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  1. Thaifriendly.com

    I'd say that's 80% of it. However, I was able to meet a woman my age at the time (late thirties) that was childless, intelligent, spoke English well and wasnt a gold digger. I'd say that's the exception rather than the rule.
  2. Thaifriendly.com

    A lot of single mothers on that site. I have met a few including one VERY nice (no kids) woman that I still see to this day. Unfortunately the baggage of 2 -3 kids with an ex Thai partner puts most women on the blacklist.....as it should, if you value your wallet and sanity.
  3. I often think things should be better. I sometimes write on my 'things to do list': 'make things better'.....but I am lazy and usually just end up gorging on snickers bars while watching re runs of MASH.
  4. Hello all, I recorded an album in Australia a few years back. I was a drummer for a long time but always fiddled with the guitar and songwriting ....untill one day I decided to put my mind to recording a collection of songs. I havent done much with it but, perhaps it would be nice to meet up with fellow muso's here and give it a go to play live??? I am NOT a particularly good guitarist, I use it more as a tool to write melodies. I can sing ok.... All songs are composed by me. I am not thinking of making money out of this venture (I experienced the death of that in the late 1990's ), just putting the feelers out. I live in the Rangsit area. Here is the album.
  5. Marijuana use holds three-fold blood pressure death risk: study

    I think pot should be decriminalised at the very least....however, I find potheads amusing that cannot fathom that its anything but TOTALLY harmless. Putting people in jail for smoking or eating it is just a waste of resources. Infact, if it were legal the option of NOT smoking it but eating/drinking it is appealling. I dont really like smoking anything and a lot weed is very harsh on the lungs. I made some leaf tea once in Australia. It was very relaxing and tasted nice with honey. THAT should not be a crime......However, I had a few friends that smoked too much in their late teens and developed schizophrenia. It started giving me panic attacks when consumed....then even when not consumed. It also elevated my heart rate at times to uncomfortable levels and the ONLY way I want my heart rate elevated to that level is when I exercise!!!! Sitting on my butt playing guitar with a heart rate of 120 bpm is NOT comfortable. Dont make criminals of people that consume it but also, dont glorify it as the cure all answer to headaches and pimples on your dick.....
  6. When freedom of speech is SLAPPED by law enforcement

    A few 'academics' isnt enough. I look around and see a huge mass of people too afraid to speak let alone act. I hope I am wrong and I have given up try to talk to people about such issues, admittedly for my own self preservation in some ways. I cannot gauge anymore what the person on the street truly thinks. Maybe its fear or maybe its just an acceptance that any power the people once had is now lost. It seems its all being let slip away.......
  7. a/c versus fans

    This is a topic that I think about a lot. We run 2 air conditioners at night, one in our room and one in our sons. The air is on most of the year. I have found that having it on a temp of 26/27 degrees WITH a fan directly on my body is perfect. We set the temp the same in my sons room. Fans are cheap to run and having one directed on your body makes putting the air up to 26 or 27 degrees feel nice and cool. We also run 2 fridges. Our electricity bills rarely go over 1500 baht per month.....go figure!
  8. Cryptic post of the year right there......it MUST mean something!!! I just dont know what??? I have even tried to work it out on my pocket calculator!
  9. Spirituality don't pay the bills....
  10. I have been reading the 'Hub' idea for at least a decade. I want to know....out of all the hubs, have ANY actually reached 'Hub' level??? I am like.....'goin down wiv my homies tonight' and I really want a talking point for our 'caps ass backwards' discussions....Did they EVER really get there?
  11. RIP TTA

    There is a new site that has taken its place. Its got a very similar name except its .info at the end......I am hoping it will get off the ground and continue in the same atmosphere of the other one.
  12. Didn't this guy claim he was working at a school?
  13. Things you don't do in Thailand because you know better

    Ask a Thai person for directions.
  14. You’re not washing your bed sheets enough – and what happens to them is VILE

    I simply cannot bear the screams of millions of, lets face it LIVES as the realisation hits they are about to be drowned...
  15. Boiled Eggs from 7-11

    I forgot about the BANANAS!!! Overpriced?? Yes....but with the boiled eggs and a ham sandwich (from the fridge) its not too bad! If you are in a rush that is...