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  1. rasg

    UK visa for girlfriend

    I think you are very wrong about that. My wife's two visit visas were in the middle and late 2015. Settlement in 2016, FLR later that year. FLR No 2 next April. So the last three years. All I have heard you do is blame the system when things don't go the way you want them. Visit visa refused. Must be the system. Next visa application granted requesting a month. Stayed five months and now blame the system. You are worried that the next visit visa will be refused because she stayed so long. You then start exploring the possibility of a student visa. You then decide to go for a settlement visa. Girlfriend goes for A1 language test and fails. Of course! It's a terrible system! It's all I hear from you and it's really tedious. If you didn't try and change system to your way of thinking and simply fulfill the criteria the way that the majority of people do, it would cause you a lot less worry.
  2. It has been known for VFS to remove documents that they don't deem necessary so it is possible that the ECO didn't see the whole of the application.
  3. They made the change last year. Shame that UKVI didn’t request the newer cert and give them time to provide it. If you don't ask for a refund, you certainly won’t get one.
  4. Have you never thought to ask for one? I bet you can.
  5. There is no reason why you need to go to Bangokok to teach her. Skype is almost as good and many, many foreign language teachers, teach via Skype.
  6. If you go to Thailand for months at a time you are an expat. If you go to Thailand and get your 30 days you are a tourist. If you then do a few border runs to stay longer you are living there for as long as possible, making Thailand your home. Therefore you are expat. If you take my second possibility and don't do border runs but stay longer, you are an overstayer. Not sure what the relevance here is to the insurance question. If you don't have travel insurance when traveling and end up in hospital, lose all your luggage and documents for (whatever reason) and can’t afford the medical fees you are a bit stupid.
  7. Send the Spanish Consulate an email requesting an appointment explaining that your wife needs a Schengen visa for a holiday in Spain and she is traveling with you, her husband. Ask them what documentation they need and the procedure. They may point you to BLS but the visa should be free and you shouldn’t have to supply much documentation. Mention that she has had Schengen visas for Spain before in the email. [email protected]
  8. Surely your existing insurance company would simply give you an updated insurance certificate showing you had it? I think anybody traveling to a different country should need mandatory travel insurance. After Brexit it could even apply to EU countries. It would save the NHS in the UK a lot of cash.
  9. She can get an expedited Schengen visa to Spain as long as she has a BRP and as long as she is traveling with you. My remarks earlier in the thread were to explain that Spain put a few extra hoops in the way and will probably insist on hotel bookings, flight bookings, travel insurance and a bit more nonsense that isn't required from the other Embassies. With Iceland my wife showed a printed screenshot of the hotel that we had in mind from Booking.com, same with the flight and we both have EHIC cards in lieu of travel insurance. I wasn't prepared to pay for hotels and flights without knowing that she had the visa.
  10. In almost four years I have seen three or four people complain including you in total on here. The system has worked well in Thailand for a while but it is wrong because Ket didn't pass. You've said pretty much the same about every aspect of the visa system because it doesn’t suit you or Ket. It's really irritating. Many people all over the world get nervous for exams. My wife was very nervous when she did A1 but she got through it and passed. She has B1 coming up (she is skipping A2) and she will probably be nervous for that. She will have lots of revision to do and that is key imho. If Ket gets another visa and does it here she will probably be just as nervous. IMHO the A1 is easier here than in Thailand. It doesn’t mean it is as it is only my opinion.
  11. rasg

    Asking a Thai girl out

    Classy. If you don't ask, you don't get. Ask her out for food. It's not difficult!
  12. rasg

    6 month uk visa

    If you try and fly to the UK 3 days before the enter by date, or the start of the visa date unless the flight is three days, you won’t be allowed to fly and if you are lucky enough to board the plane, I doubt you'd be allowed to enter the UK. If you enter the UK three days before the expiry date, if you don't leave before the visa expires you will have problems getting another visa as you will have broken the terms of the visa original visa. You will need a very good reason why you overstayed.
  13. I think you should mention that ultimately you will be going for settlement. I wouldn't mention the english test though. I don't think either matter that much. A visit visa allows you to study for up to 30 days.
  14. I have watched many of the tests on the Trinity feed on YouTube and I was surprised that a few of them did pass myself. Having said that you were not in the room with her. If she was nervous and also interacted badly with the other candidate, let’s just say she may not have performed as well as you know she can. A1 is a six minute test if I remember correctly . I've said it before but I think it's much easier in the UK.
  15. I would wait until after Brexit before applying for anything I think if you are going later next year.