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  1. Well i just heard that a CRACK DOWN is ordered...on thunderstorms...will last 3 month.
  2. "He was a government member for several terms, serving as Minister of Justice, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Education in the cabinets of Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra". ...Minister of Education..well for a starter..what did he acomplish there..just me woundering...
  3. ...Alkohol..worst drug ever..
  4. I'm Swedish..and after what happend in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago...lock him up ten years or even better,throw away the key...freaking idiot.
  5. Soon to be followed by: *Ya ba Yoga *Ganja Yoga ...and moore..;-)...Have a good day everyone.
  6. "What's social media coming to these days?....What about the HUMAN RACE..."The moore i learn about the human race,the moore i love my dog"..RIP..both of them.
  7. With your hands..called sidelanguage..and alot of bodylanguage...you get it..??
  8. "There are two sides to all of us. I am still looking for my better half. "...100% agree...me to looking and learning something new everyday..if you want that is..;-)Have a good day sir.
  9. Hmm,were did they got those bailmoney from..alms..aren't "monks"supposedly not have any or very few bath for buying just the most necessary/basic things for every-day living..not 100.000 for bail..maybe i'm wrong. Someone shed some light on what a monk is suppose to have when it comes down to money,private money to get out of jail/bailmoney..Have a good day everyone :-)
  10. ...as they say...if it sounds to good..Hey,maybe he's buying those Sub's at Lotus after all..toys that he and his Military friends can "toy"with..whithout spending to much money..Have a good day everyone ;-)
  11. You mean (cock)(pit)...jepp warm and perfect size...Sorry,but just have to be alittlebit naughty this morning ;-)I will blame it to change of coffee brand...Have a good day everyone at TV.
  12. Hrmm,what goes were..;-)
  13. ...he got his own VPN..