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  1. Hallucinating biker dies in truck crash

    If you take yaba for days in a row and get no sleep YOU WILL BEGIN TO HALLUCINATE. Your body/ mind has been deprived of its REM dream time and you will start to dream while awake.....that is the definition of a hallucination. Its common knowledge I thought. I was wrong. So, no its not the yaba that is causing the hallucinations. Its the result of lack of sleep.
  2. So its more likey 'cosmetic' surgery which women in the west have been doing for years from porn stars wanting the 'perfect' looking snatch to possibly 'corrective' procedures. However, if they are removing a girls clitoris for religious/cultural bullsh*t reasons...throw the book at em!!
  3. It 'could be' that they were offering some kind of cosmetic surgery. Women in the west have been doing it for years....reduction of the outer folds that they think are too big.....or removal of the clitoral hood for promoting more stimulation??? It may not have actually been advertising as service to remove a girl clitorIs. I goddam hope not! Lost in translation....in Thailand??...NEVER!!!
  4. I HAD to be circumcised when I was about 12, there was no choice in the matter. I would prefer it hadnt happened BUT to compare that to a girl having her clitoris removed is RIDICULOUS. A girl having her clit removed is like a man having the head of his penis removed in relation to sexual arousal etc. If you have ever seen a clitoris (maybe some of you havent) it actually bears a striking resemblence to the head of a mans penis..........it gets engorged like a penis when aroused....I am wondering why some people dont know this? Being gay would be an acceptable reason. Being stupid wouldnt be..... Its basically like a woman having the clitoral HOOD removed. Some women actually CHOOSE to get the clitoral hood removed....but NOT the clitoris!!!
  5. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    I can attest to the cold being a factor. Living in Bathurst NSW for a while, where it can get pretty cold at night, I would often be woken by pretty bad asthma attacks.....What a pain in the ass. Its not only kind of scary it also disrupts your sleep.... My parents want me to visit them next April. That's peak pollen/hayfever time. I am not overly enthusiastic, infact to be honest I dont really want to go back there at all. There is definitely some link between sleep and drop in temp/body temperature that set it off in me. I dont wish to return to that, ever.
  6. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    I'd say Australia was much worse than England for my asthma and hayfever. Rates of asthma is Aus are some of the highest in the world. Its a strange place full of weird smelling plants that make me sneeze....dont think white men are supposed to be there.....
  7. Why less asthma here then in Europe?

    I had asthma quite severely as a kid in England. Moved to Australia with my parents as a young teen.....had it quite severely still and was hospitalized once for it. Fast forward to 2001 when I came here.....symptoms drop to virtually nothing. The only time I seem to get it is with dodgy air conditioners. It has to be the dust/spores or whatever, not sure. I am happy to live here because of that and many other reasons..... By the way hay fever was also an issue in Aus and not here.
  8. Cheers Riceberry

    Agreed. I dont think adding ice to that would do it any flavor favors.....I want to see how it is with a little more balls to it. As I say, the first can was nice.
  9. Cheers Riceberry

    I stumbled on this stuff last week. I had to take a second look because I couldnt believe I was seeing a Thai 'dark' beer. I bought one. The one I had then seemed to have more kick than the can I drank last night. I like it, it could be a bit fuller in taste. If they fine tune it and it becomes consistently stronger in taste I am going to be a regular. I am so sick of the Leo,Chang,Singh merrygoround... I love Lao dark but its not easy for me to get. Are there any other dark Thai beers? I havent found one....
  10. Again, I ask you....has anyone actually gone round to her place and knocked on the door to see if she is home? She might be....
  11. A man that is good with his mouth can satisfy women of many cultures.....poetry be damned!!
  12. I assume someone has actually gone round to her place and knocked on her front door......I assume....though as Sherlock Holmes often told Watson...'never assume'
  13. Find Yingluck, says Prayut

    Shes with me.....and LEAVE HER ALONE she has a terrible earache!
  14. Thaifriendly.com

    I'd say that's 80% of it. However, I was able to meet a woman my age at the time (late thirties) that was childless, intelligent, spoke English well and wasnt a gold digger. I'd say that's the exception rather than the rule.
  15. Thaifriendly.com

    A lot of single mothers on that site. I have met a few including one VERY nice (no kids) woman that I still see to this day. Unfortunately the baggage of 2 -3 kids with an ex Thai partner puts most women on the blacklist.....as it should, if you value your wallet and sanity.