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  1. Obama unveils official portraits, jokes about wife's 'hotness'

    Absolutely FANTASTIC daaaaaling!! The likeness is ok ,but the background looks like something he pulled from the background on my Grandmothers desktop computer.
  2. No No No....impossible absolutely NOTHING that Trump does can be good...I mean its IMPOSSIBLE!!! Nope, not buying it.....Its the democrats that do all the good in the world, they get ALL the good info with their buddies in the media and the FBI to root out EVIL, such as all the bad stuff( I believe I mentioned) only Trump is capable of doing! By the way, hows that Trump impeachement going?
  3. Oh yes yes yes...its all A NOTHING BURGER NOW according to the Democrats....What a pile of steaming, hypocritical horse sh*t. I dont even like Trump much and there MUST be better candidates out there BUT this TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME shown by some borders on....well some kind of derangement syndrome! Those squeeky clean Democrats. Must be lovely when your feces smells like roses each morning.
  4. SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    So the Democrats cheated and STILL couldnt win!!......By the way hows that Trump impeachment going???
  5. Do you think Trump will be impeached or forced to resign?

    Thanks for the advice. I am a bit disappointed with being only halfway there with you. I will work on my sarcasm and hopefully reach second base with you at a later date.... By the way, how's the impeachement process going?
  6. Do you think Trump will be impeached or forced to resign?

    mmmmmm....no, I think I will stick with being a sarcastic pr*ck whenever it suits me.
  7. Do you think Trump will be impeached or forced to resign?

    Hello everyone....Just checking in again to see if Trump has been impeached yet.....No? Ok, wake me up when he is .....I'm off to sleep again.
  8. Hello all, I am a British citizen, married to a Thai national and we have a son together. I lived in Australia from the age of 12 - 26 untill I came to Thailand in 2001. I had perm residency status when I came then. The perm status visa expired but in 2009 we all applied for perm status for Aus, got it and we all went back for 3 years while I finished my studies......Fast forward to today and all of the perm res Aus visa's have expired and we want to go to Aus for a holiday during the Thai school break. Now, both my sons Thai/British passports have expired and so has mummies Thai passport. My British passport is ok. I am wondering what is the best course of action to take. For me getting the 'E' visa or whatever its called seems pretty simple. I am wondering about my wife and son. If they both renew their Thai passports will it be much of an issue to get them tourist visas? Keep in mind that I would be going there as a British citizen...no advantage of perm residence. My wife is a teacher, she has a VERY stable job and its been this way for years. I assume she will need a letter from her employer. We will be staying at my parents house most of the time. I assume a supporting letter from them will help our cause. We have limited time to sort out passports. I may also be going alone ahead of my wife and son. I would prefer they both stick together and not have separate passports while going through all the immigration rigmarole at airport in Aus...May seem silly but I want my wife and son NOT to be separated at any point. The fact that we all HAD perm res status mean anything? Does it really expire? Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Cheers Riceberry

    Cheers is ok. I have seen that dark beer you showed in 7/11 but am yet to try it....I will though. They are selling BeerLao Dark at my local 7/11 now for 62 baht a small bottle. Its a nice drop.
  10. Do you think Trump will be impeached or forced to resign?

    346 pages and a year into his Presidency.....Has Donald Trump been impeached yet???? Wake me up when he is....
  11. Thailand, hub of cutting edge forensic investigation techniques.....
  12. I agree with your point. However, most non native speakers teaching English here cannot communicate effectively in the language. I include here; Thai English teachers, Filipino teachers and others from assorted countries such as Cameroon. Most of the time the native speaker of English that is trying to teach conversation is fighting an uphill battle against all the misinformation that is taught by....guess who?
  13. I undertook a qualification from a Philipine Uni to meet requirements for my 'waiver' and eventual teaching licence. Most, but not all of the other students were (not surprisingly) from the Philipines. I got a chance to see some of the work from these so called English language teachers. Their level of comprehension, writing style..skills...grammar and just general understanding were SHOCKINGLY bad. I used to have a certain level of respect for them but, after the course I feel most of them have no place teaching English. One exception would be kindergarten. Anything beyond that is....beyond most of them. Cameroonians??? bwahahahAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah, those guys are really going to set this place on fire! I dont know why Thailand didnt think of employing more of them to teach before!
  14. Seems the voices of discontent are growing louder. I suppose now that a certain event has passed things may get a little more heated up? Would that be a fair assessment?