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  1. Printable BTS map ? Any links

    http://www.pnclink.org/pnc2011/english/download/Bangkok BTS Map.pdf
  2. 500THB = NZ$ 20 and is 12 cans of beer at the local shop here. Post an account number for Overseas depositors or a bona fide medium accepting same and 2500THB is on its way.
  3. Can you ever come first?

    I believe I didn't start negativity and then provide vitriol towards having a wife who is a Thai national and failure of matrimonial harmony. My viewpoint was not an isolated attack upon you on personal level under the proviso of the initial word of the comment "If". There is many a comment by yourself on ThaiVisa that I nod in assent with your point of view, yet likewise a few that crap out. I'm sorry if the comment offended. I am most fortunate with Opal and the extended Thai family, Yes, whoopy doo -whoopy doo and repeat again many times as is correct. As an aside my ex-Caucasian wife took me to the brink of suicide thwarted by Police intervention.
  4. Hotel on BTS in BKK

    Centara Grand at Central Plaza, admittedly it is 1.7km from Mo Chit BTS but right on the doorstep of the Phahon Yothin Metro which makes it more than accessible using the Airpport train with a change at Makkassan - Petchaburi. A good solid 5 star with plenty of amenities, surrounding area pleasant, and can be under 3000THB depending on travel A bonus would be easy acces to Don Muang if your Chiang Mai connection departs from there. Have got Opal doing the same at Xmas.
  5. Can you ever come first?

    And the voice of a crooner by all accounts
  6. Can you ever come first?

    If you "bought" a significant partner, caveat emptor should apply, Heart to Heart with Hillary is a better red flag. I get a lot more respect and if ever requiring assistance, from my Thai extended family than my Occidental biological family. All feathers are not tarred by the same brush.
  7. Can you ever come first?

    I do come first, likewise she comes first in our family unit. Our family unit consists of Opal, myself and a ginger cat (who comes second). I do have four children from a previous marriage as well as siblings, nephews and nieces. Opal has her father, siblings, and likewise nephew and nieces. We do love our extended families and enjoy being in their company and would do whatever was practicable if assistance was ever needed. But as we age, we both understand that our bond is greater than the sum of all.
  8. Zoe Complex.

    100 million baht is only 4 x median average new home central to Auckland. Honestly the world is changing faster than we know, or can plan for. Shame I don't own four houses to liquidate ( many do) mighht be a prudent investment or lifestyle choice.
  9. Ben, less Jim Beam and Coke. The Riverside Bar & Restaurant
  10. Zoe Complex.

    As usual WTK has better perspective than most and not knee jerk reaction. Might have even crossed paths at Nang Nuan (could well have been the origin of food courts) maybe 30 years ago.
  11. Doubt it, straight cut fries at the Good View. http://www.goodview.co.th/2010/thegoodviewmenu.php Feeling hungry now
  12. Don't you like a challenge?
  13. The pictures don't really give too much to go on. My bet is the Riverside http://www.theriversidechiangmai.com/index_in.php The Burger served in that style with potato chips (crisps) and then the fries do appear to be similar (chunky crinkle cut) to their "international" offerings.
  14. Mae Sai Boarder Crossing

    That first visit to Mae Sai (quite a few years ago now) with the extended family, I thought we were only nipping up the road to a market and afterwards having a family lunch. (Not even a quick sidetrack to the Golden Triangle, by far not my best ever day trip!). As we are both visa exempt tourists (Opal uses her NZ passport for travel) a couple of times a year for 2-3 week durations, I wouldn't consider carrying around the passports 24/7 as the risk for loss, theft or accidental damage paranoia outweigh the possibility of random ID check paranoia. We have only ever been stopped once and asked for ID, which was on a "public bus" between Sukhothai and Chiang Mai whilst transiting overland between destinations, so likewise with you, passports were at hand. When checkpoints are routinely established and carried out at places such as the Airport Plaza, Maya Mall and likewise, also "liceneced tour operator day trip" minibuses come under scrutiny, I may reconsider. If I were to be there as an expat of the future, circumstances would be totally different and another approach likely taken, after all the Father-In-Law trick isn't going to last forever.