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  1. Good riddance. These markets sell junk at high prices, and no the bargaining isn't fun anymore. I used to like the tourist t-shirts, make great gifts. It was OK when you could get one for 120 baht now they want crazy money and the don't budge on prices, it is a cartel. I needed a shirt suddenly recently so I had to buy one at Night Bazzaar. Sukhothai FC jersey. Vey low quality copy twice as much as the real thing at SportsWorld. I guess tourists just get off on buying something outdoors. The stall holders are also very happy to exploit people and also get aggressive sometimes if you look at stuff and don't buy. Something to be avoided.
  2. Whether or not an item is stamped MADE IN THAILAND has nothing to do with whether or not import duty/VAT is due when you as a visitor or resident bring it into the country. I have brought several bicycles into Thailand , new and used by the way. Even direct to Chiang Mai where customs is known to be stricter.Never never had a problem with customs over the years until this week at Swampy. I believe there is a organized fleecing drive in effect. I'd be sure the bike is used and get an old box from your LBS.
  3. I never used it much. Some people find holding foot on the gas pedal for long periods uncomfortable. Maybe they are the same ones who find seat belts uncomfortable? Never understood that, maybe because I'm not a lard ass with a huge belly.
  4. Not my lucky day I guess but observing customs officials at an international airport then taking evasive actions is the fast lane to cavity inspection in most places.
  5. Personally I think everyone should have to carry ID and show it to a policeman if asked. Ask my fellow conservatives if there should be such a requirement or a National ID card they will go absolutely "bat-<deleted>" crazy. Should a child of aliens who snuck in be granted citizenship just because it popped out of the womb on the North side of the border? Do the social democracies that liberals idolize provide free public school education for illegal aliens? (Not resettled refugees and immigrants and children of visa holders but actual illegal aliens!). The American constitution is very unique in several ways some very outdated in 2017 problem is to enforce some more common sense will require changes to avoid law enforcement being applied in a discriminatory way that is the problem with the sanctuary city movement.
  6. http://www.biccamera.com/bc/item/3345734/ If a Japanese housewife wants a $500 rice cooker thats her business isn't it? The question is is there a duty free allowance or not? I have brought new items many times no problem. I was told since it was "new" and I was keeping in Thailand I had to pay. More I think about it I don't think they applied the rule correctly. By the way the item (speakers) in question are 13,900 baht on Lazada and not the color I wanted. Much less on the Bic Camera site and I used a bunch of in store points I had accumulated for it too so my invoice was ¥17,220 (so about $150). Why would I take them out of the box they would be damaged on the plane? (the invoice was right on top so no way to fudge on the value). Part of the fun of international travel is "shopping" ask any tourist. Bit of a bummer to be fleeced straight off the plane. Now I have to run off to CM immigration to lodge a TM30 update to avoid another problem with Thai officialdom.
  7. I hold a PE visa "Thailand Elite". There were some Asian men in the checking area waiting but they had large quantities of stuff that would appear to be commercial goods to me (Such as an Indian guy with a huge cart of identical wrapped parcels).
  8. EPA is Elite personal assistant, porter pushing the cart. Approx $150 Electronics item they said attracts 10 percent import duty plus 7 percent VAT. (I thought there was a personal allowance allowed). Nope! Felt like being fleeced first thing off the airplane. Welcome to Thailand!
  9. With EPA in tow delayed and made to pay import duty and VAT on a "new" item today. Very surprised as over the years I have filled a whole condo with stuff carried in accompanied hold baggage. Had bag/boxes x-rayed before but nothing ever said. Just last month even I brought in a very expensive rice cooker from Japan for a friend. Will think twice before doing it again. Appears customs is tightening the screws.
  10. This one looks real but not unheard of. A few years ago in Chiang Mai the actual M.I.L.F. was soliciting sex in the backpacker bars with her mans encouragement. A blonde infant handed off to other women to beg in tourist areas.
  11. I have a pair of Crocs I use indoors only as slippers. Very comfy on tile floor. Seen the warning signs before on escalators that is shocking. Should be banned for children.
  12. Please pretend for a minute that I am a complete idiot. At Manee Noparrat assuming the engine is off and not in gear how does the car roll on flat ground , then both sets of wheels hop the curb into the moat?
  13. You obviously don't live in Thailand and are baiting. Welcome to ignore list.
  14. If you ever hear a sudden single hand clap NEVER turn your head. It is only a Songthaew driver or Tout disrespecting and ridiculing you.
  15. I'm sure I filed a TM30 in 2008. (couldn't find a receipt/record). . Since then I had 45 or 50 entries. What was I supposed to do with Pineapple face at Building3 say no? Already angry at me for daring to open the door during their lunch time (there is no sign that they are closed). An old rude Farang was in there later making a fuss, he did not get any love. I have no problem complying with 24hr/TM30 even if it is enforced in Chiang Mai only but I think it would have been sporting to give say 90 notice of this new requirement instead of fleecing all and sundry. It must add up to a pile, hope it goes to the new building and not in some inspectors slush fund. So I was out 1600. Another young man from Canada there with his English speaking real estate hottie. He had just came back had to fly to Lao suddenly for a new Visa because his landlord was in BKK and he could not get them to cooperate in time for an extension! By the way during this wonderful experience I had one officer tell me the TM30 was required any time I re-entered the country and another tell me it was required anytime I spent a night outside of Chiang Mai. They were literally at arms length at the same table. When I asked for clarification on this they just stared back in silence. I'm going with re-entering the country.