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  1. That's a real shame.
  2. A stupid question. Why not try and apply for the second part of the visa or a second visa for the 2nd period of time as another application?
  3. Ask to have all the paperwork back. Can you type up exactly what was said from the refusal? I'd also be interested to read your sponsor letter.
  4. Many "visa shops" are shockingly bad giving wrong advice etc. Far better doing it yourself. It is possible that VFS may have removed documents. They have been known to do so. Did the bank statements come back when they returned the documents, passport etc? Check with the airlines that you flew with. You might still have access to the bookings online. Much better if you remove the personal info from the refusal notice and post it.
  5. Can you confirm the type of visa your wife applied for please? I haven't ever heard of UKVI specifying that you should not supply boarding passes or e-tickets. Without them for my wife's first visit visa application all we would have had to rely in to prove our relationship would have been photos of us together and skype logs. Is the 3rd party you are using a visa company? Posting the refusal notice would help a lot.
  6. Good info for anybody needing FLR. The minimum pass for English is CEFR A2 after 17th May. The number that is provided for the English test is more important than the actual certificate as they check online. Royal Mail list the POs that do biometrics on their website.
  7. I do agree with you. My suggestion would be if your GF's application is unsuccessful, is that she gets a job and gets a letter from her employer after a few months for a holiday. Good luck with the application.
  8. Seen on here along with another forum and I occasionally help people with sponsor letters etc. One thing I do know where the forums are concerned is that we seem to hear as much about the successes as we do refusals. In my experience, and you have a lot more than I do, visit visas do seem more difficult to obtain and the reason to return seems to get more difficult as time goes on imho.
  9. The same text is showing on the Gov website for Taiwan. Can’t see it for Thailand.
  10. If you do a search on here you will find all of the questions and answers for the LITUK test in both English and Thai as a PDF. I can’t remember who posted it but it's been a big help for my wife.
  11. Nope. My wife has had two visit visas, a settlement visa and FLR since June 2015 and all were successful. She hasn’t been refused so far... I am basing my remarks on the number of refusals I have seen in the last year or so from people in very similar situations to ours when my wife applied for her first visit visa.
  12. You can try that but I doubt that it will succeed. Things have tightened up in the last couple of years imho. I had known my GF for four months when she applied for her first visit visa. I had been to Thailand three times in that time. She had little money but she did have a job and the letter from her employer and that was pretty much her total reason to return. Proof of relationship were a few airline boarding cards, hotel bookings and photos with her family. You have my sponsor letters to give you a really good idea of what's required but the reason to return is the most important.
  13. It's a start and fine for proof of relationship. Skype, Whatsapp logs etc are useful too. The three things you need for a visit visa to the UK are sufficient funds to pay for the trip, proof of relationship and reason to return to Thailand. The reason to return is the sticky one.