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  1. My wife was never asked to show a return ticket or travel insurance but she had both with her just in case. She was also primed for any questions that might have been asked. Especially those about work, my full name and address etc. Immigration have all of the info used to get the visa on their computer system and can ask anything from it. I also made sure that she had a UK sim to pop in her phone so she could call me if she needed to to let me know what was going on. It was a long 45 minutes when she first arrived...
  2. You are absolutely right on this. Getting that first VV is the trick. My wife was fortunate to get hers without an issue. When she first landed at Heathrow she was grilled for 45 minutes. Seems to be a rite of passage. Her second trip she was asked how long she had stayed before and waved through with lots of smiles from immigration. Now they barely look at her paperwork. You said yourself that this was a while back and things have changed quite a bit. Where did you get the idea for your last sentence? My now wife came here with a £100 that I sent her so she had enough for emergencies, a hotel in Bangkok if she missed her flight etc.
  3. You are way off here on this one. When I brought my GF here on her first visit visa I explained that she had no money to bring here and I would be funding the trip BUT she had a job to go home to and her son and family. Because the the OP has been funding her because she has no real money of her own the ECO believes that, rather than having good reasons to go home, she has reasons to simply stay in the UK. Her source of funds lives in the UK. Supporting yourself generally means having a job and stuffing money into a GF's bank account the way you are suggesting is a big red flag to UKVI if they pick up on it. It's also something, if you speak to many Thai women thinking of coming here, a legitimate way of getting a visa and it actually has the opposite effect.
  4. So her only income is the money you send? The refusal letter reads a bit differently. If that is the case how did she live financially before you met?
  5. How has the ECO gleaned from your sponsor letter and your GF's letter that she has a regular income? How much do you send her each month?
  6. Where is the information about your GF's financial situation in your letter? Who will look after your GF's mum while she is away? I think you over emphasised your intention to marry but that's just my opinion.
  7. I don't think it's to do with your plans to marry at all. You don't need to have a plan to marry for a first visit visa. It was her financial situation, the fact that you are supporting her but the big red flag was probably her financial situation. If she is unemployed and looking after her mum where does the £*** a year from a regular income, come from? Where does the 8000 baht come from for living costs? Where does the 10,000 baht come from for the visit?
  8. Probably because it weighs less. I would trade all of my iPads in for the 2017 9.7 in a heartbeat. Processor, touch ID etc etc.
  9. And was the 35 year difference mentioned on the refusal notice? I bet it wasn't. I was 58 and my now wife 37 when we met and we applied for a VV three months after we met (June 2015) with no problems. Four months later (Octobet 2015) we applied for a two year VV which sailed through in eight days. We then abandoned the six months in one year stuff and went for Settlement in the middle of February 2016. Granted at the beginning of March and my wife was back here less than 24 hours later.
  10. If she gets a job in a restaurant you will have to wait quite some time before applying. If you are married in Thailand you can apply for settlement immediately. The visa lasts for 33 months and she can work immediately. If you marry in the UK the settlement visa lasts for six months and she won’t be able to work. Only when she gets Further leave to remain will she be allowed to work. No reason to return needed for settlement visas. I have seen this a lot recently where the sponsor is sending money to Thailand and effectively being financed by the sponsor before getting a first visit visa. On my wife's first VV I basically said that I was financing the trip completely. Like many she was working away from home and sending 50% of her money home. 40% in apartment rent. Eating free in the hotel where she was working and living and relying on tips for living from day to day. We didn't supply any bank statements at all. I pointed out that she was paid in cash and the money was paid straight out before it ever went near her account. It worked for us but I think things have tightened since 2015.
  11. Interesting. What was her reason to return for a visit of that length? I'm interested simply because many apply for a visa for, say a month, relying on their job as reason to return. They are then given a six month multi entry visit visa and stay for much longer than they originally requested and then have problems with the next visa application unless they can explain the reason for the longer trip.
  12. Thank you very much for this. Stupid question but do you have any idea why it doesn't apply for settlement visas? Presumably applying for a settlement visa and getting married will circumvent the ban?
  13. The finances of an applicant don't matter that much as long as the sponsor has the cash in the place of the applicant. Proof that a real relationship exists is the next hurdle to overcome. And finally a good reason to return to Thailand. That's it. Fulfill those requirements and a visa will be issued. 14 million baht is nothing in the west. The price of a one bed flat anywhere near London. Your niece will probably not be using a sponsor and will be granted a visa in her own right. Having said that she will be fulfilling similar criteria to get a visa.
  14. Very sensible recommending dishonesty in a visa application. NOT! A ten year ban from applying is likely to follow. I saw those words for the very first time on a visa refusal notice just a couple of hours ago on a different forum. It is not something I would want to see for anybody and the applicant admitted in a phone call to the ECO that she had created a letter from her employer herself. It is a monumentally stupid thing to do. . I had known my, now, wife 14 weeks when we submitted her first visit visa back in May 2015. Alarms bell are not set ringing at all with a low salary,. Many Thai women are on a low salary. Only knowing somebody for a few months, or heaven forbid, having met in Pattaya are not necessarily negative points as long as there is a strong application. (My wife was working in the hotel restaurant where I was staying on my first trip to Thailand.) But you still haven't answered my question as far as I can see. Here it is again. The OP didn't answer if his GF requested five months for the successful visit visa where she actually stayed for five months.