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  1. An does he not always play an egomaniacal freak? So as like Kevin Spacey turns out to be his true nature.
  2. FBAR Time Again

    Did they change the FBAR reporting date to April 15?
  3. I don't know anything about taxes I have always used a preparation service/bookkeeper. I work for a large US firm, there is an issue about how my company reports for overseas employees certain medicare or medical insurance taxes or something. Filed taxes on time for 2016, soon some bills saying I was about $800 short. Called accountant, he said he would deal with it back in May, they have higher level contacts to call. (Me calling does nothing, you just get a customer service agent with no ability to do anything). No letters for more than 6 months thought it was dealt with. I now suddenly I get a letter that says I still owe this for 2016, and with interest and penalties it is now over $900. Would re-filing help? My accountant is on vacation. Any suggestions, getting a real tax attorney will cost me more than $900. Same thing happened a few years ago but I just paid after a while, they only said I was $300 short.
  4. I witnessed Tongans car surfing in Waikiki on November 23. There were dozens of cars, women and men waving flags completely unsecured standing on MOVING vehicle roofs, sitting on hoods, screaming. I had never heard of such a thing. The normally ubiquitous 5-O cruisers nowhere to be seen...
  5. Nationwide e-payments to push cashless society goal

    I have something like that too, called SUICA, very convenient. I also use the SUICA app. When using the actual card one must touch it to the reader, the APP is faster and does not require contact. The SUICA APP can be funded by my bank account. Using the card only requires one to go to a ticket machine in the Train station and load cash money onto it. That is time consuming and inefficient. Many vendors do not yet accept credit card payments but they do accept such digital money cards. Any contactless card system, digital money touch card ¥ device or mobile payment APP is better than waiting for a girl to count out paper bills, possibly shortchanging you at the mini-mart, then stack "metallic tender discs" precariously on top with another useless bit of receipt paper that nobody really needs. Such a system is already used in Thailand (7/11 cards) and could be a basis for a universal payments network for Thailand (preferably when cash is banned.) One does not even need a bank account. All transactions tracked, VAT applied and all income taxes paid. I would prefer to not carry a wallet at all in the future as all daily functions could be contained in APPS on my mobile phone. I don't carry a house key, or wristwatch I find them anachronistic. The key to my Honda is a fob that never leaves my pocket or bag. I know some people cling to outdated technologies but I find them to be liberating.
  6. Nationwide e-payments to push cashless society goal

    You have no idea what you are talking about. All I have to do is touch home button on my iPhone, the wallet app is thus activated and transaction approved, just being in proximity of the POS device. Moments later I get an email from AMEX or VISA notifying me of the sale. (A separate function). It works so fast I can go through a turnstile in a Japanese subway station pass the mobile over the sensor not even breaking stride (about two steps), directly following somebody in front. Any problem the gate would close. If people think this is a gimmick that is fine but is much faster than "faffing about" with a plastic cards and physical wallets. I can't explain the technology but mobile payments according to what I have read are somehow more secure than chipped cards and the credit card companies and banks are embracing the technology quickly.
  7. Australian child sex abusers on notice in Thailand

    I wish I had not seen that. An demon, should be in a psychiatric ward chained to a gurney not walking around freely. I feel sorry for his dog.
  8. Nationwide e-payments to push cashless society goal

    There is no pfaffing about. Much faster than pulling a card out of a wallet or purse, sticking it in a slot, entering a PIN then having to wait for authorization, prior to putting the card away again securely before leaving the register. As is it seems many people walk around with a mobile in their hands already these days...
  9. Australian child sex abusers on notice in Thailand

    Why is there always so much sympathy for child abusers on these threads?
  10. Australian child sex abusers on notice in Thailand

    US, Australia, EU and like should all pass legislation to target international child abusers. In addition to what ever other jail sentence is due their passports should be permanently cancelled and seized so they can never again menace children abroad.
  11. TM30's still causing issues ?

    I own my own condo unit. Most individuals with business to conduct at CM immigration hit with 1600 baht fines from when they started with the TM30 enforcement. I can't tell you about 90 day reports, I don't do 90 day reports.
  12. Nationwide e-payments to push cashless society goal

    POS tech such as Apple Pay is not just finger print unlock of your mobile. Every transaction is encrypted and unique, the traditional methods of skimming credit/atm numbers will not work. The vendor never gets your card number. Sure the hackers will find a way but for now it is more secure than even chipped cards with PIN numbers. Cash should be banned in Thailand to cut down on corruption and tax evasion.
  13. Doi Inthanon - Office Hours?

    <edited> I see, 400 baht seems a bit much.
  14. TM30 Experience

    I am the owner! " while she typed on a computer with her other hand". She held my passport sensually touching the corner of her mouth while she typed with the other hand. Irritating whilst exciting as well. Read carefully, Happy New Year!
  15. TM30 Experience

    You asked "Why?" I explained. Now it sounds unfortunately you mean to be insulting. They have not been stapling departure cards in my passport for years fine if they do as long as visas are not damaged. Perhaps this is the way things are done at the Fast Track lane. Not because I fly business class always but because I am in the Thailand Elite program, which immigration does not like in my opinion. Yes I can take out the staple if I want to. As for my venting of "rage" I will save it for gate agents and US TSA goons who insist on using my passport as a clipboard (occasionally making marks on it). I even had one Japanese ANA girl absent-mindedly stick the corner of my passport in her mouth getting lipstick on it while she typed on a computer with her other hand. I don't know if she liked me or something but I had to tell her "You know I don't think that is very clean anymore but could you please not put my passport in your mouth!?!?" You see this small green ring of ink bled over from a Philippine entry stamp to a China Visa. "You visa invalid!!" See a pen mark on the signature page? Mumbai India - "This passport is mutilated sir, you must go back". My company pays for my passport and visas but I don't rate an assistant anymore, all the legwork is up to me, on my own time, so I would just wish that airline agents and government officials officials show a little more respect for a most important and time consuming document. And now from 2018 I won't be attending Promenada to lodge TM30 updates for two minutes (or two hours) anyway. It has been arranged that front desk at my Condo can do it for me. No more bits of paper stapled. Allelujah. Sawastdee Pee Mai Khrap!