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  1. Way off topic but my mother would probably not have received continuing care but one of my sisters knew a lot about it as part of her job with Social Services. She also knew the right people...
  2. And how will you do that? You have to provide a full set of annual accounts, tax returns and bank statements to show that you have earned the money.
  3. And the low end is 12K with the high end around 35K. I would think that most black licensed taxi drivers would be at the high end. There is a reason they queue at airports in a feeder system for 15 mile trips to and from London for £50-60 one way. Many of them only work during the day. I wonder how many of them actually declare all of their earnings for tax purposes? Not many, if any...
  4. Yes. With a normal job you can combine income with savings. If you are self employed, you can't.
  5. Anything where you have quick access to the money. Premium Bonds were not in the list when my wife applied for Settlement but that may have changed. I cashed some in earlier this year and the money was in my account in two days. I doubt pension funds would qualify but I'm not an expert on this.
  6. This has already been discussed earlier in the thread. Savings are fine. If you have £62,500 in the bank, it means you don't have to show income at all.
  7. We can see it was the lobster. As far as foreign aid is concerned, what makes me angry is that the money we do send is not targeted correctly to causes that actually need it. The girl band and the Indian space programme, probably being the most reported. They could probably slash it by 50% if somebody in charge of the budget had a few brain cells.
  8. Your maths is way off. He is 61, she is 36. They are both adults. End of. Or do you think it should be you that decides what is acceptable or not?
  9. There is no visa that is only granted on the basis of the statement. It is the combination of all the documentation that is required. If I had been in that situation I would have probably used a visa company.
  10. Err. No it's not. Did you read the link that 7by7 posted?
  11. There are many normal blokes doing exactly that. Quite a few on here I think.
  12. He was an actor with a very small part on a highly successful TV program. A big, big difference. If you look him up on Wiki he didn't do that much over the years. The big movies he was in, (The Firm, Breaking Glass, Curse of the Pink Panther etc) he is only mentioned on the cast list in two of them. After Only Fools finished in 2003, the next thing he did was in 2015. I have no doubt that he had other jobs along the way, maybe been divorced once or twice. The only reason he even made it into the newspapers is because he was was in Only Fools. I don't see him as loser. Just a normal bloke, the same as most of us.
  13. And that is one of the main reasons that even a visit visa for a Thai national is not that simple to get. I was 58 when I met my GF and I made to clear very early on in our relationship that I didn't want kids. Not because I dislike kids, the opposite. It's simply not fair on a child to have a dad that's so old. From my point of view, if my wife had a kid now, and if I make it to 75 I would have a 15-16 year old. No thanks! He's not a loser. He simply needs to jump through the same hoops that we all have to.
  14. All of the licensed taxi drivers I have ever met are very well off.
  15. He does have the basic right but the way the rules are he needs to fulfill the requirements first. Corbyn has to be elected first... Off topic but it made me chuckle earlier when I read that Vince Cable thinks he will get the numbers to be PM. Currently on 7% of the vote.