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  1. I have no idea why a lawyer would say that. As a UK citizen you and your girlfriend would be treated the same as any other UK citizen. You don't need a visa company or lawyer to help you with a settlement visa for the UK. It's not that hard to do. Much easier too as your fiancée has already had tourist visas for the UK. 70-80% of the work is already done. If you make a decision to go the Italian citizen route you need to get on with it quickly. With the UK leaving the EU at the end of March I don't think anybody really knows what is going to happen as the negotiations are still ongoing.
  2. I've just seen this. It really doesn’t matter as she won’t need a reason to return for an SV. You will need to prove that you have a relationship though. If you had sponsored her for the visit visa you would have already done it. And you still won't need to use a visa agent! She will need a TB test from the IOM in Bangkok and an A1 English language test.
  3. If you insist on using an agency used one that is OISC accredited. The truth is that you don't need an agency. I've said this already on here in the last few hours. If you have had visit visas for your fiancée you already have 70-80% of the information that is required for a settlement visa. With a 45K a year salary you should have no difficulty for your wife to be granted an SV. Even better of you can get your OD down a bit though for your financial health... See my answer to question one! You already have most of the info. It's not that difficult. Especially as you are employed. I am self employed and that was far more complicated but that is why I have an accountant. Plenty of people on here to help you. My wife submitted her SV back in 2016 and a little bit has changed but as far as I can see, only in the way you submit the information.
  4. Unless the agent is OISC accredited, don't use them. Even better, do it all yourself. It's not that hard and members on here who have been through it before are happy to help. If you have ever applied for a visit visa for your wife before, you will already have 70-80% of the information that you need.
  5. Reading the following link a P60 is not mandatory and I would question your use of an agent who insists that it is. https://www.gov.uk/uk-family-visa/proof-income Here is what it says: What proof you need to give You’ll need to send proof of your income with your application. If you or your partner are employed, you could include: bank statements showing you or your partner’s income 6 months of payslips a letter from an employer, dated and on headed paper The employer’s letter should confirm: you or your partner are employed there the job title or position you or your partner hold how long you or your partner have worked there the type of contract (for example, permanent, fixed term) what you or your partner earn before tax and National Insurance how long you or your partner have been paid your current salary the payslips are genuine Nothing in there about a P60. I wouldn’t trust an explained visa refusal without seeing the refusal notice. Too many people gloss over the reasons a visa has been refused and have selective memories when telling others about their bad experiences. I used my self employment accounts for my wife SV back in 2016 so I can't help on the finer points of being employed. For it I specifically needed an SA302 which showed that accounts had been submitted and tax had been paid.
  6. No way that Corbyn will win the next election. Many think that he will but he's far too left wing. He will fall way short at the next election. And I will put money on it.
  7. I agree. Travel insurance normally gives you very good medical cover. I was just having a look at the travel insurance that is provided by the Post Office in the UK. The usual baggage insurance, cancellation, losing cash/passport etc plus £5 million medical insurance. Standard policy for me and my wife, £118 for a month. I don't think I've ever seen a travel insurance policy that doesn’t include medical insurance.
  8. rasg

    travel insurance for thai wife

    When I bought BUPA for my wife it covered both.
  9. rasg

    travel insurance for thai wife

    BUPA Thailand is very reasonable. One year policy when my wife came to the UK was about £80.
  10. I wouldn't bet on it. He's still spewing bile about the system whenever he dredges up another story from the web.
  11. She got it so Darren tells me but he didn’t take any advice from anybody but did it his own way.
  12. Is that number of days to a decision? Darren. Enquiring minds want to know if Ket got her visa or is she still waiting to hear?
  13. That's all you have to do financially.