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  1. Yeah....lookout world!!!
  2. Ok then..Just buy a set of dumbells and do bench press/flies on the floor. I've switched to that and its actually better. There is less risk of shoulder troubles.....For rows use your dining room chair....
  3. Buy yourself a bench, a barbell, a set of dumbbells and a decent amount of plates and do it at home. For aerobic activity walk up and down your stairs 2000 time like I do or go for a jog......Just get off you butt and do it yourself! With all the information available now on the net you can teach yourself all the right moves.....My gym will close the day I die.
  4. It does take a while for the penny to drop for these people at times.....I hope it does drop with a real THUD!!!!
  5. Problem is most villages in this country look like sh*t after few years in spite of the 'maintenance' fee. They are just let go.....My village isnt that old and still ok but I can see its DEvolution in front of my eyes. 'Maintenance' .....mmmmm.
  6. You're right, that is a stupid question......Imagine if you wanted to learn anothe langauage. What is it, do you think you would need to do?........mmmmm thats it...think....thats right.....here it comes..... Well, how did it go? Ok, yes thats right. You could start by learning the alphabet of that language. You could dabble in some grammatical structures while learning some basic conversational phrases. You learn how to read using phonics. Anyway, I TOTALLY agree with the need for proper criminal background checks. This doesnt happen enough and there must be some pretty dodgy types at schools that could be weeded out. Will it happen? Again, palms get greased and things are swept under the carpet. Infact, the Thai education system/schools are rather like a beautiful carpet. It looks nice on top, beautiful patterns that catch the eye....lift it up and look underneath and you'll see where all the dust and dirt is hidden. The owners of a lot of these, especially private schools just dont care. They want a white face to show the parents. Doing criminal checks and proper checks of qualifications takes time and money......and god help them, if people acutally were found to be genuinelly qualified (and hadnt spent time in jail) they may demand BETTER MONEY AND CONDITIONS!! We cant have that. They know that most shouldnt really be teaching and so they offer them as little as possible. Its been going on for decades now. However, its beggining to catch up on the schools. A lot of loopholes have been closed and I have seen a lot of people forced to leave. I'd say the the pool of farang teachers that can be fully legally employed has shrunk significantly over the last 3 -5 years. All those guys 'studying' Thai on Ed visa's but really working on the sly, not so easy now. The 'tourist visa' teacher also not so easy. It seems schools are now more desperate than ever and wondering what happened! Its partially their own fault. I wonder if they will ever think to raise salaries in line with better qualified applicants?? We'll see....
  7. I have kept up with all the requirements for teaching English in schools here in Thailand over the years. I am now, in the eyes of the Thai govt 100% qualified and legal.....and I am in a real minority I can tell you. I wouldnt like to even guess the amount of farang teaching here that dont have much more than a high school diploma. The numbers would be high. To be fully legal here now to teach (according to OBEC rules) you need to have a verifiable degree in education OR a verifiable degree AND a post grad dip in education. I am the ONLY farang I know in my area that has met these requirements. A TEFL certificate is all well and good but it doesnt really prepare you for the realities of teaching here. I think the degree requirement is fair but the salaries arent high enough....and thats putting it mildly. If there was a a genuine check up of all those teaching in schools here (wont happen too much money greases palms) and laws were enforced, thousands of farangs would have to go. Many are here working on other visas, though the eternal tourist visa and 'ed' visa routes arent as easy as there were. I have seen many have to leave because of this, some were good people, many are scumbags. I am all for reasonable standards. I have tried to keep up with the ever changing goalposts the Thai govt throws at foreign teachers here. At the moment my head is above water. The dream though of having all farang teachers with ed degrees and paying them 30,000 - 40,000 per month is just that, a dream. Expectations are low here. Thai English teachers usually teach pretty pitiful English and we are left to plug up the holes in the dam of all the misinformation. Its all very well to set standards but you must also be willing to reward those standards being met. That isnt happening here.
  8. They are male mammals (of the human variety) dressed in an orange piece of cloth. Why anyone thinks celibacy is good for men is a mystery to me. Totally take away a mans opportunity for sexual experiences and bad things happen. A monk watching some porn on his phone is the least of it. How about all those catholic priests that buggered little choirboys for years......If god made the universe then he made sex, and he made it FUN! Buddha only really preached moderation....so, 3 times per week seems about right!
  9. There is a Thailand teaching forum that I suppose I cannot mention.....Its really the only one now. There are people on that forum that are doing the course NOW. Go there, join up and ask.
  10. Yes....you're right, that is, pretty much totally off topic..... I do know that in Borneo rubber farmers have replaced that crop with kratom as they get more for it. At the time of the doco I watched kratom was legal there. I am not sure about its status now, though it seems that a lot of the kratom that is sold, dried and powdered in the U.S is from Indonesia. IF Thailand legalised it someone...could make some pretty decent moola.....Surely they know this and that is why it is/ was being considered.
  11. I havent heard anything. I think the whole thing died in the a*s....I wish they would decriminalise it though. Why do you ask? Heard some rumblings recently?
  12. I did the Diploma of Education through St Roberts. Its not relevant for working at unis only at schools. I got a waiver no problem with the Diploma and will be going for the full licence soon. Dont bother doing the course if you want to work at unis. Universities have their own standards. I know some people working at unis with only Bachelor Degrees, then again one guy just finished his Masters in TESOL. The Dip in Teacher Ed is for the Teachers Licence. This is not required for working at universities.
  13. This is so F**king sad. I meet so many students at ALL levels of my teaching, Prathom to businessman that CANNOT swim! I have taken great care to make sure my son learns to be at least confident enough in water to get out of trouble. He doesnt need to be an olympic swimmer but I have nightmares of him drowning.....seriously, its the paranoia that comes with being a dad and it hurts. Swimming to a reasonable level should be part of ANY primary level education! I dont give a rats a*s about submarines and hubs. If you cant provide such basic education to your population regardless of cost......I dont know what to say.
  14. I think you are giving them a little too much credit.....
  15. That would be the case where he raped a 13 year old girl after supplying her with drugs.....a charge he pleaded guilty to. The guy should have been locked up for a long time a long time ago.