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  1. Maybe the trick is not to f*** around... Western woman can be just as bad. I think the first d**k chopping that went around the world happened in the USA. My Thai wife is not subservient at all and I wouldn’t want her to be.
  2. You are a little out of the loop when it comes to visas for the UK! Many hoops to jump through for five years including language tests, TB test, life in the UK test and a bill of between £10 - 15 thousand, or course. It goes up every year by around 20%, Hotter in the UK than Thailand at the moment!
  3. You have told everybody here about your attitude to women by referring to them in that way.
  4. Not necessarily. Many have had crap relationships with Thai guys and want to find a guy who will respect them and treat them well. I feel sorry for the genuine Thai guys because, generally, they have a very bad reputation.
  5. Having said that I know people outside your nightclubbing age range who still enjoy clubbing. As long as the older guys, or older women are having a good time, the only person with the problem is you. A close friend of mine still enjoys clubbing and goes to Ibiza most years. He doesn't care what others think either.
  6. Sorry about that. My fault. I couldn't find the original post and pasted from Observer's post but pasted that it was from Adeeos. Notice there were two names above it.
  7. Aaah. It's you that's deciding what ages are acceptable or not. I don't think anybody actually considers what anybody thinks when a couple gets together. 46 minutes ago, Adeeos said: What is your definition of educated? A levels? A degree? It's all bs. Education might make a difference when it comes to getting a job. Absolutely zero when meeting a partner. Your post shows how educated you are when you struggle to spell the word achieved... I before E, except after C! Some of the brightest people I know have no common sense at all and have trouble crossing a road. Others who are not educated in the traditional sense, with exams etc, are creative, hard working and have many others qualities. As far as age is concerned. I know people in their 20s who act like they are in their 70s and people in their 70s who act like they are 25. Age is an attitude of mind.
  8. Sounds like she's had her fingers burned by a young ferang or a Thai guy.
  9. Zeta-Jones was wealthy in her own right way before she met Michael Douglas and they have been together for a heck of a long time with kids. A long marriage by Hollywood standards. My guess is that they love each other. As far as the original question is concerned I see no wrong in an advert like it. At least she is honest. If you meet up with her, manage her expectations early on and make and things can work out. I was 59 when I got married for the first time and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My wife looks after her son and her dad and when she does send money home it is money that she has earned. When she realised how expensive the UK is, her attitude to money changed a lot. She knows all about the ferang two weeks a year millionaires.
  10. I said a similar thing to a member of my family. It's not as if exactly the same wouldn’t apply if you are married to a westerner. My wife was packed off to Bangkok when she was 13 to work. A guy from the her village who was in his mid twenties wrote to her twice a week for two or three years and he was determined to marry her. She never really went back to her village more than once every couple of years so that one was over before it started. The next possible was when she was 16. A 30 year old she worked with showed interest but she really had no interest in guys until she was around 19 and then she married pretty quickly and had two kids. He was 7 years older. She has spent all of her life around older guys and she actually prefers them. Even now her favourite people in the world are my sister and bil and they are ten years older than me. We had a joint holiday in Iceland back in March and we had a ball. FYI info I am 60 and my wife just turned 39. It's never been an issue for us at all and nobody in my family at all has ever even commented on it. The only people who do are the cynical, bent and twisted people, (many on here), who have had a bad experience and can’t bear the thought that some make a success of things.
  11. The majority of applicants are granted visas. Maybe they don't send the survey to applicants who have been refused...
  12. Yet... My wife has had three but they tend to arrive a few weeks after the visa decision.
  13. It sounds like the survey that UKVI ask the applicant to complete after a visa application.
  14. But which list is Thailand on?! If you check the "Check if you need a visa for Ireland." link and click on tourism then less than three months it says you need a visa. On that first page "UK short stay visas" it says you don't. The website you linked to is very confusing!
  15. No. She needs a visa. Click further through the link you supplied. It's quite clear.