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  1. Tech Doctor

    ThaiVisa private user data somehow exposed.

    Hi @rwdrwdrwd can you send me a PM and we can walk through the issue here and we can trace where the login was and by what device etc, see if we can see how, what when and where? TD
  2. Tech Doctor

    Opera browser blocking Thai Visa

    Hi TV runs 1.3'TLS and doesnt seem to have an issue on my Opera browser.
  3. Tech Doctor

    Can not connect through app.

    That error is due to an older version of the app. please make sure you are using this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quoord.tapatalkthaivisaa.activity&hl=en TD
  4. Tech Doctor

    Can not connect through app.

    Android is now ok, but IOs is on hold awaiting a change in code from tapatalk, ill confirm once done. TD
  5. Tech Doctor

    Can not connect through app.

    Re-Submitted to google and android stores newer version from tapatalk today, will take time for the associated stores to approve. TD
  6. Hi Balo, The apps arent ours, they are made by a vendor. I have just updated the forum application version for the apps to hopefully make the apps work a little better talking to the forum TD
  7. Tech Doctor

    Can not connect through app.

    App has just been updated on the forum side, this should address latest issues. TD
  8. Tech Doctor

    New Site Feedback

    Please keep all site feedback and issues in this forum so we can address them. Please provide as much information as possible and screenshots where necessary. And please keep the feedback constructive, after 36 hours the TD is tired. Regards TD