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  1. I found BUPA in Thailand to be fine for my wife. Never had a claim but the policy was enough for anything but the absolute case scenario. You are being very pessimistic. www.bupa.co.th I know you didn’t ask but I’d be interested in knowing what reason to return your girlfriend is relying on for her visit visa. Applying for the whole six months is unlikely to succeed unless the application is bullet proof.
  2. Surely the best way would be to order a certificate and see what is on it? If it's clear go ahead and apply for a visa. If the drug possession is on it he'll probably have to forget the idea or take legal advice. You haven't mentioned which nationality your friend is. UK visa applications ask about criminal history and I have no doubt that Canada does too but you haven’t really supplied enough info.
  3. Or at the Embassy in the UK...Basically they ask for paperwork that is totally unnecessary for a Schengen visa. If you are willing to jump through the hoops it shouldn't be a problem. Your wife's visit visas will have almost certainly have been multi entry. For me there are too many places in the UK to visit before we start on other countries like Spain. None of the Channel Islands require a visa if your wife has a UK VV.
  4. From my wife's experience it was about seven weeks and reading on here and elsewhere it seems to be about the same.
  5. The Danish Embassy were quite difficult to get a sensible answer from last year when I requested an appointment. It was only when I threatened to email Solvit to complain that they gave me an appointment. When we went to the appointment they gave my wife her visa while we waited. I was impressed!
  6. Last year those using the premium service for settlement visas after the decision making was moved to Sheffield they were taking as long as those who didn’t pay for the faster service. I don't know if that situation has changed.
  7. Diesel pickup trucks only

    To answer the original question, probably because the cost of diesel is quite a bit cheaper than petrol, diesels are taxed less and when it floods, a diesel is far more likely to get through the flooding than a petrol...
  8. The ECOs are the decision makers. An MP might speed things up a bit if a visa is taking a longer than it should but that's about it. I’ll let you be the one to start a petition on httpw://petition.parliament.uk/help and I'll vote for it. It's a start. Only 99,999 votes to go for it to be debated in Parliament.
  9. Not much point as an MP has no sway at all over the decision making process. I agree that it's a good idea but I doubt it would make much difference. I don't think you'd have the numbers necessary to force anything. When most journalists don't understand the rules themselves to write or talk about them what chance for the public unless they have been in the same situation?
  10. You can use your £62,500 savings alone but they need to be easily accessible. I remember that Premium Bonds weren't allowed even though you can cash them in in a few days. That may have changed though. Bonds and ISAs might be a problem and I have no doubt that somebody else on here can help you.
  11. Lazada canceled my order why?

    I've bought at least a dozen items with Lazada with no issues and the one glitch with Paypal similar to yours. When there is a dispute, Paypal always sides with the buyer. The reason why I will never accept a payment via Paypal having been burned on Ebay many moons ago.. As far as COD is concerned surely if you know an item is going to be delivered you could get the money from an ATM in advance?! It's not exactly rocket science, is it? Or get a card that works with Lazada. I'd far sooner buy items from Lazada than send cash. It always ends up being used on something else hence my preference. Bought the wife's son and her dad a jacket for Christmas. There was a choice of over 72000 mens jackets on Lazada!
  12. Lazada canceled my order why?

    Lazada service has been very good for me buying an item for my wife's dad in Thailand with us here in the UK. Paypal threw up a glitch a year or so back and I now simply use my First Direct gold card.
  13. Knowing what I know now I would never have put my wife in for the A1 test as it's so similar to the A2 test. It's another £150 and a trip into London but the Government changed the rules for the second FLR. Go onto the Trinity College YouTube feed and take a look at real tests. My wife did her A1 while she was in the UK on a visit visa.
  14. Strange. When I give my accountant my spreadsheets he can give me an idea of my financial obligations in a few hours and prepared a set of accounts in two or three days. Many of my bank statements were close to two years old when I submitted my wife's settlement visa purely because of the date we submitted. If you rely on an average of two years accounts they can be a lot older and it's not a problem. There are anomalies all over the place. If you are self employed you cannot rely on savings to bring your earnings up to the financial requirement.
  15. If you are self employed you will be relying on the latest set of accounts available or an average of the previous two years. When my wife went for a settlement in February 2016 I used my accounts that ran from April 2014 - March 2015. Her first FLR in September 2016 used accounts from April 2015 - March 2016. The way I understand it is if you have a limited company you are an employee of that company and not self employed but I am not an accountant. All I did was send the requirements to the accountant and let him do the job. Well worth the £100.