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  1. I think you are giving them a little too much credit.....
  2. That would be the case where he raped a 13 year old girl after supplying her with drugs.....a charge he pleaded guilty to. The guy should have been locked up for a long time a long time ago.
  3. Water for hydration strong black coffe for stimulation.....and whole fruit instead of juices. I've kept a decent and constant weight for years with this. I take one sip of Coke of Pepsi and am instantly sickened by the amount of sugar in them. Thais are getting fatter and soft drinks are playing a big part of it all. Keep away from them.
  4. Take some initiative and start with yourself.
  5. Totally agree. If the Thai government REALLY cracked down on those teaching on wrong visas, no visa's, fake degree's and no criminal checks etc those of us that are able to be legally employed would become a rare commodity......possibly even begrudginly a little more valued in the eyes of the Thai's....oh yeah that rhymes.
  6. Would you rather leave your money to your kids or to a prostitute? Please tell me that isnt hard to answer....
  7. Ok, will have to agree to disagree on that one. If Harold.....bwahhahaha!!! love that name! Anyway, if Harold 'trades up' I can only see more of the same problems. Each to their own.
  8. He was a numpty that could have had the exact same experience WITHOUT having to marry the slapper. Congratulating him seems a little retarded to me. You pay women like her to LEAVE but Harold was deluded enough to think that he could hang on to her. Pity is in order. She was a long time rent a girlfriend and should have been treated as such. Putting a ring on it just sealed his fate. If he has a brain there was a pre nup....but I doubt she would have signed one.
  9. But but but...this means that the bald headed, red nosed, socks pulled up to their knees while wearing sandals and shorts brigade could be WRONG about prostitutes 20 years younger than themselves being genuine in their intentions!!!!????? This is a Wikileaks type revelation to me....I REALLY thought she loved Harold for his shiny forehead, wit and charm. Guess I was wrong.....
  10. My parents had an album of his. Check out the song 'Blagged' its actually a pretty snappy number. Its on Youtube
  11. At least the considerate bloke actually 'goes down' on women. Most Thai blokes I have spoken to either consider it beneath them. Bit of the ole 'chai paak' is certainly on my menu. Best of luck to him.
  12. Can you imagine the uproar if a group of white people did this to a lone, mentally challenged black guy.........Would be a great excuse to start stealing those good ole flat screen tv's and smashing shopfront windows again...
  13. Those who drink and drive are breaking the law - ok got that, so is rape They are responsible for breaking the law and their actions - Ok, so is the rapist...all clear so far Getting into a car with a drunk is 'inadvisable' - Getting onto a motorbike with two drunk unknown men at night is also inadvisable for a lone female in a foreign country. The passenger is not responsible for the drivers actions - The female is NOT responsible for the actions of the man raping her NO, I agree. However, the 'inadvisable' actions that she undertook could have been avoided if more common sense were used. Meaning, using your very own logic a bad consequence has occurred due to lack of foresight/judgement, to put it mildly. The woman is NOT responsible for a mans decision to force himself onto her. She does however have some part to play in the situation due to her poor judgement. Its this part of the equation that you REFUSE to knowledge and that is a pity because its the kind of information that will hopefully STOP something like this happening again.....if good judgement is used....and round and round we go....My head hurts. Anyway, that's about enough. I have said my piece and the discussion is perhaps veering away from the article. I hope the bloke gets the book thrown at him and that the woman will be more cautious in future.
  14. If she had died in an accident with the two men because she got on the back of that bike, being aware the rider was drunk...is she then blameless? Another tragic event to be sure. People shouldn't drink and drive, it can be deadly and most people are aware of that. Is there at least some level of personal responsibility in this scenario? According to your line of reasoning no, the driver is just a bad guy that was drunk when he shouldn't have been. I don't get that logic? Life is full of risk. Precautions need to be taken. We CAN learn from what happened to her BECAUSE in part of her actions leading up to the tragic event. I am sorry but that just makes logical sense to me.
  15. So nothing is learnt from what occured....all information regarding the behavior of the victim is of no consequence at all and nothing can be learned from it for future reference....In other words...carry on ladies get on the bike with whoever you like at any ungodly hour with two drunk men...No need to give advice to the contrary.....men just SHOULDNT RAPE and thats that. Well, that isnt going to work very well now is it? The men that raped her are scum. We ALL agree on that. What advice, in hindsight would you have given that lady if she was your daughter....to possibly help PREVENT what happened? I am interested in your reply.