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  1. The man was seen at a 7-11associated with drug sales so they followed him and stopped his vehicle rolling through a stoplight. The first test was negative, so they supposedly did more roadside tests incorrectly. Personally I don't believe any test was positive, just dick cops who decided he was guilty the moment they saw him, the traffic violation is just a pretense. A few weeks later when the crime lab ran proper tests he was cleared. Land of the Free, right? Way to small a settlement for being arrested, stripped searched, held in jail for hours with Thugs, and having life put on hold for months who knows what else, false arrest for what would be a minute amount of drugs anyway. Lesson: Never eat in your car!
  2. Any person fit enough to ascend stairs could have moved around that tree. Hopefully the tree will be happier in its new location.
  3. Submerged up to dashboard is total loss. You get a check, the insurance company gets the car. Parts have have salvage value.
  4. Buying <=1MB Condo in CM

    I purchased a Condo in that range almost 10 years ago and it works out well for me, doing FIFO overseas work and using part time, but gave up trying to rent it out. This is how it works with Non-resident Farangs and Condos. Short term rentals (AirBNB) are illegal, the Condo management will mess with you. Now with TM30 reporting enforced probably worse (don't even want to go there). The Condo management are however willing to do these illegal short term rentals for you, and rip you off. You can rent it out long term yourself without an agent working illegally , many do, but there then there is the risk of police entanglements. So by all means buy a Condo, just don't think you are going to rent it out while you are outside Thailand unless you have a good management Company and your Juristic person allows it I could lease out my Condo long term but then I could not use it. The rent you can attract even in a new building for is quite low compared to purchase prices now. I could have my Condo management rent it out short term, but I just cannot stomach these wonderful smiling women renting it out 10 nights and saying it was rented three, pocketing the proceeds for themselves, which is exactly what they did to me. I was thinking get an updated digital lock where I can download the door use history, but it is not worth the wear and tear with short term tourists, and now I have a lot of personal stuff there.
  5. Money found in restaurant

    In a perfect world you did the right thing, I would have done the same, in the past, a bag , a mobile, a wallet (especially). Now I will not touch anything in Thailand , find the manager, a policeman, Airline agent in an Airport. Point to them the valuables on the ground. Then you can't get wrapped up in a "You stole it!" scam. By the way I ride bicycles, never seen a country with so much small change dropped on the road, (along with the thumbtacks on Doi Suthep). Sometimes wonder if it is cultural thing?
  6. Car key with chip....need a copy.

    Normally you show an original KeyFob, along with that number and car make and model they can look up the Key code. I would think they might not have codes for Australia models. However as stated above these Keys are easily hacked with basic devices. No way to test it until you bring it back to Australia? Maybe waste of money.
  7. Suvarnabhumi Immigration

    You will have no issues with Immigration in BKK Suwarnabhumi airport when you arrive. Actually on an O-A, as I understand, you will have no reason to attend Chiang Mai Immigration for a long while unless you need to do a 90 day report. As for me I don't do 90 day reports, but from what I hear they will likely require TM30. At that time you could be fined for not having done it within 24 hours of arrival at your residence in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Immigration started with the TM30 last year. (Check the TM30 thread on the Chiang Mai subform It has been a nice little earner for them). I am based in Chiang Mai A TM 30 is required (there) every time you re-enter the country within 24 hours. That does not count Immigration closed days. I just heard from a Japanese friend/ long stay couple there is get a 7 day grace period. I would not count on that courtesy applied to Farangs. So, If I were you I WOULD go to Chiang Mai Immigration and lodge a TM30 report as soon as you arrive in January. Then when/if you do a 90 day report in Chiang Mai they will not be able to fine you 1600 baht.
  8. 50k Reward for a Lost Dog

    Reminds me of a movie by director Eiji Okuda. Involves a shady policeman who kidnaps small dogs keeping them safe at his Grannies house. When he "finds" the dogs he returns them to lonely women who feel indebted to reward him. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0304704/
  9. How to pack 1m tall speakers?

    Check a HiFi shop like Piyanas Audio (BKK) that deals in such items. They may have proper boxes for speakers that they throw away. I kept all the boxes and foam packing for my Boston Acoustics Reflection series speakers for several years in a closet, anticipating overseas shipment. They are now in place, in one of my Condos. Sorry I disposed of the boxes. The towers are over 1m and weight about 15kg each. They would be hard to pack properly otherwise.
  10. Would the Royal Thai Consul (Los Angeles) accept a medical certificate from a hospital in Chiang Mai? I usually attend Chiang Mai Ram when anything comes up, or the one near the Transport office for driving medical certification.
  11. E-cigarettes linger despite legal threats

    Tobacco odor still is worse at least you smell it coming. With the vapers you turn a corner and suddenly in a cloud of sickly sweet vapor containing who knows what made in China. I don't think the Vape can be called "safe" yet surely not as dangerous as Tobacco Cigarettes. Some people are weaning themselves off nicotine with low nicotine juices and it is being suggested as a less harmful alternative in some countries. The law banning it is purely protectionist.
  12. I'm a Gold member at Starwood (ALOFT, Le Meridien, Sheraton, etc.) They offer check in whenever your room is ready, even 8AM, but a gamble as few rooms will be serviced before 10 or 11 AM. Check out can be extended to 4PM. Nothing worse after an all night flight to be denied check in to late afternoon. I need a nap! As others have posted best thing is to book the night before and let the Hotel know you will be checking in very late! Some places will require prepayment of this option.
  13. Something You May Not Know

    I received a Chinese visa there two times. but I have not tried in a couple years. My company now uses a fixer at a Chinese consulate on a Pacific island. Here is how it went "You have to go to Bangkok". Japanese people and others are in the lobby filling out application. Well how is it my friend got a visa here recently ? Application handed out, visa by next day Next time. "Go to your country and apply(USA)". Well I got one here two years ago has your policy changed? "You have to speak to the Consul/Officer, please wait a minute". The lady was as pleasant as can be, highlighted a few places on the huge application told me ignore rest and sign. Told me she had been posted to an San Francisco before. Next day visa again available. The girls at the window appear to be Thai University Students or interns. They must be trained to always say "Cannot". Makes sense but most Consulates provide the services they are regulated to offer or how can they get more funding and resources if they have no work to do shuffling visa applicants off to other offices? Maybe the counter girls are lazy?
  14. This is true, my meter is from PEA in my name. Water is 30 baht per month. I rented a room two doors down for several months, (high season, low season), to check the noise situation. My neighbors are fine. Mostly Bangkok people who keep a Pied a Terre in Chiang Mai for weekends and holidays. Usually not in residence. The only noise was from nightclubs and CNX airplanes. None of that bothers me anyway but the nightclubs have been shuttered over the years and eventually I had the high quality German design dual pane windows installed. No motorbikes buzzing, no chickens, no howling dogs, goddamn frogs and screeching Crickets. Quite quiet actually.