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  1. Yes, of course I know what I am doing, thanks for telling me that, I would have never known. The dog owners the world over that let their own dogs shit in the neighbors garden have no respect for other people. I am not one of those people, but it sounds like you are saying I am. I will tell you in this subject that you do not have complete control, but you seem to know what to do if the dog can't hold it until it is a safe area to poo? Maybe if it happens, I should have complete control of my dog, by pulling her by the collar, choke and drag her quickly away just so she won't poo on the side of the road in front of someone's house. By the way, I don't pull an innocent card to you mate, I am not innocent and I know people don't like dogs doing their business in front of their house, but you can't always have that control to stop your dog, just make sure you pick it up, which is what I do every time she does her business. If you are Thai, I understand why you replied this way.
  2. OMG, so when I am walking my dog and she decides it's time to let it out, what do I do, yell at her and tell her no, you can't shit here. Bad timing for my her and a fine for me, even if I always pick it up as I would in my home country? What the hell is going on? I have seen lately so many articles like this lately. They have laws in my country giving you a fine if you leave the mess and don't clean it up, that is fine, but you can't control an animal when it is time to do it's business. It just keeps getting more ridiculous in this country to say the least about silly shit, ooh sorry.
  3. I feel so stupid now, I thought I have seen everything from Thailand, now this idiotic bull going on. Is she a criminal that needs to go to jail?
  4. I don't understand this country at all, gave up a long time ago. Someone could assault and injure an individual, or some other violent act and get only a 500 baht fine or wai it and pay nothing. But heaven forbid that you smoke or throw a cig on the ground and possibly go to jail and 100,000 baht fine, I just don't get it.
  5. So the Thai authorities are singling from the same hymn sheet. Maybe this is the problem since they are not singing but only singling.
  6. Thanks Ubonjoe & Lopburi3 for the clarification. I believe there was a little confusion with the 90 day reporting, which I did last year and up to April this year, now I think it is clear for the new 90 day permitted to stay and prepare for a new visa probably late July or early Aug, thanks again.
  7. Have a question regarding my issue with Type O Retirement Visa. Last month I had to go back to the US for a family emergency and my visa was a single entry, already used so now it is invalid. I made the mistake of not going to my immigration office to tell them this and probably could have saved me the hassle of the issue I now have. Now that I have returned, the BKK immigration said I had no valid visa and now a 30 day stamp was put in my US passport. So now I have gone to my local immigration office in Nakhon Si Thammarat, they told me I will need to make a visa run, suggested Malaysia and have done this trip in the past to George Town, Penang, Malaysia, to the Thai Royal Consulate. Do I need to go through the process with bank statement from my Thai bank again showing the 800k baht? This run is to just renew or obtain a new Type O retirment visa? Don't really understand why I am going out and back in for this trip in order to get a 90 day extension to stay. I am just unsure what documents are required for this trip concerning bank statement. My immigration officer told me to come back to see him next Thur before I make the run, maybe will ask for clarification in english, but I not sure if my wife got the instructions correct this time. Any help and explanation of why I need to do this would be much appreciated.
  8. I agree with this, so many here just love to poke fun at Thailand, but look at the real world, the US is really bad, now look at Paris, France. There is an issue here with police not doing their job and never around, that does need the attention of the PM.
  9. Benefits of Having a Teachers License

    I was happy to find this post, because I was trying to decide whether to teach or not in my local town. The school was a private school and one of the UK teachers is permanently retiring, so I interviewed with the owner. I have a BS in engineering, also took the course and received my TESOL certificate last year. Here is the sad part, not able to find a position in the government school, no positions available, but the private school I mentioned with the retiring individual would only offer me 20K, It was really disappointing, told him no thanks, not interested, not worth my time and said goodbye, no other offer. I assume he did not care about the credentials, they meant nothing to him, would not work for them with that being the case. Thanks for the advice here knowing what to look for in future.
  10. Ok understood, I thought this was the case, thanks again for clarification, what a pain sometimes, cheers
  11. Currently I am on my 90 day Visa Non Type O based on retirement, this was the route I was doing so I planned on submitting my documents in 4 weeks for my 1 yr extension based on retirement and have all requirements in order, done and ready. Now my circumstances have changed and have been offered a job in my area. My question is if I accept the job, the usual procedure for the Work Permit will be required, but how will this affect my 1 yr extension that I am planning on doing in 4 weeks? The job will not start until early May and not sure what to do in this case. Has anyone had to go through this change and how to proceed?
  12. Planning ahead.....

    Thanks for reply, I have asked my wife to call them and verify for us, she was not sure 100% because she forgot. Have tried calling already and no answer, a pain to drive there but will verify and post back.
  13. Planning ahead.....

    Hello, Would like to ask for advice in regards to this application for the 1yr extension based on Retirement. I have had an issue in BKK on bad advice from a staff officer and she told me to go out and come back in before my initial 90 day Non O type Visa expired. I made the mistake of not coming on here and searching and asking as I should have and found out when going back to BKK to apply for the 1 yr extension, another staff officer working on my application asked why I left. She said now the visa is invalid and have to start again, was not happy as you can imagine. Now my question is now that I have the new 90 extension, what is the soonest I can apply for the 1 yr extension based on my retirement status? I have all requirements met and funds in the bank since 10 Nov 2015. I have moved to Nakhon Si Thammarat and working with the staff officer at immigration, they are very good at this office. My wife thinks he told her I can apply no sooner than 45 days prior to this 90 day extension expires, usually it is 30 days, does anyone have information on this please? I have seen this statement posted in this thread "In last 30 (45 at some offices) you apply for 12 month permission of stay."
  14. I used the Retirement type because I did not have proof of monthly income, I have a savings and investments in the US that I used, I no longer work a job, just living off my own benefits I built over the years. Not want all the hassle of getting the documents for the other money, not want them to know about, they have no need to know it as long as I meet all their requirements that seem to change like replacing old milk in the fridge.
  15. My question: What good does it do for Thailand for us to have 800K tied up in the bank? Would it not be better for Thailand if we were out spending that money? It only has to be tied up for 3 months (2 the first time). Then you can go out and spend it on whatever. Is this correct for the retirement extension when applying for the 1yr stay? As long as I meet the 3 month requirement of my 800k in the bank I can use it after my extension is approved? Therefore when the next extension comes around for the next year I had another 800K in my bank for 3 months before applying for that 2nd year? Just getting clarification that I don't have to just let my money sit in the bank all year, I can use it, right? I have other sources which I don't have to disclose to them because I was originally on the Type-O retirement and met all the requirements when it was approved, correct?