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  1. Suicide by guardrail..sorry couldn't help myself..RIP both men..and that i mean.
  2. That's funny,,when they can't even bother to clean up around their own house/soi..
  3. Ghost police pickup truck focus of attention

    What i can't understand is that she left WITHOUT her son..That would be the LAST thing a mother would do to her own blood..Could it be that she didn't want (if something went wrong escaping)her son to see/know what she had planned? If i was a Policeofficer now i would wiretap her sons phone and her relatives..Can't belive she dumped her son..Me speculating..
  4. And how many FAILED/CLOSED during the same timespan...
  5. And our dear Junta leader does NOTHING but going after the sexy dancer..4-5 years..still counting.TiT And we/you wonder why none cares,or few cares to follow the law..why bother when you can copy what this boy has done.But most of all it shows the true color of the Police force in Thailand..But i'll give this some moore time to see what the final outcome will be. Just read that the Jetsetting monk is now on his way back to Thailand to hopefully face the music..time will tell. Have a awsome day everyone.:-)
  6. Agree 110%... Have a good day everyone ;-)
  7. I might get one of these..so i can bicycle without fear. Cattle prods:
  8. Headache..just in from working..me think Dehydration...Add to that the weather situation right now..hot and humid.
  9. Seeing how the police leave the Russian guy WHITH handcuffs only cuffed on ONE hand,then the Police turn their back on him...well what can i say...they are NOT able to preform their work at all.The levell they handle this case when they tryed to put him in handcuffs says leaves alot to wish for regarding the way they work.But i guess i leave it at this:TiT.
  10. PM warns people against thunderstorms

    Well i just heard that a CRACK DOWN is ordered...on thunderstorms...will last 3 month.
  11. "He was a government member for several terms, serving as Minister of Justice, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Education in the cabinets of Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra". ...Minister of Education..well for a starter..what did he acomplish there..just me woundering...
  12. One Finnish and one British damaged an ATM

    ...Alkohol..worst drug ever..
  13. I'm Swedish..and after what happend in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago...lock him up ten years or even better,throw away the key...freaking idiot.
  14. Beer yoga is illegal warn Thai health officials

    Soon to be followed by: *Ya ba Yoga *Ganja Yoga ...and moore..;-)...Have a good day everyone.