Defending gender by virtue of gender was perhaps instinctive but in hindsight naive on this forum. Wish you all the best for seamless transition back to America.
  11. Perhaps a decade or so prior, likewise your tenure in Saudi would give insight as to mine. Always look forward to your input. Kind Regards Paul
  12. When making generalization I do not hid behind anonymity. i.am nether a bigot nor a card carrying member of the Patrichiacy, must have slept in when they were issued.
  13. Look at life through your own narrow perspective enlightened by the immediate circle you keep that reinforces same conduct by now is far too many., Speakers on utility vehicles were sparse and relegated to City use for advertisement of Muay Thai boxing ventures. Now every <deleted> wants to impose themselves in any neighbourhood exuberanting same. It is easy for participants to try and absolve themselves of their inconsideration, and waging a general warfare using water bombardment to persons needing to go about their daily business. The festival has gone too far with idiocy prevailing actions and needs to be brought back to intention and Sanook for all.
  14. Educate yourself regarding Feminism and Egalitarianism. Perhaps research further of equality between the sexes from the indoctrination course of Feminiism 101 you possibly sat, and real life may provide answer. Else start a new thread and I'd be more than happy rebut assumption.
  15. You are the self-centred reckless participant who has jumped on a recent bandwagon exuding fun without consideration. May you not find yourself having to use any motorcycle through unplanned necessity and then be a statistic with Facebook pictures of your corpse being proffered and adding to serious traffic congestion already exasperated.