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  1. Tapatalk Issues

    Awaiting an updated plugin TD
  2. Yes, I have to update the forum software again with the latest patch TD
  3. @balo - Thanks, ill raise this now. TD
  4. Looking into why this is happening. Not normal, going to create a request with invision. Can you confirm your comments in these topics are within the last month or two months? TD
  5. Nation Link from Thai visa

    This has been changed. TD
  6. Ad block message?

    Topic Closed. TD
  7. Ive just kicked off a reindex of posts and comments etc. It should update shortly. TD
  8. Let me take a look. TD
  9. I have to login every 15-30 minutes again.

    Great, closing this thread. TD
  10. The 'Like' button has vanished...

    Fixed. TD.
  11. Thai Visa Radio 1 feedback

    This one doesn't : https://radio.thaivisa.com/ works ok for me...... TD
  12. Pornography

    Has your browser been manipulated, can you please show us screenshots of the page and the location of the ads so we can investigate? TD
  13. I have to login every 15-30 minutes again.

    This should have been resolved with the latest update. TD
  14. Avatar Letters

    Hi, This could be turned off, however its default for most sites as stated we it was decided to keep it. TD