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  1. Cheers Riceberry

    Cheers is ok. I have seen that dark beer you showed in 7/11 but am yet to try it....I will though. They are selling BeerLao Dark at my local 7/11 now for 62 baht a small bottle. Its a nice drop.
  2. Do you think Trump will be impeached or forced to resign?

    346 pages and a year into his Presidency.....Has Donald Trump been impeached yet???? Wake me up when he is....
  3. Thailand, hub of cutting edge forensic investigation techniques.....
  4. I agree with your point. However, most non native speakers teaching English here cannot communicate effectively in the language. I include here; Thai English teachers, Filipino teachers and others from assorted countries such as Cameroon. Most of the time the native speaker of English that is trying to teach conversation is fighting an uphill battle against all the misinformation that is taught by....guess who?
  5. I undertook a qualification from a Philipine Uni to meet requirements for my 'waiver' and eventual teaching licence. Most, but not all of the other students were (not surprisingly) from the Philipines. I got a chance to see some of the work from these so called English language teachers. Their level of comprehension, writing style..skills...grammar and just general understanding were SHOCKINGLY bad. I used to have a certain level of respect for them but, after the course I feel most of them have no place teaching English. One exception would be kindergarten. Anything beyond that is....beyond most of them. Cameroonians??? bwahahahAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah, those guys are really going to set this place on fire! I dont know why Thailand didnt think of employing more of them to teach before!
  6. Seems the voices of discontent are growing louder. I suppose now that a certain event has passed things may get a little more heated up? Would that be a fair assessment?
  7. Avoid alcohol during cold weather, doctor warns

    and dont forget NOT to go swimming when its raining....you may get wet!
  8. Woman, 65, puts up sign to recruit boyfriend

    Yeah that 500 Baht per month is going to go a long way....
  9. Thanks for that map, it puts some real perspective on it.
  10. Navy vessels churning water in bloated Chao Phraya

    Why not get all the little kiddies that are learning to swim to hang on a rope suspended over the bredth of the Chao Praya and practice their leg kicks in the direction of the flow of water. Every little bit helps....Could have teams of them.
  11. I've been trying to follow all this closely. I live in the Pathumtani area, though quite far away from the epicentre of last time. Its been remarkable how hush hush all this has been. There have been VERY heavy rains north for ages. Last week the people of the Central Plains were told to 'brace for severe flooding'....then it died again...Today this. Its like they are hoping it will all go away if they dont say anything. Goodluck to all. It seems its only luck they are relying on. Seems its been a dogs breakfast of a plan all along......again
  12. Teaching jobs which recognise the Cambridge Delta

    I would be surprised in many schools actually know what DELTA is!!! The only thing that they will care about is having a degree. That is the only thing that will get you a work permit. Even then, if the degree is not in education you will need to take further steps to get the equivalent of a Bachelor of Education.
  13. Six provinces warned of rising water level in Chao Phraya

    Yes but it wont impact downstream in places like Pathumtani (or Bangkok) at all....you see, in Thailand water works a bit differently . You can add water to one end of a Thai swimming pool and it doesnt affect water on the opposite end.
  14. Swift action saves homes from more flooding

    So, it looks like the max is today/tomorrow? Thanks for that.
  15. Swift action saves homes from more flooding

    Ok, where abouts are you....without having to be too specific. When will the tides have a real affect? Obviously its a cyclical thing that I dont really fully understand. Any more info apprectiated.